960 GTX with 330 w PSU

You think that a gtx 960 could work with the PSU, the alienware comes with? (330w)

I can confirm that this configuration works. We actually sold like this when the X 51 R2 was still on our site.

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  • H8-1203: gtx 960 compatable with Joshua-H61-Μatx?

    I made the mistake at the time to buy a 750ti, only to find that it won't work with this MB unless I've upgraded to win8...

    Now, I bought a 960 gtx, and some have suggested that it is the same boat...

    Am I screwed up again?


    Open the command RUN and enter: MSINFO32

    If your computer is running a version of HP 8 BIOS then the NVIDIA 7xx or 900 series should work with appropriate food.

    If your PC does not have a BIOS to version 8 HP, then you have the choice:

    Do nothing and don't change anything - none try former graphics of joy.

    DownloadBIOS updateand try to update. If the update does not install because you are not running Windows 8 then you could upgrade to W8 or try the following:

    Download the update of the BIOS to version 8 HP and uncompress it using 7 - ZIP. Once unzipped, right on the flash.bat file and select run as administrator.

    There is always a risk to install a BIOS update. I suggest that you run a full set of diagnosis before doing so to ensure that your PC is stable.

    Thanks for posting on the forum.

  • Replacement 760ti GTX with GTX 970 in an R2 of Alienware X 51?

    Just did a little research, and from what I can tell the reference GTX 970 and 760ti share the same exact dimensions in length and depth; and use less power at idle and supported; and it gives off less heat.

    Does anyone know if there will be complications with my GTX with a GTX 970 760ti replacement?


    So, I also want to put an EVGA gtx 970 in my 51 r2 x. The new alienware x 51 r2s, even with the power supply 330 watts, being supplied with gtx 960s. These require a minimum of 400w, but alienware are themselves uncomfortable with selling them with the new x51s. So I think a 970 should work okay, if you have the 330w PSU. I read a lot of testimony that the x 51 r2s supports the 970 s and same years 980, but I don't want you may have a 980. So I guess I'm torn between 960 and 970

  • HP Pavilion p6-2104ed: 960 GTX prevents the computer start

    I bought a HP Pavilion p6-2104ed years but wanted to change the GPU. I have moved everything to a new case (Coolermaster 280), updated the standard power supply in a Seasonic 650 W 80 + gold and bought a new GPU (GeForce GTX 2 960).

    The computer works perfectly in the new deal with the old GPU (Radeon HD 7550) but does not start with the GPU nw.

    When I start the computer, the first startup screen appears and a total of three beeps are displayed until the screen goes black with a small line flashing in the top left. It's like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9F0LWwZD3w

    -J' I connect the GPU with a cable PCI for power and its lights and the fans turn on.

    -There should be enough power to run all (650W).

    -J' uninstalled the drivers before installing the new GPU.

    -J' updated the BIOS via this link: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-pavilion-p6-2100-desktop-pc-series/5187028/model/.... (not completely sure if difficult, I managed)

    -I doubt that there is a problem with my RAM as the three beeps may indicate that the computer works fine with the old GPU.

    What can be the problem and how can I solve it?

    -Maybe it has to do with the legacy / settings UEFI? The MoBo should be compatible (http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03235578).

    Is there a problem with the BIOS?

    -It might help to disable the Integrated GPU? If so, how. I can't find the right settings.

    -Am I misunderstood something?

    An overview of all don't care (Dutch):

    -Intel (R) Core i7-2600 CPU 3.40 GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 core('s), 8 logical processors
    -Mobo: Foxconn (H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uA (Cupertino2) TX)
    -BIOS-versie/datum FRIEND 7.16, 23/03/2012
    -Geinstalleerd fysiek geheugen (RAM) 6.00 GB
    -Totaal fysiek geheugen: 5.98 GB
    Available - fysiek 2.50 GB geheugen
    Totaal - virtueel 12.0 GB geheugen
    Available - virtueel 7.35 GB geheugen
    Ruimte - voor wisselbestand: 5.98 GB
    -Running GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7500
    -No operation GPU: MSI GeForce 960 GTX 2 G

    Help is very appreciated!

    After installing the different mobo, I finally managed to get the new gpu to work. Thank you all for the advice.

  • H9-1150 Pavilion: H9-1150 PC does not start with WIndows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with ASUS 960 GTX card.

    I've seen others have posted simular questions, but I thought id repost this even in the case where there is more help.  I have the Elite Phönix Pavalion h9-1150 desktop with Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit.  and the bios HP 7.07 (seems no possible to upgrade the bios).

    As others have had I install the new graphics card, the 960 Asus GTX card that came out last month and the system start gives about 3 beeps in about 30 seconds and then it goes to a screen that is black with a blinking cursor and nothing else happens. cannot enter bios or settings for HP...

    I tried to disable UEFI boot devices in bios settings and enable only the legacy devices (after him swinging back on my original card, then move on to the new card), but it still gives 3 beeps after the start.   However, I was able to get into windows. Although I think that this may be due to turn off the computer with the old card in without power first. and after 3 beeps (which always blocks you on the bios menu) sometimes it appears the window where you can select the safe mode or normal mode... as sometimes happens if you start your computer with windows 7 If you had just it off without turning off power or something.  There, I can get into windows and run the PC and graphics card without problem, it's just when I try to start the problem happens.

    and suppor HP no. is NOT a fault of the card itself. As much before. I bought an EVGA card earlier a GTX 780 and SAME problem happened (although I have not tried to remove it then devices boot UEFI)...

    There is a problem of spacific with HP computers that seem to lock 'new' start-up equipment.

    Honestly not be blunted. I really think it's bad what I read somewhere that even if HP would never say it they do it on purpose to prevent people ruin of guarantee or any "liabity' that occur by people any other hardware on HP computers inventory installation

    makes no since to me.  the PC SHOULD be able to run the card. in fact his race he now once I was able to circumvent the blocking (temporarily) check markers, everyhting is fine tracks of card 3 times faster then old (that should be the case).

    But it's just this block as HP for some reason any installed on their bios/cards mothers is the question.

    Good news is I got it from amazon and I have about a month, until I return. which I think this time I'll make.  to see if something pops up in a month or something.

    It's the ONLY solution, it seems that HP has officially to deactivate start secure Windows 8

    but this isn't a computer of windows 8. and I guess even if install windows 8. the issue wouldn't disappear because given that its an older bios, there is no way to have a secure boot option to delete?

    HP you really need to get on the ball and give us a straight answer on this subject.  Is it ALL WAY to solve this problem? Can you not just do an older BIOS update to allow this? Or do you simply not want to worry about old PCs?

    anyway I think that it is wrong and very frustrating and to be honest. If this is the case when my pc otherwise MUST run on demand

    It's a PCI express 16 x slot card that is 3.0

    Here are the specifications of deetailed according to the guidelines of your page


    the card SHOULD WORK fine.  I thought the GTX 780 was a little too much for the PC as he had more then a six pin port and needed a little more power, so at first I thought it was the question. so I returned it. and has now got this new card.

    However, the ASUS GTX 960 map requires the SAME power that the card GTX 550 it by default and the SAME SIX connector

    so it SHOULD work.

    and performance tests indicate that it FACT it's just stupid... bios that asks the question.

    I'm afraid to turn off the computer at the moment and try again to see if windows starts normally after you turn off the startup UEPI devvices because he cannot start properly...

    HP you are one of the largest suppliers of computers you know technology what are YOUR computers.  WHY cant you give us a direct awnser on this.

    ITS VERY frustrating

    and to be honest if I can't solve this problem, I am very hestient never buy another product HP if their spacifically computers have this new method of hardware locking.

    because I have the card now works on my pc, it runs great! 3 times as fast as it should! and yet, I know in the back of my mind, if I can't understand this bad likely issue just to send it back... less I have time.

    and for now, I did not have money to buy a new pc. This PC is JUST perfect for what I need for now another card then you want a little better...

    He shoudnt be as much hassle there?

    Thank you.


    You need update the BIOS that is listed under Windows 8 to support the new graphics.   You must upgrade to Windows 8 or temporarily install Windows 8, you can install the update to the BIOS.  While there may be other ways to install the BIOS update, clearly having Windows 8 running will be the safest way.  8 BIOS version is your best chance to get the latest graphics cards to work.

    You can Windows 8 Enterprise 90 days trial.

    If you decide to install W8, then create external recovery HP Media and backup your data before doing anything.

    The reality is that there is no guarantee that any particular graphics card will work in any particular PC, even if the graphics card works in other PC or even the same or similar model PCs. Know what the return policy is before you buy.

  • The Alienware X 51 (r1) and 960 GTX

    So, I recently bought myself a GTX 960 4 GB PNY version for my 51 x video card. When it arrived I plugged it got the drivers installed and everything worked out perfectly well. After about 2-3 days of use my computer closed out of no where and will not turn back. The power button was turned on low, then it was still power 330 Watt power supply I. I unplugged my 960 and put my old 555 back in, and then the computer would be new just turn around as usual, with no problem. I have already contacted PNY and Amazon and they have a replacement card on the way to me. But my question is... What could cause the card have this problem? It was not hot, reaching only 79 degrees Celsius under load. Is the problem of my computer being a R1? I have to update my BIOS? (Always running A06). Is it possible I got a faulty card and it just happened to die only after a few days of use?

    My x 51 has the Intel i5 CPU 2320 3.0 ghz, 6 GB RAM and PSU of 330 watts.

    All thoughts of my situation before my 960 replacement happens?


    Upgrading the BIOS to A14 - Place on desktop & run.

    Clean up the Nvidia drivers using DDU

    Install the driver Nvidia 362,00 (Windows 10)

    • Drivers above 362,00 were unstable
    • Custom - installation leave both apps 3D and Geforce experience (to avoid the automatic updates)
    • You don't need: experience of GeForce, Nvidia network service, service of streaming of Nvidia, Nvidia backend, Nvidia ShadowPlay, Shield of Nvidia, Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D driver
    • Install and learn to use MSI Afterburner - Set Fan Curve - time monitor

    After the new card install execution ePSA (F12)

    Dell SupportAssist is very convenient for the driver and troubleshooting updates

    Good luck

  • My Dell XPS 630i cannot manage a 960 GTX GPU?

    Hi, I've been a fan for a long time in this forum, it has helped me MANY times! -I hope that it can help with this problem. I have a Dell XPS 630i, and I would like to upgrade the graphics card for a GTX 960. -Can the system handle it? Is it compatible?

    My system:
    Dell 630i XPX
    Win 7 Pro
    4 GB OF RAM
    Stock power supply 750W
    SATA 500 GB hd
    two 8800 GT SLI vid cards
    1.0.12 BIOS that is installed on the PC.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I know that there is a new version of BIOS on the Dell Web site for this (1.0.13), system but before the upgrade, I would like to know if this installation is possible even first (never updated the BIOS before and no sense to do if not compatible). Thank you.

    I just did this, Dell xps 630i 2.4 ghz x 4 8 GB ram. installed the evga gtx 960 only problem is this card takes a pcie 8 pins. the seller has provided adapper taking two 6-pin pCI to a 8 pins. works very well...

  • HP ENVY 700-349 Desktop PC: can I put this desktop computer graphics card at a 960 GTX?

    I decide to upgrade my videocard to a GTX 960 a GTX 645. My question is if I can spend in the first place (I'm not the most ideal for this kind of situations). The exact specifications of my computer is listed here: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04337197 . The exact information of my video card is shown here: http://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-960/specifications .

    Please help I'm dying for a response


    Seems good.

    960 is 9.5 inches in length and requires a power of 400 W.

    Check the clearance in the tower. Measure along the 645 to verify that you can adapt a 9.5 inch to 10-inch card in the case.

    Hard drive cage can be in the way.

    Check that your has a PCIe auxiliary cable as the 960 supply requires six extra pins to connect. The manufacturer will usually provide an adapter if you need. Or you can get one online.

    See you soon!

  • I have a question wirh the 960 gtx

    Hello, I would like to know if gtx 960 is too bad for the sequels because when I search the system requirements, it says adobe-certified gpu and the gtx 960 does not appear in adobe-certified gpu and is a good gpu, I think, so I would like to know if it is bad and I also want to know which card is better NVIDIA QUADRO K620 or NVIDIA GTX 960. Thank you

    After Effects only uses the GPU for what it is, except for one thing obsolete. More info here: features GPU (CUDA, OpenGL) in After Effects

    Now, some third-party effects such as red giant universe and video clip of the first officer use 3d GPU, but their requirements are independent of EI.

  • Desktop HP ENVY h8 - 1520t CTO: the work of 750ti GTX with my HP Envy h8 - 1520t?

    Currently I have a desktop HP ENVY h8 PC - 1520t.


    I think to buy an EVGA GeForce 750ti Superclocked 2 GB GDDR5 graphics card

    (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IDG3IDO/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl_encoding=UTF8 & colid = 1UKLB0G1XKA6Q & colii...

    I want to know if the graphics card will be compatible with my PC

    Thank you

    TPDavd, welcome to the forum.

    I think it's a great little card.  I think it should work on your computer.  However, before order you I advise to contact EVGA Tech Support to ensure that they agree.  They will be able to tell you with certainty all.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • 660 GTX with CC 2014


    I've updated the CC 2014 first, and now I can't use the GPU acceleration because first said my 660 GTX is not certified.

    Given that my graphics card, I bought less than 2 months ago, it's a bit annoying, especially since I was looking forward to the new CC 2014.

    Are there opportunities to see the 660 certified in the near future?

    Thank you


    I "solved" the problem by adding the model of my card to the cuda_supported_cards.txt and it worked.

    I must say that it is strange because my card was not in this file for the previous version of the CC, but the first didn't complain at the time.

  • HP Pavilion h8-1132sc: Geforce GTX 960 works do not with h8-1132sc model? (BIOS?)


    I just bought a new graphics card (Geforce GTX 960) for my computer. After replacing my old and my pc startup, I'm stuck at the blue HP screen, with 1 beep and then 3 beeps and nothing happens.

    I can google myself to, many people speak the BIOS (I upgraded to 7.12), but it still does not...


    Taxbo, welcome to the forum.

    Your problem is, the 960 GTX requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  There is no way to upgrade the BIOS in the UEFI.  The last video cards that does not need UEFI are the GT of 640.

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  • HP Pavilion p7 - 1519c: compatibility of the Gtx 960 in a Hp Pavilion p7 - 1519c

    A friend of mine was looking for a put a new power supply and a 960 6.8 inch gtx graphics card in its current PC (Hp Pavilion p7 - 1519c). We are a bit concerned after reading this thread:


    We believe that his computer was purchased around mid 2013 (late June). We wondered if this can possibly be a problem. Two other problems, we have considered are the need for a new power supply and cooling of questions possible. Is there anything else we should be weary of? Are there other other concerns?

    Thank you for your time!

    Rumils, welcome to the forum.

    First of all, the link you provided does not work.

    Your computer has UEFI and the 960 GTX requires UEFI in the motherboard.  However, you will need a new power supply (PSU).  The current PSU is only 300W.  The GTX 960 requires a minimum of 400 w to work properly.  It may also be too long to fit in the space provided.  Although I have had members say he did not.

    To save you a lot of problems, I suggest you contact the Technical Support of the manufacturer to ensure it will work with your computer.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Alienware X 51 RT2 Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 video card upgrade


    I have the Alienware X 51 RT2 with 330 Watt power supply and 8 GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600 MHz.
    Currently, I have Nvidia GeForce 760 with 1. 5 G GDDR5 accompanying my Alienware X 51 RT2.

    So, I want to upgrade my GPU GTX 960 (4 GB) if possible if not then of 2GB.

    I don't know if this will work and works perfectly with my office:
    PNY GeForce GTX XLR8 960 4 GB graphics VCGGTX9604XPB

    Need of your recommendation. This is a good option, or there is a better option?

    Thank you in advance.

    Because Alienware has not tested or it has given approval. The same happened with the R1 GTX 670 and X 51. The GTX 670 ends up being a GPU supported for the X 51 R2 after testing. In theory, even a GTX 680 could work at the X 51, but you need a little powerful processor (like an i3 or a processor of T).

    PNY has a GTX 970 you can use. As long as it looks like the PNY GTX 970, you good to go. First and foremost, I suggest you look at the sons of the X 51 + GTX 970 before making a decision. Not only those who have proven it works, but those warning as well. Do this first before answer please.

  • X 51 R2 Nvidia GTX 960 video card update

    Hello, I currently stock r2 of Alienware x 51 with an Intel i5 running my graphics card is a 1023 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645 (NVIDIA) and a block of power SUPPLY 240 w. I wanted to upgrade my graphics card to play the most demanding games like Arma 3 resources. I know that I could get a gtx 750ti graphics card no problem, but I want more. I've been looking and the card that seems to fit in my price range is the Nvidia GTX 960. I did research it and getting mixed reviews weather or not, he'll be back in my case. I spoke to several representatives of Dell and Alienware, and some say I can get the 960, some say I need a compact 960 and some people say that I can't pass the 960 at all, even with a 330w power adapter. I know I need to improve my diet from 240W to a PSU 330W before even thinking 960 GTX. I would like an administrator or someone with information to guide me in the correct path. If I can't get the 960 regular but need to get a smaller 960 please link me to some good options that would be compatible with my device. I don't mean to make any changes to my turn. Thanks for your help, I certainly need it! I am looking for the correct graphics card for some time now.

    So I guess.

Maybe you are looking for

  • DV6636NR needs drivers for Vista 32 bit

    Hello. I recently got the laptop mentioned above and some fool had put Windows 7 top and it did not work properly. I don't have the original hard in car, but I have a retail Vista disc. I have installed Vista, ran all service packs and downloaded all

  • Satellite L45-S742 - cannot install the RAID drivers

    I tried to install a copy of Windows XP on a Satellite L45-S7423 but, whenever I try to install it I get this message: [] Now, I tried following the instructions on this

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  • X 41 wireless adapter missing after recovery

    I have a x 41 Tablet Model: 1866-6SG I just do a cover of product to factory default, now the wireless card does not appear in Device Manager. I checked the Bios and it is activated. The same thing is happen with that I did a cover on a 61 x a few mo

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