Ability to upgrade to purchased within the app?

When I worked on products for Xbox, games have the mechanism to make a demo which could be converted into full version without downloading a different version. Anything like that planned for the Playbook applications? Or should I just do a demo and a full version separately?


In principle, this can be done using the SDK of payment services. You would make the game free of charge, but include all the assets to the full version. In the application, the user would be able to buy a 'virtual' product match all the features, the app would then open by storing some Pavilion in its app-storage area.

In practice, they took the payment of the last (1.0.1) SDK API so we do not know what they expect that, at this stage.

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    If you bought it from one source other than the Mac App Store, you must reload from this source.

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    glitch in their end, many of us have known it just ignore it and continue

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    Try to connect to the App Store and log in again.

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    Call apple support and they may be able to get a refund and cancel the purchase. Or try your credit card and see if they can cancel it.

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    Uninstall Mackeeper.

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    'Report a problem' would be the way I usually recommend.  Even after finding the improper application, you have prevented payment in kind, where the problem.   And once again, what is the time scale of this issue, if it's a day or a weekend, the decision might well be a bit delayed.

    Usually, a purchase is a purchase.   It must be like that because there is no way to return.   The repayments are based on good will and in isolated cases.

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    Hi Chateshwar,

    The question you have is better supported by TechNet. I suggest you post your query on TechNet forum by following the link below:


    Hope this information is useful.

    Thank you.

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    Hi all as I started to write that and was way to complicated to explain in full without a novel.

    Brief description. I use the query string that begins in the parent (from href in JSON) window must then be moved in the iframe url when moving to other pages to avoid security as a page and iframe is conflicting http and https. and are not accessible... It seems that there must be a better way.

    So my question is what is the best way in a platform open to move data from one page to another?

    You do it this way, it's in the menu.json, but when you work within the iframe and if your loading pages in applications using vairable relative URLS cross they come through.
    Discovered only this framework using the browser and you can se the construction and scope of all URLS used.

    The apps are sandboxed you cannot access aything in the parent frame, this is a feature of derliberate if something you can not do.

    As I said, you have a few methods to your own data storage space.

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    I am building an app WebWorks to send email directly from the App (without invoking the electronic card).

    No there is no way to send an email using BlackBerry Webworks without calling card? I mean directly send the email from the app?

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    Well Yes, I'm sure that you have only a few options (unless I'm out to lunch here..)

    1. send electronic card

    2. to run a server and use something like sendmail in PHP

  • Access to the bar - descriptor.xml within the app

    Is it possible to get the properties of the bar - descriptor.xml? Particularly interested in the app id to understand app whenever it is a free or paid application version

    There are PackageInfo and ApplicationInfo classes that contain this information:



    To extract the appId:

    #include ...
    bb::PackageInfo pi;
    QString appId = pi.name();

    Add LIBS +=-lbb in the .pro file

    You can also analyze the file manually, these threads contain more information on how to locate it:



  • How to make purchases in the apps I bought with a different ID to Apple?

    Here's the scenario:

    So Minecraft EP finally added texture packs, for the new Minecraft PE 15.0

    The only problem is, it costs money.

    Now, I'm happy to pay, but every time I try to pay it tells me "this application has been purchased with a different ID of Apple."

    I have three questions, if you meet one of them, the other those who do not need to answer. Reason by answering one of them answers the question, eliminating the need for my other questions.

    This is what must be answered:

    1: How can I pay for a purchase in an application, without using the Apple ID, I used to download?

    2. how to remove and reinstall Minecraft, without deleting its contents? (Worlds)

    3. How do I send money to another Apple? ID

    To justify:

    The second is more a question I should ask on the kingdoms of Minecraft, but you that someone here might know.

    Also, I have access to the Apple ID, but I'm not going to pay more money.

    I have money on the Apple ID iTunes, I want to send money money credit card.

    I would look into family sharing between more 2 appleID implement family sharing - Apple Support

    unless minecraft block shares then delete it and download it free for the other appleID and buy your dlc

  • For the purchase of the App - hacking

    When a user buys something of my application, I put a flag in my database indicating that the product was purchased, and it unlocks content in my application.

    So for the sku _myprd_0001 I bought = 1

    I was wondering, is - this easy for a user to hack, could just open my database and the value published in 1 in all my products?

    What is the recommended way to deal with that and piracy?

    Thank you

    Each application gets its own sandbox directory where no other application or the user can access. As long as you store your DB in this directory and not one of the shared directories (videos, camera etc) it should be good

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