Access to the bar - descriptor.xml within the app

Is it possible to get the properties of the bar - descriptor.xml? Particularly interested in the app id to understand app whenever it is a free or paid application version

There are PackageInfo and ApplicationInfo classes that contain this information:

To extract the appId:

#include ...

bb::PackageInfo pi;
QString appId =;

Add LIBS +=-lbb in the .pro file

You can also analyze the file manually, these threads contain more information on how to locate it:

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  • How the packet data / * ($HOME /) files by using the bar - descriptor.xml

    Hi, using sdk native c / c ++ with playbook Simulator 1.0

    I want to distribute with my application some data files that likely should fall under the ' data /' ($HOME?)


    (I've written / will update them sometimes, so app/native/does not appropriate I suppose.)

    in the bar - descriptor.xml, I tried adding them as an 'active '.

    who drops their bottom right in app/native / *.

    so I change the XML .bar to try to get them grounded in data.

    Here's what I found:

    by train: data/filename landed the file in app/native/data/filename

    try:... /... / Data/filename received the error

    by train: / data/filename received the error (hoping to slash leader was compared to the sandbox)

    I even on a lark tried: $HOME/filename, who literally created file app/native / $HOME!

    so he tried a ${HOME} with the curlies. I got an error saying unable to resolve the path variable.

    How can I get the data files in the folder/data ($HOME) using the .bar packaging?

    You cannot package the file into the data, you copy your files at startup, if they don't not exist your app/native/data for example

  • Retrieves the version number of bar - descriptor.xml programmatically

    Is there a way to extract a version number, and other information of bar - descriptor.xml file similar to how's done it in the Android world via getPackageInfo() in PackageManager?

    It would be a convenient way to play around these values in your code.

    Thank you

    There are various APIs of the platform that you can use for example the PackageInfo

    ApplicationInfo or,

  • The file of the bar - descriptor.xml (and make the application of command line)

    I made a game with air and it is online for sale on Android and iOS. It is somewhat popular and I thought to put up on Blackberry for quite awhile now and with the Port of soon-to-start-A-Thon, this seems to be a great time to finally make it.

    BlackBerry is not very common that here where I live in Sweden, however it still looks like an interesting with a potential platform if I want to get the trip. Unfortunately I don't own a camera myself so I'll use the Simulator. With some graphic problems with the simulator when running in mode BB10DevAlpha (icons does not appear right) and the Simulator is very slow when running in mode BB10DevAlphaSafe (chart appears on the right, but it seems that updating them requires more CPU my computer are available).

    The game is built using nothing other than Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and a bunch of command line tools to build the package and sign. I've only got an old computer with Windows XP now since the death of my main PC, all at the time and since the Port-A-Thon is just a few days I do with what I got.

    Firstly I understand that only AIR 3.1 is supported by Blackberry 10, so I use the old AIR SDK 3.1 to create a SWF (flash) file.

    What I really need to do should be used in the exported SWF file of the game, then use the command line tools provided by RIM to build the package, right?

    Except that I did not count on bar - descriptor.xml to be so difficult to understand.

    I was brought to the documentation here:

    It says Adobe AIR at the top, the platform selected is Blackberry 10 and the title says "bar-descriptor configuration file", so it must be in the right place!

    I start by trying the 'bar-descriptor configuration example file"on this page:



       Name of the author
       gXXXxXXx ##XxXxXxxxXxXX #xxx
       HelloWorld - splash.png


    Of course during the test I replaced a few things in the example above with the correct filenames for images etc, I just copied the example of right - off this time to you guys show what I mean.

    Firstly, I extract "blackberry-tablets-sdk - 3.0.0" in a folder on the disc, then I make sure as a full path to the "bin" in the SDK folder inside the path on the OS environment variable.

    Then I read on "Applications of Test using the command line":

    Now I run:

    BlackBerry - airpackager.bat - package installApp - blackberry-myappname - - launchApp myappname-blackberry-bar - descriptor.xml myappname.swf myappnameicon86.png bg splashscreen1024.png - device

    Note that "bg" is a folder with 500 images that must be accessible from the app. I hope that I can just add the folder like this and not type a path to each image file...

    What I get (in lib\adt.jar via the bat file):

    error 101: Namespace is missing
    Error: Validation of the AIR is not

    Okay, so the example did not straight on the box.

    Now, I've read all paragraphs in the first URL I linked above ("the bar-descriptor configuration file"). I start my own XML file and make sure to include everything that is marked as "necessary". That's what I'm left with:


            My App name





    I have no idea of what concerns the block whole call target, but it took, so he must be there.

    Now I launch (notice that myappnameicon86.png is gone since no icon is mentioned in the above XML code, it is not mandatory):

    BlackBerry - airpackager.bat - package installApp - blackberry-myappname - - launchApp myappname-blackberry-bar - descriptor.xml myappname.swf bg splashscreen1024.png - device

    Yet once, I get:

    error 101: Namespace is missing
    Error: Validation of the AIR is not

    Frustrated I get autour on the forums for answers, because the official documentation is nowhere getting me.

    I'm left with this:

        My App name
        My App name





    Looks like the XML code that I use when I build for Android.

    First of all it doesn't have the tag root of qnx, but also nothing of the icons are of the required size (86 x 86). The tag required splashscreens and invoke target is also absent, to name a few. No idea of what the entire block of 'extensions' really do.

    Surely, this does not work:

    BlackBerry - airpackager.bat - package installApp - blackberry-myappname - - launchApp myappname-blackberry-bar - descriptor.xml myappname.swf QNXDevice.ane QNXNetwork.ane QNXSensors.ane QNXSkins.ane myappnameicon36.png myappnameicon48.png myappnameicon72.png bg-device

    Success in building the package BAR to my infinite surprise!

    He even managed to install on the Simulator. An icon for the game. However when it auto-couru the app went into landscape, thought for a second and then crashed (or you leave?) without a message.

    Perhaps because the required qnx tag was missing in the XML?
    Perhaps because images in the bg file could not be loaded?
    Perhaps because he had no permission to keep screen from dimming?

    I have no idea. I tried to add XML to qnx at the address previous to the bar - descriptor.xml, I thought that maybe he needed both the qnx block for when you run the application and the application block for when packaging. But now, he has complained of something like XML is not not clean ("' fatal error: markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed." ").

    So he came to it, I have to ask for help if I ever make the deadline of the Port-A-Thon.

    (1) how am I supposed to write the bar - descriptor.xml?
    (2) what command line starting by "blackberry - airpackager.bat" is OK to use?
    (3) all I have to do is build the SWF using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 and then pack it using the Blackberry SDK, right?

    First of all, there are two xml files that you need.

    One is called the manifesto, is to AIR and is called yourappname- app.xml. It is identical to the ones you use for Android and IOS, though some elements will be ignored. It's one you need to switch on the command line, and is probably causing the 'Namespace' missing error message. A file manifest a minimum is:
        My Fabulous Game
            [This value will be overwritten by Flash Builder in the output app.xml]

    Replace the text in red with your own stuff.

    The second xml file is called to the bar of descriptor. It is for App World and the installation process and is called bar - descriptor.xml. It contains information about signing code, icon, permissions etc. A simple bar - descriptor.xml is:


    Make sure that you at least change the red dots.

  • What is the file *.so in bar - descriptor.xml


    in the bar - descriptor.xml to assets, that I find under build paths of target configurations for the debugging of the device, the device profile etc. For the configuration of the path the target name of the application, for example, in the notebook-app the target path is portable.

    Only for the configration of device-release, it is

    Can some explain to me why there is the suffix .so?

    I searched the web but can't find an explanation to this day.

    .so is a library.

    For a Release version that the main application is packaged as a library, it has been introduced with 10.1 (?) and gave a performance gain important that all qt libraries are compiled into a single.

  • bar - descriptor.xml: which category for app use?

    Hi @all,

    I'm developing an application of battery. In the file of the bar - descriptor.xml I choose as single category 'media' and 'games '. Do I have to select 'Media' or let him no classified?

    Thank you very much!


    I don't think it's really important, but I would not leave classified

  • bar - descriptor.xml abnormal when it opens

    Hi all

    When I open the bar - descriptor.xml, it just show the contents of the xml file.

    It should display the sections 'Problems' and 'Actions and related settings. But now it shows just the following content:">

    Does anyone know how to solve?

    Thank you.


    @DrShavargo-Thanks for your help. And I find the solution.

    Has tabs at the bottom of the window opening of bar - descriptor.xml, there. :

    General, Application, assets, location and Source.See the pic below:

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  • Disable the file of the bar - descriptor.xml automatically update


    My application is dependent on an file.  the bar - decripptor.xml contains the following lines:


    The problem is, when I clean and engine rebuilding in the IDE, the following line will automatically be removed from the .xml file. How do I disable this feature?


    Try turning off the generator called validator descriptor bar (right click-> properties-> Builder project)
    Make sure the library is there, then close the bar descriptor Editor
    So don't rebuild you.

  • How to check the authorization of app that is declared in the file of the bar - descriptor.xml

    How can I check the programitcally app permission is enabled or disabled.

    Suppose the first when we launch the application that any permission has been activated once the user has disabled permissions from the setting. So, I need to check the permissions are enabled and disabled.

    Thank you.

    access_shared , you can check with QFileInfo

    QFileInfo info("shared/documents");
    if (info.isWritable()){
        qDebug() << "SHARED PERMISSION OK";
        qDebug() << "SHARED PERMISSION ERROR";

    and the access_internet hm, if you do not have permission to access_internet in your application, then app still has access to internet, so that you can not check. You check only if app is connected to the internet

  • Defining access to the app ActionCam

    How to access the settings of the application of ActionCan feature? It is a question of enforcement and not a hardware issue.

    No, this app is just for simple mounting, do not to run your action cam. This is what PlayMemories Mobile is for.

  • Access to the app


    After the upgrade to 5.1, see also called get more in the access and use of app tab.

    Anyone aware of this?

    It is one of our applications preinstalled system is not a malware or something you downloaded. I'm not quite sure, but I believe that it is used for the case you describe.

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