Acer Aspire 5741 G too hot temperature with Debian GNU/Linux

My Acer Aspire 5741 G would become too hot using Debian GNU/Linux.

Any ideas on how to get the same cooling effect as with Windows 08/07/10?

Using Microsoft Windows, it is never too hot and I suppose it has something to do with the control of the fans of the laptop.

Had no luck with the bios, but it looks like I solved the problem for now.

For those who have a similar problem, here is my solution:

1. I installed the driver real official owner of AMD for the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

2. I completely disassembled and cleaned the laptop then assembled again.

Now, I have worked with him for more than 6 hours and I can't have more than 50 degrees celsius in all hearts.

I think / hope that should do the trick until the end of the lifetime of the laptop.

Thanks to the community for your thoughts.

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  • Acer Aspire E1 - 571g too hot maybe

    I've had this laptop for 4 months, I am simply to start playing and noticed the tempeature maybe too hot
    At the office, I get: 52-60 degrees celsius for cpu depends on its use, when I start to play like the League of legends my cpu goes to 80-86 in far cry 3 comparable same somteimes 88-90, is it safe?
    My config: Core I 5 3230 M, Geforce 710 M with 2 GB of video memory to 8 GB of ram
    Another problem: I can not install epower I download the old installation succsesfull version but after reset, I can not any iterface and cannot start the program.

    If you use your score to play most of the time, I think it's quite normal, if it's hot. I want to say hot "tolerable".

  • Disable the default wireless on Acer Aspire 5741

    I have an Acer Aspire 5741-5698 running Windows 7.  I never want to connect to wireless internet.  I want to only rarely connect with a wired connection.  I can disconnect the wireless by pressing Fn + F3, but I never see a "Launch Manager".  The problem is when I turned off the computer and turn it back on, it by default, a wireless connection.  I went to manage networks wireless in Control Panel and manually selected connect to my home network.  It does not work.  How can I stop to automatically connect wireless?

    Go to the device, click Manager right on the wireless, then click on disable. When you want to use the wireless go back and click Activate.

  • need recovery disc for ACER Aspire 5741


    I did not create recovery discs, and now I have to replace the hard drive. Where can I get the recovery disks for Acer Aspire 5741 (WIN 7 Home Premium OA 64-bit)?

    Thank you


    Maybe you can buy the recovery media factory to your Acer store. As an old OS, I think that it shouldn't be available.

  • Acer Aspire V3 - 571G not hot.


    I have an Acer Aspire V3-571G53216G50Makk for 3 years now.

    But since it's new it kept to reach high temperatures.

    And when I'm games it comes in close to 100 ° C, which is not good for the GPU & CPU.

    But the problem is that the fan does not spin at 100%.

    Does anyone have a solution to change the fan speed?

    Things like Speedfan, Acer FanController do not work.

    Or if Acer could update FanController program, it would be useful.

    I hope someone could help me




    Well, to my knowledge there no software provided by Acer that could help you control the speed of the fan for your computer. I had some heat issues with my laptop, and some people suggested me to change the thermal paste. I did and I got a temperature much better after changing thermal paste in some applications (notably for the GPU), but in other cases, the only thing I did is to reduce the thermal regulation. For example in AIDA64 extreme stress test usually my CPU was about 2.2 Ghz front at full load (97 C) due to the thermal regulation. After changing thermal paste, my CPU running constantly at about 2, 9 - 3.0 Ghz (97). (I7-4720HQ processor 2.6 ghz) So I had less control but as you can see it the same temperature. Overall is a very good improvement in my opinion.

    Then you can try to change the thermal paste and see if this can help you. However, this idea is not very good if you do not have a good understanding of the computer and also a good guide to how to disassemble your computer.

  • Reinstall Windows XP on Acer Aspire One - computer did not come with a recovery CD

    How to use the product key that came with my Acer Aspire one to reinstall Windows XP without CD?

    Hi MariaMouzes

    You can restore your computer configuration using the procedure described in the link below.

    How can I restore my system using eRecovery management program?

    Or you can buy the recovery media by hint at the link below.

    Good luck.

  • Acer Aspire 5536 Webcam does not work with Windows Live Messenger

    My Acer Aspire 5536 laptop with built in Crystal Eye webcam does not work on Windows Live Messenger.  Open the application of webcam Crystal Eye went very well, taking pictures is fine, until I want to use it in a conversation on Messenger.  Is there something I can do?

    A quick response would be much appreciated.

    Hi Tom Hawx,.

    (1) if it works well before?

    (2) remember to make changes?

    (3) you get an error message?

    You can follow the steps mentioned in the article below to configure settings for audio\video Messenger.

    With the help of your LifeCam with Microsoft Live Messenger

    (Article applies to deliver the LifeCam, works very well for the issue)

    If the problem persists always, for more expert on this issue, help post your query on Windows Live Forum.

    Windows Live Forum -

  • Acer aspire problem vn7 - 591 g nitro with high CPU and GPU temperatures

    Hello! I recently noticed some issues (lower fps) performance when you play semi demanding like cs and Overwatch, although pretty much the lowest settings. I went to download CPUID (software to monitor your hardware) to check my temperature and I noticed that I reach 90 low to high (depending on the game) when I play.

    I thought it might be dust or something inside so I removed the keyboard of the laptop part and used some canned air to remove any dust I could reach (without removing the motherboard). I also managed to get your hands on a laptop computer, cooling rack. The problem is that all these efforts really solved the problem. Just a slightly lower temperature on the GPU and about the same on the processors. I'm starting to wonder if it could be the thermal paste, which need to be replaced? I had the computer for a little over a year now. Does anyone else know similar problems? Help or advice would be appriecated.


    The CPU and the GPU are designed to operate at these temperatures. If they are too high they will be the butterfly, and if even this does not then at some point they just instantly shut down to avoid any possible damage.

    Changing thermal paste may improve performance, but you will only get lower temperatures. Your CPU/GPU will probably run at higher clock speeds and will not throttle, but temperatures will be in the same range. But in my experience if you can change the thermal paste, you should.

    Also, you can use the laptop fan control that has the configuration for 591g and it may further increase the fan speed. I think, from the factory, the maximum speed of the fan is just about 60-70%.

  • Acer Aspire model M5 - 581T. Bought with Windows 8. Updated to 8.1. BIOS is UEFI?

    I have this model and the OS. Trouble with the battery "not detected" but if I turn on with battery AC shows OK and charge, thereafter. Draft AC translates power off like battery not here, but not immediately. May issue of BIOS? Maybe the pilot? How to access smart battery? Unit out of warranty. Thank you.

    Hi ejpoleii

    Yes, you should have a UEFI BIOS on your laptop.

    Have you tried a battery reset?

  • Acer Aspire R7-572-6423. no sound with HDMI


    I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit on the R7.  I got the laptop connected to a receiver and the receiver connected to a TV.  I am able to see my desktop on the TV but I have not any sound through the receiver.  When I look at the reading devices

    Digital audio (HDMI)

    Audio device high definition

    Not plugged

    I know it is connected because I see my screen on my TV.

    This laptop can send audio via the HDMI connection?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this!

    Thanks for the quick response!

    I couldn't select it as default value (it is grayed out).

    In fact, I saw a few other posts on updating to the latest drivers Intel 4400, so I just tried.

    I installed the version file named win64_153318 on the Intel Web site and that seemed to do the trick!

    If I go into device under graphics cards Manager I have an entry of Intel(r) HD Graphics Family that tells me that the driver date is 11/03/2014 and version is

    In any case, I am able to define as device by default now and checked the reading through my receiver (and other areas connected to it) that was exactly what I wanted, so I'm all set.

    Thanks again!

  • Microphone on Acer Aspire V7 is too directional.

    The microphone works only sraight forward.  Thus, the voice of somebody sitting out of the way is muffled or not distinguishable.  Is there a setting to make broader "mike" in the range?

    Unfortunately, there is no setting for the microphone.

  • Temperature of CPU acer aspire 5741G

    I have an Acer Aspire 5741 G and I would like to know what is the average temperature that my cpu is heat. I know that the temperature will determine by what programs it is currently running, but I want a general idea of what the processor must be running.

    I am really worried because I recently changed my hard drive of the laptop and the technician told me that it was broken beacause of high temperatures! And now, he still has the problem of overheating.

    For example, I watched a movie in full screen for 40 minites and my cpu heat75 ° c. (and if I am not mistaken, 90° C is the max)


    I hope you find a solution to my problem.


    Thanks for your time!

    Hi, I experienced a similar problem with my Toshiba Satellite years - caused all sorts of accidents etc.

    Solution is to buy an external fan (c £15 to the tme, Tesco) which is under the laptop and is powered by USB

    No other problems over the last 2 years!

    A solution that worked for me

    Regards Graham

  • Hi there I have an acer aspire one and I have a problem with my wireless connection.

    Hi there I have an acer aspire one and I have problems with my wireless is connected, but I can't use internet.any thoughts? Thank you

    A look at the "front" face, under the lip of the keyboard, similar to where a lock would be on a laptop. There is here a cursor that is not a lock, but it is a switch that activates / deactivates him wireless on and outside. Slide it on until it turns on the light above it (with the logo of the antenna), indicating wireless is turned on and drag it again to turn it off.

  • Tecra 8100 CPU gets too hot

    Well, some may remember my previous post about the fan activation in my Tecra 8100.

    This laptop came to me as a gift by a customer, because the screen didn't work. After some research, the problem was the internal cold cathode that was broken. Once replaced: Yes! a free book for me! It was a Pentium III 650 Mobile, with 64 MB of RAM and a 12 GB hard drive. I replaced all the components (which are now on sale, btw), and now has a Pentium III 850 Mobile, 512 MB of RAM and a 40 GB hard drive. Someone gave me a card PCMCIA of WiFi 11 Mbit/s, and now how it works with Windows XP Professional and updated Toshiba Utilities and drivers downloaded from Toshiba USA.

    What's the buzz? SpeedFan, Motherboard Monitor and other monitoring utilities reported temperatures up 72a? Aºc in the processor. I opened the computer laptop and put thermal paste instead of the sticker that has the heat sink. Temperature guard high and utilities Toshiba even with parameters ' cooling high performance "does not have the fan to cool the cpu...

    I hangs at all, but the business cards and pcmcia laptop have too hot even with the system works with any of the applications running. Lowering of the CPU clock or the ratio helps not at all.

    I think putting a fan somewhere extra to force air circulation and that cool the cpu, unless...

    ... Toshiba could develop a utility that allows you to directly control the fan speed. I don't know if the thermal management is hardware or software-driven. If it is a software-driven, it should be easy to create a utility that directly access the fan and temperature records. It would be MUCH better than simply let the computer decide when and how long to activate the fan.

    I'm sure that Toshiba engineers are busy with more important things which will not create the utility for us, so...

    .. What to check or do to cool the CPU at more appropriate values?

    Thank you all!


    As in you previous announcement describes the Toshiba power saver controls the CPU and fan usage.
    This software works very well, and if you use the laptop as prescribed, you should not get all the problems and overheating problems.

    The problem is that you have changed all the devices and parts on you laptop. The new parts are effective, but produce more heat.
    On the laptop you can cool the CPU with a small fan, and if she goes out, it is necessary to decrease the performance of the processor.
    It is a simple fact. All these functions can be set with energy saver.
    In addition, it is very important that your cooling module is clear and free from dust and debris obstruct the work of fan.

    PS: Useful link about changing CPU:

  • Acer Aspire E3 - 112 Touchpad drivers for Windows 7

    I recently bought an Acer Aspire E3-112 which although provided with a previous installation of Windows 8.1, I am running Windows 7.

    The Touchpad works, but the functions of the gesture and scrolling does not. There are drivers out there for Windows 7 that will allow the touchhpad become fully functional?

    Try this:

Maybe you are looking for