A7000 MORE Marshmallow 6.0 RELEASED!

I just updated S184_160526_ROW_TO_A7000-a_PLUS_S308_160618_ROW

to install now


Hello Anthonytanoto,

Welcome to the forums!

After M update, you can move the apps downloaded to the SD card. Follow the below mentioned steps.

Take the data to the top of the SD card.

-Format the internal SD card

-Select the option "Move now" after formatiing as internal

-Go to settings > storage & USB > tap on the internal storage > tap applications > tap on the app > tap on change > select SD card

I will update with the results after doing steps above. I hope that your qurery will soon be resolved.

Kind regards


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    I want to improve my adobe 9 to 11, but why it cannot be upgraded directly, the second question is since adobe 9.5.5 is more recent and FINAL output, so if this final release has security hole, adobe will not solve it? Thank you very much!

    You are right. This isn't how it's done.  Upgrades are usually in this way, complete news, not a change to the existing product.

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    No specific date is published for the time being, more details on the release can be found here:


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    31 Firefox. 8.0esr was the last 31 update of esr and EOL with no more updates since the release of 31.8.0esr back on 2 July.

    The current ESR is based on 38 Firefox and is at version 38.4.0esr, which was released when Fx 42.0 was released.

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    Sync doesn't really work for this current version. 28 Firefox uses the old protocol to synchronize with a user name, the password and the key to pairing and Firefox 29 just a user name and password.

    From the end of April, during the liberation of 29 of Firefox, you can synchronize once more between Beta and Release.

  • Tecra M10 - Diagnostic mode shows only 3 GB instead of 4 GB of RAM


    I have 2 Tecra M10-133 and M10J. In both cases, the system BIOS shows 4 GB (4096 MB) memory total. When I activate the Diagnostic Mode (Enable) and restart the system, this shows the following:


    Some body knows the reason why does not not the 4096MB of RAM?

    Thank you very much..!


    I'm not very well why the diagnosis Mode shows same 3072MB 4 GB are inserted m but what value of memory is reported by the Windows operating system?
    Windows recognizes the full 4 GB of RAM?

    I should mention that only 64-bit OS can use and recognize the full 4 GB of RAM.
    The 32 bit OS will recognize as the 3.2 GB

    The other thing is that the graphics card uses part of the RAM, but generally, this should not affect the Diagnostic Mode.

    However, check your BIOS version and if more recent BIOS was released, then I recommend you to update.

  • Portege M400 - utillity rotation screen problem

    The screen rotation utility, or more exactly the tilt to TOSHIBA accelerometer utilities is incapable of running and comes up with an error unable to open registry, (I got the utility on the site of Toshiba American as they seem to be a little more ahead of the release of the software and updates for their laptops).

    However, it seems that the problem is that the software does not work due to refuse access to the registry!
    Any ideas on how to give the software the rights to access the registry or a version more work on the software, which works?

    Hi Oliver

    I can only repeat my statements here in the laptop forum and (drivers & tools) software designed for the American market are the same as the substance of the Toshiba Europe!
    I m not very surprised that the accelerometer TOSHIBA utility does not work correctly.
    That's why I really recommend you to download the version on the Toshiba Europe site and reinstall this tool.

    I m 90% sure this will work like a dream ;)

  • HP Blackbird 002 IDE Slim Slot readers upgrade options!

    I would like to know if anyone out there has been able to upgrade their thin slot HP Blackbird IDE drive? I would switch to all SATA, but am still haunted by the disk hard slim slot classic IDE to date. Is there something out there that can replace the drive? What are the options I have to go ahead with the upgrade. Thank you! In addition, during that I am there has been more recent firmware updates released for this IDE drive?

    I simply a direction on where to find the adapter pieces (cage) slim drive so I can actually add a second drive slim - the spare wheel does not have an eject button relocation/bar and I need also the face plate of a car and the rear adapter circuit exclusive to the drive of the op.

    WORK for the initial question, however.

  • Cannot install ConfigFree on Windows 7


    I tried to install the configfree utility, but it stops with a "service installation" error associated with. I tried all the option available, I know, as the rua administrator, enabeling the administrator account, change the permissions of program, run in vista SP2 compatibility and nothing...
    It gets stuck at the point where it inicialize services in windows.
    Can anyone help?

    Best regards to all :)

    Hey Buddy,

    Can you please tell us what cell phone you have and what version of ConfigFree you trying to install?

    I ask this because on the Toshiba site for some models (e.g. Satellite L300) is already ConfigFree released for Windows 7 and it should work properly.
    If ConfigFree for your laptop and Windows 7 isn't released yet, you should check the Toshiba page from time to time. Every day more and more drivers will be released. ;)

  • Baseline of connection sharing

    I have an application to LabVIEW 8.5 user interface.  The application connects to a database to retrieve and save information on the product images.  As the user draws the King on the image, I use a structure of the event to select, insert, or update records in a database. At first, I was a connection / disconnection from the database for each insert / update / select SQL statement.  As I moved from prototype to release, I decided to connect to the database once and then re - use the reference connection stored in a global variable.

    Now, sometimes, I get the following error:

    Exception occurred in the Microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC drivers: Transaction cannot have multiple recordsets with this cursor type. Change the cursor type, commit the transaction or close one of the recordsets. in Conn-> SaveCrackDimensions.vi-> Main.vi Execute.vi

    I use an event structure to handle user events.  That is to say: when a user draws and KING on the image, a "Mouse Up" event capture data, and then calls a user event "SaveData".  The "SaveData" user event can be called in several places. It seems that maybe the user event is executed twice in parallel.  I thought that the structure of the event only to run a single event at a time.  The error guess I'm called ExecSQL.vi more than once without release the reference to the Recordset.  I looked and looked, but I see nothing. The user event "SaveData" releases all recordsets and performs a validation or cancellation for all transactions before leaving.

    Anyone have any idea why I would get this error?

    Thank you

    Glen Morel

    I found the error.  In image1.png attached below, the first call to DB tools free Object.vi has nothing to keep the structure of the case and for the first processing loop.  So apparently, sometimes the for loop would execute before the first call to DB tools free Object.vi.  The tools run DB Query.vi, circled in red, run and return an error.

    See image2.png for the simple solution.  I have just connected the error to case structure to ensure the... Free object.VI executes first.

  • My recovery D says that I'm running out of space. How do I free up space?

    My recovery D says that I'm running out of space. How to free space on D. I tried but doesn't seem to work. Any ideas out there. I don't download a lot of things and not use my computer a lot. Have had problems recently with memory. Could it be the problem?

    Hi Patio_karim,

    Try running disk clean up and remove unwanted system files and folders. Through disk cleanup, you can delete all the temporary files and folders that are not needed on your computer.

    1. open Disk Cleanup by clicking the Start button picture of the Start button, tap all programs, accessories, click System Tools, and then click Disk Cleanup.

    2. in the Disk Cleanup Options dialog box, choose whether you want to clean your own files only or all files on the computer. Need administrator permission if you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    3. If the disk cleanup: drive selection dialog box appears, select the hard disk you want to clean and then click OK.

    4. click the Disk Cleanup tab and select the check boxes for files that you want to remove.

    5. When you have finished select the files you want to delete, click OK, and then click on delete files to confirm the operation. Disk Cleanup on delete all unnecessary files from your computer.

    Delete files using disk cleanup.


    You can also check out the link below for more options on the release of disk space on your computer.

    Strategies to free up disk space


  • Problems of the sp1 update to sp3. While trying to install sp1a, I get a message "the server is not responding.

    IM currently under xp pro sp1. I want to upgrade to sp3, and I read that before the update to sp3, you have sp1a or sp2 (obviously not available). while trying to install sp1a, I get a message "server not responding" and then he directs me to go to the microsoft site to download a version of the file that does not use my internet connection. I can't find this file anywhere. My question is #1 I'm even doing this right? and anyway to update without having to download sp1a first?  IM this operating system running on an ibm thinkpad. I know its outdated and will be a bit slow though, my reason to update to sp3 should be more compatible with the newer programs that won't let me download with sp1. Thanks for any help in advance.

    See my response to this thread--> http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-windows_install/windows-xp-service-pack-1a-server-not-contactable/72a91455-7814-4d05-817c-52a4fbff0d8d

    There is a much more important reason to install sp3 ' to be more compatible with the newer programs.  If you have been online since August 2004 with Windows XP service pack 1 or more (when sp2 is released), the chances are high that your system is compromised (one of the reasons why he is "a bit slow").

    You might seriously consider a "clean install" of Windows with whatever you have and then recovery media immediately this update to sp3.  If you do this AND your recovery mechanism restores Norton or McAfee trial ware, after you make initial/reinstall recovery and before you install sp3, follow the advice of MS MVP PA Bear below:

    VERY IMPORTANT! => Any Norton or McAfee free trial which is preinstalled on the computer when you bought will be reinstalled (but invalid) when Windows is reinstalled. You need TO uninstall the trial for free AND download/run the appropriate removal BEFORE tool to install updates, the Windows Service Packs, or updates of IE AND BEFORE installing your new antivirus application (for example, Microsoft Security Essentials - free).

    Norton Removal Tool

    McAfee Consumer product removal tool

  • Radeon HD 8750M

    I have a HP switchable 6 CTO Ultrabook with the Radeon HD 8750 M t-1200 and 4000 Intel graphics.

    Problem: When I'm working with Windows 8 they work normally, but after update to 8.1 Windows AMD drivers are not able to open and D3D.

    1. most recent driver is dated from 2013-01-14

    2 generic drivers do not recognize hardware

    3. the drivers for the other HD 8xxx series based computers HP laptops do not solve the problem

    Current solution: open the Catalyst Control Center and go to the switchable graphics application common tab settings.  Change anything that uses DirectX to run in energy saving mode it will execute these applications using the intel 4000 graphics card that has a more current driver that works with Windows 8.1.

    Solution: at the moment, I think that the only solution is to wait for HP and Microsoft to work together on the creation of a newer driver.  Once this new driver is released, it should solve the problem. The other solution is to stick permanently to Windows 8 and not for Windows 8.1.  However, it's a little more difficult because Microsoft is pushing 8.1 very aggressively.  There might be a way to make notifications and automatic attempts to update to stop, but I haven't looked into this solution.

    If you know of a solution or a better solution than what I posted, please share it with the forums. I can only hope that HP is working on the creation of a more recent driver and release it as soon as possible. If there is someone who knows a date of release of a pilot potentially more recent HP Please also share.

    Hi WOD.

    Here's a download provided by AMD for Windows 8.1 for your

    http://support.AMD.com/en-us/download/mobile?OS=Windows -8.1 - 64

    Hope it will be useful to you.

    Thank you.

  • 2000 - 2d11dx

    I think black licorice, model 2000-2d11dx, with the purchase of an HP laptop from best buy. It has an operating system of windows 8. Does anyone know if it can be improved to 8.1. ? All material is compatible?


    You can upgrade to 8.1 and it's free, BUT my suggestion is to wait for a few more months when Microsoft releases a few patches. Few people get inconsistent here and there which I belong.

    The following message is an example:


    Kind regards.

  • Windows Movie Maker - savings-older version

    HI - my daughter received a project to make a band trailer of the movie using Windows Movie Maker.  We have 6 Version, no problem.  But the school has V2.1.4026.0 with a Spk2 V5.1.

    The teacher said that we have to save the project, so it can be read by an earlier version of the software.  I went to the save option under and the "Save as type" gives only the option "Save as Windows Movie maker Project.  I'm sure it's a simple solution, but since this is our first experience with this package I need help.

    So, how to save a Version6 project file so it can be read by older Versions of Windows Movie Maker?

    Hi Harleysfran,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Windows Vista Forums.

    Project files more Movie Maker version are not compatible with the lower version of Movie Maker. However, you can publish the project to .avi or .wmv format so that you can play these video files on any computer.

    But you cannot change the published video file.

    Click on the link below for more information about the release of a film.


    Kind regards

    KarthiK TP

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