a message appears when I stop computer told me not to turn off or unplug your computer because the 1-3 updates were being installed. How can I get rid of this message?

HP pavilion p6716f desktop-b;


internet Explorer Windows 7

I turned my computer off every night. As soon as I hit the start button to shut up, a message appears telling me not to disconnect or shut down as 1-3 (sometimes more) updates are being installed. I have to wait until they are installed before I can finish closing.  I get muy updates aujtomatically. I would like know how to stop this message.  Thank you.


You stop this msg by reviewing windows update settings and select it to inform, and then you choose your own time to install.

However if this msg appears that often, you should review the history update windows to asertain what updates fail, you then have to fix this problem

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