accounting software inserts the user name in the modified records,

I have a customer accounting business.  A laptop there is a user "Kathy".  She connects with Kathy, all I see is Kathy, except when I echo % user_name % the result is 'user '.   The problem is that accounting software inserts the user name in the records changed, which makes 'Kathy' changes to a customer record eventually registered as being made by 'user '.  All computers in the company have the same user (different usernames) parameters and all other computers insert the correct user name in the records of change.

Profile of Kathy is new and there is no other user account on this computer.

Profile in the registry settings all show them "Kathy".

Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

Thank you


Windows user name

I think would be best to contact the developer of accounting software.  We have no idea of what the software needs or.

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    Create a trigger Before Insert database on the table to keep the count = 20 in the table. If it exceeds, raise the exception and cancel the insert operation.

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    Hi moto66,


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    Problem solved when I used Commit h.

    this.getDBTransaction () .commit ();

    Thank you.

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    I need to insert a record several times how it can be to accomplish...

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    REF no name dept
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    122 def 2
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    120 2 HHH

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    Thank you

    In this case, go with an outer join.

        DEPTNO DNAME          LOC
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            10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK
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      2    FROM DEPT
      3        ,(    SELECT 10 DEPTNO
      4                FROM DUAL
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            10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK
            10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK
            10 ACCOUNTING     NEW YORK
            20 RESEARCH       DALLAS
            30 SALES          CHICAGO
            40 OPERATIONS     BOSTON
    6 rows selected.


  • How to pre-fill a field before inserting the new record in the same block

    I'm obviously new to the forms and need help! I need to insert new records based on the lodge currently in the same block.

    In the block, I specify a lodge (lodge 0000) and run the query for this particular lodge. I want to insert new records
    for lodge 0000. The number of dressing room must be pre-fill with lodge 0000 and I have to do is enter the others
    provide the information.

    How to make a form to pre-fill the field lodge?

    Instead of global variables, why do you not use "Form settings" which are specific to your form? You can use them in the property 'Initial value' similar to global variables.

  • XDB user name and password to access the page configuration EPG on a pluggable database APEX


    I have a base shared of the Oracle ( 12.

    I have an APEX PDB 5.0 file. There is no APEX installed on the CDB (root).

    Connected to the PDB, the registry says:

    Name of the ID Version State

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    APEX Oracle Application Express VALID

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    I did the following (in this order):

    (1) race: apex_epg_config.sql

    (2) race: exec dbms_xdb.sethttpport (8080) - the firewall is open for this port

    (3) race: change the anonymous user account unlock;

    (4) run:


    () DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN.append_host_ace

    Home = > ' *',

    As = > xs$ ace_type (privilege_list = > xs$ name_list ('connect'),)

    principal_name = > "APEX_050000"

    principal_type = > xs_acl.ptype_db));



    I find myself with the APEX-based users:


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    I used the documentation:

    When I run from the browser:

    http:// < IP address of the server >: 8080/apex

    I get the messge:

    "APEX request a user name and password XDB"

    Does someone has encountered this situation in a PDB file?

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Thanks and greetings

    Hi Patrick,

    Laury wrote:

    I have a base shared of the Oracle ( 12.

    I have an APEX PDB 5.0 file. There is no APEX installed on the CDB (root).

    I want to configure the EPG for this PDB.

    I find myself with the APEX-based users:


    Status of user name

    ------------------------- -------------------------


    The problem is the ANONYMOUS account has expired.

    Reference: Re: XDB username and password

    I think that this issue is addressed in your previous thread so: Oracle APEX server requires a user name and password of the server said XDB?

    And here's the thread where Jason explained the reasons: Re: installation of the Apex (4.2.2 on 12 c)

    Kind regards


  • How to fill out the USER name in a [RESOLVED] text field

    Hi all

    Forms 10g (, Windows XP
    In my form, I have 2 blocks.
    1 block with a single element, where we enter a value and press on enter (this place you block2 and run the query).
    Block 2 (tabular) will get the records. This block2 have now 3 columns (caseid, userid, date).

    Now when I insert a new record, I just need to get the caseid only. And username and date must be filled in automatically.
    I am able to fill in the date by setting the property Initial Value * $$DATETIME$ $* for the column.
    And I tried many ways to fill the username in the userid column without success.

    I am tired of something like that
    In *When-New-Item-Instance*
    if :System.Cursor_Item is null then
         :BLOCK2.userid := Get_Application_Property(USERNAME);
    end if;
    /*In this case, I can navigate to to the last recrord w/o any changes in the fetced records
     and while inserting the new record, USERNAME doesn't populate.*/
    In *When-New-Record-Instance*
         v_dummy varchar2(15) := null;
         v_dummy := nvl(:system.cursor_value, null);
         Copy(to_char(v_dummy), :System.Cursor_Item);
         if :System.Cursor_Item is null then
              Copy(null, :System.Cursor_Item);
              :BLOCK2.userid := Get_Application_Property(USERNAME);
         end if;
    /* Nothing populates into the userid item while inserting new record */
    Any help please...

    Use one




    in a WHEN-CREATE-RECORD-trigger.

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    So I try to create a NEW account using a different user name my email address. It doesn't let me do. It is said that the email address is already taken, and it does not allow me to proceed. In the end, I had to set up a new account with an email address that I never use, just so that I could access the functions of the help. I'm exasperated. I don't want to post my Questions that I do not use and having to open another application to access even the e-mail address. I want to be able to receive a message from Mozilla in my daily e-mail normal, if someone has replied to my message. But as Mozilla doesn't let me use my e-mail address for the new account, I put in place, I can't do that.

    It's very frustrating. Mozilla does allow me access to my original user account that has already been put in place with my preferred email address. And Mozilla will not let me create a new user account with my preferred email address. Now I'm stuck with a new user account which is linked to an email address that I never use and is not easily accessible to me. As a last resort, I access my new user account in the hope that it will allow me to change the email address associated with the account, but of course, this is not an option.

    Can someone please help me access my original account with my login and my original password? If a password reset is necessary, then I should not receive an email response telling me that my account is already activated (see below). If it is checked, then why can't connect? What is going on? Please help me. Thank you.

    It seems that your account has already been activated.

    You can connect to:

    Thank you!

    Team }

    It's a bug

  • System user name and password recovery options

    Hi, looking for help to find my user name and password recovery system, I'm trying to factory reset my laptop, any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks siiinky

    Generally, you don't need to insert any user name or password when you start the recovery process...
    Usually, you must press ENTER to continue.

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    Hi, I create the main form and extraction of data from the value lov problem is this, when I insert the new record, lov cannot be selected

    If I select the extraction of value data of lov to the database.

    What can I do Sava data?

    Pinky as your other threads, this is going to be so long unanswered

    because you are not able to explain your case clearly

    Please try again and explain a little more, we will be happy to help you

    What can I do Sava data?

    --> Call commit to save (only what is able to understand)

    You will see newly born of the lines in your table?

    If Yes, check that this lov field is editable or not?


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    I bought my computer from someone else. Change user accounts did not take their name off of each (or more) file in the computer. How can I change or remove the user/name/document
    I have looked everywhere and changed user information and the name of the administrator. What can I do else?

    Hello flashgordonjxn,

    Who has ever done the installation of Windows, the installation program asks you to enter your name and optionally, the name of the organization. These registration information appears under recommended for in the general tab of the System when you click Start, click Control Panel, click performance and Maintenanceand then click System.

    To change see instructions below:

    1. Click Startand then click run.
    2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. Look for the following registry key:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
    4. To change the name of the company, follow these steps:

      In the right pane, double-click RegisteredOrganization. Under value data, type the name that you want, and then click OK.

    5. To change the name of the registered owner, follow these steps:

      In the right pane, double-click RegisteredOwner. Under value data, type the name that you want, and then click OK.

    6. Click Exit on the file menu to exit the registry editor.

    Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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    I setup a gmail account to and works very well. When I try to add another gmail account, I get an error 'User name' or invalid password. I can connect to this second gmail via the web to gmail account and the account active imap.

    PS - I use these accounts for the years through the web

    Thank you

    I also tried to delete completely the TB and reinstalled to try the problem gmail account and it still doesn't work.

    When checking on the 2-factor authentication, which I use, I noticed something. The work gmail account has allowed access to less secure applications"and my problem of account does not. I activated that and managed to add it to the TB. Everything works now!

    Not sure if less secure applications is a good thing, but its working.

    Thanks Christ1



    So here's my story... Today I decided to do a factory restore my world since I had seen some lag and thought that because I download as much just applications test and then uninstall them some 'basket' must have slept on my phone, causing my system to lag... I have provided zero factory, and everything was going well until the moment where I had to connect my motoblur account. When I logged on facebook, I noticed that instead of the Nice welcome message were characteristic of fb motoblur it just went to a cache of page that explains just read success!, I went and clicked done and then the same thing happened to twitter, but I thought everything was fine... I went and installed a few applications on the market, the top of the screens and other things and when I added my Social status widget I noticed it says to add a SOCIAL NETWORK (as if I had not added a network already)... I clicked on accounts and went on the facebook account, I had already logged in and noticed that the username is blank and the password used *... I clicked on save and got a message saying: ERROR ADD ACCOUNT. USER name SHOULD NOT BE EMPTY... same with my Twitter... and I can't sign in to any service motoblur...

    need help here since I use motoblur much... should I factory reset again?

    Thanks in advance!



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  • F10 - 122 infrared port

    How does - it? I do not see any program to use, or anything in the control panel or in the system!

  • battery on motherboard

    I noticed that attached to my motherboard in my HP compac, there is a button battery.  The death of this battery would cause my computer lights do not?  And how often should I replace?

  • E440/E540 Fn and the key Ctrl Swap

    Can the owners of any E440 and E540 if these laptops have the ability to remap the Fn and Ctrl keys? I understand a BIOS setting provides this function on the previous models of the E series, but did not find any specific information on newer models

  • exploit java/cve-2011 -

    Microsoft safety scanner found this infection on my computer, but cannot remove it completely.  Norton does not pick up the infection, saying that there is no infection. Someone has any idea how to remove this virus.