Access to missing keyboard functions.

Hi all, have a HP Mini 110-3500.  How to access missing keyboard functions as end, Page up/down?

Thank you



Press this key combination:

  • FN + arrow left - home
  • FN + arrow to the right - end
  • Fn + up arrow - back to top
  • Fn + arrow - down Page down

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    My easy access on the keyboard of the screen does not work. I have easy access to the centre and left click on the keyboard of the screen then nothing. I double click, then nothing. I'm using a head pointer and live the clicker. I can access the touch keyboard, but it doesn't have the function or alt etc. keys. Can I download the easy access on the keyboard of the screen and reinstall?

    Thanks for the reply. He started working now. Very strang. Well.

  • How to create a backup keyboard function?

    In the past, I learned how to record the material that could be accessed through a keyboard command. For example, I recorded my e-mail address so that when I hit two symbols @ in almost any situation and hit return, it prints my e-mail address.

    But I do not remember how I did it.

    Can someone help me? (I'll write it this time!)

    Thank you.


    You should be able to define text keyboard shortcuts in System Preferences > keyboard under the text tab.

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    I have windows xp professional sp3. I had installed a new keyboard. for a few days it worked satisfactorily, then somehow the keyboard functions have changed. as when you press the left control button explore/firefox opens, pressing right shift key two parallel vertical lines (|) appear every time I type. This doesn't seem to be a hardware problem. the basics of microsoft antivirus and avast security. no virus is demonstrated. How to restore normal keyboard functions?

    Hello pantatul,

    Sorry, you are having this problem!  What is the make and model of your keyboard?  Have you looked on the Web site of the manufacturer for any issues you have described?

    Below I have added a link to a few steps to try and I hope this helps out.  It provides for the Microsoft keyboards, but also a list of other keyboards left 3rd.

    Thank you


  • Sculpt Microsoft comfort keyboard function keys

    Normally, the F2 key allowed me to enter in a cell in Excel.  The comfort keyboard sculpt received multimedia commands to the F keys, I would like to turn off or reassign so that leaves the F2 key to enter a cell.

    The centre of keyboard and mouse does not seem to allow changes.  Open 'Intellitype Pro' and then make the changes he said some instructions on the internet.  I am unable to download Intellitype Pro, except if I uninstall the centre of keyboard and mouse.  But, in so doing, Intellitype Pro is unable to find the USB keyboard.  It is impossible to get in touch with a Microsoft support.  If anyone can help with this question?

    I think that hard blue-white 'switch' is correct. It is to the "left of instructor LED, above of the Num Lock key"?

    New features of the keyboard Comfort Sculpt

    It is possible that it is simply a bad switch or keyboard.

    Microsoft Hardware support

    There was a similar position in December last with exactly the opposite problem that you describe.

    Blue Sculpt Microsoft comfort keyboard function keys do not work

    The solution was to use a different USB port. Perhaps one of the small connectors inside the USB was dirty or defective.

  • Microsoft Keyboard function keys

    Can HW I do the function key on my new work Microsoft wireless keyboard 4000 as a regular keyboard function keys?

    Can HW I do the function key on my new work Microsoft wireless keyboard 4000 as a regular keyboard function keys?

    Turn on/off the key lock operation which is just above the BACKSPACE...

    Mike Hall MVP - Windows Desktop Experience

  • Satellite U840 - missing keyboard driver / Toshiba accessibility

    I have a Satellite U840 - 10 M, Windows 7 64 bit

    Earlier this week, I had to boot into SafeMode due to some problems with McAfee. Since then, the drivers for the mouse pad and the keyboard have messed up.
    I could find/download the drivers for the mouse, so that pad working again as it should.

    But I can't find the driver for the keyboard. So for now, the backlight does not work and the FN keys do not work.

    In addition, since I can't use / access Toshiba Accessibility.

    Please give the link to download Toshiba accessibility or the appropriate keyboard driver.

    Thank you!

    I m wondering why it doesn't work just after startup laptop in safe mode.
    In any case, try please reinstall extra package from Toshiba.
    This package contains several tools and one of them is responsible for the functionality FN keys.

    Please try this and post comments.

  • How to restore keys keyboard function by line instead of the next page with new FF function to 35.0.1 high-low

    On my laptop, I've always used the arrow keys to the top and down arrow to move one line at a time. After installing the new Version of FF
    35.0.1, pressing the down arrow key move to the bottom of a page, I'm sure. Could not find a way to return to the "normal" function

    Press the F7 key to disable the keyboard navigation.

  • DV8P win 8.1 missing keyboard

    We bought the DV8P and the DV11P to test Windows 8.1 with our infrastructure and replace I hope that Android tablets used in production. I'm very impressed and happy to share my findings. I'm actually hoping to get one for me. I have a very annoying problem and I'm sure there's a user error. It connects to a secure location I wonder when to press the Windows key then the power button to enter credentials. When the screen appears asking you for information, the keyboard does not automatically fill or is there a way I can see to generate keyboard. Am I missing something or is this a real problem? Your help is greatly appreciated!

    This may give a try... a possible workaround... Desktop\Control Panel ('show large icons' displays all items)-touch ease of Access\Make and tablets easier to use (bottom of page... last element) change this Windows button + Volume Up button works... from default "Narrator" to "on the screen keyboard' then you might be able to pull up on the keyboard at your convenient time to enter your information. I hope this helps.

  • Lost the partial keyboard function. ??

    I have a 20 inch Mid 2007 iMac heavily upgraded with a SSD 1 G and 6G of SDRAM memory.   When I updated to El Capitan it seems I lost some function on my keyboard.   On my keyboard wired 9, 6 and 3 keys on the right side of digital work not long ago and also my oblique key no longer works.   On my wireless keyboard keys w, e and r no longer work.   No idea why these keys on my keyboard no longer work?   Is it somehow related to the OS update?

    Hello Darlene Baker,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. It is my understanding that some keys have stopped working after upgrading to El Capitan. I can see how it would be concerning, in particular, as it happens with two keyboards. I'm happy to help you to get this resolved with you.

    At this point I recommend that you test this problem in safe mode. From your iMac in safe mode lets your computer run some checks and prevent some software loading automatically. The following steps will help to start in safe mode:

    1. Start or restart your Mac.
    2. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.
    3. Release the SHIFT key when you see the logo Apple appears on the screen.

    After the Apple logo appears, this may take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your office. This is because your Mac performs a check of directory of your drive to boot in safe mode.

    To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup.

    Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning

    If the problem does not occur in safe mode, follow the steps described in the section "If a problem does not occur in safe mode" from the link above. If the problem persists in safe mode, it is possible the user settings or files might be the cause. Please use the link below to test in another user:

    How to test a question in another account on your Mac.

    Have a great day!

  • Copy/paste keys on the missing keyboard!

    Today, I realized that I do not see the copy and Paste buttons on the keyboard more. My iPad 1 Air run 9.3.1.

    Is it a bug on 9.3.1 update? did anyone get the same problem?

    I think that you have pressed on it to get the popup copy function

    It's on iPad 2 Air

  • Microsoft comfort keyboard and the keyboard function keys Tecra A3

    I have a Tecra A3 and that you use with a Microsoft Comfort keyboard. The problem is that since the keyboard drivers have been the function keys (Fn + F2 to change the power mode) installed now realize the funcitons additional IE Fn + F2 also opens the folder my pictures. The strangest on East turn on map of wireless network or off with the switch located on the front of the laptop. This has the effect to load a copy of MS Outlook whenever it is switch extra.
    I have the latest version of Microsoft IntelliType Pro (version 5.20.412.0)

    Any idea on how to solve this problem?


    Sorry, but you haven't explained do you have this problem now, using laptop or other external keyboard.

    If the problem persists with the help of an external one I think that you can not use combinations of keys FN + FX of Toshiba. Each external keyboard is specific and in my opinion, you should see s operating manuals and check also all additional functions. I'm also sure that you are able to set up some special keys on your own.

    The problem with the WLAN mixer is very strange. Try to delete the specific Microsoft software and check if the feature is as before.

  • Keyboard function keys defined

    Where can I learn what the function keys are set up to do? I want to dedicate a couple of them to be shortcuts to my home page and Outlook. I know how to do this, but I guess some are already for some dedicated functions, and I don't want to interfere with their destination.

    This is a result of research of the shortcuts. Select your operating system and General keyboard shortcuts and select and you will be able to find the F keys. & PRD=

    Some keys may be specific to your computer.

  • the keyboard functions

    I recently replace my T410 to a T450. I have a heavy use of the key between right Alt and Ctrl on the keyboard T410. However, the new portable T450 doesn't have this key. He has been replaced by a print can I know if there is a way for me to have an original the T410 key shortcut, I need to use frequently?

    Ah yes! The keyboard can be faster and easier to use than the mouse in certain circumstances. Your ideal solution would be to map the right button of the mouse on the key PrSc. This can be done in two ways:

    (1) edit the Windows registry directly

    (2) to do the job more simply install one of many small programs on the net

    Meanwhile, you can get the function key 'Application' by pressing the 'Shift' key, then press the "F10" key (make sure that the locking function is activated). Of couse, it is not as easy as just by pressing the 'Application' on your original T410.

    In addition, you can download the T450 from here user guide:

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    Thank you very much for helping with my questions.

    I want to know how to open different tabs in my application using keyboard keys (access key).

    Once the tab is key-focus (tab for it) or set key-focus the left and right arrows will select different tabs.


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