Ability of the iPod

I was told my IPod would hold about 10,000 songs and it is full with only about 7 200

What I am doing wrong and how to fix it?


You are either put other types of data on it, or encoding them with a higher rate used to calculate this number, or they are longer on average.


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  • Ok. so, when I sync my music to the ipod, it can read my computer to play, but it is not recognized as the device when I unplug it from the computer.

    my ipod plays only a few original downloads on my sound surround of boise, but the most recent downloads will only record and play on my computer. When I download music it synchronizes and can be found and played back on the computer but is not found on the actual screen of the ipod to play my biose surround sound, but there is space on the ipod.

    If you wait for the new songs (in your iTunes library) to automatically synchronize to the iPod, it must be configured to use automatic synchronization (setting synchronization music ).  Select iPod in iTunes by clicking on its button on the device.  For current iTunes, the screenshot below shows top left corner my iTunes, iPod touch window circled in red.

    Click this button to display the settings of the iPod summary screen in the iTunes window.  Along the left side of the window, in the sidebar, under settings, click on music.  To the right, the music from the iPod settings screen.  Check mark for Sync music box (if it isn't already)

    NOTE: No matter what songs on iPod that are not in your iTunes library (on computer) will be lost.

    This enables automatic synchronization.  You can choose to synchronize the entire music library (if it fits on the iPod) or a part of the selection .  Implement this screen as you want, and then click apply.  Further, iTunes automatically keeps iPod "in phase" with the changes to your music library (or the selected part of it) when you connect the iPod (or click sync , if already connected).

    If this isn't your problem, please post back with additional details.

  • Composers not appearing in the Menu on the iPod

    Well, I have several 1000 songs on my iPod.  When I connect my iPod to my computer and click on the device, I see all my songs and artists.  When I unplug and browse the device I can't see some of them.  I then did a search on the iPod for the "ten" for "Dixie Chicks" and it found 4 albums. Even with the terrible lines and others also.  Anyone know why this is happening?

    When you say "composers", do mean it actually composer and not artist?  These are two separate data fields of the songs in iTunes. Most of the songs should have populated artist field, but many cannot have an entry for compost.

    If it's something that worked before and not now for some reason, the cause can be corrupt data on the iPod.  If all of your songs in your iTunes library, you can do a Restore on iPod using iTunes.  This erases iPod, reinstall its software and sets it to the default settings.  The restore button is on the settings of the iPod summary screen in iTunes.  Then sync your music library to the iPod as before.

  • The iPod do not podcast download

    The iPod do not download podcasts

    I reset the iPod

  • ICloud newbie: download photos from the iPod touch 4th generation to iCloud

    Trying to save photos from an older device. I activated iCloud on the iPod and it says "Download xxx photos" but when I open my iCloud account on my laptop, the photos are not there.  (It works great with my iPhone). Any suggestions?

    Make sure you use the same Apple ID on the iPod and your laptop.

  • The iPod nano allows me to add music to apple's music or can only add music purchased at the nano?

    The iPod nano allows me to add music to apple's music or can only add music purchased at the nano?

    IPod Nano can't stand Apple's music.

    Reference: join Apple music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC - Apple Support

  • IPod 160 GB abruptly stopped, the search results display when connected to a PC. If any song name is typed into the search, it does not display this song while the song is in the Ipod.

    IPod 160 GB suddenly stopped, view the results of a search when it is connected to a PC. If any song name is typed into the search, it does not display this song while the song is in the Ipod. Simply, it displays "no record found".

    Click the magnifying glass in the search box and make sure the entire library search is not checked.


  • iPod stopped playing in the middle of a song. The screen still shows the song. None of the buttons work. Cannot close the iPod is facing down. How can I fix it?

    my iPod, the generation classic 32 GB, stopped playing in the middle of a song. The screen is stuck on this song. None of the buttons work.  I can't stop the iPod.  How can I fix it?

    Hi, lesliefromhowell!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. After reading your post, I understand that your iPod Classic does not. I count on my iPod for music on the go and want to make sure that you can use your own without problem!

    Relying on the buttons have not helped get the iPod to start playing or to restart, please follow the steps outlined in the article below to reset your iPod.

    Learn how to reset your iPod

    You'll want to use the instructions under the "iPod, iPod (scroll wheel), iPod (touch wheel), and iPod (dock connector)" section. These instructions are the following:

    iPod, iPod (scroll wheel), iPod (touch wheel), and iPod (dock connector)

    To reset your iPod, follow these steps:

    1. Slide the Hold switch to the locked position and then come back!
    2. Hold down Menu and Play/Pause all buttons until you see the logo Apple/iPod (about 6-8 seconds). You may need to repeat this step.

    If you can always reset your iPod, follow these steps:

    1. Connect your iPod to a power adapter and plug the adapter into a power outlet.
      You can also connect your iPod to your computer. Make sure that the computer is on and that it is not set to go to sleep.
    2. Try resetting your iPod again.

    Good listening!

  • Turning on the iPod touch 4G without power button / stop

    My power button doesn't work.  I know how to turn my iPod touch 4G (ios 6.1.6) using the help key, but what I want to know is if I can turn on the iPod while plugging it.  I know when the battery dies him plugging it turns back on, but I have not tried after that I turned it off.   I would just try this, but today, I'm not able to repair or replace.  So I want to make sure that it will work before as I did try.

    (I know that I can turn by resetting the network it works, but then I have to retype my password.)  I hope I can just stop, and then plug it in.  But just want to be sure.)

    Thank you.

    Yes, unless you have other problems, connect the iPod to a charging source turns on the device

  • Windows want to format the iPod, iTunes wants to restore, nothing works...


    I bought an iPod nano 7th generation,

    I had iTunes already installed on my pc (surface pro 4 Windows 10).

    If I loaded the iPod with a phone charger, then I plugged into my computer, and two things prompted, 2 first messages from Windows Explorer, saying that the iPod needs to be formatted, then iTunes says that the iPod is corrupted and must be restored.

    So I ignore windows messages and I restored the iPod to iTunes (you download the latest version of its software), but whenever the restoration is finished and iTunes is waiting for the iPod restart, it began in the early, saying it needs formatting and iTunes says the Windows device is damaged.

    I have tried everything, formatting of the iPod, uninstall the drivers, reinstall iTunes, delete the letter of the Disk Manager disk (although the iPod is shown in RAW format).

    Don't know what to do anymore.


    Try to get someone running iTunes on Windows 7 to restore the device for you. There seems to be a problem with recent versions of Windows 10 reports falsely iPods as having a corrupted disk when they don't. This can prevent the restore process to complete successfully. You can also try a complete tear down and rebuild iTunes, in case there is a different reason for your question. See the second box in troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows Update for more details.


  • I would like to know if the IPOD Nano is able to connect and play the music of my Time Capsule Machine. Thank you

    I would like to know if the IPOD Nano is able to connect and play the music of my Time Capsule Machine. Thank you

    N ° iPod nano can play that media that is loaded on it.


  • GraphicConverter opens when the ipod connects

    When I want to recharge my iPod Touch 6 to work, I plug it into the USB port on my iMac (running 10.10.5). keyboard iTunes opens to allow the backup and synchronization, but also an older version of GraphicConverter also runs and asks me if I want to browse photos on the iPod. I would like GraphicConverter NOT at launch. I checked prefs iTunes, GraphicConverter prefs prefs Service of Capture of Image and the system prefs, but can't find anything to deselect which would prevent the GC to open.

    Any ideas how to disable this action? Thanks in advance.

    With Image Capture open connect your iPod and click on the icon in the lower left.

    What is selected to occur when you connect the iPod?

  • Cannot restore the iPod

    I read the discussion for corrupt iPod Classic and tried all of the listed suggestions.

    The iPod is not recognized by iTunes (latest version for my MacBook) and does not appear in the Finder.

    When you run the diagnostic tests, he said the "cannot open device" and underneath that says "ERROR!" «Stop diag»

    It does not appear in the disk utility so I can't try to repair the disk.

    I tried restoring the DFU on the MacBook.  When I did this and open iTunes, it appear a message about restoring the iPod and has continued to prepare for the iPod but nothing ever happened.  I left that he connected for at least 20 minutes.

    I also tried to plug it into our Windows laptop and it was acknowledged in the Manager of devices like Apple's USB device, but not in iTunes.

    Any other suggestions?

    See iPod displays an icon 'X' Red - Apple Support. Apple may not have much interest in the classic iPod service. The line was removed some time ago. I would normally say that you look at corrupt iPod Classic, but if the error message indicates that the drive will not mount so you will not be able to read the stats.

    See this recent post by Kenichi Watanabe - Re: iTunes save my iPod Classic 160 Gb -which gives a link to a possible replacement of DIY drive.


  • Can not transfer the content to the ipod

    Recently, I erased the hard drive of my MacBook 2010 (running OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 version) because it was slowly turning.  Everything has worked fine, except when I plugged my ipod touch (4th generation, iOS 6.1.6), I could put is more content on it. iTunes recognizes the ipod and I can sync.  I am allowed to the computer, I am the administrator on the computer.  Any suggestions?

    Never mind.  I answered my own question.  I needed to check the * manually manage music and videos in the Options section of my ipod.  How can I remove this thread?

  • Cut a file .mov without loss of quality on the iPod touch


    I have a new iPod touch 64 GB with many clips of film (long).

    Soon, I'll run out of space!

    How can I adjust the .mov files (which are too long) on the iPod

    without quality loss?

    Do I need a special app for this?

    Thank you.

    You should be able to do it directly from the camera without a third-party application. See http://www.betterhostreview.com/cut-videos-camera-roll-iphone.html for an example. Personally, I would backup the originals to a computer first.


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