Acer Aspire V5 552 slow game performance low when it is plugged into the charger (HELP!)

So, I recently noticed that my Acer laptop has a problem when it comes to games. The speed of the CPU is really low when you start a game, I did not notice this until a few hours before... I was playing Borderlands 2 and I am disconnected from my laptop to move it to my office and I noticed that my FPS has increased almost double what they were before, I plugged my laptop for the charger and I started to look at the the CPU cores, each carrot got preatty fluctuating between speed and low speed. I've tested this with all my games and all had the same results, for example a Borderlands 2 area when it is plugged in the exercise was about 18-22 FPS, but when disconnected from the charger the FPS increased from 34-48 or more. I tried to read a lot of things on the web and can not find a solution to this...

Another test I did was with Dolphin Gamecube emulator, the FPS when playing the legend of Zelda The Wind Waker varies between 22-26 or lower on the places of strong thickness, when unplugging my laptop charger I have 30 fps constant in these heavy areas.

Also with Counter Strike Global Offensive, the game normally ran about 50-60 FPS in all the cards and then tested without the charger plugged in and got 70-120 FPS on all cards

This video shows exactly what happens for me, unless I have an AMD GPU and CPU.

My Acer Aspire V5 552 Specs are.
Windows 7 X 64
AMD A8 - 5557M @2. 1 GHz to 2.8 GHz Turbo
I have all the latest drivers and updates installed.

The charger is not damaged, it is original one supplied with the notebook.

Got a nice deal on a MSI gaming laptop. At first I thought that the Aspire V5 has been an excellent laptop for budget games, but then turned that has a performance problem that ruined the processors to give power maxi while only plugged in, but when unplugged the other way around. Still a nice cell phone with potential wasted with this particular problem.

No solution to this problem, tecs don't even bother looking at BIOS like other manufacturers of laptop to solve this same problem.

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  • Acer aspire V5-552 wireless internet issues

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire V5-552 portable it recently does not connect to internet in my apartment, the convenience store said that there is something wrong with the router, but all other legacy with her work. When the internet cable is plugged in it works, but there are a few problems with the radio. The wireless laptop connects perfectly well when I'm in uni, but not connecting not in my house, and if it connects and I move to another room or leave the laptop for 5 minutes it disconnects and connects any, also if I click on forget network and go to the password again once he says he does not or is it erroneous.

    Would really like to advice to fix, because it was causing me a bit of stress thanks :)

    This new information suggests that there may be a problem with the security setting in the router flat.

    Do you know how to get into the router to reset the password?   Assuming that the router itself is secure with a user id and password, you will need to know that.  I can't help you with how to reset because these instructions are different for different routers.  You may be able to get help by contacting the manufacturer of the router service.

  • Acer Aspire es1 512 - Win 8.1 bing Win10 failed to upgrade now the code error 0xc000000f

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    Just a quick update, so I'm not leaving this hanging.

    Scan found 100, in thousands of errors.

    During the next startup the laptop told me that there is no bootable operating system.

    The hard drive was dead as a dodo so he sent to Acer via UPS.

    They said that the hard drive was indeed defective and replaced the hard drive and sent it to me

    within 5 days under the 1 year warranty.

    Turn on the computer laptop and relocation of the stuff, I was immediately greeted with a "this laptop.

    can be upgraded to windows 10 '' unfortunately I don't think I'll try that again :-)

    Many thanks Acer for the fast turnaround and Ultra thanks for Ace Ironfly for taking the time

    to try to help out me.

  • Acer aspire led power cell v3 shows that when I turned it on

    So, I have been using this laptop for quite some time now and it was just another day when I turned the laptop on it only shows power light and nothing else.

    Hardrive not spining
    Fan not spining
    Dosent screen shows nothing
    But im surprised when I plug a port ethernet, the light flashes

    CTEA aspire v3-571-6769
    6 GB memory
    hard disk of 500 ithink space
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    Itried solutions
    Running on battery
    Running on plug only
    The two did not anyththing
    Remove and reset the bios by removing the battery cmos for 30 minutes
    Press and hold the power button to reset the power
    Check all plugs on the motherboard
    Start the laptop with/without ram and with or without a hard drive.
    What else is the problem?


    The only thing left is the motherboard itself that could be the problem from the looks of it.

  • Qosmio X 300 and X 500-slow game performance

    Hello guys.

    I just got a new X 500 - 11 c less then a week ago. I've tried on wow and some of the new games like Bad Company 2 the two Online (on internet fiberPro 50/50). I must say that I'm really really disappointed. Both the X 500 and X 300 get so hot that I run both of the game at so low FPS I'm beginning to wonder if games really work.

    I have to say that both the X 300 and X 500 I tested with parameters "stright out of the box. But both have the same problem, they get hot, FPS drops and I pursuit get tired of running see ppl FPS jump from one end of my monitor to another because of the low FPS. Wow an SPF of 8-12 in a 5-25man raid.

    I have I have both tried to reinstall Windows 7 with system recovery and in both cases, it's the same thing, the com works fine until I have try and play a game. The surface under the monitor get so cabin that I can't hold my hand to her, and they all have two running so low FPS what it is no joy to play on them at all. I mean I can understand with some of the new games they can execute heavy but WoW is a game 5 year strand, the old system of gfx 32bits, I perform better on my old xxxx-mobile it is 5 years old and got a 256 in GfX card.

    Now, I tried to change the main HDD on a disc SSD of Pentecost and reinstall Windows 7 page home Toshiba + since the Toshiba training center to drive all the. That helped a little but not the STCUM.

    So I wonder, am I just out of luck I do something wrong or have I received 2 Toshiba laptops that have some bad material?

    I want to say that I have got this new because on the Toshibas home page, it says:
    x high-performance computer laptop, with all the latest features
    x multi-core processors allow you to do more at once
    x-recommended for extreme and multimedia games

    I hope that this extreme game of Pentecost they do not mean Tetris ore bubblebuble.

    My friend has a X 500 and it works fine.

    Your room is well ventilated?
    How long have you had the X 500? Maybe there is accumulation of dust in the radiator.
    Also make sure that the ventilation openings are not obstructed.

  • Hello! I have an Acer Aspire Switch 10 and I have problems with my device audio, high fidelity. Help, please.

    This morning, my sound devices have been working well. I could still hear the sounds of him. Before blocking down, I put the volume down to 0. When I opened it again this afternoon I couldn't hear all the sounds more. Help, please!

    I have Apowersoft_AudioDevice, Intel ESS Audio Device (WDM) and Audio Codec from Realtek I2S.

    Press the logo windows + X

    Select Device Manager

    on the Device Manager, expand "sound, video game".

    check if a yellow exclamation is present

    Double-click any device available and check in the windows pop up, if the status of the device is ok, or any error is present.

    Please also download and install this:

    then restart volume and try to play any video or audio from youtube file.

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    OK - I just answered it me - I had a few brush strokes side of the real form, which should hang and had to add the name of a + for the layer.

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    I have the Netbook 532 h. Is there a reason that I have not this and a way to get the rear or in the first place? Thank you.

    Apparently, when it comes on, there is a blue light at the right end of the LED (according to this article).

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    Cannot open the computer game stops and restarts

    Check that the Big Fish Games support the site to see if it's a known issue.  I hope they don't send you here :-)

  • Wired connection slows down when plugged into the laptop


    I have a wired connection to my laptop and you have a problem a week that my internet is slow. So I called my ISP and told them on this subject. My ISP says my connection is under FUP (Fair Use Policy - down internet speed when you reach the maximum bandwidth provided by your ISP in the months. - ONLY in the PHILIPPINES that is really annoying and disturbing) anyway, so I tried to stop using my wired connection to date and use the Wi - Fi connection. It went well, I have a fast connection again. And then I tried to connect again to a wired connection that is different from my own wired connection, it is connected to a PC and have a good connection speed. So I connect it to my laptop and expect that it has good connection to check if there are updates in my system. Surprisingly, the internet connection on my laptop was really very slow. I tried to check internet speed using Speedtest and 0.17 to 0.20 Mbps operation. So I removed again and again on the PC. When I checked the speed of connection on the PC, it gives me more than 3 Mbps.

    That's what I've done so far:

    Update drivers / windows

    Active mac address / changed

    Frushed DNS

    and finally tried to reformat and it seems not working do not and have the same problem.

    I have LENOVO IdeaPad S400 Touch with Windows 8 on it.

    What seems to be the problem?

    Thank you!

    Hi Raymel,

    Yes, it's maybe a problem with the network card. I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to get help on this issue.

    Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.

  • VN7 - 791G: Wifi slow and unreliable when a USB drive is plugged into the USB ports on the right.

    WiFi becomes quick and reliable whne the memory stick is disconnected. Always reproducible. Does not occur when the memory stick is plugged into the USB port on the left. Also has anyone seen this behavior?

    Wireless network adapter Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 with the version of the driver dated 03-2016-21.

    Thank you



    The explanation is simple. I'm sure that the memory stick is a USB 3.0, a plugged in a USB 3.0 port. The problem is that all USB 3.0 devices generate a 2.4 Ghz interference, as it generates interference on the frequency working on wireless. The solution is to connect the player to another port or to spend the 5 GHz wifi if your router supports. The wifi antenna is probably very close to the port and to the USB key.

    This is known for a long time, and has nothing to do with the laptop.

    There is an article on the Web page of intel who described the problem more technically. You can search if you wish.

    This causes a problem also with a wireless mouse, if the receiver is connected next to a USB 3.0 stick or any other device.

  • Acer aspire laptop won't start (at startup)

    Hi I use my computer laptop girls right now because I can't go on mine at all its an Acer aspire 5315 visited with Home Basic. When you turn it on the Acer screen then screen coming says Broadcom UNDI PXE etc., c copyright 2000-2006, copyright 1997 c-200 etc then all rights reserved then it says PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable, below it says PXE - MOF: out Broadcom PXE ROM, then it says no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key. I do not have a boot disk, the laptop did not come with any disk at all how can I it at startup, there is no mode option before this screen I don't know what to do please can anyone help
    Thanks Bev

    Guys, you need repair disks or complete Vista, Acer has email support and there are merchants in many countries
    who can help with it. Also check the link worldwide Acer here. Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Equium L40: slow graphics performance while playing a few games

    In the past months, I have the same played a few games and have noticed that I'm more in addition to lag screen gradually.

    I guess it's due to the graphics card. The graphics card is a Mobile Intel (r) 965 Express Chipset Family, and it is updated with the latest drivers.
    I'm on Windows Vista Home Edition 32-bit.

    Appreciate your help.


    I I think that don t games run smoothly because of the lowest performance chart
    I think it s a shared memory graphics card.

    This means that available graphics card memory depends on the amount of main memory.
    For example you laptop has installed 1 GB of system memory and GPU use 251 MB (128 MB video memory + system Shared Memory System 123 MB)
    If laptops use 2 GB of RAM then the GPU could use 358MB (128 MB + 230 MB)

    In addition the Vista operating system needs a lot of resources of the laptop. He needs more as a beginning like Win XP OS. The games are unable to use these resources because these resources are occupied by Vista.

    As you see it installed (Vista OS) software and graphics card can affect game performance

    I think you should try the graphic details of game and other specify settings to a lower maybe level helps.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200/W00 - abandoned game performance

    I have a laptop Toshiba A200/W00.
    It has 32 bit Vista Home Premium installed on it, a 2.2 gHz Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM and an index of performance of 4.7.
    It has two hard drives of 160 GB in it.

    Several months ago I had problems with my laptop which made me resort to having to run my recovery disks to bring the laptop to default values. This bothers me not at all, as everything I had on it was recoverable.

    This recovery wiped only my HDD 'hand', leaving the other completely intact and works perfectly, all this that was on it was always there, etc.

    After I had reinstalled, updated my laptop completely (running DirectX 10 as opposed to the 11 that I had before), there has been a noticeable drop in performance in my games.

    The games that I could run easily before no longer work. I used to be able to play Assassin Creed on parameters almost at the maximum and play Unreal Tournament 3 on smaller settings without a single problem. But trying to play these games now, they usually freeze and crash when I try to play them. An other ways I noticed a drop in performance was in the Warcraft 3 game with friends, playing DotA.

    My laptop used to load at the same exact time as laptop from my friend and now mine takes about twice as long as it used to load up. And to add on top of that: I bought a laptop a few years older than mine as my Toshiba loaded faster early last year.

    If someone would get to know what may have reduced the performance of my laptop and can help me, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    In many cases a slow game performance is caused by a wrong or old graphics driver.
    So is that you have updated your graphics driver? You can find it on the Toshiba site.

    In addition, you must install the latest version of DirectX.
    Visit the Microsoft Web site to download and make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed.

    Everything right now that s what I can say.

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