AC/battery lights - should they be lit even when the device is off?

Recently taken a U300. Can someone please help... are the AC / battery charge lights supposed to stay on blue all the time... even when the lid is closed and the unit is turned off (but still plugged?)
Would appreciate any help
Thank you


Yes. If the laptop is turned off but connected to the power supply the two LEDs will be all the TIME.
When you disconnect the power supply both will be OFF.

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    Hi there @johnwinchester,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and Welcome back! I read your post on the HP Support Forums and see that you are curious about the HP Envy K204TX and the battery percentage.

    You could try the HP troubleshooting documentation called test and calibrate the battery (Windows 8). Sometimes the battery just needs to be tested and calibrated with Notepad.

    If this is not enough, you can check your warranty status using the site to check your product warranty.

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    Have a great day!

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    Thank you very much


    have you checked the parameters energy saver? Normally, you can change the 'method of cooling' quiet.

    Good bye

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    You may want to refer to the suggestions in the thread below link and check.

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    I hope this helps.

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    without knowing what the errors are, it is difficult to say what the problem is. Forms are usually not popups unless you use FormCalc. Then, the software is displayed a FormCalc error.

  • Keep Satellite C55-B901 connected even when the battery is 100%


    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite c55-b901, and I was wondering if it's good to keep the laptop plugged even after the battery is fully charged or not. Which would affect the battery life or it does not matter.

    I also have a cooling block that keeps the freshness of the laptop.
    Would you recommend that I keep it plugged in, keep using it when it is 100% and 10% only when charging and will stop when 100%, or use two meanings I like?

    Thanks in advance!

    You don't have to worry about battery. You can use your laptop connected to the power adapter. What you can do is to use the battery mode from time to time. Do battery empty and reconnect the AC adapter.
    You can do this in a week time.

  • Satellite A500-138 - lighting buttons does not work even in the BIOS


    I'm just curious to know if anyone else has a problem with the (play/pause excatly) multimedia keyboard backlight? Mine died today, and there is nothing I can do to make it work again.

    The key still works, but when I turn on the backlight, backlight on everyone, but the play/pause (the backlight of the other keys work, touchpad and Satellite logo too).

    I use Windows 7, but the problem persists even in the BIOS.

    I think the backlight of the button is just dead.

    I have to admit I'm really disappointed with this laptop. Config is great, design and are also involved, but I can just take the couine noise that makes C2D (RMClock, one utility, I know that to solve this problem, does not recognize the A500 motherboard) and the fan almost never works to 70%, and now that the backlight...

    If the backlight of the multimedia key stops working after 3 weeks of use, which will be in the future? It's too scary to think ;)

    I was really excited by Toshiba, but day after day I come to the conclusion, that it is the first and the last laptop that I bought at Toshiba - never had similar problems on other laptops, same nonames.

    Of course, I know that I can has sent for fix, I guarantee (and wait about a month to get a backlight fixed stupid). But why hell not the backlight stoped working, if LEDs vitality is long as hell? It can mean two things: I really don't have a chance, or Toshiba did not pay too much attention to detail during production A500s. And after 3 weeks of use, I fear that the second option is much more likely...

    Then, someone has a feeling similar to this topic? And someone has a problem with backlight?


    He damage of s to hear that your light has stopped working, but I think that it s just a software problem.
    I have a Satellite A500 equipped with buttons of enlightenment and everything works great with Vista and XP I m very satisfied.
    Unfortunately until that yet I didn't test with Win 7.

    I doubt you want to send this laptop for ASP, as I said, there seems to be a software problem and you can find it easily
    You must set the notebook to factory settings I mean that you must use the recovery disc in order to get the same State as on the first day of purchase

    Moreover, I visited the European driver of Toshiba page and, unfortunately, I didn't see no Win 7 drivers for this series at this time
    I guess that Windows 7 drivers will be released in the near future.
    So I wonder how you came to the button illumination because this feature requires the Toshiba driver and tools as well as the drivers aren't there?  :|

  • Battery drain even when the MacBook is stopped

    Does anyone know why my now stopped even when Macbook battery drains. I loaded my MacBook to 100% this morning and in the afternoon when I turned it on, I noticed a drop of 2% in the State of the battery. I thought that the device using no power when turned off? No difficulty in this issue? He is the model of MBP mid-2012.

    Perform a SMC reset and test again:

    Run Apple Hardware Test:

    Note that an error free AHT is inconclusive.


  • HP Pavilion DV7 laptop: Touchpad, sometimes active, even when the power button is pressed on off (light orange)

    I use a wireless mouse (or a wired mouse) preferably instead of the touchpad.   The touchpad has a power button to press - white light indicates on and off Orange light.    After booting, I usually disable the touchpad and mouse wireless, however, sometimes when you type I realize my palms are contacting the touchpad and the cursor jumps around accordingly.    The touchpad is disabled (orange light) but I can control it with a finger, it works like its supposed to as if it is enabled.     Any ideas?   I have not downloaded a driver updated or do anything to try to solve this problem, as I fear, it could actually cause other problems.

    Update the driver it is the usual Council for problems - that is the solution here?   Has anyone else had a similar problem.    Most of the touch pad problems I've read is in regards to an erratic touchpad - nothing to do with 'on' or 'off' problems.

    HI @WayneCM,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I will do my best to help you!

    I understand that you use the power button / stop to turn off the touchpad.  Sometimes, you will notice that your palm is in contact with it and the cursor is accordingly jump around but the rest light orange, to show that he has disabled.  Here is a link for HP Notebook PCs - using the touchpad and ClickPad (Windows 10). Please review the section on "Open the properties of the ClickPad" in figure 4, you'll see there's a button where you can disable the touchpad, until you want to reactivate it. Please let me know if this helped.

    Thank you! If it helps you to find a solution, please click the button "accept as Solution" down below in this message. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on ' Thumbs Up ' to give me a Kudos.

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