Accessory compatibility

I got a rocket 8 GB for Christmas and am looking for accessories. I found someone on an auction site which carries a nice selection of accessories for the "rocket" (blankets, home and auto Chargers USB docking station speakers, etc.), but has listed them for rockets of GB 2 and 4.  When I sent to be sure that they will work, he doesn't seem to understand the question.  I won't buy from him I guess, but all accessories are not compatible with the 8 GB as well?  The technical specifications of the rocket does not specify a difference, but, being a beginner, I wanted to be sure!  Thank you in advance for your help!

Also, being a newbie, I found very easy to use Fuze and managed to quickly load music and podcasts to check the video features without any problem. (After reading some of the messages of the Board of Directors on Christmas, I was wondering...)  I will be singing the praises of the "rocket" all my friends 'non-techie '!



There is no difference between the 8 GB and GB 2 rockets and 4. So accessories will work with your rocket.

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  • HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1380t CTO: compatibility problems, ask questions about knitting-by-turn or possible motherboard replacement.

    I recently baught an EVGA GTX 1060, as this 630 became quite long in the tooth and I thought that I would try to future proof myself a little as the rest of my components seem to be working very well.  However, I can't get the map to work correctly on this particular computer.  Oddly enough, I can get past that screen startup finally after several short beeps and let it sit, but it takes fowever to reach the office and clearly is not executed properly that the resolution is wobbly and software from Nvidia cannot even detect the card.  I guess I had got this far because of the onboard graphics of some sort, but AFAIK this motherboard which lacks.

    I know that the card works fine as I tested it in my other Tower, so I struggled to find a solution.  So far, it seems that the problem is most likely the motherboard, as HP does not have a new BIOS for it since the beginning of 2013 (which I did go ahead and install it).  If true, I find myself with either two options, it seems that the ditch system, entirely or find a motherboard that works with all my old components.  I'd rather not have to empty this workaholic, when all other parts work great, if it is not a work around I would like to know if there are motherboards I could pass that would work with the rest of my components.  Normally I would not bother with even apply for, but I hear a lot of chatter on HP PCs pre-constructed having compatibility problems.

    I bought this computer there is in the case of four years that I would be able to update as I do with any other PC, but I didn't know at the time that HP has a tendency to not update the BIOS settings for anything beyond a year which I admit is incredibly frustrating.  What is done is done however, and I want to make this work without having to clear the entire system.

    Desktop HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1380t CTO

    Model #: B4J28AV
    Serial number: 2MD2290502

    Motherboard: 2ACE "Pittsburgh" Pegatron Corporation

    Processor: Intel Core i7 3820 3,60 GHz 'Sandy Bridge - E.

    RAM: 10 GB of DDR3 memory

    GPU (stock): Nvidia GeForce GT 630 (this is replaced by the EVGA GTX 1060)

    @Faver, welcome to the forum.

    Your problem is the BIOS.  However, it is because the 1060 GTX requires UEFI in the motherboard instead of a standard/Legacy BIOS.  HP didn't start using UEFI until mid-October 2012.  The BIOS may not be upgraded in the UEFI.  The last cards only not for UEFI were the GTX 660/670.

    MSI made cards with a switch that can be used with a Legacy BIOS or UEFI.  If you decide to go this way, you must contact their Technical Support to help them choose the best card for your system.

    The upgrade of the motherboard can be a problem.  HP has taken advice their specifications.  Therefore, they are not necessarily the same as the commercial versions.  Please make sure that the holes in the motherboard matches the accessory in the case.  In addition, some members have had problems with the connectors in the connections case before, for example, the power button.

    Please click on the button + Thumbs up if I helped you and click on accept as Solution If your problem is resolved.

  • Portege M800 - question battery compatibility

    Hi all,

    First of all, sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.
    I am new to this forum and I hope you can help me with a real doubt as to the compatibility of some batteries for Portege M800-N10_ _Toshiba

    * PA3537U-1BRS, Li-ion, 9 cell, 6000mAh *.
    * PA3636U-1BRL, Li-ion, 9 cell, 7200mAh. *

    both or they are compatible? one? None?
    Who carries the laptop is too chort for my use and I need more autonomy.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    I don't know in which country you live, but you can check out options and accessories for your Portege M800. Visit the Toshiba page that belongs to your country and visit the section "Options & accessories".

    You will find option select your laptop model to view a list of compatible and accessory options. It allows to find all the options available for your Portege. Compatible batteries appears too.

  • DSX-S310BTX compatibility with RM-X60M?

    Does anyone know if the new DSX-S310BTX Digital Media Receiver is compatible with the RM-X60M remote control? I called Sony, but they said the RM-X60M is not listed as an accessory for the DSX-S310BTX. They said which mean that it is is not compatible, but they could not guarantee compatibility. All advice is appreciated.

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the user discussion forums,
    The digital multimedia receiver DSX-S310BTX is not compatible with the remote control RM-X60M.

  • EOS M accessory Grip

    Anyone who uses the EOS M with the EF adapter probably knows the major problem of this great theory installation - balance. Compatibility EF was the reason number one, I bought the M, mainly for lighter weight and no slap shutter. It works well with the privileged on AF lenses, but with zooms or manual focus, it really does balance the difficult camera by rotating the zoom or focus rings. The grip on the M is way too small to support the weight of the largest EF lenses, not to mention the mount EF - M was not supposed to bear a lot of weight, so the tripod on the EF adapter.

    So I got to thinking, why not an accessory grip that screws in the bottom of the EF adapter? It would be very simple to mount on the tripod adapter support (or better yet, remove the adapter from tripod and screw directly on the EF adapter, with a rounded joint more support) and Gush a handle molded to meet the existing handle. It should be just a half inch solid somewhere really nice to hold.

    I throw the idea out there to see if anyone likes it, and maybe someone with a 3d printer would try prototyping one. If there is enough interest, maybe it's a kickstarter campaign.


    Here's a grip and a thumb rest for you! I ordered it.

  • software compatibility

    Before I dive and upgrade to Sierra, I'm looking for a reliable source check the compatibility of the applications, I currently rely on.  Many are a bit dated.  Any suggestions?

    Main applications:

    Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 v 14.6.8

    Quicken for Mac 2007 v 16.2.4

    Photoshop CS5 x 64 new v12.0

    Roxio Toast 10 Titanium v 10.0

    Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote ' 09

    Running OS X Lion mountain.

    Click here.


  • I have to stay with OS10.7.5 due to software compatibility, but is it possible to update Safari to latest version during your stay on OS10.7.5

    I have to stay with OS10.7.5 due to software compatibility, but is it possible to update Safari to latest version during your stay on OS10.7.5. How this is done. Thank you very much.

    It is not possible to update Safari past 6.1.6 on Lion.


  • Apple Watch country Compatability

    Would a Apple Watch series 2 purchased in the USA work & fully compatible for use in the UK?  The reason I ask is I'm in the United States from Saturday next and that could save me a lot of money.


    You will be able to use the watch in the United Kingdom.

    There is no regional differences in the hardware and the software can be configured to the United Kingdom.

    The supplied USB power adapter will have to pine trees located in the United States. However, you can load the watch in the United Kingdom using the Apple USB power for your iPhone adapter. Alternatively, you can buy an adapter as a separate accessory:

  • How to: Crush 3/iMac 5 k (compatibility mode)

    Hello friends,

    I see quite a few new features on the market with Thunderbolt 3. According to the FAQ of TB3 Intel, TB1 and TB2 was designed with future upgrades in mind. This means that you can connect, once a solution is available, on a host of TB2 TB3 system using compatibility mode. It will only work to 20Gbps TB2, but work remains. The same is true of peripheral TB2 TB3 host computer (will work but at slower speed)

    This would be similar to the connection of a USB 3 device on a USB 2 or 1 USB host but only get speeds over slow or vice versa.

    The question I have is that if someone came out with these fittings/adapters? What I've seen online seems to go using a device of TB2 and TB3 host and each of these adapters is Windows only. I have spent too many hours searching so I'm curious to know if someone has yet to fall on an adapter or converter that connect DisplayPort TB2 host and have the device USB-C/TB3 (USB - C not only) in compatibility mode.

    The reason? Peripheral TB3 are already less expensive than TB2 devices. I don't know who will get the most expensive. I don't care 40Gbps if he gives me a simple way to add multiple devices USB 3.0, exhibitions and maybe the eSata device. I know there are hubs, but I would prefer something that is the test of the future TB3 would be cheaper and future proof for NeXTGen computers.

    (Sorry for the TL; DR but it is always a person who does not read or "assume" it is a noob question and gives an answer "Captain Obvious". Don't BE this guy here...)

    Sincere greetings,

    Jorge Uptown

    JLopez. Chicago wrote:

    The question I have is that if someone came out with these fittings/adapters?

    bolt-adapter ~ TBT3TBTADAP


    ***? How many times I have to do? I'm FED UP! I don't care ABOUT RAW! Update your program... I have

    NEVER USE!  NOT my computer!

    You're not talking Apple here.  It is a moderated forum for Apple to discuss features and troubleshooting. Apple-> system-> software update Preferences menu contains options to disable automatic downloads, although the Mac App Store update itself for Snow Leopard activates the automatic notifications of updates.  While a nuisance, you have just to tell more later, only choose to update once you have read the documentation to verify that its good operation with what you have.  Always back up your data before allowing updates.

    For direct feedback to Apple, who may have only one impact of future operating systems,

    If you find that a specific update has compatibility issues, we invite you to sign up for a free developer online account on and submit a bug report to where you can know at least that if it's something reported before.  But this will not use or disclose this information here because of a confidentiality agreement.

  • ANT or heart Bluetooth Monitor strap compatibility?

    That is, compatibility with A separate more specific ANT/Bluetooth Heart Monitor strap?


    If preferred to use the integrated heart rate monitor, Apple Watch can measure your heart rate via an external pair Bluetooth chest strap cardiofrequence-meter.

    More information:

    Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you will find. -Apple Support

    Use the Bluetooth with your Apple Watch - Apple Support Accessories

  • IPhone battery drain after fixing accessory fan

    I have a version of the iPhone 6 s 9.3.5, 64G, 55.5 GB avail 22.4 GB cap. My battery was fast draining after my friend inserted a fan accessory. There was a time when I slept and it was 100% and when I wake, it fell to 35%, but I turned my phone into airplane mode. I tried to disable notifications, background app refresh, locations, etc. And yet it flows easily. I need to reformat my phone?

    View-> battery settings and under "battery use" see what apps consume your battery.

    There are very little chance that connect an accessory in the past had any impact on your current battery life, except if it has been broken and ruined your phone somehow. (And I mean hardware, not software)

    for the future, make sure you always use MFI (Made for iPhone) certified accessories.

  • Corrupt Digital Raw compatibility update

    I have my macbook set to do automatic updates. I see a light red on the App Store, which shows an updated - and when I check it said provision, "Digital Raw Compatibility Update, version 6.20. I scroll down and see that it has installed this update even at least 10 times start on 13 August through 24 August! Even updated, same version and I think it's a corrupted file or virus! Help, I want to stop saying that I need to update!

    Hello cdaniels31.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I understand that the Digital Raw compatibility update, version 6.20 performed several times, but the App Store there is always a full update. I am pleased to provide you with advice for this problem.

    First of all, let me put your mind at ease. It is an updated official Apple for the compatibility of the RAW for OS X El Capitan image, not a virus. It seems that OS X is not recognizing that it was already done.

    Let's start troubleshooting by restarting your MacBook. Then we will try to complete the update by using the link below, instead of using the App Store.

    Digital Raw Compatibility Update, version 6.20

    Finally, restart your MacBook, once more.

    Kind regards.

  • Compatibility «?» (Mac Pro Tower / Firewire / climax together, etc..)

    I take Logic Pro 9, but after looking at all the improvements for Logic Pro X, I can't wait to get up to speed.

    I like the look of the improvements to the plug-in; logic adding distance (not available for LP9?); Drum Kit Designer, synthesizer, etc.

    When he (LP10) announced that there is a flagrant limitation I had with my current set-up but I don't remember what the hiccup was... perhaps there is none and I could be good-to-go.  Can anyone confirm if and where I'm looking at compatibility problems?

    System: Mac Pro Tower (mid-2010) 2.8 GHz Quad Core Intel Xenon

    OS: 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

    Interface: Climax together - Firewire

    If I remember, the question I met was first introduced with the announcement of Logic Pro X was he needed El Capitan - which did not offer the divers "Core Audio" / support, which means that overall height (Firewire) would be uncertain if even not work at all.  "" Looking at the "tech specs" on Logic Pro X, it supports OS X 10.10.  That looks promising (if it in fact the issue with El Capitan and the lack of support for Core Audio driver still exists).

    Can I run Logic Pro X to Yosemite?

    Can I run overall height (FireWire) in El Capitan without the Core Audio Driver issues / Firewire?

    Thanks in advance!

    I must add, additional hardware, I am running is a UAD PCI card in the tower.

  • compatibility update

    Hi I'm still stuck with Firefox and their nasa night launch addon - belt LavaFox & BlackFox Orions w / Grim Reaper (one who is all black, no shit bar gray and the drop-down boxes are black with white writing), it's the best setup I like for my computer and I've just updated to the new firefox and it is incompatible? I tried to download the other launch night nasa and that ' s when I got pissy gray bar and white drop-down boxes (shit) so I had to remove firefox and download a previous version of 2014 to correct the problem and disable all future updates.
    How you do this? you boast of personalization and are never compatible previous addons, that I don't want any other addons that this ive got! I think it's the best it is its completely black all the boxes included and somehow you will find it is too hard to make sure that all the addons have a single line of code that is also added to your updates, so they all work together and now I can't update and continue my experience with firefox now I am looking for the alternative browser options that give me what I like and allow me to keep it because it is always, unless I'm finding that you took my situation seriously and we will integrate the compatibility section of addon for all the new updates.

    Yours Sincerely
    Disgruntled users

    You were able to use this theme through 41 of Firefox, but it stopped working in Firefox 42?

    I think others have mentioned problems with the complete themes in Firefox 42, but I don't remember the details. I hope an update will come.

    In the meantime, rather than running a version with known security vulnerabilities, you might consider another variant of Firefox called the Extended Support Release (ESR). It is currently based on Firefox 38 with a few security updates. It is unlikely to have any change relating to the compatibility of the Add on, until next year.

    If you decide to try it, here's how I suggest to install:

    Clean reinstall it

    We use this name, but it isn't about deleting your settings, this is to ensure that the program, files are clean (not incompatible, corrupt or exotic code files). As described below, this process does not disrupt your existing settings. Don't uninstall NOT Firefox, that does not need.

    (A) download a fresh Installer for Firefox 38.4.0esr of in an ideal location. (Scroll down your preferred language).

    (B) the release of Firefox (if any).

    (C) to rename the program folder, either:

    (Windows 64-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files (x86)\FxOld

    (Windows 32-bit folder names)

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox


    C:\Program Files\FxOld

    (D) run the installer downloaded to (A). It should automatically connect to your existing settings.


    Note: Some plugins can only exist in this FxOld file. If it is missing something essential, present in these files:

    • \FxOld\Plugins
    • \FxOld\browser\plugins

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