Accel GPU with GEForce 9800 GTX + causes the flicker annoying when using crop Overlay, apply adjustments

From 6.0.1 whenever I go in or out crop Overlay, the area of the entire image flashes white - that is to say the image disappears to be replaced by a full white space for about 1/5 of a second.

This happens 100% of the time and is intensely dissonant and extremely boring.

There is also a momentary flicker a bit more subtle when you apply the settings of exhibition/hilight/shadow/white/black.  It appears the image for a few seconds (once again, about 1/5th of a second) goes back to its base state before ANY adjustments were applied and is then updated to reflect the current state of adjustment.  Happening all the time, but enough to be annoying.

These artifacts go away if I disable the GPU acceleration . ... what I've done so far.

System information:

Lightroom version: 6.0.1 [1018573]

License: Perpetual

Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise edition

Version: 6.1 [7601]

Application architecture: x 64

System architecture: x 64

Number of logical processors: 8

Processor speed: 3.9 GHz

Built-in memory: 16325,5 MB

Real memory for Lightroom: 16325,5 MB

Real memory used by Lightroom: 1778,0 MB (10.8%)

Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 1821,2 MB

Memory cache size: 0.0 MB

Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 4

Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2, AVX, AVX2

System DPI setting: 96 DPI

Composition of the Bureau enabled: Yes

Exhibition: 1) 1920 x 1200

Entry types: Multitouch: no, built-in touch: no, built-in pen: Yes, touch external: no, external pen: Yes, keyboard: No.

Graphic processor News:

GeForce 9800 GTX + / PCIe/SSE2

Check the supported OpenGL: past

Provider: NVIDIA Corporation

Version: 3.3.0

Rendering engine: GeForce 9800 GTX + / PCIe/SSE2

LanguageVersion: 3,30 NVIDIA via the Cg compiler

The application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom

Library path: D:\Photo\Catalog\master.lrcat

Settings folder: C:\Users\jim\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

Plugins installed:

(1) Behance

(2) substantive canon Plugin

3) export to Photomatix Pro

(4) Facebook

(5) Flickr

(6) home Plugin Leica

(7) attachment Plugin Nikon

Config.LUA flags: None

Update Kit: Adobe Camera Raw to Lightroom 6.0 9.0 (build 1014445)

Update Toolkit: book Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: develop Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Toolbox update: Import Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Updated Toolkit: library Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: Card Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Toolkit: monitor Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Toolkit: print Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Toolkit: Slideshow Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

Toolbox update: Module Web 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

Update Kit: com.adobe.wichitafoundation 6.0 (build 1014445)

Map #1: Seller: 10de

Feature: 613

Subsystem: c8793842

Review: a2

Video memory: 487

AudioDeviceIOBlockSize: 1024

AudioDeviceName: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

AudioDeviceNumberOfChannels: 2

AudioDeviceSampleRate: 44100

Build: LR5x102

Direct2DEnabled: false

GPUDevice: not available

OGLEnabled: true

There are problems with the GPU acceleration at the moment. It seems clear that Adobe do not test it with a wide range of different graphics cards. The GPU performance gain which is called is mainly for those who have Mac computers with retina display high resolution. It seems that it will take some time to solve some of these other issues. In the meantime, let disabled GPU acceleration if it offers better performance.

Tags: Photoshop Lightroom

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    It won't.  You will need to match the performance of the 9800 GTX or HD 4870 7750 HD low profile video card.  Only cards from low profile with low profile brackets will be suitable to the 660 s.  Here's an example.  660 s comes only with a 220 Watt power supply.  The game you want to download probably doesn't need these cards but recommended for optimal performance.  Therefore, you can get something a little less like the HD 6670 HERE.

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    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • My Clickfree automatic backup drive has stopped working, with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time machine

    My Clickfree automatic backup drive I had for many years stopped working with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time Machine.

    I can't even reformat the drive to try to start over, then think its time I invested in a high today but don't know where start looking so any advise would be a great help.

    Thank you guys

    A lot of users on these forums recommend OWC ( Mercury Elite Pro series JEP due to their durability, affordability and quality of construction. I have about 6 of them connected to my iMac and have never had a speaker to fail. When a hard drive fails, substitute is a 5-minute process to re - use the box. To help you get started, you can find the line to:

    You can find them in various ways and with a variety of configurations of connection so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Good luck!

  • How to manage the photos Lightroom when using 2 computers, keeping any changes made on one or the other?

    Based on I decided to add each question separately:

    Hello, I am very interested in buying Lightroom 5.2. I tried the RC that was missing today. Yet, I have several questions that I can't find really good conclusive answers, I'd like to get an answer before buying LR. Please do not write maybe like this or that (assumptions), because I don't want to start my entire workflow and then realize that I have to change all around, please reply, if you know for sure that something works and you are, preferably, using this method too.

    Is the big question, where I want to especially a conclusive answer:  How to manage the photos Lightroom when using 2 computers, keeping all the changes made on one of them, using the same photos for editing. I'm not going to use DNG. Details: I mainly use my old MacBook Pro, but I wish I could use my PC as it is much better (card: i5 2500K, 16 GB of RAM, SSD, USB3, nVidia GTX 560 TI etc.). I have 2 external HD that I could use, one for backup and one for the actual Photos/changes. I you will probably need to use as my internal HDs are fairly complete and I cannot be the kind of things simply delete or move to one (developer, without loss of music, programs etc.).

    On this basis, how do I save all such Photos folder (pictures and retouching and preferably presets too)?

    According to me, that it should be possible to work cross-platform without having to create a link to the files each time, or without having to keep export/import of the catalog, keeping the single catalog and the picture library on an external drive that is then switched between systems as needed.

    Obvious first requirement is an external drive that is formatted in a way (for example, FAT32) that it can be used on both platforms in read/write mode. Given that, if the catalogue AND folder parent si le catalogue ET le dossier parent images are both set to the same level in a global parent folder, then it should be possible to take advatage of ability of Lightroom to use relative paths instead of absolute paths to detect the images, no matter if the player is named (Mac) or lettering (PC). This is how "export as catalog of ' works, that is, it creates a 'package', alias a parent folder, containing the catalog and a replica of the folder hierarchy to exported along with the catalog images. Take this 'package' to another system (same OS or not) and "it works" even if the drive letter is different or the operating system is different... because the relative path of the image catalogue is always the same.

    I have not tested this cross-platform (if I have between various PC systems with letters of different readers) so for me it's still just a theory, but there may be others who have done this successfully.

  • Is it possible to blackBerry smartphones can remove the BBM5.0 when using OS5.0?

    Is there a way to remove the BBM5.0 when using OS5.0? I tried using DM6.0 but BBM is marked as a component of basic impossible to remove.

    I hate BBM in general because it is always on. I don't want to install an older version.

    If anyone can help me, thanks in advance.

    lusilveira wrote:

    Is there a way to remove the BBM5.0 when using OS5.0? I tried using DM6.0 but BBM is marked as a component of basic impossible to remove.

    I hate BBM in general because it is always on. I don't want to install an older version.

    If anyone can help me, thanks in advance.

    • with a few OSes 5.0.X.X, BBm is a basic application and cannot be deleted.
    • BUT the other OSes, the BBm 5.0.X.X became an addon application and can be removed. (i.e. 6 and

    If you have the first category OS, I suggest you try and install BBm for example using AppWorld. Perhaps by upgrading BBm, it will become an add-on.

  • I don't have the Edit option when using my iPad

    I don't have the Edit option when using on my iPad

    The forum of cloud is not on the use of individual programs

    The forum of cloud is on the cloud as a delivery & installation process

    If you start the Forums Index

    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe products you use

    Click on the symbol "arrow down" on the right (where it says all communities) to open the drop-down list and scroll

  • TDMS write to the auto folder causes the flicker of the cursor

    I joined a project (8.6 LV) showing this problem.  When writing to a TDMS file in a folder of automatic settlement, the cursor briefly becomes a hourglass.  This behavior is not seen when a folder is not monitored by LabVIEW project through AutoFill.

    Run the VI.

    Toggle "Auto" true and wait 10 seconds to see flicker.

    Toggle the 'automatic' to False and flicker settlement stops.


    Hi Kyle,.

    In the forum you referenced, issue of mvickerman on the flicker of the cursor centered around closing and rinsing of a file.  The real cause is that the file operations are conducted on a file that resides in the LabVIEW project folder was auto.  I started a new thread to document the question more directly where others see a similar problem (writing to a file and see a flicker of the cursor).

    If the flicker that bothers someone, during development, they can stop automatic settlement on the record with the data file or manually include the data at the root of the project file.  Despite what says the solution on this forum, the problem doesn't seem to be the data file being simply in the project, but in a case of automatic settlement.

    As I said there:

    «For the record, I always choose to use automatic settlement files.»  I built the demonstration project to prove to myself that automatic settlement of records caused the problem.  Like most, we build applications (exe) for the customers, and data files are not in the hierarchy of development.  Besides, the customer have usually the LabVIEW project open if they have LabVIEW at all.

    Thus, the problem with deployment. »

    Take care


  • ORA-00907: lack the right parenthesis when using Group by clause with xmlagg

    I have the following query and I am getting ORA-00907 error when I use the clause with the xmlagg function group.
    select xmlelement("Mitigation",
                                (select xmlagg(xmlelement("MitigationProtocol",
                                                        xmlelement("m_szConsumId", xrl.rgnt_pack_name),
                                                        group by tmp.ccd_test_id,tmp.intf_mtrl_prod_code)
                    order by tmp.ccd_test_id, tmp.intf_mtrl_prod_code, xps.protocol_step_intprotocolstep )
                    from XPR_tdef_mitigation_protocol tmp, xp_reagentlist xrl,
                    xpr_protocol_settings xps, xpr_protocol_settings_default xpsd
                    where tmp.ccd_test_id = tm.ccd_test_id
                    and tmp.ccd_test_id = xrl.ccd_test_id
                    and tmp.pack_prod_code = xrl.pack_prod_code
                    and tmp.intf_type = 1
                    and xps.protocol_name = xpsd.protocol_name
                    and xps.protocol_step_name = xpsd.protocol_step_name
                    and xps.ps_action_parameterlist = xpsd.ps_action_parameterlist
                    and xps.protocol_name =  tmp.PROTOCOL_NAME
    from XPtoXPRTdef_defn_mapping tm
    where tm.DisplayName = 'SYPH'
    If I remove the clause xmlagg and the group by clause, the query works well and not give me the result.
    But in this code XML, the output format is incorrect for my application.

    Could someone help out here?

    Now my problem is that this unique coating is more than 32767 characters and utl_file can write 32767 bytes per line.
    Someone deal with this?

    Serialize the output as CLOB and DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR.clob2file procedure used to write to a file:

      xml_output CLOB;
      SELECT XMLElement("Department",
                 XMLElement("Employee",e.job_id||' '||e.last_name)
                 ORDER BY e.last_name
             ).getClobVal() AS "Dept_list"
      INTO xml_output
      FROM hr.employees e
      WHERE e.department_id = 30 OR e.department_id = 40;
      DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR.clob2file(xml_output, 'XML_DIR', 'test.xml');
  • The movieTime accuracy when used with WMVs?

    I have a simple project that I'm pulling my hair out over. I have a customer provided WMV, 17 minutes long, 720 x 405 *. The customer wants 8 chapter marks that users can click to navigate the video, not a big deal, right? Home video gave us about 0.5 seconds (15 images) of transition between the chapters that we could use as a target. The problem is, I couldn't find a number of movieTime aimed at a frame within this range, either I caught a few videos of the front section, or I cut myself in the audio for the next chapter. MovieTime by small steps of change seems to have no effect, then suddenly frame target travel a lot... it sounded to me as a matter of key frame... I thought that maybe we can target only the key frames and as Prime Minister default keyframe interval is 15 images (the size of our transition) maybe there is no keyframes in transition where we need. I got home video spend three hours, increasing the duration of transition between the chapters to 1 second (30 fps) so there should be at least two keyframes for each transition... better, but I can't always provide a millisecond time that works for all machines. On 6 different machines, half exactly seek to the specified image; others are off by as much as one second. Performance does not appear to be a problem, one of our oldest and slowest machines is the most accurate. I ask home video to give me a second target two transition, but it's another 3 hours and frankly, if it doesn't work after that, I'll have a lot of people angry on the phone.

    Video home cropped some undesirable material outside doing the non-standard image size.

    Well, we've reversed direction and decided to re - encode the video with a much lower keyframe interval and fixed it. Lowering of the interval of keyframe from 5 seconds to 1 second (the option less available vacuuming) gave us the accuracy we needed to effectively target amid a transition 1 second without picking up video or audio from both ends. The cost was a 14% increase in file size. Thus, greeting take: time ask precision is made by the number of keyframes and while some machines can effectively target the intermediate images without showing the video artifacts, most will not.

  • Last image in LR cropping causes the flicker of the image

    reqlly do not know how to deny this, but I need modify a group of pictures today and was the first time since the last update. When cropping an image, the image flashes and seems pretty rough during the operation. Never used to do this, so I don't know what it's the devil.

    Now, I must confess I also updated OS X last week who could be a part also. Any ideas?

    Try to uncheck the option preferences > performance > CPU graph use.

  • Destroy the NavigationPane Page when used of a Peek

    It is possible to destroy a page when the rear sweeping gesture (peek) is used to jump to the page of the NavigationPane? I don't want to use the property ' peekEnabled: false "I like the gesture of glance. I can't use the signal to onPopTransitionEnded I don't know the id of the page that will be skipped (using ComponentDefinition).
    The following is a snippet of the code:

    QML File 1:
    NavigationPane {
            id: navPane
    // I need to create a new Object everytime and that is causing the  problem when peek gesture is used rather than back button as with backButton, I can just use paneProperties and then do pageID.destroy();
        var newPage = newCustomPage.createObject();
        newPage.variant1 = "hello,";
        newPage.variant2 = "world!"
        id: newCustomPage
        source: "newCustomPage.qml"
    Page {
     id: newPage
     property variant variant1
     property variant variant2
    paneProperties: NavigationPaneProperties{
       title: "Back"
       onTriggered {

    Thank you!

    Yes, that's correct. 'page' is a parameter, it points to the page that you need to destroy.

    popTransitionEnded is called when the page is closed using a "back" button or closed using the gesture of glance.

    It cannot be called if you delete the page programmatically, I'm not sure about this.

  • Why Firefox will open link hotkeyed a Web site as a Web page on my PC but download a php file that opens in the language machine when using Firefox on my Mac?

    If I use Safari as my browser, the hotkey opens on another Web page, as it should, without going through a php file download process when the Firefox browser is used. What gives?

    Oops, I need to sign up for anything on the site...

    Here are a few things you can do additional tests:

    (1) when you download the newsletter, it is in PDF format?

    (A) on your Mac, you may need to name the file downloaded with a .pdf at the end of the file name extension so that it can open in Adobe Reader (or an extract or other PDF reader that you use).

    (B) on your PC, can you say display the newsletter if it's displaying in the plugin Adobe Acrobat, PDF Viewer integrated Firefox or another plugin?

    (2) more suggestions if necessary.

  • Delete in af:table always remove the first line when using ExecuteWithParams

    Hello world

    I got a page with master form and af:table two details related to the master. When I'm trying to remove a line in an af:table of detail, it always removes the first line, any line, I selected before. The table has a single = rowSelection and the line is properly visually selected. I remove the line using a "delete hyperlink" on each line, but I first have to select the line. Delete called a bond (or a method at the bean by removing the current line of the iterator, I tried both, none of them work)

    Links page has an ExecuteWithParams defining the correct ID to edit on the master of iterator and an InvokeExecuteWithParams the renderModel value. If I put the refresh condition zero and I hard-code an ID in the binding variable in the model, I am able to delete the selected line.

    In addition, I don't know if this information is useful, but if I set the iterator to PPR ChangeEventPolicy, when I select a line, there always select the first line.

    Any ideas what I could do wrong? Is this a bug?

    I use JDev

    Thank you


    You can try creating a method in ApplicationModule for filter master records instead of executeWithParams?


  • My web site have a blank space in the right side when using chrome

    It seems perfectly on Safari, desktop and mobile, but in my android phone, I use chrome and nothing when I get this white ditch on the right. I even test in resizer to google to check it out and it seems fine. I only get this problem when using chrome. Has it to do with the fact that I'm the test catalyst for business?

    I think it's a bug. because when I delete some items, it works well and everything seems to be good.

    Please help me!

    Here is the link to the site

    Thanks for sharing the file with me.

    You have created a black rectangle in the home page to give it a black background. This rectangle is the origin of the problem.

    I tried now to get rid of the question.

    1 remove the black rectangle of the homepage.

    2. go in the master page and fill color of the browser set to black.

    3 publish the file and it works perfectly.

    I am also you send the file with my changes.

    Kind regards


Maybe you are looking for

  • iP7220 causes dllhost.exe COM Sorrogate loop using 100% cpu

    Just bought a new iP7220 of the Amazon and installed on my Vista Home Premium 32-bit machine.  Installation has caused a massive downturn resulting in a dllhost.exe - loop of COM Surrogate that consumes 100% of my CPU, and most of my RAM.  No idea wh

  • U330 "utility user-defined" in touch sensitive bar

    Hey guys,. I just got my u330 and I love it so far!  I have a question that I'm sure someone out there has already found.  When I installed first the bar touch sensitive, I set the user-defined button to open Firefox.   Works very well.  However, I w

  • problem adding contacts

    Hi all I am trying to add a contact to the contacts list blackberry dynamically, this is the code snippet and I get an illegal argument exception, y at - it something that miss me in the code below, please help me get rid of this problem... public vo


    Table t1(id) 1 2 null 3 4 Table t2(id) 4 null 1 9 8 select from t1 a where exists ( select 1 from t2 b                                  where !=                                   )   Why the above  query return 1,4 as o/p 1 2 3 4

  • Project of restoring links on the other computer, with the ext hdd same source files

    I was working a project with all the source files for the project on an ext hdd. This machine in particular, then crashed and I have more access to it. data recovery after extensive (and expensive), I got the program from the old pc files and some of