A few questions that I need some help to answer to. (Sony Xperia z5 Premium)

Greetings from Norway!

Just bought a Sony Xperia z5 Premium, coming from a LG G3. (What is a fantastic phone)

I'm enjoying my first Sony phone (I had HTC, Samsung, LG), and I'm liking it a lot.
But I have a few questions.

How to pass the soft keys around so that the previous button is on the right side of the phone? If this isn't a feature, it must certainly be.

How can I activate vibrating it on the keyboard when I press a letter?

So far, that's all I had. I don't know that I'll have more questions, more I use the phone.

Thanks in advance.



Related to the keys, it is not possible by default switching. You could look for a 3rd party launcher.

And on the vibration press button activation, go to language settings and keyboard input-xperia rational and entry.

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    Thank you

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  • MINI 1151NR: "Enter Current Password" need some help here

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    I suggest you to contact yahoo on this issue. Do follow link:


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    Please help me

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    Yes you need a license key to use the view of the Horizon, there is a 60-day evaluation license if you register here:

    Try VMware view Horizon: Access virtual office

  • Really need some help / advice?

    I don't know how to explain it but I need a way to malipulate a clip.

    That's what I mean. ->

    There is a zombie. You shoot him in the face, how can I do for half of his face stands out or where you shoot him he chips a bit of his body off the coast.

    Similar to rank the case is thrown, how could I do it's a hole where the explotion was in the soil.

    I really need help, I don't even know what to search on google to find the answer to this?

    Help, please!

    the zombie would consist of movieclips serval (child), so you can control what piece is removed.

  • colleagues, I need some help 'staged system' approach / autoconfig/upgrade

    Gentlemen - I have a problem,

    Will to upgrade R12.0.4 on CARS (32-bit linux) R12.0.6 RAC 11.2 10.2 (linux 64 bit) on new hardware with minimal downtime.

    The plan is to use a 'Staging system' approach where we will clone the system to new servers and new topology (the new system has a few different intermediate etc.) while current production is still running.
    Then while the company is still underway off the coast of the old Kit we will be upgraded to - end the copy on the new servers (which is not used at this time).

    so now the system we cloned on the new servers, we will:
    change DB wordsize to 64-bit
    change DB worm
    then run the 12.0.6 patch to upgrade the system as a whole (db and app nodes) to 12.0.6
    the history of patch of the export of the db using adphmigr.ph (no db)

    (If at this stage, we have 2 systems one) old production and b) completely new system on the new kit

    now, we must make the prod system nedw (b) system, so we need to get current data prod transferred with minimal downtime, so we intend to (a weekend):
    (1) complete the business on the current prod
    (2) move the database to upgrade to the new system (b) (ignore the system (a) in the future)
    ((3) rapidclone the prod (a) database to the new servers for the system (b) (in replacement of the db we come to fall) (we have only configure db - no application of bleachers and yet they're 12.0.6 awaits us) database (b) now contains current information)
    (4) convert newly cloned db to new (b) servers to 64-bit - then upg to
    (5) run 1 12.0.6 autoconfig high (sys b) to associate with the new db (X)
    then run adpatch (I can safetly run among the 12.0.6 adpatch new levels? against the 12.0.4 db) of a 12.0.6 high with nocopyportion nogenerate, so that it only upgrades the db to 12.0.6
    (6) to perform automatic configuration of all other midtiers associated with the db
    (7) start the history of patch in the db via adpatch for each appl_top

    what the above reasonable sound?
    (x) safe above? (to associate a 1206 Middle 1204 db?)

    comments gratefully received

    what the above reasonable sound?

    It seems reasonable to me. However, I recommend you log an SR and confirm with the support of the Oracle if your approach is taken in charge or not. Additionally, if you could try in the same place on a TEST first instance to avoid errors and problems you may experience.

    (x) safe above? (to associate a 1206 Middle 1204 db?)

    Yes, but are you planning to create the appsutil.zip file, copy it to the node of the database layer and remove it? If Yes, I would expect a few problems because of the mismatch between the 12.0.4 database and 12.0.6 application.

    Thank you

  • Hi, need some help here.

    Hi guys, check with you guys wha

    t is this way to source code?

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >

    " < = xmlns:fx s:Application ' http://ns.Adobe.com/MXML/2009 " "xmlns:s = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark" xmlns:mx = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo" creationComplete ="init ()" minWidth = minHeight "1500" = "1000" height "859" = >

    < mx:DataGrid = "19" x y = '368' id = "playlistgrid" width = "289" height = "147" >

    < mx:columns >

    < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "Name" dataField = "name" width = "180" / >

    < mx:DataGridColumn dataField = "starttime" headerText = "Start" width = "50" / >

    < mx:DataGridColumn dataField = "endtime" headerText = "End" width = "50" / >

    < mx:DataGridColumn dataField = "Executive" headerText = "DVR" width = "50" / >

    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >

    < mx:DataGrid = "20" x y = "38" id = "sourcegrid" width = "289" height = "126" >

    < mx:columns >

    < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "Name" dataField = "name" width = "200" / >

    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >

    < mx:Label = "18" x = "16" text = "Source files (on request)" / >

    < mx:DataGrid = "20" x y = "195" id = "livestreamgrid" width = "289" height = "74" >

    < mx:columns >

    < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "Name" dataField = "name" width = "200" / >

    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >

    < mx:DataGrid = "17" x y = '570' id = 'outputgrid' width = '289' height = '207' >

    < mx:columns >

    < mx:DataGridColumn headerText = "Name" dataField = "name" width = "200" / >

    < / mx:columns >

    < / mx:DataGrid >

    < mx:Label = "15" x = "548" text = "exported highlights (for AC on request)" / >

    < mx:Label = "18" x y = '174' text = "Stream Live DVR" / >

    < s:Button = "19" x = "312" label = "developed" id = "setin_btn" / > "

    < s:Button = "107" x = "312" label = "Set Out Point' id = 'setout_btn' / >

    < s:Button x = '19' y = '339' label = 'selected Clip add to Playlist' id = 'addtoplay_btn' / >

    < s:Button x = '21"y ="519"label ="generate the file on demand' id = 'generate_btn' / >

    < s:TextInput = "19" x = "284" width = "83" id = "inpoint_txt" / >

    < s:TextInput = "106" x = "284" width = "93" id = "outpoint_txt" / >

    < s:TextArea = "216" x = "284" height = "21" id = "currenttimecode" editable = "false" textAlign = "center" width = "90" / >

    < s:TextArea = "17" x y = '785' width = "370" id = "status_txt" fontSize = "12" height = "63" / >

    Despite this source code was copied from the tutorial guide, when I have complied to flex 4, I get errors on the line in bold and red.
    My question would be,
    First of all, what does this mean entire source code? Can any kind soul help out me?
    Secondly, what does the error message mean? The error reported was:
    "Could not resolve < mx:DataGrid > to an implementation of the component.

    > xmlns:mx = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/halo".

    I think that this should be

    xmlns:MX = "library://ns.adobe.com/flex/mx".

    Gordon Smith

    Adobe Flex SDK team

  • Download the Dreamweaver Patch - need some help

    Greetings - I desperately need to download the Dreamweaver 8.0.2 update to fix IE problems with active content, bearings, etc., but can't get the download to work. I tried RUN as well as SAVE and get either get a message saying that something is wrong with the file and I need to try again OR I experience problems with no signature on the download.

    http://www.Adobe.com/support/Dreamweaver/downloads_updaters.html?PSS=dw_8.0_win_en_full__D W_20040226 #dw8

    I am running XP with MSIE 7.0 (friendly advice - if you download 7.0 still DO NOT!) if it is relevant.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


    Thank you all for all the ideas, but the problem has been resolved by the idea of Rob to simply empty the cache. It was really not terribly comprehensive, but it was disturbing the process somehow.

    Once I did the patch downloaded successfully. In addition, because Windows Defender, I also had to add Adobe to my trusted sites and uncheck one of the preferences about certificates/signatures several times I also got an error message about the download as "unsigned".


    Hi can I have help with updates, I have a code ox8024800A it drives me crazy please help.steveop.

    As the error number was typed at least once (disparity between those cited in your question and its support of text), maybe he was did twice. There is an error code well documented on this forum which is 0x8024400A. What is the actual error code? If it is then this thread can help you...


    .. marked as an answer by the ordering party.

    If your code isn't 0x8024400A then please follow the advice already given.


  • I need some help beacause I have a problem when I put attachments on my emails

    When I attach a file to an email, it shows that it is fixed.  However, when I finally send the message, the attachemnt is still there, but the attachment will also appear in the body of the e-mail message and the e-mail message appears as a huge Message even if the attachment is also there with the message.

    If you use Outlook Express, graphics such as JPG, GIF, etc., appear a copy 'after' the default message text. If you don't want to see it, you must change reading in plain text. It won't change how the recipient can see it.

    If you really want to send these files as an attachment only, you will need to place them in a folder and zip. Attach the compressed file.

    Please define what you mean by: the e-mail message appears as a huge Message

    Size as in the other, or KBs/MBs?

    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

Maybe you are looking for