A question of both parties about Flash player and Firefox plugin.

Things have gotten worse. I'm unable to reset Firefox because at the time when I go to tools > (etc.) reset Firefox, it crashes.

None of the Flash help I received from Adobe and Mozilla is useful.

Finally, I uninstalled Firefox completely and on a whim, thought I'd install Seamonkey. She runs... But will not play ANY Flash. The plug in case of accident, as soon as I try to access any Flash website.

I use Chrome without difficulty. I can use IE without difficulty. So, guess what? Firefox is out until someone can fix the problem. I am convinced that Firefox can't handle any software if Macromedia, Adobe, Shockwave Flash or any other part of it. This is totally unacceptable.

The way I see it, I need to go back to an older version of Firefox AND Flash player. Once I can do I think they work together because none of this happened until the most recent version has been installed.

Where can I find all the old versions of Firefox? And I will have difficulties in their installation.

Like I said before, I'm a long-time Firefox fan. It comes, he tries my patience just to make it work again when you people do an upgrade. The problem involves ALWAYS Flash form any.

With great anxt and sadness,


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  • What Flash player and Shockwave plugin different?

    Do I need to install the plugin for Shockwave? I can play games online and some are asking for Shockwave?

    Flash Player and Shockwave Player are two different entities.  The confusion often starts because the Flash Player plugin is called Shockwave Flash internally.

  • Problems with Flash Player and Firefox


    I searched in vain for a solution to my problem. Here it is: I use Mozilla Firefox and I am unable to display Flash Player videos on the CBS News website. I went to Internet Explorer and Flash Player worked fine. The message in the lower bar stops at "connecting to ad.doubleclick.net.

    This is the error message I get from Fire Fox:

    Error: syntax error
    Source file: http://www.cbsnews.com/common/vplayer4/php/xml.php?id=undefined
    Row: 1 column: 1
    Source code:
    ERROR: Cannot use a value that is not defined as a reference to line 45 of content/data/cgi.cbs.com/perl/vplayer4/xml.pl. ^

    I don't am not sure what I'm doing wrong - any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    It is a problem in the CBS php code, and not in Flash Player. You must report to CBS...

  • Adobe Flash Player and the Plug in question.

    My computer has 12 ActiveX Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Flash Player Plugin from 15. Why have I not these two. They are different, and what do I need to update? I have a computer with Windows 7 64 bit. I couldn't ever find this page again then can you send me an email to advise if someone answered my question if you please, with a link to the answer. My email is [email protected].  Thank you very much for your help.

    The Flash Player ActiveX is the add-on for Internet Explorer.

    The Flash Player Plugin is for other browsers like Firefox.

    For some reason any Adobe back as two different installers, so you will need to run two installation programs for updating Flash Player for later.  You can download the from

  • I tried several times to install 'Flash Player' and it NEVER works. I can't view anything until that which works. It says I need to disable 'JavaScript' but I'm not in any of the places. Please tell me what to do.

    Flash Player will not work. It will not download

    Hi Janny1,

    JavaScript should not have to turn off. Try to completely uninstall Flash Player and then reinstalling the most recent version. For instructions on how to "completely" uninstall a Flash Player, read this Adobe Help article. If you have not installed Flash Player, or you have just uninstalled the Flash Player, download and install the latest Adobe Flash Player, available in the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

    1 clear your browser's cache and cookies on your computer.

    For Windows Vista users: If the uninstallation and reinstallation of flash does not work this maybe due to a Microsoft Windows Vista permissions issue. Please use the Windows button below on the left then the search function:

    o go to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\

    o right click on the following file: FlashUtil9b.exe or FlashUtil9e.exe

    o select "Run as Administrator" and install the update.

    o your computer.


    Troubleshoot installation of Flash Player for Windows

    How do I uninstall the plug-in Adobe Flash Player and ActiveX control

    You can also post your questions in the adobe forums.


    Previous post: the result.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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  • If flash player problem, there is nothing wrong to do a system restore when he was working and not day of flash player, but firefox update?

    flash player update and update of firefox is not compatible. Do not play videos or connect to web sites and freezes... Solved by doing an update of windows system where he was working. This gives you a work of flash player, and you don't update and cancel the automatic updates. You can update firefox. A simple solution, just type in system restore in the start menu and follow the directions. Worried if there are drawbacks.

    Thanks for the replies. Here is my story: after the update of firefox and flash player June 22, I was unable to use my computer effectively. I am retired and use the computer for research, the entertainment and recreation. and I could not reach sites, found sites gel, could not play videos or hear telephone conferences. I tried to replace the flash player with older versions of the flash player, but kept receiving messages that the installation failed and I needed to install the latest version, I tried to get rid of. I also reinstalled firefox and flash player disabled player real and cleared the cache and cookies. I did not disable the protected mode which seemed complicated, I knew how to clear cookies in firefox at the time here.
    I decided to do a system restore before June 22. I have found that installing and reinstalling and put to date had exhausted most of my system restore dates, but I was able to find one on June 3 and he ran. If other people will try this fix, they should do it before he runs of dates.
    The fix worked, and I have not seen any bad effects. I have no files or important data. I see that this could be a problem. However the difficulty of making a system restore is running much less than firefox in safe mode or some of the other methods of obtaining an older flash player which I have been unable to do. Also I don't know how to disable the protected mode or quick acceleration, but I see that people should be judged with the fix of real player before doing a system restore which seems to be a last resort, for your comments.
    I was more concerned about security than with the loss of data. It seems that adobe tries to protect firefox users of problems with viruses with protected mode, and using the flash in prior non-protected mode was what I've been concerned. However, if I couldn't use the computer, the protected mode was not any help. I could stop and protected him, also. I didn't suggest others to do this fix if it was dangerous, but for me it was quick and easy to a moment that I was about to give up. I wanted others to know about it, because it works, but I didn't want to be the cause of unintended consequences. So I guess I have found, use the fix at your own risk and try first the other sollutions.

  • Why does Vista work with adobe flash player and RoboForm?

    Why does Vista work with adobe flash player and RoboForm?

    original title: Vista 64-bit

    He does.  Even if you ask the wrong way.  It is not Windows Vista which would "work with" other applications, it's other applications that "work with" (or not) Windows Vista.  After all - Windows has no need or the other of these two applications to run, but these two applications need to Windows (or some other applicable/compatible OS) service.

    Not only it works with both - but Adobe is finally released with a version 64-bit Flash Player - so you can use it with the version 32-bit and 64-bit Internet Explorer.

    RoboForm: http://www.roboform.com/support/manual/roboform; "Requirements. RoboForm works under Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, server systems. Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later is required. All Service Packs and security patches must be installed. "

  • Hi, I have vista Home Premeium, 32 bit, I got the flash player and now I don't have,

    Hi I have vista Home Premeium, 32 bit, I got the flash player and now I don't have, I installed the uninstall program and ran and reinstalled flash player, I've done this about flash player 6 times and SO I closed all the sercuity, but nothing helps. Help, please...

    Hello CalvinJones,

    Look at the post on the Adobe forums to see if the suggestion he help.

    Thank you


  • solution to uninstall flash player and install it

    I try to install flash player for firefox browser several times but the show message that "the Setup will continue automatically when the operational conflict is erased.

    I would try Adobe forum for Adobe related questions:


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  • Flash player on Firefox Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite?

    I tested the Flash Player 15.0 r0 ( on Firefox (32.0.2) in public beta of Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite)

    Subject: addons in Flash shows Flash Player.plugin as comfortable for MIME application/x-shockwave-flash (.swf) and "always active".

    Yet as far as I can see, Flash does not start at all.  Is this a known issue?

    (Of course, the program installation of Flash Player as the claims support through 10.9 OS.)  You have another month before 10.10 supposed to be delivered.  Photo: we'll be on top of that?)  [It works (for the most part) in Safari and works well on Chrome].



    I overview 10.10.0_14A36c1 OS X and have installed and Firefox 32.0.2 and am not having a problem displaying the Flash content.

    Using Firefox, please navigate to The Flash Player Help.  Click on the button check now yellow.  It should detect the installed version of Flash Player and display in the widget which ensued.  There is also an animation Flash tree at the bottom of the page.  I also tested a few other popular websites that contain Flash content and was able to view the Flash video.

    Please provide URLS to content Flash appears as expected.



  • Flash Player and Vimeo, Youtube does not but don't?

    Hi guys,.

    We currently deploy Windows 7 out to all employees and student PCs, we had it on PC our service for the past year and have had no problems with Flash Player and Youtube.

    However, a guardian has reported that when they go to YouTube and select a video, it buffers, play a second or two and headed then towards "an error has occurred, please try again later."

    If we disable Shockwave Flash Object it redirects to the HTML5 Web site and which works very well.


    OS: Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

    CPU: Various (Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel i5, Intel Xeon E5

    RAM: 2-4 GB DDR2, 4 GB DDR3,

    Browser: IE10, Mozilla Firefox v19 and v24

    Adobe Flash Player ActiveX: v11.8.800.175

    Adobe Flash Player plugin: v11.8.800.168


    • Tried completely uninstalling Adobe Flash Player, restart the PC, install Adobe Flash Player
    • Tried Adobe Flash Player version beta
    • Tried to disable hardware acceleration
    • Uninstalled IE10, tried on IE8, same problem
    • Tried to delete all the computer and user policies
    • Checked if it was a question VLAN, but happens on 10.32.x.x (student) and 10.64.x.x (staff)
    • Tried same question on IE9
    • Scroll along the search bar at the bottom shows all the stills is fine.
    • Enable ActiveX filtering solves the problem, but it's just because he goes to HTML5 too.

    Any help is appreciated


    We have just recently at the bottom of a problem even incompatible by which we got the message "an error has occurred, Please Try Again Later". It was only a problem in Internet Explorer, and it turned to be that you should now have speakers/headphones plugged and recognized by Windows 7 to play a Youtube video. Given what you have said, is perhaps the cause of your problem?

  • Stop sound in the videos since the v Adobe Flash Player on Firefox 11.7.700.169


    Since 11.7.700.169 of Adobe Flash Player for Firefox on windows, the sounds on a video stream (youtube, Vimeo, etc.) stop about 2 seconds after the start.

    Is that someone has the same problem?

    I try to find and install an older version to see if the problem still exists, but I can't find any (installers allways download the last of them...).

    Thanks for help.


    problem solved with the latest version

    thx for your help

  • Troubleshooting Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat PDF Portfolios

    Urgent question. We have a large number of master files into a PDF from Adobe portfolio, created in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.

    (1) given that Adobe installs the Flash Player for a separate stand-alone application, the content of existing PDF portfolios is not visible nor accessible.

    (2) I created a new PDF portfolio to solve the problem. The files are not visible after adding files to the portfolio. Adding a second time the same file triggers a message that the file already exists, but the file is not visible in the page layouts.

    I get a message that I need to have Adobe Flash Player as a separate application, when I open existing PDF Portfolios and it provides a link to the download page. But my computer already has Flash Player 11 is installed as a separate application.

    How can I get Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat 9 to play together to restore the original function?

    No, you will have to do exactly what the prompt and install Flash Player - it's a facility different plugin Web browser, so you must install it even if you think you already have Flash player on your computer.

  • Cannot install Flash Player for Firefox

    I am running Windows XP it with SP4.  IE and the latest version of Firefox are installed.

    In IE and Firefox, trying to install Flash Player with the standard binding, I get an error message in a small window opens, the title "getPlus + (R): error," text 'Cannot load a GUI,' box 'OK '.  I got this by locating a stand-alone installation for IE, who uploaded a file to install it on my computer.  However, this does not work in Firefox, even when access to this link from Firefox.  The file runs, but Flash Player still shows as not installed in Firefox.

    I can't find any program separate stand-alone installers for Flash Player for Firefox.

    This error seems to be generated by the Adobe getPlus product installer.  My thought was to uninstall the Adobe installer and try again.  However, the Adobe installer appears in the list of installed programs, accessible via the Control Panel, BUT by clicking on the button to uninstall the program does nothing.  The program is still present.  I can't find a location for the installer from Adobe on my hard drive.

    Hi Chris, I'm very well know the DLM/getPlus/getPlusPlus/NOS. :-) I see that you are too much now :-) Most users have no problem removing DLM to Add/Remove/programs and features through Control Panel.

    There are a number of things to check. Using IE, go to tools > Internet Options. Click settings, and then view the objects. There that anything appearing on the above?

    When you tried to delete the DLM, were using the administrator account?

    Now, using the start SEARCH, enter in the "part of the name of" gp.ocx and note where it is and right click and delete it. Then, run a SEARCH on gp.inf and do the same thing.

    Did you uninstall Flash Player using the Adobe uninstaller program then try again to install FP in FF?

    I have some info Add ' l on the DLM, etc and will try to get it.

    Thank you


  • Why I can't install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on Firefox

    I tried and tried to get the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on Firefox, but it won't take. Tried through update on the plugin page, tried through the Adobe Web site and still no luck. I listed version on my desktop, but it does not appear on Firefox. Anyone has an idea why not?

    You can download the version here.

    Desinstaller.209 and then installer.232.

    BTW, Firefox needs a different version of Flash that IE uses and different from the one that use Chrome.

Maybe you are looking for