A possible solution for the Date and time January 1, 1970 Bug?

I fell for a scam currently floating around the Internet, this type of scam to change the date and time of an IPhone on January 1, 1970 made my IPhone stuck in a boot cycle. people use the term "brick" of the nature of bugs. I was curious if there is no fix?

Put the phone in DFU mode:


You will then need to reload all your data from your back upward.

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    Badly looking for help and it will be really appreciated...

    Try this extension:

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    Hi all

    I'm not a scripter, but are in need of a DATE and time-STAMPED folder (or file) I would like to put on my desktop and have updated automatically so that I can use this tool to quickly see if a backup external (or internal) is current. probably I could also use it to quickly find out how /old/ a backup is.

    for now, I do this manually if I want to quickly verify that a backup works by creating a "date named folder" on the desktop - such as '-2016 03 26 "."» so I can quickly see if a backup I just ran ran.

    I have a lot of backups (internal, external, off site, etc.) and it would be super useful for me to have.

    I consider the name of the folder to be customizable (potentially) in case I need to change it, but a good default would be "-YEAR MONTH DAY" so that I could see easily when this backup has been but also I name my files in this way so they can appear in chronological order "."

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    Thank you



    Create the the ""new folder " action, like this:"


    Drag and drop the 'Shell Script' variable in the "name:" field.


    Double click on the variable in the "name:" field:

    Copy and paste this text in the field 'Script ':

    date "+%Y %m %d"
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    Only if you implement such a feature. (Perhaps written at a table in the PRE-FORMS-relaxation in a standalone transaction)

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    Have you tried restarting your Mac?

    See you soon,.


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    Need to show daq reads per second, but only to record a reading every 10 minutes, need help

    You are also looking to taste to 1 Hz data acquisition?

    My approach would be to use the DAQ acquisition to time your loop display reading each acquisition, then use the loop counter to control the logic of your writing to file.  For 1 Hz and 10 minutes write I would use 'quotient and remainder' I / 600; If rest = 0, then write the data point.

    For the date and time, under Calendar palette use the time get in seconds food a DateTime Format to a string.

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    Hi Exxpert,

    Here is a tutorial from HP on how to set up this printer, scroll all the way down to step 9 for the date and time.

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    I hope this helps!

  • Add the date and time to a text field when the form is submitted

    Is it possible to add the date and time to a text field where the user is clicking the button of form submit?

    I created a custom send form button and do not use the distribution process to collect the results and would like to have a time stamp of when the form has been sent.

    Thank you!

    Sure. Before your submit order add a command run JavaScript with this code:

    this.getField("SubmitDate").value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy hh: mm", new Date());

    Change the field name or date that required such boss.

  • Print the PDF document with the name and the date and time of printing from the printer


    I am fairly new to this...

    I have a PDF document and when I print it, I want the name of the printer and the print date/time to be shown on the printer output.

    I have several printers (some common and some on the network) and do not necessarily use the default. I would like the name of the printer used to be printed on the document.

    With : var = this.getField ("Printer"); h.value = app.printerNames; I am able to get the list of all available printers, but I just need one that is used.

    For the date and time, using the var f = this.getField ("Today"); f.value = util.printd ("j/mmm/yyyy", new Date()); gives me the time of when the document is opened, not when the document is printed. (or maybe I'm missing something?)

    I guess the question of the date/time is not major, because there is usually not much difference between the time that you open the document and the time you print it.

    I'm more interested in the name of the printer.

    I use Acrobat 9 Pro to edit my PDF document.

    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you!

    The name of the printer is a property of the PrintParams object. This property is updated before the PDF is sent to the printer and the name of the printer selected catalogue user interface is available in the ' Will Print' event.»

    In the document 'Will Print' action, you can use:

    pp var = this.getPrintParams ();
    this.getField('PrinterName').value = pp.printerName;

  • Dear all, in the follow-up to Massage exhange 2010 there is no option for selective date and time if we want to follow and check the delivery for 2 months mail report, then how, please guide

    Dear all, in the follow-up to Massage exhange 2010 there is no option for selective date and time if we want to follow and check the delivery for 2 months mail report, then how, please guide

    Hi Anandsable,

    The question you have posted is based on Exchange 2010, it is better suited in the Exchange Server forum. Please post your question in the following forum:

    http://social.technet.Microsoft.com/forums/en-us/category/ExchangeServer, exchangeserverlegacy.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How can I remove all or part of the information in the headers and footers? For example, date and time of printing.

    I can't find where I can remove the print the date and time of printing or if I want a header or footer at all.

    If you use the traditional menus, on the file menu, select Page layout

    If using the orange Firefox button, click it and then select print and then Page Setup

    Once the dialog Setup page, click on the tab "margins & header/footer". You need to change all the options in the header and footer "- empty -"

  • F4 key doesn't work does not after El Capitan upgraded for my MacBook Pro. Used to be the date and time. Anyone know where to find it now?

    When I upgraded my MacBook Pro to El Capitan, the F4 key that allows to display the date, time and calendar has stopped working. Anyone know if this is not supposed to want to work more? Or how I can quickly display the date and time as I'm used to using the F4 function key?

    On my Mac running 10.11.2 which brings to the top of the dashboard. I think that there are now three different ways to make in the face of dashboard elements, which seem completely obscure to me. I just set mine to do what he did originally come in an overlay with the widgets running.

    Look in System Preferences > Mission Control...

    to halfway to the bottom of the box:

    Dashboard: {as overlay, like space, Off}

  • How do I set the date and time for those?

    Windows Vista; all the time that the I shoot my computer automatically go back to the year 2001; so whenever the I put on the computer I need to set up the date and time;  With the help of Windows, after the< is="" an="" error="">, but did not mention the number or how to fix it, please help


    If after having set the time/Date and stop and restart your machine the time means the 2001 2007 2009 year ETC, you have a CMOS battery has failed in the motherboard.

    They cost about $5 and are easy to replace.

    How to replace a CMOS battery.


    See you soon.

  • Application of F1 / reset the date and time

    OK could not hang out long so here my problem feel free to move it if you must.

    Hi everyone I'm new here and I'm looking for the answer to what should be a simple question, but I can't find the answer, anywhere, not even after much research on the internet.

    My problem.  I woke up in a constant demand press F1 at the start and I had to constantly reset the date and time. A friend told me that he knew the solution and he replaced the battery Cmos and during one period of time applications of F1 and the need to reset the date and time on start arrested. Then, after a few weeks the F1 ask on startup and delivery to reset the date and time again.

    The situation at the present time, is that I replaced battery comos with the same type and the F1 started queries rearrested again. But once again after a few weeks the demand of the f1 and the need to reset the date and the tooth is distributed.

    I wonder if my friend used the bad battery when he replaced everything first, can someone out there please tell me the correct Cmos battery number and size, I need to motherboard below.

    Acer Apaire E380-CB7L mother board HT 2000 MCP6PM - Re3v:1.0 AM A what is battery correct Cmos?

    I found my answer in a response to another thread. It seems that some how the bad battery had been mounted and in my ignorance of this I still once mounted battery hurt it then compounded the problem further.

    It seems that the CMOS battery on the motherboard usually is a CR 2032 3V , I now nested together for my MB. I'll let you know if it works.

    BTW thanks to the person who advises I took on it.

  • Must DSL be connected all the time to the date and time of synchronization?

    Sometimes I disconnect my DSL lines in case of bad weather.  What's causing my date and time on the computer clock to stop?  I have not had this problem before and have disconnected the front DSL.  If this could have something to do with a switch recently to Security Essentials?

    Sometimes I disconnect my DSL lines in case of bad weather.  What's causing my date and time on the computer clock to stop?  I have not had this problem before and have disconnected the front DSL.  If this could have something to do with a switch recently to Security Essentials?

    Disconnect it won't cause the date and time to stop, but it will not synchronize the period that it is disconnected.

    In addition, please note that diconnecting just the telephone line during bad weather is not enough. If you want to protect you during storms (other types of weather do not require protection), you should unplug both the phone line * and * power cord. Be possible to route a severe surge suddenly lightning nearby for your computer

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