Access to the Internet through a router

I have two computers using a cable moden via a Linksys BEFSR41 wired router. I can usually access the Net on both at the same time, but lately, I can access it on one but not the other. I tried to pull the plug on trhe modem and the router, but no help. Network settings are correct. I guess that the problem is in the router, which worked well for a while. The Setup disk is also not help. Anyone know of a "fix" for this, or do I need a new modem? BTW, I run two Dells on XP updatd.


Thanks for the help. Everything works fine now. I learned something and really enjoy it.


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    Hi, I am a user of the Inspiron 1525 Labtop.

    My home use 2 desktops and 1 this labtop and 2 days ago, I changed my wireless router.

    2 desktop computers connect to router with wire and there is no problem to use internet. but my laptop

    could ' t connect to the internet with no wire or cable. So, I tried to connect the Modem directly and can connect

    Internet. Only my labtop cannot connect to internet through this router (desktops work well).

    So, first I thought of my lancard which might be too old, so could not provide this new router, but no way

    because the desktop is older than that.

    Now, I want to just connect to internet with wire or wireless, either. Please help me.

    Laptop: Inspiron 1525

    O / s: Microsoft XP proffesional

    Network card: Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN Mini Card, Marvell Yukon 88e8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller

    Modem: Conexant HDA D330 MDC V.92 Modem

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    I suggest you to visit these links for information on how to protect your computer.

    Consult the safety and Security Center Web site. You have a section to browse number that explains on the safety and security.

    You can see the sections:

    With regard to the Windows Firewall. (v = ws.10) .aspx

    Hope the information is useful.

  • WRT54G - cannot connect computer wired to the internet through a router

    I have the WRT54G and unable to connect to the internet when you are going through the router.  I feel that I've checked everywhere can, but still does not work.  I connected the way the instructions, the lights are on the case and all that.  I have cable internet and when I plug directly, there is no problem.  When I try to 'ping' to check the connection between my computer and the router, I get "Request Timed Out".  I tried to reset the router and goes in this direction, but I can't go beyond checking the internet connection through the router.  Any ideas what I'm missing?

    Thank you!

    You should not use the installation CD at all.  If you throw it away.

    See here for the installer of cable.

  • How do you get access to the internet through an account "guest"?

    I added an account "guest" today, so the children could limit access without being able to get into my files (thanks to MS do not have security for the folders options!) and when I tested it on, I could not access the internet. Yet through the main account, I can. Why?


    The internet connection must always be on cable and DSL connections.  Don't forget that you have created the "guest" user account while logged in as an administrator of the PC.

  • After an automatic update, lastnight (13 December), has lost access to the internet through the guest account.

    Original title: Guest account Internet connection

    I am using an account on windows 7

    There has just been an automatic update, lastnight (13 December), and now I've lost access to internet through the guest account.

    I think that because of the update, the administrator must log or something, but I'm lost what to do. The internet worked for the guest before the update account and I do not have the administrator password. The administrator has not used the computer because I had an internet connection, as they went on vacation. I'm looking after their cats!

    Any help would be great.

    See you soon


    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    Since you lost the internet connection after updating, you may need to update the NIC drivers to retrieve the connection. This is possible only if you have administrator privileges.

    For more information, see the article:

    What is a guest account?

    However, you can check if you can try the steps in the article to resolve the problem. If this isn't the case, you may need to wait for the administrator to return the party to the same difficulty.

    Wireless and wired network problems

    Hope this information helps.

    If you need further assistance, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

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    Try the suggestion of cor - el

  • Cannot install applications through Microsoft store in Windows 8 Pro: using the internet through the proxy: detected 'No. Internet Connection' Error statement

    I study in a University, and we have access to the internet through the proxy. We just need to put in the proxy port: in the settings of internet explore and authentication additional etc. is not necessary to access the internet. Everything else is working well, including windows update and even browse apps in the store of Ms. But I'm unable to install any application. Help, please.

    In fact here in ITI, all our internet traffic is routed through a proxy (to stop the torrent, filter things etc.). To remove the proxy is not an option.

    I solved the problem by using the following commands as an administrator:
    import proxy IE
  • Cannot access the internet through a wifi router

    Hi, I recently bought a method 3 G USB wifi router. I connected physically on my desktop and internet wifi works very well. However I have problems to get access to the internet using my laptop Vista. The laptop is a connection for the wireless network connection, but that's what I get. Any ideas what is the problem?

    On my system, I connect them BOTH to the wireless network connection AND Internet (there are separate connections for each installation) on my laptop wireless.  If I don't connect to the Internet, I'm just locally connected to the wireless network.  If I am not connect to the wireless connection, I can't connect to the Internet.  I know not how your needs to be installed, but that is probably the problem.  You may add an internet connection for your laptop, and then connect both to achieve a good connection.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • Can I make my Vonage phone service and always access the internet through MSN Premium

    Can I make my Vonage phone service and always access the internet through MSN Premium


    The question you posted would be better suited to the MSN support. I suggest you to contact MSN support for assistance.

    How to contact MSN customer service

  • Cannot access the Internet through WET610N to E4200

    I have a number of devices which do not have the built-in wifi and WET610N allows you to connect wirelessly to the Internet.  It worked with WRT610N router, but when I upgraded to router E4200 to Internet access no longer works for WET610Ns.

    Internet access works very well with the adapter wireless from my computer, but the WET610N tests on my computer port ethernet confirms unable to connect to the Internet.  Utility says Windows Server Troubleshooting DNS cannot be found.

    Seems you have to assign a static IP address to each client using a bridge to connect wirelessly to the network of E4200.  You can have the IP address of the client in the list of booking E4200 DHCP.  The client will not have access to the Internet if their IP address in the DHCP reservation list.

    I have a big thank you to Linksys support for not sharing this information.  Try to put the blame on the bridge wireless and then try to charge me support because my WET610Ns were no longer under warranty.

  • VAIO w / Vista connect wireless but I can't access the internet on my router

    Help.  I have a SONY VAIO with Vista.  Just totally reformatted.  I can access my router (NETGEAR WNR 2000v2) locally, but cannot access the internet.  Curiously, I can connect to unsecured networks and access to the internet.  How can I solve the problem with my router/computer? I removed the 3rd party (Norton) security and made a few other commands nothing done. (BTW - I have 3 other devices that work fine on my wireless router.)

    Hi barry909,

    ·         You get the error message?

    Follow the steps in the article.


  • Unable to connect to the internet through the router using Linksys N - USB

    network connection

    I have a Linksys G wireless router on my computer and a wireless adapter Linksys N - USB on my wife's computer. Wondering why she can't get on the internet via my router? Thank you

    Thanks for the response, took the computer to the PC Nerddss and they had all connected it in a few minutes. All right

  • Access to the Internet after Installng XP Pro content

    I recently installed a new hard drive and then installed XP Pro successfully. When I try to connect to the internet, the system says it does not recognize the modem. I use a wireless router with cable modem. Other home computers can connect to the Internet through the router. But my PC with its new hard drive and XP Pro can't. How to access Internet? Thank you.

    You may need to dl the drivers for your modem on a pc of froma thumb drive that works, and then install them on your laptop

  • connect other computers to the internet through an ad hoc network of a connection__ broadband windows 7

    I have a HP netbook with a Windows 7-based broadband connection.  I created a residential group of this netbook so other computers running Windows XP can connect to it and use the connection Strip.  I have inconsistent results.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    My question how do I set up a gateway to the internet from the netbook to other computers can access the internet.

    Do I need to set up a network of residential group for this place?  Is there some settings of internet connection of the netbook I need to change (for now that I disabled the firewall, so it does not interfere).

    Thank you

    I do not use a router.  My netbook has a map broadband and a wi - fi card.  Simply, I connect to internet through my broadband card.  I tried other computers to be able to access the internet through that connection, that's why I've set up homegroup (maybe I would not do?)

    Anyway, sometimes it works but is not for most.  I'm trying to keep it simple and not get a router, etc. since it is a situation that's going to happen from time to time.

    Thanks for responding!


    As posted earlier...

    To use your netbook as access wireless router/AP watch these GUI frontends to netsh commands that will do this for you. I do not think that you have ICS enabled to do so.

    ICS, in my experience there is a very long time is flakey at best...

    FWIW, there are routers broadband accepting adapters broadband videophone/USB/etc function for example. According to what broadband service, you have maybe one depending on your needs.

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