A6000 learning curve

I have the video of Gary Fong. It has helped me

question... how to use eyefocus?

my material included F828 V1, NEX5 and others


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  • Better product Adobe to communicate site UI / UX without a big learning curve?

    Which is the best product from Adobe for an artist not to communicate some site Web UI / UX without a big learning curve?

    Thank you.

    You can take a look at Adobe Comp for the creation of UI/UX models.

    Wired, layout and software model. Adobe Comp CC

  • Creative Cloud-Dungeon no cloud prior apps running during the learning curve?

    Yesterday, I bought the monthly creative cloud. Before going through the steps to download my new apps, I want to be sure I can KEEP AND USE my existing applications - InDesign CS5.5 but also CS5.1 Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS5.5. It is because I have a website and small business online and want to be sure, I can go forward so that I have the new software learning curve (in order to make my site mobile friendly).

    Yes, you can use the previous versions.

  • Dream Weaver learning curve!

    Hello! OK first of all sorry for the long posting!. I'm learning Flash CS3 + Dreamweaver, an experienced Illustrator and Photoshop user. Creating a Web site and I would really appreciate a heads-up with advice or suggestions to help my learning curve!

    Screen Format 720px 650px (L) (W) is this OK or should I consider another dimension?

    Site frame structure
    The format of the rectangle will be 75% between the upper edge to the two third down with change of the flash elements and text in dreamweaver user clicks on buttons. The remaining 25% will be in the navigation area with a constant background graphic static across the site with animated flash buttons that would change to help the user through the star area 75%. Hope this kind of sense?

    From that I can try now to explain what I want to achieve. White screen with a symbol to click to enter the website.
    area of 75% is considered a flash animation and plays once completely. Play a few images continuously until the navigation area of 25% on a button will appear once the animation has played once revealing buttons and a button to navigate the user.

    By clicking on the button on the box of 75% is replaced by a slide in motion Graphic occupying the space of 75% complete background. The idea is to appear as if you are moving toward the front of the edge left screen format to the right edge. Through all the five buttons will occur the same blade in motion with a different background graphic. All areas navigues 5 I want function copies in Dreamweaver (rather than in the animated file) my design currently uses Helvetica regular
    14 points and 24 points leader. How can I create a text in Dreamweaver with the design. Or do I put type in my flash file?

    Are there templates I could use to achieve this effect? The best tips for creating a site like this, from scratch?
    My design layout is currently in Illustrator and Photoshop CS3. You are looking to use CS3; new features of compatible program.

    Flash Animation Question?. I would like to create a flashing effect, revealing a picture. For example, the word CHOCOLATE
    Appears and disappears with a movement of flashing. Any suggestions?

    Search engine friendly

    The reason for the use of text in Dreamweaver has been trying to look for Optimum results. Ideally, this is the way I would go, and would appreciate help with my limited knowledge.

    If I call my CHOCOLATE site, rather that my not very well knows the name, that have a greater incidence of search engine? My domain name is (XXX chocolate)

    Can I paste the keywords in the background text blind to have an impact on the results of my research?

    The best advice in the naming of the files, I can record the image files as a keyword for example names... CHOCOLATE LOVE... BELGIUM CHOCOLATE etc.

    Once more really appreciate any help with the learning curve!

    Thanks Darrel, sorry for the slow reply, your suggestiins made me rethink my approach. I have now created a Dreamweaver site with flash as part of the page content in order to achieve KRP. Still on a major learning curve and about to post some additional questions. Thank you

  • OBIEE 11G Newbie - learning curve


    I am a newbie to obiee 11g and that you have installed just obiee 11g in my laptop.
    Can you get it someone please let me know if there is a set of sample exercises that are available which can help me learn obiee 11g.

    While I see a lot of materials available on OBIEE 11 G on the internet, I would be grateful if anyone has a list that a newbie in obiee 11g should work with obiee 11g better understand.

    E.g. first learn business intelligence
    Learn what is BI
    creating repository
    then start working on the creation of dashboard

    If there is a series of sample available to practice so that I can become more familiar with OBIEE.

    Basically, I'm looking for a structured learning approach OBIEE 11 g with exercies to practice. If you know Web links that provide that information please let me know

    Published by: 951961 on October 3, 2012 03:35

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  • Learning curve for a techie non-professionnelle catalyst. Two specific questions.

    Hi all

    Thanks for reading. I'm no techno which is looking at the development of Web sites as a secondary skill.ie. have know how atleast relay my ideas to web developers and ideally be able to refine and eventually be able to create my own Web sites.

    In this regard, I feel Business Catalyst is an excellent tool for people like me who mitiagtes knowledge of coding to a certain extent. I'm currently going by some content in the forums. Y at - it a book that provides detailed steps to end at the end of the implementation to complete a fully functional Web site and how is the curve in this regard?

    In addition,

    Business Catalyst offers all in one has, is possible to use 3rd party instead of default tools for a specific function, for example use wordpress for blog and a different email marketing service?

    Have a good.

    Thank you


    Personally, I tend to prefer wordpress for a small-non-commercial site/blog. Its ecosystem of plugins is much more diverse than BCs and you get direct access to the code if you wish. Modules of blog and forum of British Colombia seem a little as reflections afterwards, designed by traders for the marketing, and there are some bumps on the way in which they implement what HTML and you have access to templates and that you don't have in a different context, so to a certain extent, wordpress gives you more control to fine grain on a site.

    The cross pipe of this is with open software source it doesn't necessarily control the quality or the guarantee of maintaining long term you might with BC. Catalyst for business is a lot more initially optimized for businesses (obviously) and its servers may experience a higher load and greater availability than you could get on a typical hosting with wordpress.

    WordPress is little-known to be hackable, mainly due to its ubiquity, well that if you work on it it can be fixed to a reasonable extent, I think - I'm not aware of the security issues concerning Business Catalyst, apart from the recent issues with the captcha and spam, which could have been resolved with Akismet and Recaptcha (which you can also get on Wordpress of course) , but personally I do not have all of my accounts linked to a unique Adobe user and password name.

    But then again, I trust that Adobe has their * together and he isn't some emerging suppurating sitting at the heart of all this, because the price you pay for playing in the sandbox sand in British Colombia, it's just that - it is their sandbox. They are not releasing the code. If you can't change it with an existing module parameter or can't hack around with JavaScript and then complain until they fix it is your only option.

    In short, I think it depends on your needs. He is quite the wrong answer, and both have their problems. I was also frustrated with some of the bugs rendering and limitations in British Colombia I have with the way Wordpress (IMHO) exaggerates abstraction everything in simultaneously stick to his style of model horrible mix code and content. If you have inventory and that you have to push stock and doesn't really care about mucking around with code side server or something really complex that BC will probably work for you, and of course there are still sites like bcgurus and these forums for help with borderline cases.

  • Need help with my learning curve!

    You try to download a 1.1 MB image to learn about the function of trace; However, the Forum for Illustrator will not upload a file '' have ''?  How can I upload a picture to help?

    Thank you.

    You cannot download files only HAVE web image formats such as JPEG and PNG. If you provide other types of files, use an external host. Anyway, why not just ask your question? If someone is watching a file HAVE their own workplace is an open question, anyway.


  • Learning curve in color replacement brush

    First of all, let me say that I still consider myself novice stage.

    I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and have been experimenting with color replacement brush.  I have a photo of an interior corridor to the beige walls and wanted to change the color of the walls in medium grey.  The program doesn't let me do according to the previous discussions that gray is not a color.  I tried to play with hue, saturation, etc., but am not having any luck.  The trim and doors in the picture are white, Maple floor and the off-white ceiling.  Y at - it a trick or a process that I'm missing?  Any help is very appreciated.


    Thanks for the tip of Barbara!

    What you have done is very close to the color I want to use.  I'm going to try it tonight and let you know how I make out.

    Have a great day!

  • Need urgent help! In my Vision Application, how to extract the parameters of the geometric model specified curve was generated by the template editor OR?

    I have an application of machine vision, in which the geometric pattern match technique was used to find the target in the images of type variant.

    as we know, we do a geometric model by model OR editor in the editor we can adjust the parameters of the curve specified settings to get the desired curves and we derive the custom box to ignore during the match. then we save the use of the same model in our application of vision.

    Now my question is coming. When I program my request for the geometric game. I have specified the parameters of the curve for the entrance of the IMAQ Advanced Setup learn ringtone 2, of course, I have to adjust this identical to the model, but I don't know how we extract the geometric model. I tried all the methods, for example, I can read data custom, IMAQ get characteristics of the geometric model(it's just for the basic functionality? so is there even a VI based edge?), even at anasys PNG file formats! But I can't read the info of the geometric model by myself!

    It is also illogical to adjust the CURVE SETTINGS manually again for the " IMAQ Advanced Setup Learn Pattern 2" after that I already have in the template editor OR!


    Why do you need to specify the curve settings once again, if you have already built a model using the template editor? You don't need to use "IMAQ Advanced Setup learn geometric model 2 VI" to find games (see the attached example).

    You can wire the 'curve settings' control to 'IMAQ configuration geometrical game model 2 VI', but the values are not used if wire you a Boolean true to the node "use learning curve settings" (it's like that by default). To prove it, I enclose a small program with pre-created model (using the template editor) for a geometrical alignment. The model and the test of three images are also included.

    Try changing the settings of the curve with the 'use know curve settings' enabled, and you will see the corresponding score remains the same. Disable the Boolean control, then try to change the curve settings.

    Also take a look at the detailed help for "IMAQ configuration geometrical game model 2 VI", specifically the "learning curve parameters of use."

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards


  • I want to learn Photoshop for t-shirt art... doesn't know ANYTHING!... And Adobe open a new tab, all clicks (I'm on a SurfacePro3 Ms... Help!

    I want to learn Photoshop for t-shirt art... doesn't know ANYTHING!... And Adobe open a new tab, all clicks (I'm on a SurfacePro3 Ms... HEL

    Why am I being asked to redeclare my problems?

    Photoshop is a professional application, so be prepared for a steep learning curve (or use a simpler application).

    Try the video tutorials online include an issue dedicated to TrainSimple.com or Lynda.com Photoshop (you can get a free 10 day trial).

    There are also a few books of excellent training, such as Photoshop's quick start Guides.

  • What is the best book to buy to learn PS

    Can any body recommend a good book to help with the PS.

    The best single book to start learning Photoshop is "Photoshop in class [Insert the number of version here] in a book'." "

    Photoshop is a professional level application, making no apologies for his very long and steep learning curve.

  • Is it possible to publish learning assessment simply the little children?

    Read about SCORM LMS and Tin all its FAR too heavy for the tiny pieces of assessment I do with children who cannot read or who are just starting. I read that Acrobat offers something, but I'm not understand it.

    For example, AUDIO: what word is?   choice: and is

    What do you suggest me that I do, learn, read about to understand this? How much room do I need on my own Web site, to keep internal? It is not for general public consumption. Probably a small number of students.

    I'm on the closest possible point in the learning curve. Thanks for any advice.

    Your course is a course of vast and complex or a small and simple, just follow the user interaction a rating changes everything.  Adding an additional requirement for reports to your courses means that you jump into something much more complex, because although Captivate created content that can REPORT this information, it is not actually COLLECT and record the information.  If you need a different kind of system to capture data for reporting purposes.

    Turning on LMS for SCORM in Captivate is not a big problem, but it does not help unless you have access to a Learning Management System (LMS) that will be storing this data for you.

    I WISH I could say all this is simple enough, but the fact is that there are a number of ways, it can become complex.  If you REALLY need your class declaration, then there is really no alternative.

  • Can illustrator or photoshop text curve around a globe as with the intro for Universal Pictures?

    Can illustrator or photoshop text curve around a globe as with the intro for Universal Pictures? I have Adobe CS6 Extended. What I want to know is if all adobe products can not only 3D text, but curves it as text in the intro of Universal Pictures. I want it to look, it is rotating around a globe I did. I don't want anything touch or be attached to something. 3D text just curves. I see so many tutorials on the text following a circular trajectory, but nothing where the text is facing you and bending away from you. Sorry if it's confusing. I think I may need to look into a 3D for this program. If so, any recommendations?

    Somps, you can also watch blender for 3D projects. Search Blender (dot) org. A learning curve longer than Sketchup, but a very capable (and also free) program. I post a link, but the last time I did that a person accused me of spamming the forums.


  • How can I learn how to use the effects affect for the 1st time?

    Download to help me with the aftect effect: 'Now Playing' for my movie maker. I'm frustrated b/c I don't know how to use it.

    I see that Rick has already you linked to my favorite updated resource on the way, but I wanted to warn you that EI is not a very easy to learn program. It's a real pleasure once you know what you're doing, but it will take a few months before you really understand how to use it - and it'll take a lifetime to master. It is a very powerful program, and as such, it has a steep learning curve.

    Do not expect to pick up in a day.

  • WordPress - site Web Developer, is it worth learning?

    I've always done Web sites with Dreamweaver using HTML, CSS and Jquery. If the customer wanted a CMS, I used Pagelime or CushyCMS. I have an e-commerce site, but if I was called to do one, I guess I would have installed Shopify or something similar.

    I thought I should learn how to create Web sites customized to my clients powered with Wordpress. My reasoning for this is that it provides a free CMS and shopping cart solution for them, and more who knows what other goodies are available? I guess a plethora of fabulous things that I can put on their Web site very easily, like the pages of discussion forum and newsletter opt-in buttons and other thingies widget magic.

    I have a new client who asked a Wordpress site, so now seems to be the time to learn. However, after already spending a whole day trying to get my head around Wordpress and read a few comments on the forums here, I realized it is really not easy! Certainly not the magic carpet ride, he says he is! I think it'll be quite a learning curve for the customer, and may be Cushy is a better option for customers who want just a simple CMS for their corporate Web site.

    Do others on the forum of reflection? It's a developer goes to the effort to learn Wordpress? Is there an advantage to my clients? Is there a free shopping cart solution?

    WordPress is VERY popular and it won't go away anytime soon.
    As far as I know, it's at the top of the list, when people think of CMS.

    I absolutely want to know it. He'll be there when others fade.

    I was annoyed when I kept hearing "how easy it is" and tried to find out... it could be difficult.
    But like anything else, once you get to know, it is not a problem.

    I'm not at the level where I could create my own Wordpress theme from the ground up. I am still puzzled many ways to Wordpress.

    But I got FAR better with the themes change.

    I have about 3 of my own Wordpress sites that I use for wasting his time with.
    But they're all real purposes so it forces me to understand.
    Why don't you just get your own (self organized - otherwise you will not get full control) and wasting its time with her.

    This e-book http://rockablepress.com/books/rockstar-wordpress-designer helped me a lot of him on the face.
    If at any time given the book totally lost me. But I'm sure it'll make sense soon.

    Bottom line, all the time I've been creating Web sites, customers have asked me a way to do the update.
    It all seems like a good thing for your company to learn Wordpress and start offering it.

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