A Mac Pro 2008 work well with El Capitan?

I found a xeon 2008 8 - core 2.8 GHz refurbished Mac Pro with 32 GB of ram and el capitan as, sold for 600 euros, my question is, if I buy it and put an SSD of 500 GB in it, how would that work? I could use it with a full hd screen? wouldn't be better than the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13 inch retina?

With the stock graphics card, 2008 would be poor in app related to graphic design as a recent MacBook Pro.  Difference in litter with a Mac Air.

The 2008 with original graphics card will support 2560 x 1600

Problem with the 2008 (and 2009), is that which concerns the mac Pro line, only the 2010 and later Sierra will run.

Also in 2006-2008 Mac Pro memory run hot and frequently fail with age.  The original of the graphics card, ATI 2600 XT also do either with time.

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    The mac I use is an iMac in August 2008 (running 10.5.6). 3.06 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HD, and a Nvidia GeForce 8800. I also install Windows XP Pro edition and the value of using two processors and 2-3 GB of RAM.

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    I love Fusion as much as anyone here and use it a lot. But, in saying that...

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    Doesn't look like 4K is a good option.


    Graphics.html #extdisplays

    Built-in display: 15.4 "Widescreen Native resolution: 2880 x 1800
    Details: This model has a screen 15,4 "color widescreen LED backlit with IPS technology with a 2880 in native resolution from 1800 to 220 DPI (178 degrees viewing angle). It also supports of the resolutions on the scale of 1920 by 1200, 1680 by 1050, 1280 by 800 and 1024 by 640.

    See also: how can you 'strength' or 'hack' the Retina Display MacBook Pro models running at the native resolution or otherwise more on screen that adapt default?

    2 screen support: Double/mirror *. 2nd Max Resolution: 2560 x 1600 (x 2 *)
    Details: * This model supports a simultaneous maximum resolution up to 2560 x 1600 on two external displays via Thunderbolt. Alternatively, it can support a single screen up to 2560 x 1600 per Thunderbolt and one display up to 1920 x 1200 through HDMI. Although it can theoretically supply all the three external displays, such as confirmed by a useful player, it runs too hot with three connected screens.


    Although I think I read some hacks to make 4 K @ 30 fps.

  • Mac pro 2008 book starts as usual, but recovery does not work.


    I recently got an old macbook 2008 a friend. It's a Mac Book Pro 2008 15 inches with OS X El Capitan. He told me he did a reinstall. It is quite an old machine, so I dualboot linux as my desktop with fairing. He told me that I have to disable SIP. I found the only way is in recovery, so I tried the command + option + r, r command but it shows the apple logo and the bar gets stuck half way.diskutil list does show a partition named recovery apple_boot that is 650 MB.

    Sorry for my lack of English, and I hope you can help me.

    She doesn't have the recovery partition on older Macs if you want to try to install it, see this article:


    If you have the OEM install discs come with Mac using those. Is not in contact with Apple and they will ship them to you for a small fee.

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  • Mac Pro 2008 RAM Upgrade


    My Early 2008 Mac Pro (3,1) currently has 6 GB of RAM (two 1 GB sticks) and two sticks of 2 GB and I bought a pair of used ram (800 MHz DDR2, who works with the Mac Pro 2008 according to the announcement on Ebay) to take up to 8 GB. I have a Kingston 2 GB key and a broken stick of the same type to complete the configuration. I followed the instructions on the Apple support page and inserted the two sticks of working and broken in the memory card top of the page, and when I turned on the machine, it is detected that the map background (which had the pair of 2GB that was already in the machine) about this Mac. After the reinstallation of the new RAM, the fans in the machine began to turn to the maximum, and the machine hung on the Apple logo. I tried a few different configurations (including the replacement of one of the existing 2 GB sticks with the new work), which caused the machine hang or the memory card, they were to not be detected. I have now deleted the new RAM temporarily, and the machine works fine.

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I'm under El Capitan 10.11.4.

    installing new RAM check the smaller units of new RAM by itself, has increased the confidence that we CAN work, prior to mixing and matching with your RAM existing. This reduces the problem to the size.

  • Mac pro 2008 to slow down, or may not start, but starting in safe mode

    HI dudes. I have a Mac pro 2008 with yosemite.

    I can't boot into normal mode, but it's ok in safe mode.

    I changed the hd, do a clean install, but still the same.

    Sometimes (days), it starts up fine, but the other days not, or if it boot is so sloooowww if a type of something, maybe 7 characters, it takes about 30 seconds to display on the screen.

    I'm putting a radeon hd 4890 to see if the problem is the graph (due to the fact that the mac works fine in safe mode) now my graphics card is ati 2600 256 MB

    I don't know what to try next, I'm desperate

    PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from the Spain.

    Yes, could be a bad graphics card.

    I would also like to run Apple Hardware Test

    Using Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    you will need one of the original disks supplied with the Mac

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    There is no such cards and until Intel control tokens required to implement love at first sight, it will never be. You do not miss anything. They do not exist.

    Love at first sight, a computer to use leaving the factory "shot of lightning-ready". There is little this computer manufactured by Acer - but they're just computers of ThunderBolt where sight of material has been placed on an optional daughter card, and then were made optional save money.

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    Don't forget to turn off the automatic updates:

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    I'm a big fan of Toshiba, but it's the last time I buy a Toshiba product. Producing none of Toshiba laptops running Linux? Least toshiba engineers could do is to make sure that a live ubuntu cd works on the laptop, to make sure that the fan starts and check maybe even the graphics driver works. If it's the fault of ubuntu then drop a bug in launchpad. As far as I know, none of the new Toshiba laptops have a fan that works properly, don't waste your money.

    > All computers laptop Toshiba work well with Linux?
    In General, they work well with Linux. If you see this section of Linux, you'll see that menu use Linux on various models of Toshiba laptops.

    Officially, Linux is not supported on Toshiba laptops and it may happen that you will have a few small problems with Toshiba specific things like the multimedia keys.
    A bit this section Linux and pick up the info you need.

  • Can I install two graphics on MAC Pro 2008

    I can install two graphics on MAC Pro 2008 cards, and if possible it can cause problems?

    Yes. Just not the slot 1 (double-width slot) and slot 2 are 16 x and Gen 2. Slots 3 and 4 are 4 x Gen 1.1 so not good for graphics cards.

    Note also that even the graphics cards require one or even 2 power connectors to THE but the mac has only 2 available

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    HM, this is a strange question because I doesn´t depends on the machine, the card information wireless installed. But in general a Netgear router is always a good choice... they are reliable, Don t need a lot of power and you can expand your network with these special Nergear '"Externders = range.

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    1. who is the operating system installed on the computer?
    2. What is the brand and model of headphones?
    3A this works much earlier?
    4. What is the brand and model of the sound card?
    5. have you ever tried to play the Audio using different media player applications and check?
    6. have you tried to connect the headset to another computer or phone and check if it works well?
    I suggest you follow these methods and check.
    Method 1: Run the audio troubleshooter.
    Method 2: Set the earpiece/microphone as default device and check.
    a. right click on the volume icon in the system tray at the right corner on the desktop.
    b. Select the playback device, go to torecording tab.
    c. make a right click and headphone/microphone as the default device.
    d. click on apply and ok.
    If above steps fails, proceed to method 3.
    Method 3: I suggest to disable the improvements and check.
    a. right-click on the icon "speaker" at the bottom right of the screen.
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    You can also contact the manufacturer of headphones and check.
    I hope this helps!

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