Acer Aspire M1641 Desktop. Rear audio jacks have a 7.1 surround. I need manual for audio jacks.

Above is a close-up photo of the audio input/output jacks on the rear panel of my desktop PC Acer Aspire M1641-E3750A. I think that this configuration is a 7:1 surround sound system. When I access the manual Acer Aspire from the PC itself, it does exactly what is providing the function of a surround sound system. I do not know what the symbols mean audio universal: 'exit' - arrow pointing off wave circle and "input" - arrow pointing in the circle of the wave. The pink jack is the microphone input jack. Blue is the line-in Jack. The Green Jack is for headphones.

Here are the three problems that I am trying to solve:

(1) which output jack is what works in a surround sound system?

Since the Green Jack is for headphones and a surround sound system this output probably of 'Left' and 'Right' would be pregnant before. Is this correct? I suspect that the black upper middle plug is the bass speaker. Is this true? I do not know what role the white and the yellow output sockets are used in this system.

(2) what is the correct procedure of wiring/connection to connect speakers to the output jacks of?

I think that ALL the output sheets are mini stereo cards. So, I have attached two speakers from each output as a stereo headphone jack?

(3) made the PC power attached speakers in the surround sound system? If not, do I have to patch the outputs from the PC via an amplifier and then convert signals to the speakers?

I apologize for all this detail! Perhaps there is a quick reference that someone could provide a link to a knowledge base. I tried Acer, Wikipedia and other sources, but I can't seem to find answers to these questions.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

A sound card integrated (such as Realtek) can have multiple uses made.

outside one pink that is taken for Microphone, others can be used like headphones or speakers (normally the green one).

If you go to your control panel and double-click the Realtek icon, probably will appear a window with different parameters and can help you understand what makes each output.

for sure that you need an amplifier, the soundcard of the PC doesn't have enough power to handle a speaker without amplification system.

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    Ironfly. thanks for the suggestion, but I solved the problem by inserting a small file of Scotch (2mm thick) between Mo and the top cover, I got the idea from another post of member's (royrempel) in another thread in this forum found here:

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    I finally solved this problem! After starting, press F9, and then click "restore." Then you will need to be patient and start the computer normally will be! Here it helps other people with this problem too.

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    You will need RAM SO-DIMM 204 format pins for your laptop. DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800, also known as) should work a treat.

    Your SSD should have an MSATA interface, so depending on what is here right now, you can place in a Plextor M6M disc.

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    you will find the latest available for your model, just click on the link to download the drivers you need to update, and then unzip the file (just right click and choose Extract), then find the driver folder and double-click install.exe or setup.exe, then follow the instructions on the screen.

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    Yes, please download driver from following link (note: same for all):

    Kind regards.

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    I had to do a full recovery of factory on my acer aspire 4520, running on windows vista service pack 2. My player ligthscribe disappeared for months and thought would contribute to the update. Still, I can't get this problem is resolved. I really don't want to send to acer for repair of $200. Device Manager lists not and ligthscribe-rom drive or hardware. my laptop will not play or run any what ligthscribe. The box turns on and makes noise it will work, then theres nothing. I ran Microsoft fix it and says that the disc is missing. I run the material its says no drive detected or material. I go to acer to reinstall disks, but they don't that I need have listed and recommend that send it. Is there anyway that I can reinstall the hardware or peripheral? With out having to send it to acer? I'll try to fix it, I just need someone with computer knowledge to help me how and what to do. Thanks to all who tried to help!


    Since you've made a revision to state out-of-the-box of factory looks like the optical drive has failed or
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    Acer - USA - Service and Support - drivers

    Acer - worldwide

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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