A fundamental question/problem with the like undefined array element

Hello everyone,

Thanks for looking at my problem. I am very new script and javaScript, and I encountered a strange problem. I always try to solve all my problem myself, with documentation (it helps to learn) or as a last resort with the help of google. But in this case, I'm stuck. I'm sure its something very simple and elementary.

Here I have a code that simply loads a text file (txt), load the contents of the file in a "var glad." This summary text file a font family name, every name on a new line, as:












Blackoak... .etc

Now I hollow the variable content of loop, extract each letter and add it to the list '[i]' table. If the character is a line break the list [i] table adds another element (i = i + 1); That's how I separate each name in its own element of array.

The problem I encounter is, when I have hollow loop table fontList and $.writeln (fontList [i]) is the result in the console :




undefinedArial... etc.

I don't get serious, where the undefined comes? As far as I tested each digit to be added to the array element, I see nothing extraordinary.



Here is my code:

#target illustrator

var doc = app.documents.add ();

Open the file

var myFile = new File ("c:/ScriptFiles/installedFonts-Families.txt");

openFile var = myFile.open ("r");

check if it is open

if(OpenFile == true) {}

{$.writeln ("the file has loaded")}

else {$.writeln ("the file does not load, check the name or the path") ;}}

load the contents of the file into a variable

var content = myFile.read ();

myFile.close ();

var ch;

var x = 0;

var fontList = [];

for (var i = 0; i < content.length; i ++) {}

ch = content.charAt (i);

If ((ch)! == (string.fromCharCode(0)) (10))) {}

fontList [x] += ch;


else {}

x ++;



for (i = 0; i < fontList.length; i ++) {}

$.writeln (fontList [i]);


doc. Close (SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES);



Thanks for any help or an explanation. If you have any tips on how to improve my practices or any suspicion, please do not hesitate to say. Thank you

Hi vladac54380629,

better, you try something like this:

#target illustrator

//var doc = app.documents.add(); 

//open file
var myFile = new File ("c:/ScriptFiles/installedFonts-Families.txt");
var openFile = myFile.open("r"); 

//check if open
if(openFile == true){
    $.writeln("The file has loaded")}
else {$.writeln("The file did not load, check the name or the path");} 

//load the file content into a variable
var fontList = []; 

var content = myFile.read();
fontList = content.split ("\n")

for ( i = 0; i < fontList.length; i++) {

//doc.close (SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES);

Have fun

A note:

The real font names may be different from your own list for example:

Arial! = ArialMT

Birch! = BirchStd

Blackoak! = BlackoakStd


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    ' If I remove the xmlns = " http://www.FileMaker.com/fmpdsoresult 'the file is loaded properly and I can access the different fields without problem.  However, when I go the xmlns =..., it will trace the XML properly but I can't access the fields by using the code below.  It drives me crazy!

    With part xmlns in the XML file, I get the following error when attempting to load the thumbnails files:

    TypeError: Error #1010: a term is undefined and has no properties.

    I need it so that the user can enter/change the data and simply output the XML file of Filemaker and then the Flash load the XML file not corrupted and displays the information requested by the user.  That is to say I might have the user open the XML file in a word processing application and have remove them the xmlns..., but it is rather heavy and not very user-friendly.

    I tried all the xml.ignore functions I could find, but it does not help.  I hope someone out there can help you

    Thank you



    Partial XML:

    XML to export Filemaker:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >
    <! - this grammar has been deprecated - use the FMPXMLRESULT instead.
    " < FMPDSORESULT xmlns =" http://www.FileMaker.com/fmpdsoresult "> "
    Sport.FP7 < DATABASE > < / DATA >
    < LAYOUT > < / PAGE layout >
    < LINE MODID = '1' RECORDID = "1" >
    Brand of < FirstName > < / name >
    Fowle < name > < / LastName >
    Veil of < sport > < / Sport >
    Medal of <>no < / medal >
    Design of < CourseOfStudy > < / CourseOfStudy >
    < year > 1976-1978 < / year >
    California < HomeState > < / HomeState >
    < ImageName > 93 < / ImageName >
    < / ROW >




    AS3 code:

    Import fl.containers.UILoader;
    var aPhoto: Array = new Array(ldPhoto_0,ldPhoto_1,ldPhoto_2,ldPhoto_3,ldPhoto_4,ldPhoto_5);
    var toSet:int = 10; time to time delay
    var toTime:int = place;
    var photoPerPage:int = 6;
    var fromPos:int = photoPerPage;
    var imgNum:Number;

    var subjectURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("testData_FM8.xml");
    var subjectURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest ("Sports.xml");
    var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader (subjectURL);
    xmlLoader.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, xmlLoaded);
    var subjectXML:XML = new XML();
    subjectXML.ignoreWhitespace = true;
    subjectXML.ignoreComments = true;
    subjectXML.ignoreProcessingInstructions = true;

    function xmlLoaded(evt:Event):void {}
    subjectXML = XML (xmlLoader.data);

    If {(root.loaderInfo.bytesTotal is root.loaderInfo.bytesLoaded)
    removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, xmlLoaded);
    trace ("data XML file loaded");
    trace (subjectXML);
    } else {}
    trace ("file not found");
    trace (subjectXML);
    loadThumb (0);
    function loadThumb(startPos:int):void {}
    var count:Number = aPhoto.length;
    trace (subjectXML.Database);
    for (var i = 0; i < count; i ++) {}
    try {}
    aPhoto[i].source="images/"+subjectXML.ROW[startPos+i]. ImageName + "_main.jpg";
    } catch (error) {}
    trace (e);
    aPhoto [i] .mouseChildren = false;
    aPhoto [i] .addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onThumbClick);
    trace ("current mem:" + System.totalMemory);
    ldAttract.visible = false;

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    var i: Number;
    trace ("Thumbnail clicked" + evt.target.name);
    i = findPos (evt. Target.Name);
    ldLrgPhoto.source="images/"+subjectXML.ROW[i+fromPos]. LOCAL_OBJECT_ID + "_main.jpg";
    ldLrgPhoto.visible = true;
    btnPrev.visible = false;
    btnNext.visible = false;

    gotoAndStop ("showPhoto");
    function findPos(thumb:String):Number {}
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    POS = i;
    return pos;


    The ':' is what we call a scope resolution operator. Using namespace allows you to potentially have two or more nodes that have the same name but a namespace 'different '. "These are normally specified in xml in the form xmlns:mynamespace ="http://myuniqueURI.com/etc"

    Normally, you would use the mynamespace:node by naming your xml nodes that are specific to this namespace.

    But the best is that namespace by default, when there is no real Prefixeespacenom: in the name of node as:

    That's how it is specified in your xml file, that is to say all the nodes without a prefix belong to the filemaker namespace.

    In actionscript, you navigate by using the scope-resolution operator and the variable that represents the namespace does not necessarily resemble the part "mynamespace" above. In your case the namespace used was the one by default (no), but a value has been assigned.

    To the question of the length, you must use the length() method, otherwise the e4x filtering seeks nodes named 'length' and creating a XMLList with no entry in there (because it's not). It is a common thing with other "Properties" that are expressed in the form of methods like children() and often take me when I started with the model XML as3.

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    The laptop in question (TOSHIBA Satellite A300D) recently stopped starting (BSoD).

    So, I tried using the recovery disk, but there is no help. What happens is:
    -After about 10 minutes of waiting, the first language menu load, so I click on "next".
    - Then I again click Next and accept the message that my HARD drive will be erased
    - Then I see a cmd prompt that says "try to remove all the letters of partitions possible...". »
    -There is also a minimized command prompt that says something like "RAID failed to initialize."
    -And then nothing happens.

    Is this a hardware problem? I also tried a full installation (instead of recovery), which, even once, is simply not. None of the errors is - it just freezes.

    Any help appreciated.
    Thank you.

    It is not easy to tell what can be the problem, but if you were not able to install the OS by using two different facilities CDs/DVDs, so there must be a problem with the HARD drive.

    The warranty is still valid?
    I mean you can contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and explain the situation. They can swap the HDD and again test the recovery procedure.
    Can you get somewhere 2,5 SATA HDD for testing?

  • Satellite C660D - a problem with the cooling system has been detected

    My laptop is a * Toshiba Satellite C660D-11th * and I have a message that keeps coming up every once in a while 'alert system' head and reads as follows: "WARNING: a problem with the cooling system has been detected." (Next line) Please, turn off computer immediately and return it for service. »

    I had this warning for the coming weeks and it tolerated, but it worsened and annoyed me for the last time. I can hear the fan and the computer is not over heating (the CPUCool freeware tool detects a 51º CPU temprature C). No further questions arise as the computer slows down, it is right in the path of what I do, like typing right now.

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    Usually, this message would appear if something is not wrong with the cooling system. But I read here in the forum that maybe it's a bug of software and after new system recovery this message should no longer appear.

    But if you notice some upper temperature or abnormal noises, then I recommend to check this with a service technician

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    I contacted with support local hp and send me a COMPUTER technician, who has changed my motherboard and CPU, but nothing worked. I tried to contact with intel for support (the issue is present with drivers intel non - oem), but they are sending me to the OEM. I would like to have a real driver that works with the system (3347 is a driver of the year), is it possible?

    This isn´t of question at all in linux drivers, more change motherboard I totally ignore a hardware problem.

    I can provide feedback to any solution.

    Thank you!

    Another update:

    Found a solution to this thread (which I started) in the forums of intel:


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    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community.

    Printers to print documents, photos, cards and calendars. You have a problem with the printer doesn't work is not on the computer. It can be difficult when something that is important to you does not work as expected. It's pretty simple and we're here to help you solve the problem. We work as a team and get this sorted out.

    Please answer these questions-

    (1) what is the exact error message?

    (2) have you tried the troubleshooting steps?

    (3) what is the version of Windows installed on the computer?

    (4) have you made changes on the computer before the show?

    I would like more information about the issue.

    Note: assuming that you are running Windows 7, I would like to suggest some troubleshooting steps.

    Method 1-

    I would have you look at the article-

    Why can I not print?


    Solve printer problems


    Method 2-

    I wish that you uninstall and reinstall the printer.

    See the article-

    Install a printer


    Method 3-

    I would have you go through the troubleshooting proposed by HP guide.

    Check out the link-


    Let us know if you need assistance regarding the issue. We will be happy to help you. We at Microsoft, strive for excellence and provide our customers with the best support.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, I'm trying to post a photo, but whenever I have try rotation to the right, it says something like: can't save changes to the image due to a problem with the properties of the file. My laptop is MS, but the photos were taken on the Iphone. How to do this?

    I don't know if the following links answer your question, but
    they may be worth a visit:

    Good luck and * proceed at your own risk *.

    FWIW... There is a very long discussion (several pages) to the
    following link:

    Cannot change the imported iPhone 4S photo

    More Discussion

    iPhone 4S image properties is not compartible with Windows?
    Editing can be done on the computer due to the error
    "Windows Photo Viewer cannot save changes to this picture.
    because there is a problem with the properties of the image file".
    Any help?

    More Discussion:

    We cannot turn a few photos in Windows 7 (but can turn others)

    A simple solution is to open the photos in paint or most other
    digital image editor and modify it.

    Some people have reported success using the following free download
    to remove the metadata.

    Property restrictions stripper iphone 4S (JPEG & PNG Stripper)

    Here's a way to turn...

    Easily turn locked iPhone 4 and 4 s Photos in Windows 7 with
    the rotator Lossless JPEG free

    Free download JPEG Lossless rotating

  • Problem with the game on XP XP3

    I ran into this problem on my XP computer. I know, I know. Old school freak who has not made a change for Vista... closing. In any case, I'm having a problem with the compatibility of the SP3 with a SP2 game, otherwise known as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I have more demands. I have a lot of space. The problem occurs when going from open screen of editing on the menu screen. It gives me an error. I have established this as a SP3 problem and would really like to know if there is a way back, or using a compatibility mode to use the program as SP2 without installing SP3. If there is a patch for SP3, which corrects compatibility issues, which work as well!

    Thanks for your time, the peoples of Vista!


    Hello Valen Celcia,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft answers Forum.

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community. The question you have posted is related to Windows XP and would be better suited to the Windows XP community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Engineer Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I ran CHKDSK, the report tells me I have problems with the file system, usn journal. ___

    I ran CHKDSK, the report tells me that I have problems with the sys file. I ran CHKDSK/F, it is said it fixed the problem but I ran CHKDSK again and it shows that the same listed the issues.

    Describe how you run chkdsk.

    That is what the report said: you have problems with the sys file?

    CHKDSK examines the disk space and use of the disk for the table of allocation of files (FAT) and NTFS file systems. CHKDSK provides information specific to each file system in a situation report. The report shows the errors found in the file system. If you run chkdsk without the /f on an active partition command line option, it can report errors because it cannot lock the drive. You should use chkdsk occasionally on each disk to check for errors.

    If you run chkdsk from a command prompt while Windows is running, it can report errors or it may not report errors - and it may report different
    Errors each time you run.  If this is the case, it could just be the way you run chkdsk.

    Here's how Microsoft explains this observation:

    "... CHKDSK may report that the disc is damaged, even when there is no
    current real corruption. This can happen if NTFS happens to modify
    areas of the disc on behalf of some programme activities that CHKDSK is
    review at the same time. To check a volume correctly, the volume
    must be in a static state, and the only way to ensure that the State is
    to lock the volume. CHKDSK only locks the volume when /F or/r (which
    involves the 'F') is specified. For example, you may need to run CHKDSK more than
    time so that it can complete all the steps in read-only mode. »

    If you run chkdsk from a command prompt, you are not the necessary static state and you can encounter errors "when no real corruption is present. This is how it works when you use this way.  Any changes made to a NTFS file system modifies the USN Journal.  If you are not in a static state, your USN change Journal probably all the time, so what you see (says something like that) can be quite normal.

    Two ways to ensure that you are in a static state is to run chkdsk from the Recovery Console or to schedule a chkdsk to run the next time that the system
    Restart by answering Yes to the question:

    Would you want to check this volume to be the next time the system restarts?

    If chkdsk reports errors when running in a static state, the errors should be investigated, resolved or explained.  This may take several
    chkdsk runs all of the issues and some problems cannot be resolved by chkdsk.

    If chkdsk runs the next time the system is restarted, the activity and the result will be displayed in the application event log.  Look in the Application log for
    Winlogon events and a source have the date and the duration nearby time chkdsk.

    It is in fact a chkdsk additional reading if you want to learn about it and it will explain everything you see and why your expectations exceed reality.

    Please vote my posts as helpful so I can get a lot of points. I'm saving for a pony!

  • SEVERAL problems with the new X 34

    So, I have been active during the overclock.net forums concerning the many problems I am having with my X 34.

    Long story short, I'm back this thing to Newegg and waiting for another delivery. But I thought I'd come at least here because it has high liklihood to return to anyone who cares to Acer. I called their tech support to let them know about the issues, but when the old Indian robot for 2 years at the other end kept referring to as resolution of refresh rate, I decided that I couldn't take more.

    So I took delivery of the monitor yesterday and he initially worked well... but the longer he stayed, the more problems, he has developed.

    My system is one I built a year or two ago and works perfectly with my Dell 3008WFP. Video card is a brand new MSI 980 Ti Lightning. Operating system is Windows 10 x 64. Is a Corsair 750W POWER supply. 16 GB of DDR3 RAM.

    I even made a COMPLETELY new install of Windows 10 on this computer to try to resolve these problems. Did not work. I have disconnected/reconnected everything inside my computer, including RAM and GPU. Did not work.

    And Yes, G-sync is enabled in the NVCP. And Yes, I manually set the refresh rate in the NVCP in correlation with the manual settings on the monitor.

    Problem no. 1: Menu recording does not settings

    -Don't know what the problem is here. But for about 3 hours last night, my monitor would not save settings for serger refresh rate. I would go on the menu... allow the serger... Set it to 100 Hz... Select "Apply and restart. Then (here's the interesting thing I think in hindsight), the screen would flash many colors several times and restart. I assumed that flashing color was normal... but it was never the Predator Logo when it has been reset. The office is finally pointing upwards and I could choose 100 Hz in my NVCP... but when you returned from the settings menu, Overclock was Off back with the default refresh rate. I have nothing would fix it with the reset of the monitor and unplug. Later... I have unplugeed the monitor for 30 minutes and when I plugged it back in, it would save my overclock settings now. It is interesting, but now, when I selected "Apply and reset", he would show the Predator logo when restarting... this logo did not appear before.

    Problem #2: Flashing screen

    -See a video of this question HERE

    -This developed before my eyes. After the initial installation of the monitor, it worked fine. Without no flicker, no problems. But as I was sitting at the dinner table last night, I started to see the monitor flashing intermittently in the other room. I look at the screen, he flickered about 4 or 5 times per minute. For the next hour, he progressed to 30 - 40 times per minute. And subsequently developed in constant blinking. BUT this flicker only happens when I go to the Office at 100 Hz. It happens sometimes in games, but not constant.

    I first thought that I had a bad cable of DP since I used one from Amazon, if I swapped it for the Acer cable included. Nope... same problem. I even inserted my previous EVGA 780 TI... but the flicker that happens too.

    Then, I thought it was a driver problem, I did a clean install of the nVdiia previous drivers. Nope. Then a cleaning installed latest drivers from nVidia WHQL. Nope.

    Then I saw here that you can download the drivers for the monitor directly from Acer. So, I did a guy like an unsigned driver installation. Nope.

    After all this, the problem persists.

    Strange thing about this one is that there was when I first got the monitor but got progressively worse since I got it.

    Another weird thing is that if I have a window open, then it isn't twinkle... reduce the window, and he comes back. It's actually what made me think, it was a driver issue, but as you can see above, I think that I have ruled that that fully.

    Also, if I set my refresh rate to 95Hz or below, the problem occurs. (This is actually how I currently work).

    -UPDATE: the issue has actually started just after executing i1Profiler to calibrate the screen several times back to back. I can't imagine how, but could the rapid exchange of multiple colors full screen damaged electronics somehow? Or is it just a weird coincidence?

    -UPDATED #2: it was suggested that ADC can cause the problem as it caused problems with the previous Acer monitors. So I completely deleted i1Profiler and reset my default .icc profile. I also think that I figured out how to do a monitor factory reset - if you hold the buttons first and fifth, restarting the screen and all the default settings. in any case, does too and the blinking persists...

    #3 problem: Backlight horrible bleeding

    I have to type anything here? Leave some pictures to speak for themselves...

    Trouble #4: Parts of the screen does not not on

    It has been described elsewhere, so I won't detail it here. But yes, I have the same problem. Here is a representative of my monitor picture when the issue arose.

    Overall, I am extremely disappointed, although I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, we deal with Acer here guys... Not exactly known for the high-end products. You can put the red lipstick on a pig...

    So is there more any idea or suggestion out there?

    Until then... I'll wait for my new X 34 excerpt here from Newegg to see if I won the lottery of Acer he...

    I created this post to be a "accepted solution" to this thread with the purpose to help other users who need to find the answers. This should help to find this information faster than to have to go almost 800 posts to find pieces of information.

    Wake up from sleep (backlight) - initial response and follow-up

    Problems with Overclocking at 100 hz - original response

    Coil - Whine Original response

    Color banding - users in Australia reported the problem. The teams in the region to THE have been notified and a firmware is available.

    -Scanning lines Original response

    Thank you

Maybe you are looking for