A30 and Intel 2200BG working now with Scotch!

I searched and read and did not believe what I read, but with the help of a little Scotch tape on terminals 11 and 13, I'm running.
3 weeks I have fought this, support Intel only responded once to tell me to download the latest version of SW, which I had already said, I've had.
By mistake, I was under the impression that the assignment of pins for Mini PCI cards had been agreed and that it was the norm. What is rocking the boat Toshiba or Intel? My first impression is Intel as a search for "2200BG" throws up a lot of problems and not all models of Toshiba.
However, I suggest anyone who has problems with the Mini PCI 2200BG card try first the fuse high-tech method of tape adhesive tape.
BTW the wireless switch or fn + F8 still does not work.

Hi Alison

The fact is that this Intel card is part of the Centrino concept and many laptop producers use this to own units. A few days ago that I've que j' ai ete been I electronic store and I looked into many notebooks (various manufacturers) and almost all device manager have this card.

The fact is that the producers of the laptop cannot do much. In my opinion, Intel should test and verify the functionality first. If you visit the Intel download page there are a lot of new drivers for this card and I believe that trying to Intel to make it better. We'll see.

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  • A30 and intel 2200BG miniPCI adapter

    I read the same topics on this forum but have not found an answer.
    I installed the wifi (intel 2200BG) adapter to my A30 all seams OK, but he says hardware switch off the switch is on, but the green light stays off and the Wireless does not work.

    I found a tip to cover the 11 and 13 pins, made all the following instruction, but nothing happened. It still does not work.

    Any tips?


    I think the best way to solve the problem of card Wifi is t contact Service partner by phone!
    Maybe they can tell you what you did wrong!

    I searched Toshiba knowledge base, but I can't find anything about creating a Wifi card!


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    < re-titled by host >

    These alerts can appear for several reasons: the cable is defective, damaged or may not be certified by Apple, or your device might have an accumulation of dirt or damage. Follow these steps:

    Before you try the following steps, make sure that the USB cable and your port is clean!

    1. Restart your iOS device.
    2. Try a different cable certified by Apple or a charger.
    3. Make sure you have the latest version of iOS.
    4. Contact Apple support to implement the service.

    I hope that you will charge your iPad in no time!

  • Tecra A4: Wlan Intel 2200bg not stable with 802.11 G WLan

    With the latest driver re-installed (, I found a connection to a network of 'g' was unstable. (A little better than before you reinstall, when it connect to a network of 'g', but does not have all the data.)

    With a BT Homehub, now a router DLink DSL-2640R (TalkTalk) I found that to have a stable connection with the latest version of the driver is to configure the router to use only 'b' network. But it's slower.

    Until I got a different router (recent change of telco provider) I assumed it was a problem of BT Homehub (believe me, I had spent some time trying to solve the issue!). However, now that I've tried both routers and found the same problem, I thought it would be a problem with the configuration of the laptop...

    I kept many downloads wireless driver I have installed and tried to think of the happy times when cell phones and the homehub were happy to communicate on a network of 'g '. I went back to driver version and guess what, all problems disappeared with the new router, and fortunately it is connected to a network of 'g '.

    Normally, the Council is to use the latest version of the driver, then why I would have success with an older driver. What have I done wrong? I tried different types of encryption available and it did not affect the problem.

    I've got the box to allow windows to configure my network. I when I tried using the software Proset, but who stopped the ConfigFree to run correctly so I went back to the original set upward there.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I have to do to get a stable connection to a network of 'g' with an Intel 2200bg with the latest driver ( I am suspicious that I can run into other issues if I continue to use the old driver?

    There are always problems of compatibility with wireless products, particularly when connecting different brands. Manufacturers are constantly updating the drivers for the problems, but sometimes it can introduce problems with old ones as the 2200BG card.

    First thing to do is update the firmware on your router, and then update the drivers for the wireless adapter. If later drivers do not work, it won't hurt to return to a previous version.

    You can also try to change the advanced settings in the properties of wireless adapters in Device Manager. For example, try the configuration to "802.11 g only", try another channel, try different power settings, etc...

  • Satellite A30: Compatibility Intel 2200BG miniPCI WLAN

    I installed an Intel 2200BG (Toshiba part No.G86C0000X310) Wifi card in my Satellite A30. I tried to load a number of different versions of Intel drivers, but whenever I activate the driver of that laptop computer crashes. I've seen other messages indicating that they got this card works by pin 11 and 13 with masking tape, I tried this.

    Has anyone else seen and solved my problem?

    Hi Andy

    Before that you purchased this card did you check compatibility with your model of laptop with the cards?

    By the way: all laptops A30 aren't ready WLAN. For example, A30 - 514 is WLAN ready and compatible Wireless LAN card is PA3212U-1MPC. Check it!

  • Satellite A30-PSA30E Intel 2200BG wireless problem

    I bought the new wireless card intel 2200BG miniPCI for my Toshiba laptop. I have card connected to the miniPCI slot free and both cables are connected as well.
    My problem is that this hardware switch on the right side of my laptop does not work (no led light). The original Intel software is posting I have material activate this card. Can you help me please?

    Hi Michael

    I hope that you have connected the card properly. The white cable must be connected to the HAND and a black to the power supply please check if the card is recognized and properly installed. The status is displayed in the Device Manager. The wireless adapter should appear under network adapters.

  • Lock problem, P10-792 and intel 2200BG wireless

    My 792 P10 is not equipped with Wireless Lan Mini-PCI card and it doen't have the on / off wireless switch, but it is possible to add a mini-pci wireless card.

    I installed the Intel 2200BG mini-pci wireless card. The drivers are installed in windows and linux correcltly.

    When I am using Intel wireless tool to set up my wireless card, I get the error message:
    Locking wireless must be turned off and the same error under linux when I am loading the module appropriate.

    I tryied to disable wirelless lock using Fn + F8 and all the other function keys, but nothing happened.

    How can I unlock Wireless Lan?
    Thank you.


    Can you please check the status of the card wireless in Device Manager? The card enabled or disabled? Please check in the properties of the map under the device using wireless if there is use of the status of this device.

  • Toshiba A10-131 and Intel 2200BG

    I installed a PCI Intel 2200BG wireless adapter mini in my Toshiba Satellite A10-131. But there is no air inside clot! Techniques in senter said service, they can install the antenna to this computer. Except this, software signposted as the switch hardware power button is DISABLED. What is it?

    And another question: what software I should install to use the combination of keys "Fn + F8"?


    I also found information that your device is not ready for the wireless because there is no antenna in.
    I'm sorry.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects works well with the merger?

    Hey everybody,

    I'm in the middle of a semester at the University and I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects (Windows version). I was wondering if the merger would work well with these programs? I intend to the latest update of merger next week.

    The mac I use is an iMac in August 2008 (running 10.5.6). 3.06 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HD, and a Nvidia GeForce 8800. I also install Windows XP Pro edition and the value of using two processors and 2-3 GB of RAM.

    I will also put it on a new account make sure that practically nothing is running while im current merger.

    I use this for my final college.

    Edit: I forgot to mention. I use CS3. My school has not yet updated in CS4.

    In addition, you think that a 64-bit version of Vista will work best and then 32 bit XP on this partition?

    I love Fusion as much as anyone here and use it a lot. But, in saying that...

    You use this something really important - your final college. You need to perform at its best performance with as few problems as possible because you don't have a lot of time in your semester left (in the grand scheme of things).

    My advice - do not experiment. Work around the merger (as heretical as it may seem on this forum) and first and AfterEffects in a punt in native mode Windows XP OS that is on a BootCamp partition. Video editing will focus on i/o and graphics of your system performance - and nothing works better for this than the native access to the system.

    Running two processors in a virtual merger with computer on a machine with 2 hearts can lead to better performance and is not recommended.

  • After installation of the operating system 7, Photoshop CS does not work and is called a power PC program. It is an Intel machine and Photoshop has worked well with OS 10.6.

    After installing OS 7 (from 6 OS) on a machine Intel, Photoshop CS and CS2 will not open. I get the message that the Power PC programs are more supported. Why is this happening? Thank you.

    The message is clear (if you know what Power PC means, in other words). All G5 and many ancient used Mac made by Motorola and IBM called PowerPC processors. More recent that all Mac G5s use Intel processors.

    You talk to any OS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc, the application that you are using must be written and compiled for the CPU and operating system, or it won't work.

    Your copy of Photoshop were written for older Mac using PowerPC applications and does not not on any Mac running Lion 10.7.x or later version. They ran under Snow Leopard 10.6.x because it was the last version of Mac OS X to include Rosetta, which is an emulator PowerPC that allowed these older apps to function, even though the Mac has an Intel processor.

    Your have several options.

    (1) buy a new version of Photoshop that runs natively under Leo.

    2) back to Snow Leopard.

    (3) purchase Server Snow Leopard from Apple ($20) and that run in a virtual machine as the free VirtualBox, VMware or Parallels. You can then run your PPC software in the virtual machine. It means that you were running an OS within an operating system and need a good amount of RAM installed to support the two well enough for your Mac is not slow to a crawl.

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    It is not clear to me if you have a problem of storage on your iPhone or in iCloud. You can go to settings > general > storage & use of iCloud. Note that there are then 2 sections on this screen - storage (which is on your phone) and iCloud. Each section has a storage management where you can see more details.

    If the problem is the iCloud storage, the following may be useful: manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

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    I tried marking check the option 'move illustration with work plan' , but that still does not move the hidden work. The default behavior seems to be that only the active or visible work is moved with the artboard, but the work of hiddden is left behind somewhere on the workspace where the work plan used to be before it was moved.

    I find it a little heavy, because I often hide work that I test and have to do all visible again to move them just with the artboard would break the dinstinction between all many very similar layers, objects, etc. that I could work with at any given time.

    If anyone has some advice please chime...

    Hahaha... your memory is better that an elephant Kurt, but remember that I already have this script of cardiac arrest?


  • This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone

    Hello dear,

    Yesterday, I bought a new iphone 5 s

    I start fresh it load completely. restore the backup software and update to the latest IOS 9.2.1

    Today, when plug me the charger, I see this message

    (This cable or accessory is not certified and cannot operate reliably with this iPhone)

    I restart it and try harder to plug and unplug, but still have the same message...

    What can do me? While this charger is original it came inside the box of the iphone

    Thank you

    Check the box at the bottom of the phone where the lightning card plugs in. See if there is any dust, dirt, lint or other debris blocking the area. You can use a dry, soft toothbrush to brush the area clean and use compressed air to blow in the region. See if that helps. Otherwise, you can then take the time to bring the product if you've purchased from Apple then can check the phone or find out the return policy of the place, that you bought, and they can replace it.

  • Tecra A3: Intel 2200bg card compatible with only 11 channels

    As we know Wifi network cards have Channel 13 (European version). Tell me if I'm wrong. I have wifi card Toshiba Tecra A3-184 with 11 chains only (American version). What I would do. I installed the new drivers bu t that nothing has changed.


    I found this:

    The European Standard ETS 300328 allows for 13 channels. A card that is able to use all of the 13 channels is a so-called "ETS-map" These cards-ETS can be used in Europe.
    The Canada and the USA, there are only 11 channels authorized use.
    In Japan, there are 13 channels like in Europe.
    In order to use a WiFi card anywhere in the world, a standard of the so-called 'GLOBAL-Card' with 11 channels was created.
    Toshiba WiFi cards are "World-card" class standard, which are allowed for use in the world.

    A class of 'World map' WiFi can not be improved to an ETS card with 13 channels.

    This info you can read here on this page:

  • I have a number of games of cards, Word and puzzle that works well with XP but will not work on Windows 7.

    Is there a download of XP compatibility that could solve this problem?

    You can try the comaptibility mode. See: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Make-older-programs-run-in-this-version-of-Windows for the method.

    If you use Windows 7 Professional, ultimate or enterprise, you can try to use XP mode. See:
    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/windows-xp-mode for more details.

    If the games are 16-bit and you are running a 64 bit version of Windows 7, the games will not work unless you use an emulator.

    All the answers and suggestions are provided by an enthusiastic amateur and are therefore no explicit or implicit guarantee. Basically, you use my suggestions at your own risk.

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