Accidentally deleted my Photo tile.

I look at one all my photos on my Start Page. The Photo tile made a slideshow of all my photos. Well, a picture popped up and I don't like. So to the right of the Start Page I clicked ON this image. And options jumped upward on the bottom. and I chose to uninstall. I thought just THAT photo would be to uninstall... but my Tile picture everything has disappeared! I went to find and put a picture... and it showed no. results. I went to the top view of office and trash and ALL my photos are there. How to make them out of the trash? And what I need to get a new Photo application in the store. Will they go the new App Photo? And how to make them IN the new photo app.  I want my Photo app original back. Is there a way to recover a deleted application? Help, please. I am so upset that I did this.


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    Original title: files deleted.

    Try Recuva - file recovery program.

    Link given above is supposed to be the free version. They have a "ful" version, but you have to buy.
    I use the free version. Never a problem.

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    On the start page, type desktop to search for. When it comes to the top, right-click on it and select PIN to start.

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    Different is no such folder/album. My photo stream is a synchronization service enabled or disabled in the settings of Photos. It synchronizes the new images from the film album.

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    Trying to find the folder on your system by using the search engine. Otherwise, there are many pieces of software available to help recover deleted files.

    However, you posted in the feedback forum. A moderator should move your thread shortly, and the experts will be able to solve your problem and, if necessary, recommend programs. I would not download any software immediately because it can be dangerous if used inappropriately, or may contain malware if illegitimate.
  • Accidentally deleted a photo, I want to keep it, how can I get the picture back?

    I was looking through all my new messages and did a lot of deletion. This photo of girls came and I accidentally hit the bar to remove it. Is it possible that I can get her back? I found the picture in the file to be deleted, but can not see some sort of "undo" or send me the photo via email
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Under edit is an undo command. He's going to cancel the last operation only so if you deleted something else after that will not work.

    If you find the message in the trash, just slip and fall back into the folder that you want only it in.

    FYI: using the Inbox for storage to long term of the message that you want to keep is a bad idea. Read this article on the maintenance of your messaging system.

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    plugged in lg cookie and entered the hard drive on my computer, went to images clicked on an image then shift held clicked on another, supposed to press copy, but accidentally remove in a hurry. Ive tried other programs, but ultimately, I have to sign up, we need to find a way or a program on how I can get them back for free. Thank you

    Recuva, a well known freeware recovery program.

    Take a look, I am attaching the link.


  • I accidentally deleted my photos from lightroom. On my hard drive, the Lr catalogs, as well as the photos are still there. How to restore pictures?

    I don't know how it happened, except my mouse pointer in the left panel while I was trying to place a photo that I had just imported to another folder.

    My collections appear to be intact, although I've not really used this feature.

    With the DNG files in the 'My pictures' folder (always there). There seems to be several JPG files that I expected (obviously for me, they are JPG generated since the DNG files). How can I recover my photos in Lightroom? It would also be necessary to have the jpg back in Lightroom to avoid conflicts in the Lr catalog?

    I'd appreciate simple easy to understand the answers that I am not very technical interest. I got Lightroom since v4 and now CC photography plan, although I don't have a really good understanding of what I don't get much time to use it.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    The library, go to:

    File > open recent

    Choose a catalog named so in the list, otherwise go to the catalog folder (normally found photos in) and double click (Ctrl-click) on the catalogue with the .lrcat extension

    If still not appear the pictures, go to a dated backup folder, when it was last working and launch of the .lrcat file.

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    You probably can't get back them now

    There you have it for a long time (January 2010)

    and finally, deleted files are overwritten

    You can try this program:

  • I accidentally deleted pictures and do not have backup files on the computer, the photos can be recovered?

    I accidentally deleted my granddaughters photos on my another cmputer and I donot have backup file, can we recover his pictures? the computer is windows vista Professional by hewett packard.

    No, you can't.

  • Accidental deletion of Windows Photo Viewer

    I am currently running Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit.  I accidentally deleted the Windows Photo Viewer.  How can I do to reload the driver.  I already updated to Internet Explorer 9 to 11, and I already rebooted my Windows 7 from the disk without being able to see JPEG files.  They open in Adobe Lightroom, that I also, but I would like to display the thumbnails in my files quickly with Photo Viewer.  Help, please.  Thank you.

    Click on any image file and choose 'open with' then "program by default"

    Windows Photo Viewer should be listed here.

  • LR 5.7 cannot find my files already edited because I accidentally deleted them. I have original and exported raw files edited JPEG images on an external hard drive. How do return on LR the possibility to repeat already published photos complete with the p

    LR 5.7 cannot find my files already edited because I accidentally deleted them. I have original and exported raw files edited JPEG images on an external hard drive. How to get back on LR the possibility to repeat already published photos complete with a history of editing? Thank you.

    Thank you Joe Maniac.  I deleted the original linked files on my internal hard drive which were dng files, but had copies of the raw files edited and edited the exported raw files (in JPEG format).  I don't have copies of dng files.  So what I ended up having to do was import the original raw files which then made a DNG copy on my internal hard drive.  The link has not changed, but now the files were back in the original track for missing photo alerts disappeared and I was able to see my change history.  The process has been painful, but without the dng, I had nothing to do a link to more if at least re-import them files has recreated the dng.  I don't know if there was an easier way, but it seemed that the problem did not the link deletion.  I use LR for a few years, but it was a rookie mistake, precipitated by my hard drive being so jammed up I ended up delete what I shouldn't.  I should have just moved the dng and the link to an external hard drive. Thanks again.

  • Accidentally deleted photos

    I accidentally deleted the folder that contained all my .dng files.  The Lightroom catalog files still exist.  How re - import photos from my RAW backups and keep all my changes?

    Thanks for your suggestions, I was really at a loss for how best to address the issue.

    And believe me, it is a hard lesson to learn, but a better backup system is in place now.

    So here's what I came up with a better solution for me, in this particular situation;

    First, I created a new catalog LR called Recovery, and then I imported my backup RAW files photos, using the same location, conversion and naming of the files that I used for my original catalogue (this part was very hard and inconvenient to recreate with the external DNG Converter).

    Secondly, I opened my original catalog, and we found most of my photos has been restored, but with all of them showing metadata conflicts.

    Thirdly, in the "Metadata" menu, I ran ' Update DNG Preview and metadata "on all files, and everything seems to go well, now including all my changes to LR.

    Obviously, the only files that I was not able to recover were created .tiff when I exported photos in Photoshop for editing.  I have the final .jpg finally exported from the LR, but not going back and make minor changes to the original workflow.

    Once again, if it can help someone, I hope that is the importance of a full backup system.  Don't take it for granted that your files will always be there.  I did and it bit me in the *, it is high time!

    Thanks again,


  • accidental deleted photos in Lightroom

    I just accidentally deleted all my photos in Lightroom. Any way to get back them?

    I found them in backup Rob. Thank you for taking the time to answer; very kind of you. Have a great weekend

    Scott Spiering

    Cell phone: 760-500-0204

    Office: 760-602-3470

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • I accidentally deleted photos a year ago. How to make a comeback?

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    That's why scientists always say "backup your stuff."  Hard 2 TB disks less than $100 USD for a while now.  Drag-and-drop / copy still works paste as a decent (albeit limited) method of backup and set up a scheduled backup to it's easy.  It will not solve your problem - but surely you are is no longer one of those who say, it's never happened before, why should I worry about this... »

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