Access the SMB storage using esxi host and manage with MS server 2008

Hi there, I know the subject line can be confusing, but I didn't know how to explain what I need in the line object in such a short sentence.

in any case, I have a storage device SMB, a Promise VTrak M610P, which is attached to a blade server 1U HP through interface channels double Ultra 320 SCSI host. I can't configure the VTrak as a NFS, the only way to access logical drives is connected to a server via the scsi channels and using the operating system to share the drive and the shared disks.

I would use a server blade with dual ultra 320 SCSI host interface channels and connect the VTrak to this server blade. Then I would install ESXI hypervisor OS 5.5 to this server blade. I want to know is if the ESXI operating system will recognize the logical drives and if I create a virtual machine with MS server 2008 and see if the virtual machine detects logical drives, so that I can share the drives? I hope that I'm supposed to and if I'm not, please let me know what makes no sense, I will do the best to explain it better.

Thank you



So it turns out that there seems to be something wrong with vClient when you add a hard disk (virtual disk) to a virtual machine of size greater than 4 TB. Article VMware KB: value of range error message when you add more than 4 TB capacity discs in vSphere Client describes this if you encounter this problem, add the hard drive via vSphere CLI, CLI power or vmkfstools. So this seems to be a known issue on vClient. What I ended up doing was using vClient, creation of hard disk, adding to the virtual machine (size of the hard drive is to 5.45) and when I would get the error message on the DiskCapControl out of reach, I would just click OK and then finalize the creation of the hard drive on the virtual machine. Once the process is complete, I selected the virtual machine and noticed that he indeed added a new HDD size 5.45 TB even if he's complained about it. I pulled to the top of the virtual machine with windows server 2008 R2 installed and was able to create a new disk under windows and set it up as a shared drive on the network. Looks like vClient must be updated by VMware and correct this bug, if it's a bug that I think. Thank you for the help vervoort!

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    Need help with my ESXi 4.1 installation

    My hardware:

    I built a server with an Asus P6T whitebox, i7 920, 12 Gig RAM, NIC, Intel Pro1000 PT Quad, 3ware 9650SE-12ML with 8 1.5 TB SATA green in a raid 6 array gives me about 8 + TB with a spare drive all housed within a NORCO RPC-4220 4U Rackmount Server chassis.  I also have a 500 GB SATA drive which will hold the ESXi and virtual machines.

    The network includes a firewall, Netgear Prosafe FVS336G, GS724Tv of Netgear ProSafe 24 port Gigabit Managed Switch on a dhcp cable modem internet service provider.

    I also have 2 old NetGear SC101T NAS disks (4to) I want to connect to the system how some - at a later date have... data on them and want to transfer to the new storage array. I always looking into the question of whether they will work with ESXi 4.1, or I might have to only access it through Windows XP.

    My Situation:

    I have already installed ESXi 4.1 and vsphere client with no problems and it is connected to a dhcp cable internet service.  I've set up host via a dynamic DNS service name give me a static hostname on the internet.  I installed three machines to virtual OS successfully at the moment and now want to first start by creating a multimedia storage server which will use some of this new 8 TB array, then separate data storage for use with a web server small overhead storage and a backup.  It is a domestic installation.

    Help with the data store and network:

    I was doing some reading, because I'm new to this, and it looks like I'll probably want to set up my table via ESXi as a nfs disk format.  Now, the data store is usually in another physical box from what I understand, but I put my readers and ESXi all in the same box.  I'm not sure that the best way to put in place with grouped network cards, but I want to make this work.

    I understand that in ESXi 4.1 using iSCSi LUN must be less than 2 TB, but nfs - I should be able to add a bigger partition then 2 TB (for my multimedia) in nfs, right? or should I still add it separately as a separate 2 TB drives and then extend them to get the biggest space.

    Any suggestions or direct resources showing examples on how to actually add some parts of the table as data warehouses separate nfs.  I know that to go to the configuration tab, and then select Add to storage, and then select nfs. I have not my picture, but it's here that I don't know what to do because ESXi 4.1 system already has an address, should I put the same thing to the new data store array also (will it work?), and what should I use for the name of the folder and the store of data... just do something to the top.  I thought to later install Openfiler (for a multimedia storage using this table server) as a virtual machine, use the table with esxi so that I can access the same storage space with widows and linux-based systems.

    I also know I have to find a way to better use my quad nic card... put in place of virtual switches, grouping, etc HELP?

    Any direction, assistance, similar facilities to sample, suggestions or resources that would help would be great. I did a lot of hunting, but still a little confused on how to best to put in place.

    You must think of VMDK files of large databases with records of random size guest go read some data (a DLL or an INI file), maybe write some data back, then go read other data. Some files are tiny, but certain DLLs are several megabytes. It's random i/o all and heavy on the search time. IO Opsys is small random operations that are often sequential (go read data, write data, go read other data,...) so that deadlines are critical to the overall performance. That's why people say OPS are / s of reference and forget the MBs flow. The only time where you bulk transfers are when you read media (ISO files).

    Well, now forget all this. Actually the disk activity will depend on the specific applications (database? mail server? machines compiler?), but the above is true for boots, and whenever applications are idle. You should see the profile to know.

    RAID 10 is faster (and often more reliable) than RAID 5 or RAID-6 except in certain specific cases. In General RAID 10 is ideal for many random writes, since the calculation of parity for RAID-5 and - 6 adds to the overall latency between command and response - latency is cumulative if a little slow here and a little slow it adds up to a lot of overall slow synchronous especially with e/s on a network. OTOH RAID-5 and -6 can produce faster readings due to the number of heads, so you can use it for virtual machines that transfer bulk. Test. You may find that you need several different types subdashboards for best results.

    You said 3ware, they have some good grades on their site, but don't believe it. With my 9650 that I found myself with only a couple of their recommendations-, I put the (simple) table for allocation size 256 k, nr_requests at 2 x the queue_depth and use the planner date limit. I had the habit for the Ext4 file system formatted with stride and stripe-width synced to the table and used the options large_files with fewer inodes (do not use the huge_files option unless you plan to have single VMDK files in the terabyte range). Use a cache of great reading in advance.

    Virtual machines use VMDK files in all cases except raw iSCSI LUN that they treat native disks. VMDK is easier to manage - you can make a backup by copying the file, you can move it to a PC and load it into another flavour of VMware, etc. There could be some features iSCSI to your San as a transparent migration but nothing for me. NFS has less chatter of Protocol if latency lower times to complete an operation. NFS is good to read and write a block of data, that's all it boils down to.

    UPS is good, but it won't help if something inside the machine explodes (UPS does nothing if the PC power supply goes down). If the RAID card has an option for a battery backup module, so it can contain some writings in memory and may end up the disk i/o after replacing the power supply. 3ware also limits the types of caching available if help is not installed, and you get just the right numbers with the module.

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    ColdFusion 7 and 8 are provided with a variant of JRE1.6.

    I have a script that has consumed a web service for years with success.  Last week, the web service provider updated their version of Apache and Java on the server java 1.8 (or java-8).

    I could no longer consume the web service once the web service provider updated to Apache and Java and would be the following error DH keypair every time that I try to consume the service:



    faultCode: {} Server.userException


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    {}} stackTrace:javax .net .ssl .SSLException: java.lang.RuntimeException: could not generate keypairs DH








    to org.apache.axis.transport.http.HTTPSender.getSocket (HTT... ''


    I asked the service provider web, why it would stop working and how we can solve this problem.  They suggested that upgrade to the latest version of Java on my server running ColdFusion.  I did some research and found the problem to be with the amount of memory allocated to the variable containing the encryption key.

    The big problem is when I tried to update java on this particular server (Windows Server 2003), the installation has returned a messaged stating that he could not run on the older operating system and I need to update my OS to install java.

    Does anyone have a workaround in ColdFusion 7 or 8 that you can establish the DH handshake using Java 1.6 on your local server while consuming a web service on a server using Java 1.8?

    Hi, frank000000,

    I know that we had a serious problem with any Java 7 after update 25.  They are off a lot of network permissions and other things, for safety, that used to be available in versions prior to the update 25.  But it's while we were in CF Server 9.

    Since we switched to CF Server 10 (making sure that we got the CF Installer provided with Java 8), we had very few issues related to Java.

    It seems strange to me that the upgrade to 1.8 host while your server is 1.6 would cause problems.  It could very well be something else.  I would like to ask the host for documentation describing exactly how/why their 1.8 may cause interference with your 1.6.



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    Link to buy 3 + years CS6 via phone

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    PS - to clarify the future, downloading is what you do to get a file from a Web site to your computer... The installation is that you ask the subject

  • Cannot access the profile of Thunderbird in Windows 7 Manager

    I followed the instructions in support. Mozilla to access the profile of Thunderbird in Windows 7 Manager. But I can't access Thunderbird Profile Manager. I tried different ways to search for thunderbird.exe - P, but Windows 7 won't cough upward Thunderbird Profile Manager - it starts just the program Thunderbird. Any suggestions?

    Press the Windows (between Ctrl and Alt) and R and type this into the box:

    Thunderbird.exe Pei

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  • No driver LAN detected on the Satellite Pro U400 and Tecra A10 Win Server 2008


    We use in our coupany a Windows Server deployment with Windows Server 2008 boot.wim to the installation of our computers.

    I have ad driver marvell netwok our Boot.wim, but after starting the network, I have an error message because the network adapter does not work.

    We install workstations HP, VMware servers with it without problem, but we can't to install computers of latest toshia!

    We have 10 to 15 computers to install a week and we need to use this tool.

    I try to ad Intelshipset utility drivers without success.

    We have this problem with all models of just sitting Pro U400 PSU45E 10 years!

    Is there any other driver to install?
    ANYTHINK to set up?

    Best regards


    As far as I know, Toshiba offers a few drivers are included in the recovery image and it is unclear to me that there are different drivers LAN for the specific model of laptop.
    All these drivers are available if someone wants to install a clean version of the operating system and do not want to use the factory settings.

    Have you created your own ghost image to SP U400 with all the necessary applications for the company's employees?

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    This applies to software programs, NOT hardware drivers.

    If it's Vista compatible > uninstall it > Re-download/save to your desktop > right click on the setup.exe > run as admin.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    You can drag links to the private browsing window (hover the icon on the task bar for this update of the Firefox window).

    If you drop the link on an empty space on the tab bar, then the link should open in a new tab.

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    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!


    You have any question using RDP with Windows server 2008.

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the Forum TechNet site:


    If you need any other assistance, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

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