a file is located in the print queue and cannot be deleted.

This happened once after about 3 years of support anad a person HP it resolved after about 6 hours online.  She said it was a problem of comms between Vista and HP printers.


You can also try this...

Open Notepad

Copy and paste the words, between the lines, in Notepad


net stop spooler
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.shd
del %systemroot%\system32\spool\printers\*.spl
net start spooler


Save as DeletePrintJobs.cmd

Now right-click on it, on the left, click Run as administrator.

Restart your computer.


With Windows 7, I found that installing the software and Vista drivers in compatibility mode works well.

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    Original title: HP OfficeJet J4680

    Print job is stuck in the queue and cannot be deleted.  Convenience store said it is fixed, but it isn't.


    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will certainly help the question of fixing.

    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?

    2. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    3. you receive an error code or message?

    4. what store did you try?

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  • HP Envy 4500: Print jobs disappear from the print queue and not print (Windows 7).

    I just bought a HP Envy 4500 printer,

    When you attempt to print from a PC with windows 7 OS home pro (64-bit), the print job appears in the queue and then disappears, but the printer does not print anything.

    Everything else seems to work very well know

    • The printer prints the internal test page
    • The printer does print when you use iPad2
    • The printer does print when you use ePrint
    • The PC recognizes and communicates with the printer (tried with USB connections and wireless)
    • Analysis feature works very well - when initiated from the PC and printer

    I tried

    • uninstalling and reinstalling the software (several times using software from different sources)
    • restart the printer queue service
    • Disabling the firewall
    • running printing HP and doctor Scan
    • following the instructions described here (the question is the same but the different operating system):

    Print jobs disappear from the print queue and print (Windows 8)

    • combinations of all of the above

    Absolutely no joy in any of them, and in spite of more than 2 hours of research on Google and forums search I can't find a solution.

    HP... can you give me a solution or is that goes back to the shop?

    Well I finally worked on the fix myself by trial and error.  I changed the security settings for 'All' and 'Creator owner' to 'Print' and "Administer Documents".  Why on earth they were not automatically allowed as part of the installation, I couldn't really say.

    Hope this helps someone else with a similar problem.

  • Use of the printer is stuck in the print queue and I can't remove it.

    I have a print job that is stuck in the print queue in Windows XP.  Microsoft support offered to stop the print spooler. When I tried the recommended fix, which was to remove all the files queued, I tried to use Microsoft 'Fix It' and I get an error message saying: could not complete due to an error on my computer. What can I do now?  Please help quickly.  I have to solve this problem.

    I have a print job that is stuck in the print queue in Windows XP.  Microsoft support offered to stop the print spooler. When I tried the recommended fix, which was to remove all the files queued, I tried to use Microsoft 'Fix It' and I get an error message saying: could not complete due to an error on my computer. What can I do now?  Please help quickly.  I have to solve this problem.

    Do it manually:

    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK) and type the following text in the black command prompt window.  Press ENTER after each line.

    1. net stop spooler
    2. del "% windir%\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.*" [Y when prompted type]
    3. net start spooler
    4. output

    If you get an error, please report the full error message without paraphrase.  "Could not complete due to a runtime error" is not useful.

  • Documents get stuck in the printer queue and I have to restart so that they print

    often, when I try to print a document or web page, or anything, the document will get stuck in the queue for the printer.  the printer will tell me 1 post pending but nothing prints.  I have to restart my computer to print the document.

    No answers so I'll try to help. I don't have a printer for many years. A practical tool, I used to use repeatedly put my printer icon on my desktop or in the taskbar. Try it! Go to Control Panel, open Printers and faxes, right click on your printer and choose Create shortcut and click Yes. Once on your desktop then drag it to the taskbar when you have a page open it will be more accessible. Open it and click on the printer and click Cancel all documents. From what I remember when the print queue of the printer is over load it won't print and clicking on cancel all documents throws to the queue. Check the menu options to set your preferences. I hope this helps!

  • printer does not print. the connections are fine. onw document in the print queue will not be deleted. Need help, please no error messages given

    I checked the print queue.  I tried to delete the document does not have several times without success.  There is no error message given.  The printer is just the print requests in the queue with answer oout.  Nothing will get the printer to answer.  Help, please.

    Try this procedure (Note: you must be an administrator to do so):

    1. click on the Start button.

    2. right click "My computer" on the left side, then select 'manage '.

    3. click on "Continue" to popup security message that appears.

    4. in the middle pane of the window that opens, double click on "Services and Applications".

    5. double-click on 'Services '.

    6 scroll to find "print spooler".

    7. right click and select 'Restart' (Note: make sure that you have not opened during this operation the printer print queue window).

    You should now be able to delete the print job (or it may have been deleted automatically).


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  • Under XP, cannot delete a document located in the print queue

    Cannot delete a document in Quebec to print

    now I can't print other documents

    The best way is to stop the spooler, delete the queue and restart the spooler:

    Open a run window (Windows Logo key + R), type cmd and press ENTER. Now type these commands, which are in uppercase for clarity only, also note the spaces in the commands:

    NET STOP SPOOLER and press enter

    DEL %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\SPOOL\PRINTERS\*.* and press enter

    NET START SPOOLER and press enter

    EXIT and press enter

  • How to delete a file duplicate, located on the system drives and the user, which hogs place CPU when enabled?

    trying to open iTunes, all 100% of the space of the CPU is used immediately, make all executable programs

    slow to run.  Go to the Windows Task Manager shows two processes support AppleMobileDevice, one in the system account, the other to the user

    account.  All other Apple processes are in the user account. Considering the upgrade to Windows 7 without worrying, but are looking for the best way to remove the

    process to the system account without affecting overall performance. Thank you all. Glenwood

    Completely remove iTunes and do a clean reinstall by following the steps below.

    Note that you cannot 'upgrade' from Windows XP to Windows 7.  If your computer hardware is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 7 drivers are available, you can install Windows 7, but this operation will require a new install of Windows 7.

    You can use Windows Easy Transfer to copy your data, but not your applications.  Applications will need to be reinstalled from original installation media.

    To perform a "clean" iTunes installation uses this technique proposed, from Support of Apple HT1926 article.

    Warning: uninstall utility for cleaning Windows mentioned in the instructions below has been removed from Microsoft download servers because sometimes it seems more removed he was supposed to (I think that this phenomenon was linked to the bureau uninstalls).  You can still get utility Windows Installer Cleanup--> http://majorgeeks.com/Windows_Installer_CleanUp_Utility_d4459.html here is a free alternative Revo Uninstaller. Before using these cleaning products, you must create a restore point from the system first (or back up the registry with C:\WINDOWS\ERUNT).  See http://windowsxp.mvps.org/registry.htm a complete disk image would be safer if you have this ability.

    Go to control panel > Add/Remove programs
    Remove these applications:
    1 Apple Software Update
    2. Apple Mobile Device Support
    3 Hello
    4 iPod for Windows (this may or may not exist, be it, it is not necessary, then we can remove it)
    5 iTunes
    6 QuickTime

    Open my computer > C: > Program Files
    Delete this files (if present)
    1 iPod
    2 iTunes
    3 QuickTime

    Empty your temp directory:
    Open my computer > C: > Documents & Settings > username > Local Settings and delete the contents of the folder called "Temp".

    If you don't see the local settings, enable hidden files:
    Tools > Folder Options > view tab
    Select Show Hidden Files & folder, and then click OK

    Once this file is empty, restart the computer

    Download & install the Windows Installer Cleanup utility:
    Launch the utility: start > programs > Windows Installer Clean Up
    Select one of the applications mentioned above and click on remove

    Restart the computer
    Download & reinstall iTunes from here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

  • My Dell 946 Printer is not communicating with my computer. I have a Dimension 4700. My documents are lining up in the print queue, and it is not printing.

    I tried a lot of things
    -disconnect and connect my computer
    -Uninstall and installation of my computer
    -using Device Manager to reset my printer ports.
    Nothing works

    Hello Lsnnj,

    Thank you for your message.  It could be a few reasons that this is happening, try them next steps.
    1. click on 'Start' > right click 'Manage' > click the (+) sign next to "Services and Applications" > click on "Services" below
    On the right, highlight it, and then double-click "print spooler".
    Make sure that the Startup Type is set to automatic
    On the "" Connection tab and make sure that the Local System account is selected, and also that allow the service to interact with desktop is activated.
    Below, you will see the hardware profile. Make sure that this option is enabled, if it is disabled, select the profile, and then click the Activate button.
    Restart your computer and test the printer.
    If this does not resolve your problem, try to go to the website of the manufacturer of your printer and download/install the latest drivers for your printer.
    Please let us know if it did or did not help to solve your problem.
    See you soon

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  • Cannot print with hp psc 1350. Tried to delete the print queue and it just says: "delete."

    I tried to delete the queue for hours.  He says only: "delete."

    Hi Richard,

    You're probably on the right track. Try this:
    Type CMD in the search bar (startmenu) and right click on cmd.exe in the results. Now, click Run as administrator. At the opening of the CMD screen type:
    net stop spooler
    Then type:

    del/f C:\windows\system32\spool\printers\*.*

    And finally type:
    net start spooler
    (forgive me for stating a truism, but all three lines must be followed by an entry :)
    If you encounter this more then once, then you could save this in a batch file so you can just double-click the file to run the routine. That's how.
    Open Notepad and copy and paste below into Notepad.

    net stop spooler

    del/f C:\windows\system32\spool\printers\*.*
    net start spooler

    Now, save it as a .bat file.
    Must be run ad administrator when used.
    Good luck and we keep abreast.
  • Downloaded Firefox & get Nectar on the opening page and cannot be deleted

    I tried to delete the toolbar of Nectar of programs, as I get Nectar page on Firefox, but still had opening Nectar on the opening of Firefox. Deleted Firefox and re-uploaded and Nectar is still there! I'm not really well versed on the technical and 74 years old, but getting rid of 'Nectar Toolbar' from my programs folder.

    Favorite and use this.
    Download the Mozilla search reset {web link}
    This module is very simple: when installing, it backs up
    and then resets your search and home page preferences
    at their default values and then to uninstall. This
    affects the search bar, search bar URL, and the home page.

    Care settings for Firefox {web link}
    Detects and restores settings that are frequently changes
    by Add-ons and application installers.

  • Cannot cancel all documents in the print queue, which leads to the mistake of the printer

    Original title:

    I LIKE MY PRINTER, BUT LATELY I CAN'T CANCEL DOCUMENTS "ALL". IT WILL CANCEL ALL BUT ONE... SO I can not PRINT ANY FURTHUR because there is a document remaining, sometimes, you make a mistake and that you do not want the document to print, so it will remove all the document with the exception of the first tht has been implemented.

    THE last time that I had to completely remove the printer from the computer, and then reinstall is there anything else I can do.


    1. what happens when you print after that you cannot delete the document in the print queue?

    2. do you get an error message? If Yes, what is the exact error message?

    3 did you changes to the computer, before the show?

    4. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    Method 1:

    Check out the following link.

    Printer in Windows problems


    Method 2:

    Clear the print queue and check if you are able to print manually.

    a. click Start, click run. In the Open box, type services.msc and press ENTER.

    b. right-click on the service labeled or and select stop.

    c. then you must go to the following directory: C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS. Delete all files in this folder. This will clear all print queues.

    d. now go back to the Services console (step a), click or right click and select Start.

    e. try to print now and check.

  • Example: Deskjet 3050 - J610: printer removes items in the print queue

    Please see problem posted on June 9, 2016 and thread support. Sorry, I don't know how to go on this subject but the problem that I've marked as being solved is no longer is. It it is possible to mark as resolved and to reopen the thread please let me know how and I would be glade to do. Essentially sent items to the queue printing are deleted until they can print. They show in the print queue and then are marked "delete." I ran Print ahd doctor Scan of my desktop PC, and he says that everything is OK with the printer. I can see what the ink levels in the printer, and it printed on the printer succcessfully diagnostic information when asked to do so. I can see all of the information on the model of the printer, the serial number etc. so it seems that the PC can see the printer. But it will not print emails or Word documents - while he has done it before. Problem seems to have started when I tried to scan a document in and it would not. Printer is connected wireless and has an IP address, it doesn't seem to be the firewall attached - I disabled the Anti Virus software and it will not print. It runs the Windows firewall good that cause issues? I disabled that too, but it did not help. I followed the intstructions given by Gemini02 a HP Support Agent and it seemed to solve the problem but it only did it once and then continued to remove items from the print queue. I also tried to turn off the printer and then the PC, left for a while and then restarted them and that seemed to work. He already showed the printer as offline and printing and scanning doctor fixed that but when I ran it but still it only printed once and then returned to the deletion of items in the print queue. Grateful for any advice anyone can offer please.

    Hi @Moonfire24,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I saw your posts on how your HP Deskjet 3050 - J610 printer keeps deleting items in the queue in Windows Vista. And I'm happy to help you!

    Please try the steps in this guide, Print Jobs stuck in the queue (Windows), let me know what happens! (Even if the title of the guide may not correspond to your question, I think that the solutions will help.)

    If it helps, please consider clicking on "accept as a solution." And, please click the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    Hope this guide helps!

  • DeskJet 3050 J610 series: printer removes items in the print queue

    Printer refuses to print despite printing and Scan Doctor saying it's very good.  Document appears very briefly in the print queue, and then disappears.  Printer has been reinstalled from the installation and the old version of the printer disc removed.  It is connected wireless.

    The PC can read information from the printer and print a diagnostic page, so mechanically, it seems fine.

    Grateful for any suggestions please.

    Thank you very much.

    Hello @Moonfire24,

    It is a great place to get help! I have read your message and that the print job is in the queue, then disappears. Please provide additional information. I want to help you solve this problem.

    I suggest you to check the security settings in the print driver.

    • Printers, right-click on the printer and on the left, click printer properties. Then click the Security tab.
    • Select 'Creator owner' and check 'All' to enable "Print" and "Manage Documents". Also there is an option for everyone if you decide to choose this one also. Depending on whether you have settings of the user accounts on the computer.

    If you're still having problems, clear the record of the spool and restart the print spooler, for see if this will help: How to clear current Print queue in Windows Vista & Windows 7.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' to thank me for my efforts! If this helps you resolve the problem you are experiencing, please click the "accept as Solution. Keep me posted. Good luck!

  • all-in-one Officejet 4215: cannot clear the printer queue in Windows 8.1

    (Sorry if I am double-posting.  "I'm familiar with the operation of the forums.)

    I have a new computer with windows 8.1 and a HP officejet 4215.  I followed the HP instructions to install the downloaded software of the printer and it says to test the printing: pqtestpage.png - it is now stuck in the print queue and will not erase, if it says it is deleting.  I tried to fix it and he just keeps showing me the same problem.  Can anyone help (I desperately need to do my taxes.)  Thank you.

    Take a look at this link from HP.

Maybe you are looking for