Acer Aspire E5 - 511. move the mouse/Touchpad cursor, but will not open other than McAfee programs.

Just bought this laptop, original thought it was a big improvement on my Aspire 3 year!   Last problem after doing a full scan with McAfee is the touch pad or remote control will move the cursor but will not open other than McAfee programs.   The Windows (bottom left) symbol does not illuminate when the cursor is over it and I am unable to use the windows key + C to get the bar of charms.

For the background, I couldn't install windows updates since I got this computer, two days, so do a scan to look for the reasons.


Thanks for your suggestion Acer-Justin.   Sorted by switching off / reset the keyboard.   Problem sorted update using Microsoft who has found a problem with the update system and then installed Windows 10 - everything looks ok at the moment.

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