A strange homepage keeps replacing mine: genio? News of blinkers etc., yuk

This has started to happen a few weeks ago and replicated even when I set preferences to always open on the default firefox homepage. The only way that I can't return to my usual home page is to be online when I get a message like "someone is trying to change your home page. If I catch him one click on 'Cancel' all's well until next time.
Thank you

Usually, a malware will produce this result.
The most basic will replace your homepage simply by changing the command launched by your shortcut (icon). You can check that by right clicking on the icon you use to start Firefox and looking at the used command ('Target' field).

But it also means that your computer has a hijacker (a program of changing the behavior of another program).

It is not related to Firefox in particular, if you use Internet Explorer you will certainly get the same result.

Plan to run some anti-malware on your computer programs to find the culprit.

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