A100 - PCMCIA form factor remote control that uses infrared

Hello I just got my new laptop A100 custom. I works really well. However, I want to put on a new operating system. So, I want to collect the driver for infrared allowing my remote control to control the functions that it does now. Such as music playback volume and make presentations by far.
This remote control requires a driver or windows will pick up the functions once I have installed infrared driver?

The remote model number is RC102-841.
I spoke with Toshiba support and they can't tell me anything. Also my manual has no info on the remote control, because my computer has been customized and so the manual comes with it did not cover the info on the remote control.

All of the links for more information on this would be appreciated.


First of all, you can download all the manuals of the user on all laptops from Toshiba on the Toshiba site:

You will find information about the command remotely. (Chapter 4)
As far as I know it takes the remote control to use it on the Express Media Player.
You must first install the EMP and then another Windows operating system.

However, the remote control can be installed in the PC card slot. But you need to don t remote control drivers.

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    -Fernis - fernis.net - developer ColdFusion for hire

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    by the way someone is using the remote control with other applications (such as ahead nero, chis tv, or linux inside)?


    I downloaded the manual for this unit, and according to the information of the remote control receiver is required if you want to use the MCE Remote control.

    In addition, remote controls USB only works with Win MCE and so cannot be used directly with Qosmio Player
    Additional some application programs can not supported control functions remotely.

  • Satellite P750 114 - how to start using the remote control


    Does anyone know how to start to use the remote that came with my makeup P750 114.
    When I press on simple volume keys + / doesn't seem to work.
    I have the batteries in it but do not know if I have to activate something on the laptop itself to start using the feature.


    A remote control that is included with some models allows you to perofom certain functions.
    Using the remote control, you can
    -Navigate and control the media center window
    -Check the video or live tv display
    -Place the computer in and out of fashion "Eve".

    There is a button on the remote control.
    It begins or ends the OS. The functions of this button as your computer's power button. By default, the "sleep mode" is equivalent to powering down of the State of your laptop. to change this click Start-> Control Panel-> system and security-> power options.
    You will find options; do nothing, sleep, hibernate, shut down.

    Hope this helps

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    I connect to a remote virtual desktop. My local computer uses a different keyboard language than the remote.

    I want that my users who connect to the virtual remote control to use the one I have set myself in this picture and not their local since keyboard only supports us that we provide in the virtual, not on their local machine.

    I've tried the "Reg" IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout key, but I've been the opposite. Who closes?

    Is their a way to force the RDP to use the remote keyboard and not local?

    Thank you


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand you have questions using the remote keyboard on the Windows computer. So, please follow the link below to post your query in the Technet forums, because they have more expertise on this issue.

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    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

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    The problem is when you use the remote control, either on the copy engraved in the DVD player, or in preview mode, if I use the directional buttons of remote controls, that he does not want to go to the buttons I suppose it must

    (Top row left to right, then down row from left to right)

    On each of the properties of the buttons Panel, I chose the right (I guess) option number (just below name) for each button... IE top left set the right value top of page 1, 2, bottom left 3, the middle value 4 downstairs and down to the right the value 5.

    Type is set to Normal, the button name and Synch text is checked (although the No button is real, each is just a Word text, in photoshop, when I did originally the menu..)

    Also the low middle button never gets selected with the remote control of the DVD... Preview, using the buttons on the remote control, he finally gets selected, but it takes a bit of comes and goes, and the highlighted button is rarely what you would expect, since direction button your pushing.

    #1 button (top left) is set to the default button, which I want, but do not know how I set that, unless it's because it was the first button, I myself made/converted to the button)

    Here, any help would be greatly appreciated... that should finish this project!


    Cowboy Bob,

    No, what you did with the binder is actually linking these buttons to the assets.

    It shows a Menu with several buttons, icon manually road buttons depressed. Once you choose manually the buttons of road, they can change exactly what will make the remote control.

    As said, when you create a Menu, buttons start at # 1 and progress upward. Each Layer Set button plus up in the Layers Palette. This is the routing of the buttons Auto gets its information and it usually works. However, if you move the buttons around, removes some, etc., the en can get confused, manually their routing is the best way to go.

    Good luck and we hope this helps,


  • Satellite A300D and ExpressCard Remote control

    Hello guys,.

    I own a Satellite A300D-135, y at - it an available for this model remote control? I'm looking for a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location as some HP models have.
    I looked at several Dutch hardware well known, but I can't find a remote that fits the ExpressCard location.
    I give many presentations and therefore use my laptop a lot. I would like to have a remote control that fits in ExpressCard location because that saves space and a remote control of such a size is easy to "hide" in your hand.

    Kind regards

    As much as I know Toshiba doesn t offers remote control for this model of laptop. The question is whether a third party product is available on the market.
    To be honest I have no interest in something like that, but I just want to recommend you to visit the web page of Logitech. They have so many products for PCs and laptops. Maybe they have a solution for the remote control that you can use with your laptop.

    If you can find some interesting product please post the link.

    Good luck!

  • Need remote control for Satellite P100


    I bought a new P100, and I would like a remote control to use with WMCEdition and WMPlayer. How can I get a?

    Reply soon,

    Ian Dodds


    As far as I know the remote control was provided with some models.
    For the use of the remote control you unit should support an infrared receiver window.
    This window is placed near the volume control on the right side.

    However, if the remote control has not delivered, then I guess that you unit does not support.
    But that is only my suggestion. I'm not 100% sure.
    Generally all the parts, you can order the Toshiba ASP. Perhaps also the remote control.
    But don't forget that it is compatible with your device.

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    PainedByTech wrote:

    I have a desktop PC HP Compaq 8000 Elite SFF that I use as a home theater PC.  I'm under Windows Media Center with 2 cards tuner and antennae of the OTA.

    With this configuration, I use a HP Remote WMC.  The model No. inside the cover of the remote control battery is TSGH-IR01.  The issue I'm having with the remote control that is stationary and move forward and "back" button do nothing when you press.  The light at the top of the remote control flashes when you press those buttons, so I don't think that the buttons themselves infrared are failing.  All the other buttons on the remote work fine.

    I wonder if it is a problem of programming/software and if so, what should I do to solve this problem.   It's annoying to not be able to stop a recorded program is playing when you press the stop button, but having to use a mouse to do it instead.   Any help that can be given will be very appreciated!

    For anyone having this problem, I discovered the cause after reading a post on the forums of thegreenbutton.tv.  An application in Chrome or any browser Chrome (in my case, the Slimjet browser) is the culprit.

    For me, it was the Plex app.  He was diverting the judgment and move forward and back buttons on my remote HP WMC.  As soon as I disabled the application of Plex, the buttons started working.   Never would have guessed that this was the problem!  Hope this helps someone else who might have the same problem.  Ah, tech.  Isn't beautiful?

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    Thank you!

    The "jury" is actually the LabVIEW Remote façade plugin (it's like the incorporation of executable code rather than display/web content generation) - I don't think that you have no control over the appearance of it outside of the configuration in the tags.

    If you want something more advanced than this... you would probably need to look at alternatives (such as WebSockets! )

  • Application of remote control


    I got a hp Pavilion Notebook M6, but what is happening is that the computer seens to be who is not capable of the remote control, I used to have another before the laptop hp than this one, I think it was a dv6, dv7 or something, but I tried to get a remote for my laptop of M6, the other day online and whem I specifically put the keyword , Iam "Remote control for hp pavilion m6" not able to see the results but just plugs for laptop hp dv6 and dv7.

    I really want to be able to use a remote control with this current computer (M6) for purposes of presentation College, but not sure if iam able to use a remote control with this phone iam.

    so my question is:

    I'll be able to use any type of remote control hp laptop with my laptop, even if it is not the same model which is the design of the remote control?

    Thank you.

    Ramosuco wrote:


    How to check if she does?


    What is your machine? Please use the following link to find your machine and obtain its complete listing


    You can also check (under devices to Interface) Device Manager to see ALL IR (Infra red) DEVICE installed.

    Kind regards.

  • Remote control for FDR AX - 33 other than the app and phone

    Y at - it a wireless remote for the AX-33 FDR that doesn't require that use a phone or other video device. I want a small remote control that allows me to zoom in and out with out having to use the phone. I want the video to display on the screen of the camera. I would go back to the meaning of the lens so I could see what is recorded when I'm in the video. Using the phone to zoom in and out is clumsy and abnormal looking when I'm in the video. With a little distance which may be hidden in hand with just the buttons zoom and the start and stop buttons would be preferable. Half the time when I'm in the video, the final result shows that I record, as well as what I recorded on my phone that is in the actual recorded video. ******!!!! This use of wifi on your phone to a remote is not convenient for what I need to do. Give me a small remote control like it used to be with the older camera!

    Hi fredshulz,

    Welcome to the community of Sony!

    We suggest that you check the RMT-VP1K IR remote. You can set this with your tripod and connect the IR receiver to the Multi USB port on the camera and control it wireless using the Commander.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution. Thanks_Mitch

Maybe you are looking for

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