A single Instance of a RT signal capture


I looked through and through for a simple way to capture a single instance of an analog input signal and store it as a constant. To be more precise, I want to take the first value that an analog signal is broadcast during the program execution and stores it as a constant to be used elsewhere.

Thanks for any help the community forum might be able to provide.

Hi Doug,.

Look at this article on functional global variables. You can use this model to define the value once and then read it in the world within your application.

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    Sorry, there is no setting for what is built into Firefox.


    In the utilities tab > Options > links there is a preference to enable single window mode.

  • file extension association to open only a single instance


    I see this question posted in several forums on the internet, but I'm not able to find a definitive and functional solution. Here's the problem:

    When I do a combination of file extension to my request, if I select more than one file and then select open from the context menu, I get multiple instances of my application, one for each selected file.

    The same commenting on my application, I already put code to limit the app to run a single instance. Normally works, however, by selecting several files and then by selecting the command open, it seems that the code that check whether a previous instance is running realized too late, the system starts already several open orders.

    Is there a way to tell Windows to open the list of files selected in an instance unique app? If so, how.

    Thank you.

    Without more details on the specifics of your application, it is difficult to suggest a specific development forum.  I suggest you choose one from here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/categories

  • How to implement a stack of screen "single instance".

    I'm looking to implement an application that accepts only a single instance of specific screens.  What is the best way to achieve this?  I have checked the documentation and can't seem to find anything that addresses this issue.

    The idea is similar to a singleton pattern...

    If (screen is nothing)


    screen = new XYZScreen ();


    return to display;

    If I already pushed my XYZScreen in the stack, using the pushScreen() method, I would like to get a handle to that instance, and they have to protest against the creation of another instance and add it also.  Also the memory problem, it makes more sense for the particular project that we are working on.

    I can't seem to find anything like "UiApplication.getUiApplication.getScreen ()" to get a reference to a particular screen already on the stack, or a 'Stack.moveScreenToTop () '.

    Suggestions, examples or links would be appreciated.

    You can use getActiveScreen() and getScreenBelow() in a loop to see if your display is already present in the stack to display.  If this is the case, then pop, and you then press it to remove it from its current position and make it visible.  If it is not on the stack, you can just push it.

    It works for you?

  • Single Instance Oracle with GRID + ASM - AMT headphone attack Poison Fix?

    I'm under a single Instance Oracle with GRID + ASM database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7. I'm trying to fix the infamous TNS Listener Poison attack vulnerability. I tried to implement the COST using this guide (Doc ID 1453883.1) but it doesn't seem to work as it still appears on a scan of the retina. I can't get a remote listener to register to test the vulnerability, and it does not appear in the log listener xml as a registration or denied. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    I added this to my listener.ora:


    The Alternative fix to the COST must turn off dynamic registration but I can do it when executing grid with the DSO with only a single instance database?

    How can I fix with my setup?

    You would implement better VNCR on

    for CARS: 1914282.1

    the properties of a single instance: 1600630.1

  • Unable to save 12 ch. single instance 11g GI listener

    5.11 RHEL 64

    2 node RAC

    IM -

    DB_home1 -

    DB_home2 -

    I recently installed the as a single instance on node 1 of the cluster. When you create the database in step 7 to record the listener, the listener SCAN 11 g has not been shown. I thought no matter, I'll just do the recording manually later.

    End of installation and DB creation complete, and I can't save the 12 DB to the listener to 11g. RAC instances have the value of the LOCAL_LISTENER parameter that follows:

    LOCAL_LISTENER = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST=node1.pub.com) (port = 1521)))

    I tried to adjust the same setting in the 12 c DB, still no change. Restarted the listener, 12 c instance, nothing works. I thought that maybe there was a compatibility issue when using a lower version for the listener, but I can't seem to find a doc in metalink to provide a matrix that verifies this. No message or trace files generated in newspapers for both instances. I don't want to manually change the listener.ora GI unless it's the only way, and I can't find any solid documentation within Oracle to indicate that this would be the only way to solve this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

    The GI version must be the same or greater than the version of database

    MOS Doc 337737.1


    Thank you for taking my question!

    I installed my first database 11g to under windows (no cars).  I need help understanding new ORACLE HOME of the USER to affect my c 12 databases.

    The documentation below States "when YES creates the account of USER ORACLE HOME it can only be used by a database unique instance".  I don't understand why I can't add another instance and use the same YES program created the USER account to the HOME of ORACLE page?  Why choice is (1) differs from the number of choices (2) given that both can be local accounts?   In addition, if you are unable to sign the USER ORACLE HOME, how that affects the OEM or OEM agent running on the database target?

    Thank you!


    When installing YES offers three options to associate a user Oracle Home of the Oracle home:

    1. leave YES create a new user account to do as a user in the Oracle home page.
    This option of the newly created user has the rights to connect to the server.
    This can only be used for Single Instance databases.

    2. Select an existing local or a domain as account being the user Oracle Home.
    If the existing account has login privileges, then Oracle Home user will have login rights to the server.
    This must be a nonadministrator user.

    3. Select a built-in account as the user Oracle Home.
    In this local Service option / built-in account Local system will become user Oracle Home.

    So if you do not use CARS, so it's no problem. The documentation seems to say that Option 1 cannot be used with CARS, not Option 1 cannot be used with multiple instances.

  • ORA-01078 and LRM-00109 after I installed a single instance of 12 c


    I configured a database with dbca as single instance on a server Linux with Oracle GI 6 Oracle and Oracle DB with power supply of January 2015. So not CBD or so. Installation runs without any problem.

    After Installation I wanted to start the db, but it gives me a

    SQL > startup

    ORA-01078: failure in the treatment of system settings

    LRM-00109: could not open the parameter file ' / usr/local/oracle/product/'

    SQL > exit

    So I looked for it in the directory. I found the file, but it was created with big letters:

    [email protected]_12_1_0_2/myhr12D:/usr/local/Oracle/product/

    He's $

    -rw - r - 1 ora121 oinstall 48 9 February 14:36 initMYHR12D.ora

    -rw - r - 1 ora121 asmadmin 24 9 February 14:19 lkMYHR12D

    -rw - r - 1 ora121 oinstall 7680 9 February 14:35 orapwMYHR12D

    It's funny! I know, I just ove, but is - it an official bug in, when I create a database and gives the SID in large letters the dbca creates the file init.ora with big letters but tries to load it with small letters? Not very well I think...

    A big thank you and best regards,


    Oracle sid in Capital letter as set below:

    export ORACLE_SID =MYHR12D (capital letters)

    and give it a go...

    If this does not work, please copy - paste the output of the following command:

    $env | grep ORACLE



  • Running the Single Instance and RAC on the same server of different homes.

    Hi guys,.

    I already have 4 node RAC12c installed on OLE 6.

    I'm planing on some of my other 12 single instance databases on other migration for RAC nodes.

    Please correct me here if I am wrong...

    My understanding is that, to be able to use DBCA or rconfig for conversion of database instance RAC, the only instance and RAC cluster must run on the same server or machine node.

    Thanks to this understanding... Am planing on the installation of a binary single instance on one of my cluster node node1 say and then use RMAN to duplicate the single instance or just an RMAN restore from the node of the instance that is unique to this node1. Am capable of this plan must then use DBCA or rconfig to convert the CARS database.

    Now, my question is can I run a single instance and RAC on the same server for different homes with different database ports?

    2. for these unique instance that runs on the server RAC 1 node, can I use the RAC database listener that runs from the House of the grid or I have to create another auditor?

    Thank you in advance and also let me know if I can use DBCA or rconfig when the only instance and rac database are on separate nodes.


    Fix. And that's what I would normally do. In general, I would have just an ORACLE_HOME directory that can be used by the punctual and RAC databases at the same time.

    See you soon,.

  • How to use backups RMAN to restore a RAC database to single instance on another host?

    How to use backups Rman to restore a RAC database to single instance on another host?

    I tried to copy these inline for you:


    Backups RMAN disk HowTo restore database RAC to single Instance on another node (Doc ID 415579.1)


  • How to make a backup of the database with RMAN Oracle Single Instance


    Hello. I use the server of Oracle 11 GR 1 material with operating system Oracle Linux 5.10 database.

    I understand how to back up the database instance in SQL Server with Windows. But do not really understand how to back up the database instance in Oracle on Linux.
    I did it cold and hot backup for the database HRCS90 instance, but both receive the same error message.

    Cold backup is below:

    SQL > startup
    ORACLE instance started.

    Total System Global Area 538677248 bytes
    Bytes of size 2146024 fixed
    528482584 variable size bytes
    4194304 buffers of data bytes
    Redo buffers 3854336 bytes
    Mounted database.
    Open database.

    SQL > shutdown immediate
    The database is closed.
    The database is dismounted.
    ORACLE instance stops.

    RMAN > backup database;

    From backup 25 November 13
    using the control file of the target instead of recovery catalog database
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-03002: failure of the backup command to the 25/11/2013 14:26:52
    RMAN-06171: not connected to the target database

    RMAN > backup HRCS90

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00558: error occurred during parsing of order entry
    RMAN-01009: syntax error: found 'distinctive sign': expected an of: ' archivelog, auxiliary, as, backup backupset, blocks, channel, check, copy, copies, controlfilecopy, cumulative, current, basic data, datafile, datafilecopy, device, diskratio, db_recovery_file_dest, db_file_name_convert, duration, filesperset, for, format, from, full, strength, file, incremental, keep, (, maxsetsize nochecksum, noexclude, nokeep, not, proxy, pool, re-use, recovery, section, skip). ', spfile, skip readonly, setsize, tablespace, tag to validate.
    RMAN-01008: the identifier of the AfDB was: HRCS90
    RMAN-01007: line 1 column 8 file: entry standard

    RMAN > backup database HRCS90

    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00558: error occurred during parsing of order entry
    RMAN-01009: syntax error: found 'distinctive sign': expected an of: ' archivelog, auxiliary, backupset channel, copy, controlfilecopy, backup, common, base data, data file, datafilecopy, remove, diskratio, db_recovery_file_dest, filesperset, format, force, file, include, keep, (, maxsetsize, noexclude, nokeep, not, pool, more reuse, recovery, section, skip, spfile, pass readonly, setsize, tablespace, tag, to).
    RMAN-01008: the identifier of the AfDB was: HRCS90
    RMAN-01007: line 1 column 17 file: entry standard

    While the instance of database HRCS90 is starting, I do hot backup by using the same commands and get the same error message with above cold backup.

    My question is:

    Can any folk tell me specific steps (order by order) to back up a single instance of the database in Oracle with RMAN?

    Thank you.

    Yes, you can restore and recover the backup, but not at the moment. You will only be able to restore and recover at the time of your backup.

    For example.

    If you take backup (mount point with no mode of journal archive) at 06:00 and your grave database crashes at 21:00, you will be able to restore and recover until 06:00. You will find all the changes made to the database between 06:00 and 21:00.

    If you want your database to recover until 9 PM or until a point in time, then you must put your database in log mode archive, and then save the archives.

  • 2 SPR single-instance


    We use OBIEE11. in GNU / Linux.

    Could you please let us know how to set up the SPR 2 file to single instance.

    The two RPD should be active state.

    I should be able to connect any time two PSB in online mode.

    Thank you


    You can extend your domain name with the scale, in order to have a new instance (managed server) with its own OBIS + OBIPS.


  • Scan of single instance listener

    in my cluster 6 11.2 knots, I have 1 single instance 11.2
    This instance uses the earpiece of IM and I can access by using the vip host.
    Using the scanner I ora-12514.


    Thank you.

    Yes, you can attach an instance of a specific listener on a specific host by defininig remote_listener parameter. However, in a cluster of 6node, you cannot be sure that the listener ANALYSIS starts on the node that your database instance is running. I advise to use a listener dedicated for this instance.

    Hemant K Collette

  • Primary database is RAC and physical intelligence is the single instance

    Hi all

    I use Oracle RAC as primary database, we will begin to use the Oracle Data Guard.
    I am designing my infrastructure and planing to use single instance Oracle my stand physical database.

    My question is it possible to have my sleep as single instance database while the primary is RAC?
    is it possible to build my Oracle database single instance ensures from the primary database to the RAC, RMAN backup?
    Are there restrictions (or all of the points to consider) as my primary database is CARS while the physics of Eve is the only Oracle instance?

    in the link below
    It was mentioned that primary can be CARS or simple and even the day before, but my question is possible to have primary as CARS all on standby as single instance? or it should be like each other?
    The primary database can be either a single-instance Oracle database or an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database.
    Similar to a primary database, a standby database can be either a single-instance Oracle database or an Oracle RAC database.
    Kind regards


  • RAC's RMAN backup restore single-instance ASM


    We use oracle 11 g 2 on AIX 6.1,

    We need restore the backup RMAN of CARS to the single ASM instance.

    IM new CARS & ASM, what will change

    What are the steps involved in it.

    Thank you


    See this doc MOS * backups RMAN disk HowTo restore database RAC to single Instance on another node [415579.1 ID] *.

    On the Single-Instance ASM, you must specify the name of diskgroup for «control_files, db_create_file_dest» settings

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