Acer Aspire 5100 Windows 8.1 problems (64-bit)

Hello Acer users,.

my mother has an Acer Aspire 5100 and is happy with it so far. I installed an SSD hard drive and Windows 64-bit from 8.1 to it (fresh). Now, she is very happy that the machine is very fast. Allthough there are new problems that accompanies the installation and I'm not happy with them. They are as follows (all drivers related questions I guess, no driver in Windows update or on Acer site):

1 - memory card reader does not work and does not appear in the Explorer. Device manager shows 3 x peripheral problem which are the memory card reader. Which brand is?

2 - WIFI does not work (says network adapter), have not yet tried to download and install the drivers from the website of Atheros, will try this next time I visit him. Poster 1 x peripheral problem device manager which I guess is the WIFI because the machine can access internet through wired adapter.

3 - display is fixed (cannot be changed) at a resolution of 1024 x 768 and it can do better, but can not be changed. Downloaded and installed Catalys control center, but this has changed a lot and I do not see anywhere to change the resolution from there. Only several screens etc.

4 - adapter displays in the Device Manager to 200M and it should be Ati Radeon Xpress 1100?

But other than these problems, Windows 64-bit of 8.1 works great and especially with the SSD is very fast. And can recommend to you all =)

Well, if you can help me on this issue. I guess that Acer can not make drivers before they get the manufacturers driver.




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    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5100 but my orbicam built-in to my laptop stopted work. Can someone help me?


    ·         Were there recent changes made on the computer before the show?

    Follow these methods and check if that helps:

    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the Microsoft Fixit tool and check if it helps:


    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

    Method 2:

    Try to install the latest drivers for webcam on the Acer support site and check if it works.

    Note: Be sure to select the operating system like Windows XP before downloading the drivers.

    You can also check with the Acer support for all known hardware related issue:

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    Modify the Windows boot option for: Microsoft Windows Vista

    Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe

    Score: 1

    Drive hard b44bb44b

    [/ noexecute = optin]

    That do I don't know...

    Thank you

    "When I start the laptop, 1 screen 2 times, beebs gives me the whats available in the computer, Press (F1) to resume, or (F2) of the installation.

    I wish that you mentioned the "beeps" in your original question.

    When you start a computer, you will receive a 'beep', which indicates that the motherboard has spent his own self (POST tests. Power on self test))

    'beeps' (plural) normally indicate a hardware problem.

    Read the Information on the links about different codes "beep":

    Contact the Acer Support if under warranty.

    If it is not under warranty, contact a repair shop, local.

    See you soon.

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    Do you know how to back up your data first? Once you do this, you can follow these instructions:

    That being said, why do you do this? A clean install (or its equivalent) is rarely necessary.

  • Windows7 installed in Acer Aspire 5100 laptop. Need Omnicam discs and software (which works)

    I have Windows7 installed in Acer Aspire 5100 laptop computer. It has 4 GB of ram installed and 32 GB as memorycard W/Redi-Boost. Sytem visas ready and works extremely well the 64-bit Win7. Only one item would not install the internal Omnicam which is mounted above the screen. This is how my mother-in-law is considering the and talk to grandchildren back in America. Like today, she's too old to travel.

    David S.

    Chiangmai, Thailand:* address email is removed from the privacy *

    Have you tried here?

  • used ACER Aspire 5100 which has windows vista Home premium with service pack 2. It has technology MOBILE AMD Turion 64 x 2 usb ports doesn't work don't, webcam and CD/DVD drive now does not.

    I bought the laptop to a pawn shop and waiting for a few minor problems, but not this one.

    It began with the webcam doesn't work does not correctly, but works. After Device Manager running that it has detected a Xerox Pro scanner, not built in webcam which i see in front of me. I tried everything with no success, but this isn't the only problem there is... more

    After I realized that the cam is not working, all 3 USB ports leaving recognize anything and all the devices connected by a mouse flexible wireless microphone on a memory stick 4 GB, could not be recognized. All were then tested in two other PC with these things being recognized and installed on the PC.

    I have updated after him saying driver not installed, only to be told driver is already up-to-date, but will still not be recognized.

    Now the CD/DVD does not work and is not even detected in scan. says the drivers are not present or that is disconnected. I did nothing else than to go in circles are doing the same thing over and over again.

    Is there a worm or bug or something wrong freeking I know and how do I solve this problem?

    I like most of the features of vista, but if it's the doo doo a bit I have to put up with... I want XP less back pain...

    Once again can not locate or install programs or drivers to operate the integrated webcam

    All USB ports defective 3 and CD/DVD is no longer functional or even detected in laptop... HELP ME PLEASE

    Hi Laurent,.

    1. did uninstall you the USB ports on the Device Manager and reinstalled as mentioned in the previous post?

    Please see the following thread link:

    my USB say this device not yet recognized the worsks device in the other laptop why?

    Uninstall all USB device manager entries and check.

    a. Click Start and typedevmgmt.msc and then click OK. Device Manager opens.

    b. expand Bus USB controllers.

    Note: You will need to scroll down to find this point.

    c. the first USB controller under Bus USB controllers right click and then click on uninstall to remove it.

    d. Repeat steps above for each controller USB is listed under Bus USB controllers.

    e. restart the computer. After the computer starts, Windows will automatically check for changes on the hardware and reinstall all USB controllers that you uninstalled.

    f. check the USB device to see if it works

    2. have you tried to uninstall the webcam?

    If this is not the case, try to uninstall the webcam in Device Manager and install the latest version of the drivers from the following Acer site.

    Acer Driver Downloads

    On the problem of DVD player, you can try the steps in the following article and check if it helps.

    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Acer Aspire XC605 Windows 8 in article 8.1; Does not start correctly?


    I mailed my Acer Aspire XC605 yesterday and started using it today. I downloaded a bunch of updates and rebooted the system, after which I decided to update to 8.1 by the store.

    I restarted my computer once again and now it won't start; I get the Acer logo with loading below points, then a black screen with just the mouse cursor (sometimes not even). I tried to go into safe mode but F8 (or other suggested commands) do not work - I think that this is due to the computer from starting too quickly so that it can detect the command?

    Is there something I could do to undo the changes or solve the problem (I don't even have disks or something to undo changes for and I don't know anyone with a Windows 8 Working Group) or should I have someone (Acer or a store TI) do a clean install of Windows 8 (or some IT magic on it)? As the computer came with Windows 8 I don't have the disk to install it.

    Hi Stellaluna

    You restart your PC, hold down ALT & continually tap F10 - this should take your PC using the eRecovery. He then will allow you to reinstall Windows 8 of your recovery partition.

    As soon as you're back up & running, burn your recovery discs - you'll need these if the hard drive do not ever!

    And keep out of Windows 8.1, (at least for now).  Microsoft has made some changes, which means that it is not compatible with all devices.

    I hope this helps!

  • Acer Aspire XC600 - Windows XP

    I am looking for a new desktop computer, the Acer Aspire XC600 with the following specifications:

    Acer Aspire XC600 - SFF - 1 x Core i5 3330 / 3 GHz - RAM 4 GB - drive HARD 1 x 1 TB - DVD SuperMulti - Radeon HD 7470 - Gigabit LAN - 8 64-bit Windows

    Now, I would like to install Windows XP on this machine, but I need to know with certainty whether or not it will work correctly. I can find drivers Windows XP for the GPU, so it's not any problem. Hard drive and DVD drive no problems either. But I find anywhere what kind of motherboard is in this computer so I can't verify that they are all the XP drivers for it. Can someone tell me what mother/chipset card using this computer and have all the XP drivers available or not? Thank you.

    (WARNING: Yes, I know that Windows XP is almost an existing operating system, and I know that it is very old, poses serious risks of security etc etc "but I need to run XP for some reason).

    Simply, we money went for it and installed all the drivers hand. No problem it is, although it was a serious pain to get the AHCI driver. Took us a while to understand the chipset was a "Intel 6 series/C200". "Intel H61 Express" is simply too broad and impossible to find the right drivers for.

    Anyway, resolved.

  • Acer Aspire 7750 g USB system problem

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 7750 G computer laptop, I bought some time ago. I never had any problems with it, but in the last month, the USB ports stopped working. Any port that I use, is the same: the device driver could not be installed. When I try to upgrade the driver or reinstall, access is denied occurs, even for a device such as a USB mouse. The thing is that this problem occurs only on Windows. I also use CentOS Linux x86_64 6.5, and the USB ports work ok, so clearly, it's a software problem (Windows). The first time I've encountered this error, I have reinstalled Windows, but the error is now back.

    I installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit myself, downloaded and installed the drivers from the site acer and Windows, it is updated. Can you help me please? I'll give you all the necessary details. Thank you.

    I found the solution to my problem. The virtual disk service (vds) was arrested, and it has been marked with manual start, which means that he never began, and all my USB devices ware using this service. I hope this will help others.

  • Password entry screen does not - Acer Aspire V5 - Windows 8

    I started my computer laptop and hit the password entry screen, but I can not connect.
    I'm on an Acer Aspire V5 - 571 running Windows 8
    The cursor is not in the password field.
    I place my cursor, but can't click on anything anyone, nor in the password field.
    The keyboard works because I can use the Fn key to enable / disable the touchpad.
    CTRL Alt Del does nothing, or if I press it twice.
    Cannot click on the power icon, access or "back" button or the enter key.
    Enter key does nothing.

    I have no discs as came installed.

    Have you any suggestions?

    All fixed. At out the battery to restart it without, closed, battery, reboot. Sorted.

  • Acer Aspire M3910 WIndows 10 update

    I have an Acer Aspire M3910 with Windows 7 and the Acer eRecovery Management functionality to restore the operating system to the factory settings.  With Windows 10 come out, I was considering upgrading to it but was worried that if I've updated, I could lose my backup eRecovery Management function.

    Question: If I switch to Windows 10, I'll lose my eRecovery Management and backup Windows 7 factory settings?  The last thing I want to do is upgrade to Windows 10, hate it and then not my partition eRecovery with the original configuration of Windows 7?

    Thank you...

    You can try to preserve it, only delete the partition of windows 7, but because windows 10 uses GPT instead of MBR, you will lose the function ALT + F10 to start recovery.

  • Acer Aspire V3 722 G several problems due to a BIOS update

    As I wrote in the title, I have an Acer Aspire V3 772 G computer laptop and recently he acted strange regarding the overheating and stuttering eventhough I clean it regularly and she should not do any of those at all, I keep everything updated, everything except the BIOS that is, so I searched, I discovered that some people got rid of these same problems with a simple update of the BIOS. So I decided to do the same thing, found good download, made sure it was for my model, but I must have missed something because after the update has been (apparently successful) fact, the computer restarted, but after the Acer splash screen, a message appeared that said 'by default boot device missing or impossible start' and after pressing Enter, it takes me to a screen where I should be able to choose a boot device, but there is no device to choose and the only way out of this is to unplug the laptop and restart it. After many hours of trying to figure out why the update failed and how to recover the BIOS and either try to reinstall the most recent roll to the other older, I accidentally discovered that I could access the BIOS settings part, where I could see the information on the laptop itself and BIOS (curiously It says that the version is the most recent 1.15) and the other parameters such as order of device boot and BIOS password, but some options are grayed out and inaccessible for me (e.g. factory reset). So as soon as now, I don't know if I've messed up in the first place or if it's something completely different (since I wasn't able to find a person who had the same problem) and would be very grateful for any help.

    Thanks in advance

    Go into your Bios Startup tab and see if it changed your startup mode.

  • Acer Aspire notebook, Windows 7, on notification of lock screen caps

    I have a laptop Acer Aspire 5334, and since I got it, a gray box appears in the center of the screen when I press SHIFT CapsLock or NumLock which appears if it was on or off.

    I searched other places with methods to turn it off but I can't find those who work or are specific to Acer.

    You know the method which I could use to remove/enable disable or turn this feature off? It's really annoying.

    I have a laptop Acer Aspire 5334, and since I got it, a gray box appears in the center of the screen when I press SHIFT CapsLock or NumLock which appears if it was on or off.

    I searched other places with methods to turn it off but I can't find those who work or are specific to Acer.

    You know the method which I could use to remove/enable disable or turn this feature off? It's really annoying.

    Hey the master

    Here is the vista forums

    you could ask acer

    or you could try to repost the windows 7 forums

    Walter, the time zone traveller

  • ACER Aspire running windows 8

    I bought an acer aspire laptop a few months back.  When I first started itup for the first time, I had been on the internet for a little while when I got this pop up message mcaffey saying to make contact with them I had a terrible virus on my computer... his name was Adam.  I had that confidence that he was a client of mcaffey serve as a gentleman.  He asked to have remote access to my laptop. I gave it to him!  At this point, he has messed with my laptop remote for about ten minutes. At the time wherever it was finished, my laptop was in ruins and he asked me a hundred dollars and he'll fix it.  I told him that it was impossible that I could allow myself that I had just bought my laptop then it asked me for fifty dollars, when I again told him no he became angry and wished me good luck and hung up.  Since then, my acer has to sit in a corner unable to function without them constantly in my acer. the icons of them were there permanently.  I finally did a factory reset on it this morning, but I can not get my firewall set in place.  they really did a job on my acer!  can someone help me please?  I also don't have any software security on that now, either. also please everybody all be wary of the technicians named Adam and Mcaffey!


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community.

    I suggest to you, please follow the links below and check if this is useful.

    Run a full scan of the system with Windows Defender in offline mode:

    See also below the link to the firewall settings.

    Answer back with the update of the question to help you further.

  • Acer Aspire V5 - 551 Microphone installation problem.

    try to get Skype to work, all right, but I have no microphone thatI can see. I have the crystral eye webcam (built in) should not built to mike also?

    Acer Aspire V5 - 551.

    any help or info greatly apprecisted.

    It's OK, I just updated all the drivers and it works well.

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