Account Internet preferences system does not recognize the password for my AOL account... and so mail does not read the email in my AOL account

Account preferences Internet system does not recognize the password for my AOL (Internet) account... and so Mail does not read the email in my AOL account

Mail asking me to "Enter your password for [my AOL account] in Internet accounts."

When I enter my password Internet accounts says it is "Impossible to verify the account name or password."

iMac (24 inch, early 2009)

Processor clocked at 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

OS X 10.11.1 (B 15, 42) El Capitan

Remove the password in Keychain Access (Applications/Utilities). While there, menu Keychain Access of relief.

The problems of Keychain - see post of khati

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    Hi waso33,

    Please use this link to download & install the program on your system:-

    And then using the serial number that you can activate the program.

    Let me know if any problem will persist.

    Kind regards


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    You could try the free

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    When you run it, you will see your serial number in the top right. Check if it is the same thing.

    It will give you as much more technical information about your computer, its status of safety and what you can do about it, including the key codes for Windows products.

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    How do reset you the password?  Did you contact the e-mail provider and ask them to reset the password on their end of server?    Cause until it resets at the server end, Mac just contacts the server tries to access the site with the password that you give.

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    Thank you for your time and your support.

    Looks like you need to do a cleaning of your SMTP server settings.

    The menu bar, select Tools-Account Settings-outgoing server (SMTP)

    No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

    Remove the old server and add the right ones for your 2 accounts problem.

  • The box "remember passwords for sites" is graytone and I can't click on it. How can I save password?

    Firefox... Using Windows 7 - tools-> Options-> security cannot click "Remember passwords for Sites", create the master password only. What could be wrong? Thank you

    Note that Firefox running in private browsing mode also disables this box.

    • Tools > Options > Privacy: use the custom settings for history
    • Uncheck the box: [] "always use the navigation mode private.
  • Email provider does not recognize the email address after entering different credentials

    Entered my username and password on e-mail account of her husband.

    I entered my username and password on e-mail account of her husband and now our email provider (Bell South) does not recognize his e-mail address to receive messages.  It's as if I have more mounted his account with mine.

    Try to remove his e-mail account, and then close WinMail and then compact and repair the database (see  Then add the account back with the right credentials and then see if that solves the problem.


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    Had motherboard replaced but, before that, I had tried a secondary power to check if my principal could be faulty.  Card mother equipped now and all working fine except that I can't get the sytem to recognize my main diet.  Battery won't charge and the system stops if I remove the power supply.  This is on a DELL XPS M1530 laptop.

    Thanks for all the ideas.


    Motherboard might not be properly installed or has problems - easy to miss a rider or
    any other connection as well.

    Old battery? Unplug the power to the computer - remove the battery and clean the contacts with a pencil
    eraser (do not use this, if your battery is fine slots - just clean up the edges of the knife which fit in)
    them and be careful). Batteries are old, or it could be a problem with the computer.
    Check with the support of the machine system, and many of them have on line forums.

    New Lithium-Ion type battery usually last longer if you do not unload then less than 30%
    However on a laptop that not extend their life a lot. Best is to use the a/c adapter
    When this is possible.

    I use the free version of BatteryBar to monitor my battery. Click on the green button on the
    Yellow box on the right side of the page to download the latest stable version.

    BatteryBar - free version available

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    You can also check with the manufacturer of system and forums that many use their own
    proprietary software to monitor the battery and they could be known problems with your battery.


    Try this - to make a Restore Point

    How to create a Vista System Restore Point

    How to make a Vista system restore

    Then Control Panel - Device Manager - Batteries - Double click on each item - tab drivers - update drivers
    (who can not do anything) - then do a right click and UNINSTALL-REBOOT which will refresh the driver

    Problems with the lives of its use and the battery of power - Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Links of preferences system could not load

    The application of system preferences. It loads and lists all the links it contains.  Unfortunately, every time I select a link and pressed it activates and provides an error message indicating system preferences, and then the 'name app itself' could not load, i.e. network, accounts or any other link.

    system is running El Capitan, 10.7.  Mini Mac.

    Done the following: worked well all utility disk.  Reset the NVRAM.

    alayaskay wrote:


    system is running El Capitan, 10.7.  Mini Mac.



    El Capitan is 10.11 not 10.7.

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    Outgoing smtp is my web address.  Port is set to 25

    Your web address is set to (note the smtp prefix)? (Verio Outlook instructions, can be changed for Live Mail - It depends on what account you have, etc...

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    I try to get my remote system (SMU remote system) to send a signal of analog voltage by reading a file .lvm.

    I have a project in real time implemented, and under my remote system, I have a VI that is supposed to give a signal of analog voltage.

    The implementation of VI begins by reading a file position (.lvm). After that, it is connected to a DAQ assistant.

    I'm already sure that everything is connected properly, and that it is the right channel. The reason why I'm sure is because in the DAQ assistant window, I can click on "run" in order to send a test signal. I am able to capture this signal to test with an oscilloscope. Therefore, I am sure that the system is all set up correctly.

    Finally, I don't know if it's important, but the measure file he was reading is located in my host. I don't know if I deploy when the VI to the target, if the measurement file is sent to the remote system with the VI.

    I was wondering if someone could help me please.

    Thank you


    Hi Leon,

    If I understand correctly, you are trying to read a file .lvm waveform data and send this waveform through your SMU system. What devices are specifically using (chassis, modules...)? What exactly happens when you run the VI? You see errors? If so, what are the codes that come with these errors? Additional information on what the file .lvm would be also useful. What are the functions you use to play the .lvm file?

    Kind regards

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