Acer One 10 S1001

I just bought an Acer 10. Can I eject from drive to the keyboard of Acer One 10 S1001 dock before you disassemble the keyboard?

Yes. It is not strictly necessary, but it is better to do it in case you have something put in cache. If you eject with cached data not written, it could give you files corrupted.

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  • Acer One 10 (S1002) Windows 10 drivers?

    I have an Acer One 10 (S1002) and am unable to find drivers for it. Not only Windows 10 drivers, but even on the support site there are no drivers for 32-bit Windows 8. In fact, there is only one Windows 8 64-bit driver that I find troubling is a 32-bit UEFI.

    I did a clean install of Windows 10 wiping the SSD and all paritiions. After you have installed Windows 10 I have a long list of "unknown devices" in Device Manager. I have no sound, the laptop / Tablet won't go to sleep, there is no battery icon, ALL of the hardware (power, volume) buttons do not work, cameras don't work, keyboard and touchpad stop working after detachment, etc...

    I contacted the support that I have installed Windows 10 top several times however, I got no real help from them other than them telling me that I need to search the Internet for drivers and they are sorry but drivers are not ready from their support site. As suggested, I tried to find a list of the hardware in my machine if I could go and download the drivers from the manufacturers websites however the tool runs but shows that I have no hardware using their hardware diagnostic tool. The representative could not even give me a list of material so I could walk around and find the drivers for it. I mean seriously, are you serious... Laughing out loud!

    I have 4 Macs, 4 Windows PCs, 6 cell Windows, 3 Samsung Android tablets and 3 tablets Windows from various companies and have NEVER had a problem getting drivers for one of them, or at least a list of material so far. As a first time Acer customer I must say that I am quite unhappy with the level of support for my deivce. I get 10 drivers not having Windows not because it is brand new but come on...

    several drivers windows 8.1 for Acer One S1002

    Intel Platform Drivers install Intel Platform

    RF-Link 3rd LAN_M WIFI 1 x 1 BGN + BT SDIO M, 2 1216 Realtek wireless

  • Can I install win 8.1 on acer one 10 s1002?


    Can I install Windows 8.1 on my acer one 10 s1002 which came with 10 32-bit windows? If I can, how can I do it and I can install 64-bit or 32-bit?...

    See the link below.

  • Acer One S1002 cannot connect to Wifi

    I just bought a S1002 an Acer (windows 8.1) last night and connected to the wifi at home. No problem. I get out and continue to downtown, then select wifi that I want to connect, and the State of WiFi sticks on "Checking network requirements" before saying that he cannot connect to the network. I don't not even at the point of application is the password for the network before the connection fails.

    I can't call the @# $& * (% ^ @# & * (% ^ * (! & $^ Acer customer support because they print the) @* (#& % ^ @# & * $% series information both @# $* (& % ^ @# $* (& % ^ small.)))))

    I tried Windows help pages, and they say that it is the router, and I need to solve a problem with the router. My iPhone and iPad 2 Nextbook can all connect both at home and at work WITHOUT a PROBLEM.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the Acer One wifi to connect?

    vampiresharker wrote: I can't call the @# $& * (% ^ @# & * (% ^ * (! & $^ Acer customer support because they print the) @* (#& % ^ @# & * $% series information both @# $* (& % ^ @# $* (& % ^ small.)))))

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the Acer One wifi to connect?

    I use my phone to take a picture, then blow up the images to read the tiny letters usually.

    I guess you have already forced the tablet to forget the network, rebooted and then retried connecting? It is sometimes difficult to get them to really forget a wrong entered password.

  • Driver for Netbook ACER One OS Win 10 SD card

    Very new to this.  I have an Acer One netbook that has been upgraded to win 10.  Almost everything works well except the card SD isn't.  When I look in the Device Manager it shows that "UB6250" needs a driver when there is an SD card present.  Where can I find a driver?  Any help much appreciated.

    run in windows compatibility mode 7.

  • Acer one d255-2301 - run a 64 bit os?

    I have an Acer one d255-2301.  There the n450 (1.66 GHz and 512 k cache). It was installed with winxp 32-bit home.  I want to know if the netbook is running a 64-bit operating system.

    Thank you


  • My acer one aspire won't let me "in" password to connect to windows xp

    My acer one aspire will not let me connect you to windows. He let me sometimes to enter password but used "enter" for you to connect to windows xp

    Hi carriekins,
    -You have another user account on your computer?
    If so, try to sign in with a different account.
    -What exactly happens when you enter a password on your computer to connect? You get an error message or error code? If Yes, indicate the same.
    Try to activate the built-in in Windows XP administrator account and check if you can connect successfully.
    The built-in Administrator account is hidden from the home screen when a user has privileges to administrator account exists and enabled.
    In Windows XP Home Edition, you can connect as administrator integrated mode without fail only.
    Check out this link to start safe mode:
    For XP Professional, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE twice at the home screen and enter your administrator password in the classic logon window that appears.
  • ACER ONE 10 don't auto rotation


    I have a brand new 10 an Acer with Win 8.1 pre-installed.

    My new Acer one 10 don't auto rotation even when I re - install driver Acer support G-sensor.

    Can someone help me? Thank you


    You may have a hardware failure with motion detectors. Contact Acer support for your locale.

  • Help. I need help for the upgrade and the English Version for my Acer One Notebook

    I have an Acer One Notebook all in Japanese and to go to the English version and its still a product of windows 7. What kind of windows program should I update and do so as English version?

    Thank you

    Option 1: You have to upgrade your current edition to Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Option 2: You need to download and install the copy of English language of the current edition you have installed.

    Your options are very limited. I honestly would buy 10 Pro in Windows and install in English.

  • Acer One 10 S1002 load questions

    My tablet will not fully charge. It will not turn on. After about an hour or two to leave it on the charger, the LED will Flash between red and blue. I tried the long hold button power, increase the volume and power button hold etc.

    For anyone else having this problem, I left him in charge for several days without success. Acer technical support wants to pay me $109 plus taxes and shipping to send in for repair. I paid $199.99 for it during tax free weekend. So I gave up trying to fix it this way.

    Because I had nothing left to risk, I used the AC charger and my phone on micro USB charger at the same time this morning. And after a while, the light began flashing error. I tried to put it on and of course its on! Apparently the charger may not give it enough juice to charge once the battery is low. I know I've seen people with the same issue, then try this! I do not work for ACER, so you try it at your own risk.

  • Acer one aspire D250 XP install

    I am trying to install windows xp on my new Netbook Acer via the external DVD writer. It will load all the drivers, but when it gets to the Windows installation I get a message saying that the hard drive could be corrupted. Can anyone help please?


    Test your hard drive by creating a Bootable CD:

    If you have a new hard drive Seagate the very next thing would be to download Seagate Seatools (bootable CD)
    and check bad sectors:
    For Western Digital disks using WdDiag:
    Samsung Estool:
    Samsung Disk Manager software:
    Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Software:
    Diagnostic tool available for use by customers who feel their Toshiba brand Fujitsu hard drive:
    Notice of suport Fujitsu disk utility:
    Toshiba CD bootable: (BACK Diagnostic Tool version 7.0 for IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks)


    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • I've been using Firefox on my new Acer one week without problem, but now I've lost my brower bar

    Where and how do I get it back?

    Hi Isbuck, press F10 to display the menu bar you've lost or did he hide...

  • Acer One S1002 WLAN connection Bruno sich jede Minute. Was ist die Chinese?

    Hallo, ich habe mein Windows Tablett PC in 2016 Juli so. In 2 Wochen war einfach und ich habe zur repair geschickt verschwendet WLAN. Jetzt unterbreche sich jede Minute die connection WLAN. d.h. jede Minute muss ich wieder um Internet only zu verbinden und trennen. Was ist die von dritten oder von Unterbrechung WLAN connection sharp Chinese exactly? Was soll ich machen?

    Thank you as your Hilfe.

    Hello ACEM09,

    Hello from the denn deine Treiber as WLAN Deinstalliert und neu installed already.

    Includes problem denn noch die?



  • Is there a method for re-flashing a BIOS corrupted for Acer Aspire One D260 (D260-2Dwk)?

    My what Acer one D260 does not start in Windows, I get only a black screen when activated. I downloaded the BIOS support web page, but I can't flash as the computer shows nothing, I can't get into BIOS or Windows.

    So, I would like to know there is a way to Flash the BIOS again in these circumstances (as I found for Acer Aspire A110 or A150, but the method found in this forum does not work with the Acer Aspire One D260.

    If the system does not start, we do not have a method available for the users final Flash the BIOS.

    We suggest to contact technical support in your region for further assistance in this matter.
    Acer Service & support

  • Acer Aspire M5 w/Windows 8 - e recovery system disk does not start

    My M5 of Acer one-year-old has failed and now I have a blue screen that says "the Boot Configuration data file is missing some required information, File: \BCD, error code: 0xc000000d.» I ordered an e recovery disk that was supposed to solve the problem. The instructions say "Insert system disk labeled disk," "restart the computer and press F12...» "When I do this, the tracks of the disk of the system for a minute or two, stops, and a minute later the laptop stops. I don't think the system disk is accessible to all. My Acer is two months out of warranty... it's so frustrating. The advice is much appreciated!

    Just an update... Blayn was very helpful and directed me to the Acer support. The problem has been resolved by directing the bios to boot from the hard drive instead of the hard drive. It was a little difficult to achieve... I couldn't have done it without the excellent guidance and support from Acer. My Acer has worked very well since, and I appreciate help in this forum!

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