Acer Aspire switch 11 Umschaltung in Tabletmodus geht nicht devising


I hope bin ich mit meinem switch right Forum gelandet im ich habe seit kurzem Windows 10 auf meinem Switch, works die automatic Umschaltung leider in den Tabletmodus nicht. Wenn ich die abclipse keyboard, erhalte ich eine message Infocenter und auch einen Hinweiston im. Den Einstellungen habe ich auch die Tastatur displaying bzw beommen Geräte unter. displaying nicht, wenn sie ist ab. Sandrine works der Tabletmodus.

I had auch schon Rucksprache mit Mircosoft, die mir sagten, sei ein Acer problem, die einen entsprechenden Treiber freigeben/create track.

Weiss einer von Euch mehr?

LG und Vielen Dank schon hurt an Alle die try zu helfen


Yes, habe nun ein bischen mit Acer hin und she tried, bisher nichts felt hat.

Dann kam herself sharp eMail

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  • Questions about the Acer Aspire Switch 10 guarantee


    I am very interested and very probably going to go ahead with a purchase of the Acer Aspire Switch 10 but I have a few questions. As the device is not currently available in Australia my plan is either:

    (A) choose one of these devices to the top when I visited the United States in two weeks


    (B) order now (of the United States) and delivered it here, so it comes at the time wherever I'm back from my trip.

    So my main question is, as I have seen many different people having the same problem here with no apparent difficulty, if I made the purchase would I covered by warranty? I think that one would see me covered by the guarantee of international travelers, but it is not very clear. The second option would be local warranty (United States), is that correct? So if I had a problem I have to send it to the United States (at my expense)? Or should it be mentioned here in Australia? And finally, if a problem arises here, local service center (located in Sydney) acer would be able to solve the problem or find a replacement model, even if I have to pay a fee?

    Thanks for the help, I am completely impressed with the device for what it is, I don't want to be stuck with a dud and know I am not covered by the warranty after I come back home (Australia) or when it arrives.

    A traveler warranty Acer is designed so that if you buy a product, then travel outside your country up to 90 days, you can get service while you travel. Because you live in Australia and be buying abroad and return home, that you would classify not as a traveller in good faith. You can read all of the terms and conditions in

    The warranty for a product purchased in the United States would need to be repaired in the United States. Unfortunately, you would be responsible for the shipping of the product to the United States for repair, and we can only ship to an address in the United States, so you have to send it to someone in the States who may transmit the packet.

    Regarding if the deposit of Australian repair can repair the product, it would be up to their discression regarding if an ITW applies and if they are able to get the parts of the system. It is recommended that any warranty service needed on a purchased product, to be in the country of the initial sale.

  • Brightness of the display on battery walk brighter. Acer Aspire switch Alpha 12 SA5-271 - Q 55, 6

    Acer Aspire switch Alpha 12 SA5-271 - Q 55, 6

    I am running the latest version of windows 10.  I noticed that when the Tablet is a stack when I opened a window, like a file Explorer, the screen will brighten up about 3 to 4 more brilliant after the opening stages of the window.  Turning off automatic mitigation does not affect this.  He disobeys on battery.  Any ideas?

    Thank you


    IIRC the last version of Windows gradually reduces the brightness of the screen when it is on battery. Opening a window to bring it to normal, how it will start again dimming.

  • How can I type the characters printed in green on the keyboard of Acer aspire switch 10?

    My (Northern) keyboard on my Acer Aspire switch 10 has some characters printed in green. This includes the backslash character I need desperately. However, I can't find any information in the manual or elsewhere about access (type) these characters. Help, please!

    I tried now. With the help of the button Fn-type only the characters printed in blue. The backslash is printed in green, as is the Danish æ and 0-slash (o). Explaining the problem to my wife, she wanted to give it a go. And to my surprise it resolved in less than a minute. I had missed that the backslash WAS ALSO printed in white on the same key as + and? so, to be able to type it, all I have to do is pressed the Alt - Gr key pressing this key. Stupid of me to do not see it the first time around.

    Getting back to the question initial on the characters printed in green, I came to the conclusion that it is "conversion" of the keyboard in a Danish provision of individual countries by specifying this keyboard layout in Windows settings. Similarly, there are a few characters printed in red. I assume these are Norwegians.

    This type of complexity, that's what you get when manufacturers want to reduce country-variants for as little as possible, I guess.

    So all is well here

    For reference, I enclose a picture of my keyboard

  • Acer Aspire switch 10 - Boot USB / Windows 8.1 installation of USB

    I recently bought Switch 10. As it has only 32 GB SSD cut into 24 GB of windows and 8 GB partition for recovery, I tried to merge these partition to get rid of the recovery and have only a single partition SSD. Longbstory short, I failed and got a blue screen, then a restart and now I have this:

    I have Windows 8.1 the official site of Microsoft, I have orginal CDkey (not OEM Acer's). The version I downloaded is a 32/64-bit Installer (I think, but it can be 32-bit only)
    I tried to configure the BIOS by myself, but it always puts me the blue screen of windows (with error 0000225).
    I provided the BIOS with the default settings screens:

    I prepared the USB stick to a .iso image with a program called Rufus, GPT partitioning system.

    Then I changed the BIOS settings to allow non-secure startup and boot from USB HDD first, and when you start, I hit F12. But I still get that:

    -What would I do? Be able to start Windows 8.1 installator, clear all partitions on SSD and make sure that you have a 32GB with windows.
    -What I need? Help, because I can not boot from USB and run Windows 8.1 installator.

    I found the solution, everything works fine.

    To do this, you must keep two things in mind:

    1. you may not use Microsoft official .iso for the USB program - it does create a bootable USB stick for UEFI bios, the official downloader for Windows have the ability to create USB bootable .iso downloaded, but it is not able to do.

    You must create bootable ISO using software of Rufus (type simpy rufus in google or LINK), then all you have to do is to make sure that you have selected GPT partition scheme for your bootable usb key and the FAT32 file system.

    2. the most improtant thing which is our Acer Aspire Switch 10 supports ONLY 32-bit Windows, just all the instalators Windows that contains the version 64 bits are wrong. Conclusion is simple, you need only 32 bits instalator, the 32-bit/64-bit custom works (like only instalation of 64-bit that is obvious)

    Hope this has helped.

  • Acer aspire switch v10 wifi problem.


    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I looked and that you can not see this problem.

    My friend got an Acer Aspire switch V10 from the EA Store with mobile internet, but want to connect Wifi too when shes at home.

    The problem is that there is no option for Wifi everywhere where I can see. My laptop Windows 10 in the Notifications Panel and the subnet in the settings. But these are not? How to connect to a Wifi network?

    Thanks for any help you can give and, hopefully, im missing not only something


    It is possible that it is, for some reason, got the wireless off. There is a press of button (Fn - F3 on this laptop, may vary on the switch) which enables / disables wifi on and outside. In addition, you can toggle the wifi device in network and sharing Center, go to edit the card settings. If it does not then it is possible that the driver is corrupted or missing, open the Device Manager and look for whatever it is reported as a problem. Finally, it is possible, that there is a hardware problem in which case it will not show anywhere. This requires a trip to the repair depot.

  • How to reset to the default values for Acer Aspire Switch 10

    I bought the Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16GW removable 2 in 1 windows mobile touchscreen (64 GB) 8.1 the 30/11/201 of the Amazon.

    After two days, I couldn't not on the internet due to some errors of proxy server. I also noticed there were many installed junkies.

    So, I would have a complete cleaning to reset to the factory settings. Much would appreciate if someone can show me the steps. Amazon box did not come with any CD system.

    Thank you very much!

    The hard drive on startup recovery
    1. turn on your computer, and then press Alt> + F10> during startup. A
    will appear asking you to choose the configuration of the keyboard.
    2. several options are now presented. Click on Troubleshooting.
    3. click on refresh your PC or reset your PC.

    "Refresh your PC" allows you to restore your computer to the default factory
    condition with intact files. 'Reset your PC' removes completely all your files
    and resets your computer to factory settings

    Or you can use the Acer erecovery from windows software, just press the logo keys windows + s, then type acer erecovery, start it and choose your option.

    I suggest you do the USB recovery media, this will help you a lot in the worst cases.

  • Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA screen will not lock properly?

    Hi all

    I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA 2-in-1 removable laptop / Tablet and I bought it in February this year. Recently, I had the question of whether he is in charge, the power/control lock light no longer lights and now when I press the button, it isn't really lock the screen more that causes my battery dying too fast and the buttons being touched while it is in my bag. Any other button on that side works fine, it's just the power/lock button.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I'll see if this is covered by the warranty (if not human. I have additional coverage with another company) and see if it can be fixed? I use this for College and that is my only computer so I hope that's not dying on me already!

    Contact Acer, United States support service normally guaranteed 1 year:

  • Acer aspire switch 10F / I don't see hard drive

    Hi, today I got a new acer aspire switch 10F. I live in Poland, but I bought the acer in the United Kingdom.

    So I turn on the acer and I see acer have 10 windows. I check 'This PC' and I do not see a HARD 500 G 0.o disk, only 32GB. I thought I have a version without the HARD drive, but have all versions. The keyboard/dock is heavy, so I think that hdd is in the keyboard, but windows can't see HDD.

    This is screen printing:

    In disk management.

    Maybe I don't have some drivers?

    Please help than kyou


    Yes, yours is not equipped with a HARD drive. Last year, I have evaluated a similar model (only 32 GB mem) and have not found the dock Ko was very heavy. The message, in my view, that it comes to USB ports (e.g. plugged USB flash drive).

  • Need help to get help in getting my password on my Acer Aspire Switch 10

    I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 and forgot my password. I can't get help, do to the fact that I can't find my s/n. I read that it is on the box, which is long gone. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Hello, sorry your problems with your system...

    You can get your SNID # with the screen removed from the docking keyboard... It's on the bottom of the unit where it connects to the docking station!


  • Acer aspire switch 10 no boot device

    Hello, I am working on an Acer Aspire Switch 10 2 in 1 (there so no usb port and no cd drive) when I turn it on it flashes Acer logo for a second and then jump to "No boot device" with an image of a hard drive and a magnifying glass. This was not the case before. I could get for the recovery and trying, but it did not work. Now it seems that when I go in the settings of UEFI, boot order options have nothing other than IPV4 and peripheral USB for possible boot options.

    On information in the BIOS, you can find any reference to the members of the SSD?

    If this isn't the case, it is probably a hardware failure.

  • ACER Aspire Switch 10 startet nicht

    Hallo, ich bin neu yesterday und habe ein problem.

    ICH habe mir letzte Woche einen zugelegt ACER Aspire Switch 10.

    Yesterday habe ich das Tablet download drove und heute lasst're sich nicht starten. Der to da ich war, dass das vielleicht Tablet leer ist, habe ich opinion are a den Strom angesteckt. An der Powertaste art ein rotes LED.

    ICH habe beim durchforsten sharps Forums seen, dass man die Resettaste soll und dann should Tablet starten wieder das aatch. Die habe ich tried, aber're tut sich nichts. Es nicht of started.

    Hat einer aus diesem Forum vielleicht eine idea, was kann man machen noch sonst.

    Uber eine Antwort wurde ich mich freuen.

    Vielen Dank im Voraus.



    Moin Retep1,

    Versuch evil bitte folgendes:

    Stop bitte den Ein / Aus Taster 10 Sekunden group.

    Danach wieder loslassen und try normal einzuschalten.

    Viele Grüße


  • Tastaturdock Acer Aspire switch 11

    Guten Morgen zusammen

    ICH beabsichtige, das Tablet Acer Aspire switch 11V (SW5-173-60VD) gebraucht zu erwerben, however without keyboard-Dock.

    Ist possible, die bei Ihnen zu treatable produktdarstellung, entweder mit oder ohne additional Fliegengitter?

    There're dazu auch einer Modell-Nummer?

    Vielen Dank.

    Gaggo wrote:
    Guten Morgen zusammen

    ICH beabsichtige, das Tablet Acer Aspire switch 11V (SW5-173-60VD) gebraucht zu erwerben, however without keyboard-Dock.

    Ist possible, die bei Ihnen zu treatable produktdarstellung, entweder mit oder ohne additional Fliegengitter?

    There're dazu auch einer Modell-Nummer?

    Vielen Dank.

    Hello gaggo,.

    yesterday ist ein 'User helfen Usern' Forum.

    Yes inquiry Mitarbeiter beim Acer Support besser eine:



  • Problems with the driver of the sensor on the windows 10 x 86 with the Acer Aspire Switch 10 E company


    I installed windows 10 x 86 business on my Acer Aspire switch 10F, because there were 10 x 86 host windows install before and I couldn't get into my computer in the domain. Now, the computer is in the domain, but I have problems with drivers. I tried to install all the drivers that are on the site acer for my Acer Aspire switch 10F. And then I did the windows updates, but I have 2 drivers that do not work is the one whose name is "Kionix sensor Fusion device" and the other whose name is 'Micro Capella CM3218x ambient light sensor. Without these drivers, I can't activate the automatic rotation for when I want to use my device in the form of tablets and I can't use the automatic brightness for display.

    can someone help me please? Thank you.


    The answer of the Acer support is that this computer is not done for the company and it will never be drivers for the HOME version of windows 10 x 86 version.

  • Acer Aspire switch 11 release Date

    I did the thing of PC selector on the microsoft windows site and it came with the Acer Aspire switch 11. However, when I click it, it says that it is coming soon. When it comes out? How much will it cost when it does not come out? Perhaps someone from Microsoft can respond to this...

    EDIT: I found this... he says it will be available in October, but its already October... So still need help.

    EDIT: also found this. It's going to be an acer aspire switch 12? When that comes out? help please

    P.S. Here is a screenshot.


    Thanks for the reply and I apologize for the delay.

    Acer Aspire switch 11 is available now and for more details check out the Acer store from the link below:

    do not hesitate to return if you still face the question, we will be happy to help you.

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