Accidental licenses.

Nice day.

I accidentally under license an image with the id: #68341804.

Can you help me please.

Thank you in advance,

Vangelis Giannoulas


Hi Vangelis,

I added a credit to your account as an exception.

I hope that helps!

Kind regards


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  • Help! Accidentally licensed a video


    I'm afraid, that I made the mistake of accidentally license one video stock that I have no intention of using. Please please help me UN-license this video and get my money refunded if you please.

    the video file is AdobeStock_967275.


    I see that you were able to contact support for assistance team.



  • Accidentally licensed image twice

    I accidentally licensed two images without wanting everything trying to save them in a library. (It's far too easy to make that mistake!) I have not downloaded the images

    Can you please unlicense these two images?

    #91430291 and #91430297

    Hi Rebecca,.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    I have credited 2 image license in your account.

    Reference # 0219752798

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • accidentally licensed image I didn't; Why is it still possible to the thumbnail?

    Now I accidentally allowed two different images that I didn't buy. A few days ago one night. Tonight, I thought I would see if it was possible to fix this error, so I found myself here. I see that I'm not the only person who did this. I was going to just suck it up and eat the pictures, but after seeing how this is the case, I'm a little irritated that it continues to be so easy to do. So, I would like to be credited for my images.

    But I would also suggest that you consider really fix this problem with a better design of the interface. It should not be possible to accidentally license of the thumbnail like this. It is clearly creates a lot of extra work for your team of support and false downloads. Why would you so that an image can only be fired after clicking in the large picture window, where the likelihood of an accidental click is greatly reduced? Isn't this frustrating problem for everyone?


    I added 2 credits to your account to replace the images under license by mistake.

    Thank you


  • Problems with the UI - accidentally licensed 3 images

    I thought that I record them in a library, but accidentally licensed 3 images this morning. Is it possible to unlicense and recover credits?

    Hi Susans41847895,

    It is not possible to the United Nations, an image license, but I have added 3 Credit images to your account so that you can select a different image to use instead.

    Hope this helps!

  • Accidentally licensed photo

    I was just going through photos of the reserve and accidentally under license a photo when I tried to click on it to make it bigger. Can I return it? I don't want the image and not would never have clicked on it, if I knew that was going to happen. In addition, I don't know if you guys listen to the comments, but there should be an additional step or a different interface look at the pictures because it shouldn't have happened/didn't have happened if that were different. Thank you for your help.

    Add an image of credit to your account so that you can register a different image instead.

  • What happens if I accidentally licensed images?


    I thought I was saving images to my library but I was buy the images.

    Is there a way to "return"?

    Thanks for your help.


    There is no way the «back» Finally you can get repaid a loan if a staff member sees it. You can also contact the support (I think the best way is through Twitter of @AdobeCare).

    While you're there please, complain that there is no check on licensing. Who really needs to be changed and is not yet a hard fix but go by images accidentally under license - it is a question which, for some reason any Adobe refuses to difficulty.  ;-)

  • Accidental license

    I have a license accidentally several photos. I was trying to put them in my library to view later and when I went to my library I found that my credits decreased and I accidentally had the license. I will probably never use them and I want to return them.

    Hi Karine,.

    I checked your account, and I apologize, because there is no such functionality to unlicense an image.

    Exceptionally, I added 3 credits to your account.

    I hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • Accidental license of Adobe Stock image and the second image under license, which freezes the screen

    I accidentally under license an image (77794802) and the second image, I have a license (36162545) freezes my computer whenever I try to open it. Help, please! Thank you.


    I added a credit to your account in order to replace the image under license by mistake.

    What program do you use to try to open the 36162545?

    Kind regards


  • Accidentally licensed Image

    I accidentally under license an image, I was scroll and must have clicked, which means do not buy. How can I cancel this to add another image of credit to my account?


    I see that you contacted Chat support, which have contributed to that.

    Kind regards


  • Accidental license number. Please add a credit to compensate.

    I accidentally clicked license and save to my library on # file: 92004393. I deleted my library and have not downloaded on my computer. Please add a credit to my account.

    Also, I see a lot of similar requests here. There is certainly a problem of user interface with this control.

    Hi Andrey,

    A picture has been credited to your account.

    Kind regards


  • I accidentally licensed fake drawing and had it unlicense. Can someone help me with this?

    I accidentally bought the wrong design and had it unlicense. Can someone help me?


    Hi Kevin

    We do not have the possibility of unlicense one image, but have added a picture of credit to your account.  Please let us know the ID of the incorrect image for our records.

    Thank you


  • I accidentally a license photo

    I accidentally licensed photo - 42137404 can undo you this? Please, I beg you - it was a mistake

    Double post - please see Re: OPPS! I accidentally a license photo.

    Thank you


  • Accidentally under license a photo I want


    I accidentally licensed photo nr.84107236 and tried to remove it by deleting my library.

    But now, I still have that 9 images available to download for free instead of 10.

    What can I do?

    Hi Camilleh10537206,

    I see you an Adobe account active under the same Adobe ID as with forums, but the above image number does not match that of the uploaded image.

    Please arrive I touch with the support of Adobe for more information:

    Contact the customer service.

  • How can I Unlicense picture I accidentally a license?

    I kept a lot of previews, and I wanted a library and accidentally licensed one. I can't find a way to cancel the licence and it is quite frustrating because I pretty much just slipped accidentally mouse a half inch more before clicking and now I have an image I want.

    Is it possible to cancel it?


    It is not an option to cancel it, but I added a credit to your account so that you can select another image.

    Kind regards


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