a6325.UK crashes

I have a HP a6325.uk PC.

It started to freeze without reason and the only thing I could do is hold the power button on the box to force it to turn it off.

He made a few times, but now it will freeze on start up, on the blue 'HP invent' screen with the f12 = recovery etc.

The hard drive light to stop flashing and no sound comes out of the box.

Pressing any button has no effect outside the operation in the power button to force it to turn it off.

After he has done this for a few days, I tried again and it worked fine, then the next day it stopped on the 'HP invent' screen again and all I can do is turn it off with the power button.

Thank you

After the announcement of this question, I had to contact a PC repairman as long as the problem continued.

As a first step, that it suggested you do a factory restore I did, which has solved the problem.

He then took my PC to work on it and later said that it was a ram memory that was defective and that he had ordered a new which he would fit.

A few days later, he called to say that he had solved the problem, not with a new ram but moving those already there.

There are 4 slots for memory cards in my pc, and I have 2 x 0.5 GB and 2 x 1 GB.

The slots are two different colors, in the mine two blacks and two blue.

He put the 2x0.5GB in a pair of color and the 2 x 1 GB in the other.

My pc works fine now

hope this helps

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