Acer Iconia tab 10 B3 - A20 crashes when you use the volume buttons {has only "System-UI"}

When I press the volume buttons, I get the error {has only "System-UI"} and the screen goes black.

I have tried factory reset already - did not work.

Interestingly, the error doesn't occure while watching videos.

Pls help its really annoying


Well the new update solved the problem for me

Tags: Acer Tablets

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    Hi all

    As I say, I have intermittent problems where the machine crashes when you use the docking station. Sometimes at the beginning of the startup of windows then stalls and powers of fan at full power. If I take off the base of the machine, it works fine.

    I bought this machine because I had one in my previous job and he had found great. However, my only previous also had this problem sometimes when lashing...

    Any assistance received very warmly.

    Thank you!


    Stand by. You have noticed this behavior when the laptop is OFF, connect to the docking station and after doing this you turn. Am wrong me or have I misunderstood something?

    Maybe's external screen connected to the docking station?

  • Dreamweaver CS5.5 mac crashes when you use the background color palette

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    Mac OS 10.11.3 El Capitan

    Hi bibledoc

    You can try to reset the Dreamweaver preferences.

    Following the file and the folder are removed from your system:

    / Users / your User Name/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver

    Rename the folder of Dreamweaver preferences, for example, Dreamweaver CS5.5 Old_Dreamweaver CS5.5 folder.

    / Users / your user name/Library/Preferences

    Rename the folder of Dreamweaver preferences, for example, Dreamweaver CS5.5 Old_Dreamweaver CS5.5 folder.

    Restore preferences in Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5, CS5.5

    Access the hidden library files Mac OS

    When Dreamweaver starts, it creates a new preferences file and the folder.

    If it helps doesnot, maybe you can try to create a new admin user account and check. If this is useful, you can try to uninstall and reinstall in the new user account.

    OS X Yosemite: set up users on your Mac.

    Kind regards

    Nikhil Gupta

  • CC 2015 Illustrator crashes when you use the function "save for Web".

    CC 2015 Illustrator crashes when you use the function "save for Web".


    We have published a 19.0.1 hotfix that resolves this problem in discussion on this topic. Please apply the patch to your creative cloud application. The creative cloud application checks the update once a day, so you may see the update immediately.  If you want to force the check for an update at the beginning please logout and log back into the creative Cloud application.

    Link to 19.0.1 release notes:

    Kind regards


    The name of the Illustrator team engineering

  • Adobe flash CS6 crashes when you use the text or Word of edition tool all the time... Please help!

    Adobe flash CS6 crashes when you use the text or Word of edition tool all the time... Please help!

    No one can tell you anything without the proper system or other technical details info. The standard answer with all the problems of text is quite simply, you have a "bad policy" on your system and need to get rid of him.


  • When you use the new button tab is open a new tab, with a search engine that I don't want. How to change this to make it possibly open my home page?

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    I think that is changed by an extension. If you run Firefox in Mode safe search engine comes up when you open a new tab?

  • Adobe acrobat reader for windows 8.1 x 64 crash when you use the search function

    Software Adobe acrobat reader crashes on windows 8.1 x 64 when you use the search function. Please help it is extremely annoying

    Hi rikusg98319732,

    I will suggest you to perform a clean reinstall of the reader.

    Delete using the cleaning tool: Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs

    Install from here:

    Thank you


  • Satellite L40 crashes when you use the product recovery disc

    When you use the product recovery disc to repair my laptop it hang after language page display.

    Select meaning when it displays the language, I select language and press next, no action more far there... I can move one pointer.

    Some may help how to solve the problem.
    Thank you

    > Select sense when it displays the language, I select language and press next, no action more far there

    Perhaps, your recovery disk is corrupt. What happens if you try with Windows disk copy?

  • TestStand crashes when you use the feature of LENGTH

    So I have a problem when you use the TERM built on stage.

    the first time I run my sequence everything goes normally...

    the second time I try to run the sequence it freezes teststand.

    I have notices that when I run my sequence. I can see on TRACK OR the following:


    niSE_connect (routex)


    but after that the sequence is complete. It is not close to the niSE sesion. that this has something to do with the gel TestStand?

    If this isn't the case, have you had this question before?

    I contacted pickering... they got me new drivers

    Response of Pickering:

    It sounds like the problem which came first when NEITHER Visa has been changed, version 5.2 or higher, I think. In any case, I'll try first to install the latest version of the Pickering IVI driver.

    I installed them and it works now...

  • Error message when you use the menu buttons in IE but not chrome


    My recently transferred website has a problem when you use the menu anywhere on the site in Internet Explorer, but not on my mac using chrome? I get this error message came up on top of the screen which takes three clicks to go MuseJSAssert: error calling the function switch: TypeError: object does not support property or method . So, if I click on anything else it pop ups again. Any ideas how to get rid of this? I tried to re - download files from muse, but the same phenomenon occurs. I tried to download the files in a folder of exported frm different muse I saw had worked for someone else on here, but no difference? Any help much appreciated.


    You might get an error that iPage are sorting when opening too, just remove the /root1 in the address bar to see the site?

    Thank you



    Using Jotforms should ideally create not the questions here. Did you try reseating Jotforms code? I suggest you to get a charge of Jotforms code and then try to insert it to test.

    Kind regards


  • Laptop crashes when you use the CD player

    A few days ago my laptop started occasionally crashing and restarting when I use the CD player. He only made 2 or 3 times but I've seen this happen with a previous (non-toshiba) laptop and it ended up happening all the time, even when not using the CD player.

    Is this due to overheating? Is that what I can do to sort without having to send it for repair?

    Thank you!

    What computer Toshiba laptop do you have exactly?

    Have you tested if this strange question would pass after the installation of the new OS from the Toshiba Recovery CD?
    I think that this should be done to make sure if this question isn't related software

    If this issue always happen after using recover CD, then you must contact the ASP in your country for a control of the laptop.
    Possibly defective equipment could be responsible for these accidents

    Greetings and good luck

  • IPhoto crashes when you press the info button

    Since very recently, IPhoto crashes every time when I press the info button to enter people information a photo. I have version 9.4.3. running on OSX version 10.8.5. I added the first lines of pages and the pages or error report, if that can help anyone. I tried to repair the basis data, but without success. I am very grateful for any advice on this issue.

    Process: iPhoto [552]

    Path: /Applications/


    Version: 9.4.3 (9.4.3)

    Generation information: iPhotoProject-720091000000000 ~ 1

    App item ID: 408981381

    The external application ID: 15017489

    Code type: X 86 (native)

    Parent process: launchd [139]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 19:50:47.475 2016-01-04 + 0100

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F2560)

    Report Version: 10

    Interval since last report: 34492 sec

    Crashes since last report: 3

    Per-App interval since last report: 905 sec

    Per-App crashes since last report: 3

    Anonymous UUID: 23235B01-625D-2A47-6A8F-352C3092B10A

    Crashed thread: 0 dispatch queue: - wire

    Exception type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000c53b6a10

    If you use iPhoto 9.4.5 or an earlier version, iPhoto will crash whenever you try to use maps. It is no longer supported.


    The first versions of iPhoto 11 started to plant for many users suddenly last month.

    There is a problem with the functionality of the site, because Google maps will no longer be supported.

    See the solution of Huxly647:

    Huxly647 , November 20, 2015 12:05 AM
    Re: iPhoto crashes after opening several times in reply to carvermon Useful

    I found a solution that works for me...

    1 goto /Applications/

    2 delete the files 'googlemap.html' and googlesearch.html

    IPhoto no longer crashes, site does not work, but it doesn't bother me too much.

    Let me know if it works for you guys...

    Deletes two files "googlemap.html" and the googlesearch.html of iPhoto application bundle prevents the JavaScript running inside and causing the accident.  Log of course do the same thing. So it's pretty clear that something happened at the end of Google.

    To access the files inside the iPhoto application select it in the Finder and ctrl-click on it. Then use the command "Show Package Contents" from the menu.  Open the content subfolder and then resources.

    Do not try this fix without making a copy of the iPhoto application before trying to delete the two files of the entire application.

  • Flash Pro CC crash when you use the pencil, Brush tool


    I bought the full package of CC and installed Flash Pro CC today on my laptop (lenovo y50) and im getting crashes when I use pencil and Brush tool.

    When I use the selection tool the selection is not in the right place. program feels weird.

    IM using latest version

    running windows 8.1

    lastest flash and air and graphics drivers.

    IT hangs just does not show even a mistake just benggg has stopped working.

    Can someone help me?



    I was having the same problem and found the solution from Adobe.

    Go to the Control Panel - hardware and audio - display-

    change the size of the text for the smallest a 100%

    Restart the OS and start adobe flash

    I hope this will help you

  • Reader 9.3.2 crashes when you use the bookmarks search & close pane

    I have some PDF files created using the Bookmarks pane left unresolved - that is to say the Bookmarks pane is open whenever I open the file. This means that the display of the actual page is too small to read.  I can close the Favorites bar and everything is OK.

    However, I use the index search function a lot - I have an .idx indexing file a bunch of PDF files, and I have search in PDF files with this index.

    If I search something, then select a search link, the file opens with the shutter open bookmarks.  If I close the Bookmarks pane after searching a something * kaboom *.  Player crashes.

    BTW, it also blocks if I resize the window - so I can't even increase the size of the page without closing the Bookmarks pane.

    I'll see if a co-worker can use his copy of Acrobat Pro to edit the files, close the Bookmarks pane and re-save the files.  But in the meantime, this is a very annoying bug.

    Works on Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit.

    Open the drive, go to Edition-->--> Documents Preferences and select "Restore last display settings when reopening documents."

    So now when you reopen the PDF with bookmarks bar you have closed earlier after checking this option, you will see the bookmarks bar is closed.

  • 6 s iPhone crashes when you use the keyboard

    Hi guys

    My iPhone (iOS 9.2.1) 6s freezes when I use the keyboard, doesn´t question in what program. After about 10-15 seconds to stop the gel, but only until I have started typing again. The only why to solve the problem is to "quick restart" operating the phone down the sleep and home button and release the home button when the screen goes back to the home screen. I ve already searched the net and tried several solutions, without any effect:

    Full reset


    Disable iCloud for documents

    Disable third party including the emoji keyboard keyboards

    My best guess is that the problem has something to do with the timing of RAM or iCloud phones somehow...

    All the ideas!

    Best regards


    Hi Samzonite,

    I understand that you are having problems with the keyboard on your iPhone. Let's see if we can get that worked.

    Based on the diagnosis that you have done so far, it seems you need to restore your iPhone and set it up like new. This will allow you to isolate the problem to sync your content back plus one. Take a look at the article below for more details on this subject.

    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups

    Nice day

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