A DesignJet 1055 CM c6075a would work OK with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 superior?

A DesignJet 1055 CM (model A, c6075a) would work OK with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 superior?  I don't have a Mac; I plead for a potential buyer of my 1055CM. The 1055CM currently has 96 MB of RAM; I could put 128 MB in.

I would get "out of memory" problems?  I think that maybe there is no "computer in process" option in the Mac OS 10.7 for the 1055CM pilot, but I'm not 100% on that.

I guess it depends on how simple designs are. The application is for printing large topic say 24 "x 24" vinyl stickers vinyl roll.  Well, maybe raises another question: would a 1055CM, printing on vinyl OK?; I guess because they seem to be very similar architecture/configuration as a 5000 or 5500 and these OK printing on vinyl.

Thanks a bunch.



Hi Paul

I wouldn't say a 1055 for work of vinyl. There are a few suppliers who can provide a vinyl fot this printer, but it's not too successful.

First ink 1050 won't last long, it will fade fade very quickly. (you can use a laminate liuid, but time consuming, will not worht it.)

Secondly, the 5000 series printers have a different ink, it means the UV ink and ink to dye. Two inks are specialised in the printing of "vinyl" or "post".

Your best bet is to get a HP designjet with Viera of ink, with the correct paper, that they have to use intermediary.

Otherwise a second hand series Z (Z2100 going quite cheap, comes in a cheaper A1) these printers have pigmented ink which have a longer life of the door.

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    I love Fusion as much as anyone here and use it a lot. But, in saying that...

    You use this something really important - your final college. You need to perform at its best performance with as few problems as possible because you don't have a lot of time in your semester left (in the grand scheme of things).

    My advice - do not experiment. Work around the merger (as heretical as it may seem on this forum) and first and AfterEffects in a punt in native mode Windows XP OS that is on a BootCamp partition. Video editing will focus on i/o and graphics of your system performance - and nothing works better for this than the native access to the system.

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  • DesignJet 1055 cm prints cyan bands constantly any help would be much appreciated

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    First, I want to mention that I am a technician in the field for all 20years on the road. My question here is that one of my clients have HP DesignJet 1055 cm that prints strips cyan on everything you send to the printer. Including test internal pages examples: test page for quality; demo page; Settings page. I replaced all the print heads to be sure before you start ordering spare parts. I also contact HP ASP support and sent them a picture and sound indicates the following parts in the following order. Trailing cable, transport and main PCB Board. Because this printer is no longer under warranty and chargeable to the customer, I want to ask this forum for further assistance. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated... SAL

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    Hi all

    I recently got a used HP DesignJet 1055 CM Plus and when turned on I got the error mentioned here:

    Designjet 1055 cm Plus - error code 007 has a 0251 09 001

    So I removed the internal HD, following the instructions here:

    DesignJet 1055 CM plus - replacement hard drive help

    After removing the disc hard/Daughter Board (1055 CM Plus is equipped with an internal HD as mentioned in the thread above), I have cleared the error and the printer started normally. However, I have a few questions:

    1. The printer can operate normally under the descriptions very on the internal hard drive?
    2. The hard drive can be replaced with the HD external accessory port like the 1055 CM?
    3. I read the answer in the 1st thread above by user DavidZuts that there is a driver (GL2) that you can use less hard on this model. Can someone develop on that? I'd like to get this thing print again, but I need to know if everything works. Other suggestions are welcome and would be useful!

    I apologize if I walk on this forum with too many questions, but I'm glad that this forum is full of so many knowledgeable people. I have another would have been up a Creek less a paddle.  If it's useful I intend using this tracer in a mac environment via the jetDirect network port.

    Thank you!

    The printer will work without the hard drive, but you will not be able to use a postscript driver. If you need such as the use of a MAC postscript, then Yes you can use a hard drive of the 1055 CM. I know it works because I had to change the room either a customer with a longer Board and I moved the hard drive. I had to use a longer back cover because the slots did not, line up but will not be your problem.

  • DesignJet 1055 CM will not be running

    We have a DesignJet 1055 CM that worked very well until I tried to turn it on this morning. The screen displays the message "autotest", then indicates ".." then shows "Initializing" for a few seconds. I hear a click from the left side of the Board drawing, then it starts the sequence again the message "autotest". She repeats this sequence if lit. There is no error message is displayed.

    That is a known issue with this liner has a bad spot on the coding Strip which sometimes causes problems with loading the paper. He had the problem with the band of coding for years and I've never had a problem he turn before if. I do not think that the two would be linked?

    The only thing that changed was recently I replaced an ink cartridge, but the plotter worked again very well after the replacement of the cartridge.

    Thanks for any help.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the power supply located on the left side. What I would do is remove all the printheads and ink cartridges. I would be so off tension in the back of the plotter, plug it in again click the switch on the back to turn the unit back on. If you still get the led at the front of the drawing on red Board and the power button on the front is not working, then power would be the most likely cause. If you is not the model number, you can still use power supply plu model as there is no part number for the power supply for non plus a model.

  • Designjet 1055 cm liked: designjet 1055 more power cord

    I am need of a power cord for my Designjet 1055 cm plus. It seems that I need a power cord C13, is that correct? Will work any cord or I need something specific to the printer?

    If in the United States, it's just the standard desktop computer or computer monitor power cord.  None of them will work.

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    Hello, our shop signs here in the city of Rock Hill, SC has acquired a 1055CM and we wonder if the printer prints on vinyl mm 2 & 3.  If so do we need to change the inks and printheads?  Thank you for tickets or directions. D

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    I suspect that your question it will be better answered in the HP Enterprise business community, as your HP printer is a business model.

    My technical expertise is with consumer products and software, I'm sure the sales people would be happy to help you if you re - ask your question for them to answer. The HP Enterprise business community is a Forum HP designed for commercial customers and business help each other. I'm sure you'll find some people here HP help also.

    Click here to see the printing and digital imaging. When the page opens, you will see the option to "Log in" or "register now" on the right. Commercial forums are distinct from the advice of consumption, so you will need to register if you do not already have a trading account.

    You can find the useful page of the HP Designjet 1055 cm printer supports while you wait for someone in the Trade Forum to meet your demand.

    Good luck.

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    Original title: HP Designjet 1055 cm Plus printer inkjet

    I use Windows 7 + 64 bit and require a software driver for the hp designjet 1055cm printer. Are offered

    I use Windows 7 + 64 bit and require a software driver for the hp designjet 1055cm printer. Are offered

    If you manually add plotter with control devices and printers, add printer and use Windows Update to fill the available printer drivers, printer is listed under HP, HP DesignJet 1055 CM by Hp or HP DesignJet 1055 CM PS3.
    1. Click Start or press on the then select devices and printers from the list on the right. When the devices and printers windows opens and fills, click Add a printer among control options at the top.
    2. To open the Add Printer window, first select Add a local printer. Then select a port and click Next.
    3. In the next window, first click on the Windows Update button and wait a few minutes until the list is filled again. It will look like nothing is happening, but it's work. Once the lists are updated, select HP for manufacturers and HP DesignJet 1055 CM by Hp / HP DesignJet 1055 CM PS3 with Printers.
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