A220-1 satellite has 9 does not recognize the USB Flash drive 4 GB


I bought a new USB (attachment 4 GB) Flash drive.
And I had a problem installing it.
The same drive Flash was wel work with my friends laptop that has windows XP only.

Someone of you can give me a solution for this problem.


François kervevan


Go to the nursery of the device and remove all USB Device Manager USB controllers and root hubs ports!
Restart the laptop and after the new installation of USB port try to connect the USB 4 GB drive again.

Good luck

By the way; If you use Vista on your laptop, please update the last State and also install this patch:

Good bye

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    You can't save backups to a flash drive, you need an external USB hard drive.


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  • Windows does not recognize the USB flash drive

    My USB does not work when I plug. It seems that Windows recognizes the device because it is found in the Solution Explorer window, but if I want to create a folder or a file on the USB key I have the following message:
    "Cannot find this article.
    It is no longer in < %3="" null :="" optext=""> . Check the location of the components and try again. " < br=""> also the files that are copied to the USB flash drive are not visible in Explorer and it looks like the drive is empty.

    I want to emphasize that the same (Kingston) USB flash drive works perfectly under Windows XP operating system on another computer so it may not be a problem with the device. The same problem also appears when you use a different USB (another manufacturer).

    Thank you!

    Hey, 101 a.

    , I just posted a fix I found for my USB flash/go to work again.  It was a very simple solution, too.

    I unplugged all USB devices first, then tried my USB jump drive again.  IT WORKED! I've narrowed the problem to the new printer that I use.  It's a Mono Dell Laser MFP 1125.  Whenever it is plugged into a USB port, my USB doesn't work.  All other devices work, but not the USB is the printer is connected

    I don't know what done to block the flash/USB key, but unplug printer allows the jump command to work again.  I will contact Dell on what did the printer driver to block the flash player.  Just an info on the fix I found.

  • Satellite A200-1AE does not recognize the USB 2.0 flash drive

    I have a problem because my satellite A200-1AE with Microsoft Vista does not recognize the USB 2.0 flash drive. He asks me a program/software!
    The same USB works without problem on other computers with vista!

    Someone knows what to do?


    First of all, you must disconnect all USB devices and must remove the USB ports and controllers in the Device Manager.
    After this procedure, you must restart the laptop. After a new restart the Vista operating system should recognize the USB ports and should reinstall USB drivers again.

    Then you must update the Vista to the State! All fixes and patches must be installed. Please note that you will have to visit the MS Update site for all patches

    Notes; MS has released a beta of Vista SP1. I installed it on my laptop and it has solved several problems.

    Best regards

  • Windows 7 64 bit does not recognize the USB external drive HARD Stor E art 3.5 "

    I buy the art external disk HARD Stor E 3.5 "and spend a few days in windows does not recognize the HARD drive. Try to connect the drive to other USB 2 ports and nothing happens. Use a USB to see if has been a problem with the USB ports, but all 3 are OK. Try it on the laptop Asus and windows 7 recognizes the HARD disk. I formatted the drive in NTFS FS. In managing records do not show the external HARD disk. What can I do to fix this?

    My laptop is a Qosmio F60

    This is a really silly situation. It can be recognized by other laptops but not your Qosmio.
    According to the description of your HARD drive when connected simply doesn t exist for your Qosmio laptop.

    Some other HDD is recognized correctly?
    What you can try is to reinstall the chipset driver, restart the laptop and test it again.

    Since when you have this problem? Some installed updates of the last days?

  • Satellite C series does not recognize the CD/DVD drive


    I have about a week he did something wrong and now my laptop recognize my CD-Rom drive.
    I guess I accidentally deleted the driver but I'm not sure of (I'm not a computer expert).
    What now? Someone has an idea?

    Thank you!


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    I guess that you do not see the CD/DVD drive in MY computer area.

    I think I can help you
    First go to Device Manager and search for CD/DVD drive.
    Select this device and delete it from the list.

    Now, open the registry (type regedit in the search) and remove the filters above and below to the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet\Control \Class \{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    The similar solution is located on the Microsoft page:

  • Dell DataSafe - 'Create System Recovery' does not recognize my USB flash drive


    I just set up my new laptop Inspiron and 'Dell DataSafe Local Backup Basic Edition' pops up advising me to "Create system recovery media" restore my system to its critical failure of hard disk factory settings.

    It gives me the option to save this on a disk or a USB Flash drive.  I have a drive hard laptop "Western Digital My Passport Essential' that I would use for this, that's why I chose the option of USB Flash drive.  However, I get a message "no USB key not found.

    Can someone tell me what I need to do to store the backup recovery system on my laptop hard drive?  (I know a recordable DVD will be probably easier, but I did not and do not want to buy a bunch of them just for that!)

    Any notice received with gratitude.

    Thank you

    I think you may be stuck. It may be opposing on the hard drive because there are already data on this topic.

    You have a friend that can give/sell you a blank DVD?


  • Satellite L305D-S5881 does not recognize the new HARD drive

    Ok. I've had this laptop for a while now.
    It crashed recently. So, I tried to start it up.
    I got "Winload.exe missing or damaged".

    Fortunately, I found an answer to this!
    I got the Vista installation disc and inserted.
    I had this "PAGE_ERROR_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". I fixed too. Stick of 1 GB of RAM to my computer was bad.

    So I replaced it. And during the installation, it hangs. And beeps and undesirable.
    So I thought it was my hard drive. I have a new. (http://www.toshibadirect.com/td/b2c/adet.to?poid=431567 please TAKE a LOOK BEFORE RESPONDING).

    I (try) to install and it does nothing.
    I turn it on and it goes to this page with as my enthernet info. Then I go into the BIOS and it appears. I think I could install it wrong.

    Any help?


    I think that the new HARD drive is not recognized, because you have not installed the SATA drivers!
    The new mobile phones support the new SATA controller and especially the drivers are not included in the Windows operating system.

    So, you must first include the SATA drivers before install you the operating system.
    AFAIK the L305D supports an AMD and ATI chipset and SATA drivers must be placed in the ATI graphics driver package.

    On the other hand, you could install the operating system without the use of SATA drivers.
    I think that the BIOS must contain the SATA mode option. Usually it s set to AHCI. Pass this option in compatibility mode and you should be able to install the operating system.

    Cheers mate

  • Satellite 2805-S603 does not recognize the new HARD drive

    The old HDD that laptop died a horrible, another bougth - HM040HC (PATA) of Samsung, but the HARD drive is not set! What?
    Too recent for 2805 controller?
    Which one i should buy, he worked normally?

    PS: Sorry for the bad English-_-

    Seems that you have purchased a HARD drive badly and is not compatible!
    I discovered that IE Toshiba MK3017GAP HARD drive is compatible with your laptop.
    This HARD disk supports an ATA-5 interface and about 30GB.

    If you want to be sure that the HARD drive works in your laptop 100% please contact the service provider authorized in your country and order the HARD drive support.

  • Satellite A110-294 does not recognize the wireless card


    the question is:
    Why my Satellite A110-294 does not recognize the wireless card?

    I re - install Xp PRO with all the drivers.

    I have try all the drivers Wireless: Wlan intel + proset intel atheros wlan + wlesscmgr

    I don't understand, can you help me?

    Thank you


    To my knowledge, the A110-294 uses the Atheros WLan card and therefore the Atheros Wlan dirver should be the right one.

    You can find the latest driver for Atheros WLan here:

    Just a question;
    You see the local network card in Device Manager? I mean, you should see an Ethernet controller or an unknown device in the network adapters
    The driver is missing, then the device must be marked with a yellow exclamation point

  • Power mac g4 does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  It has worked very well in Leapard

    I just newly installed Tiger on my PowerMac G4, and now it does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.  It works perfectly before a new clean install DVD of the Tiger.

    What is your indication that the DVD is not recognized?

    Run the utility disc with the disc in the optical drive.  The drive will appear in the sidebar of disk utility?

    I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.

    If you put another type of disc in the optical drive, as a music CD, it is recognized?

  • For some reason any, that my printer has enough work and when I plug in my camera to download images, the computer says it does not recognize the USB port, which could be the pronblem?

    My printer does not work (it is said that the computer does not recognize the USB port (this also happens when I plug my camera to download the photos) I checked everything I know to check, which isn't too.)

    My printer does not work (it is said that the computer does not recognize the USB port (this also happens when I plug my camera to download the photos) I checked everything I know to check, which isn't too.)

    When did this problem start? What did you change shortly before it all began?

    Please quote the exact text of the message you get, verbatim.

  • DreamColor LP2480zx does not recognize the USB for calibration


    I have a DreamColor LP2480zx, which does not recognize the USB connection to the computer during calibration.  I have my eye HP connected through this monitor, so I know the connection and the cable is good and mouse, keyboard.  My setup is like this:

    Reference Dell 690 running 64 bit + Windows XP

    DreamColor LP2480zx

    Apple Cinema Display 23 "

    I bought the DreamColor used, and in all other respects, it seems to work very well.  The original owner didn't have it calibrated within a certain time, but said that having had no problem with the previous calibration.  I installed the last APS (version 2.0) and updated to the latest firmware.  These updates produces no change in recognition USB problem.

    The interesting thing is, I was able to calibrate the Apple Cinema Display, using the same configuration of connection (mouse, keyboard, and HP eye connected to the computer via the LP2480zx) APS was able to see the USB connection and this very well calibrated monitor.

    I had trouble with this problem for a few days.  I've looked around quite a bit online and found a few others who have this same problem, but I did not yet find someone who can point out a solution.  If anyone has had this same problem, or has heard of results that correct it, please let me know, because it's very frustrating.

    Thanks for any help


    An update to my previous post, I realized a work around for this problem.

    Apparently, this problem has to do with the Dreamcolor screen and/or software APS do not like working with 64 bit systems.  I'm not saying that it is always the case, but I saw the other posts on this problem on 64-bit systems, and I spoke with two other people personally who told me that they also had the same problem, try to calibrate its Dreamcolor monitor when it was attached to a 64-bit system.  HP does not seem to be concerned about this problem, because they do not even recognize its existence, but since I'm far from being the first to report this problem, he's obviously not a one-time problem.

    My solution was this: I had connect the monitor to a regular running XP 32 bit system.  After I did, I could re - calibrate the monitor without the problem of USB connection.  This isn't a very good solution because not everyone has access to several machines, running different operating systems.  But it's a work around, and it worked for me.

    Hope this helps other people who have this same problem with their Dreamcolor monitors hooked to their 64-bit systems.


    PS- I posted this as resolved, only because I was able to calibrate my monitor.  It's not really solved the problem, but it gets the monitor working again.  Maybe HP will address this problem in the future, but I'm not holding my breath.

  • Lite-On ENAU108 CD Burner IT does not recognize the USB key

    Windows Media Player does not recognize the USB drive letter

    Although the Windows Device Manager recognizes it.

    I want to add drive from the device to WMP


    1. have you made any hardware changes or software on the computer before this problem?

    2 - is the USB key in Windows Explorer?

    3. you try to transfer music files from the USB key?

    4. what version of Windows Media Player do you use?

    If you use Windows Media Player 11 & try to add media files in Windows Media Player, you can follow these steps.

    a. open the Windows Media Player, click on organize > manage libraries > music.

    b. click Add and navigate to the location where the file is stored in the Windows Explorer.

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • Computer does not recognize the CD/DVD drive

    For these last days, my computer does not recognize the CD/DVD drive.  I have tried everything - publishers of registry, check the physical connections inside the computer, the system restore and install Fix - It programs.  However, the computer does not recognize this drive.  I also wonder if it is a hardware problem.  The light on the drive is a constant in green, and does not have the Open button.  And when I use the bent-paper-clip-in-the-little-hole and can open the drive, it will not read the disc.  Please advise...

    I fixed my problem with the BIOS operating system & not recognizing not not my DVD player to reinvest the solder on the motherboard.  You can find instructions on how to do it here: http://www.computerrepairtips.net/how-to-reflow-a-laptop-motherboard/

    There was a little crazy with my video drivers when I started first, but everything works after resetting the BIOS by default.

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