A HMI TCP can be used only with Labview with no material of CAP?


I have an application where I have a DAQ card in a PC running a Labview application. I want to have a TCP HMI display in the next room where info can be displayed as well as entries digital operator. Is this possible? If so is there an example how to do that.

Thank you



Hi John,.

Yes, it is certainly possible (I guess this PTC is National instruments, and you use the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module).  The best way to proceed would be to use shared variables to send information about a PC for the TPC network.  Here is a quick tutorial specific for the TPC-2006 and LabVIEW 8.2, but the process is similar across other HW.  Additional information on variable support shared for different versions HW and LabVIEW can be found hereand in the sections of links on this page.

Finally, there are examples of shared variable communication that install with the Touch Panel Module.  Head to the example finder (help > find examples...) and navigate to the Toolbox and Modules > Touch Panel > Networking > General.  Here you will find some examples of shared variables.  There are also some examples of TCP & UDP in this matter of networking which are another option.

I hope this helps!

see you soon,

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