Acer S3 - 391 Windows 8 Pro Pack

I recently bought an Acer S3-391. This unit will benefit from Windows 8 Pro Pack, and, if so, what additional features I will win?

Thank you!

I found this on the Dell web site (forum allow me to post a link). Closer, I found a clear description of what is in the Pro Win8 Upgrade Pack:

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  • The upgrade with Windows 8 Pro Pack - something has gone wrong.

    I am on Windows 8 and just bought the Windows 8 Pro Pack.  When I try to add it as a feature, I get the message 'something was wrong. Close this wizard and try again. "I have tried again and again, rebooted, etc...  And I keep getting the same message.

    Do a refresh and try again.

    Here's what happens when you refresh your PC:
    · Your files and your personalization settings do not change.

    · Your PC will change back to their default values.

    · Applications on Windows Store will be kept.

    · Applications that you have installed discs or sites Web is removed.

    · A list of removed apps will be saved to your desktop.

    These steps will take you through refreshing your PC:

    · Press the Windows key + C on your keyboard to show the charms (if you use a touch screen: touch the right edge of your screen and drag your finger to the left)

    · Click settings

    · Click change PC settings

    · Click general in the left column

    · Under refresh your PC without affecting your files, click Start

    Then follow the instructions that will be provided on-screen to cool your PC.

    Try to add the Pro Pack again.

  • Windows 8 Pro Pack upgrade license is transferable to another computer?

    I would try Media Center on a cheap PC came with Windows standard 8.  Unfortunately, this requires an expensive upgrade of $100.   I need a machine that can record 2 channels OTA and read at the same time a registered program.  If this machine proves to be insufficient for the task can transfer the update of Pro Pack to another machine to Windows 8?  I don't want to keep throwing $100 Pro pack licenses until I found a machine that can do the job.

    Furthermore, if an OEM full version of Pro was used (which is apparently transferable under the terms of the new license agreement) how can that be placed on existing product code, embedded in the UEFI?  And, how can the original standard version be recovered later to return the machine to it's original OEM license when the Pro Pack is moved?

    Yes, you can transfer it, you must first uninstall it.

    Media Center - delete and go back to Windows 8 Pro - Windows

    Windows 8 OEM System Builder License can clean only installs, you will not be able to use add features to the OEM key.

    If you need another machine to Pro Pack, use simply add features once you have removed the key from the previous installation of Windows 8.

    You will need to reactivate by phone:

    Activation of the phone:

    1. press the Windows key + X , and then click run, and then type: slui.exe 4

    2. then press the ENTER"" key.

    3. Select your "country" in the list.

    4. choose the option "activate phone".

    5. stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.

    6. explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro Pack upgrade

    It will be a silly question. If I update to Windows 8 Pro de Windows 8 will be the software preinstalled for my new i13z Inspirion work after the upgrade?  Like the Dell support center software and the associated software? As I was reading the information on the Microsoft Web site on the upgrade may cause the software to stop working, I wanted to just clarify that the preinstalled software will still work after the upgrade.

    Thank you

    Hi Arlen Duncan III,

    Ideally, applications for work in Windows 8 should work in Windows 8 Pro as they are designed on the same platform. It's just that Windows 8 Pro has a few additional features that Windows 8. You can see the comparison Windows 8 and Pro from the link:

    Regarding the Dell applications compatible with Windows 8, you can refer to link:

    There is another link that you can check: find out more about Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

    Answer please for more details.

  • Update Windows 7 Ultimate K to Windows 10 Pro (English)

    I'll be able to receive an English version of the free update of Windows 10 if I currently have the Korean version of Windows 7 Ultimate?

    Can I choose another language during the upgrade?

    Cross language upgrades are not taken in charge, the free update will be installed in your local language. In fact, you must uninstall the language packs before the upgrade.

    For example, if the default language of your copy of Windows 7 Ultimate was installed in French and added the English; you need install a language pack for English once installation is complete if you are upgraded to Windows Pro 10. If its 10 Windows Home, you need to install the Windows 10 Pro Pack ($99) to help add features (Windows key + X > Control Panel) and then download the English Language Pack.

    You can also download the. ISO for the language you want, create a bootable copy and perform a custom installation. (Please note this means programs will have to be resettled, and your personal files must be saved.)

    How to: perform a customized Windows installation

    What Windows 10 languages will be available in?

    Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Chinese (simplified, China), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (traditional, Taiwan), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Estonian (Estonia), Finnish (Finland), French (France), French (Canada), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hebrew (Israel), Hungarian (Hungary), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal) , Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Serbian (Latin, Serbia), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Spanish (Spain, International), Spanish (Mexico), Swedish (Sweden), thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey), Ukraine (Ukraine)

    Other languages available in lips

  • Cannot activate Windows 8 Pro after re-installation.

    I updated my PC by changing the motherboard and installed the Intel core i3 processor and re-installed my legal version of Windows 8 Pro on an HDisk freshly formatted. Now, I can't activate Windows with the product key that is provided in Windows 8 Pro pack. What can I do? PL. help.

    Hi Castillo,.

    You should be able to activate Windows, thanks to the activation of the phone. Here's what you have to do to activate the phone.

    1. Log on to Windows 8.
    2. Press the Windows key + R on the keyboard, type slui 4 and press enter.
    3. On the activation screen that appears, select the country that you reside in, and then click Next.
    4. Available dial and wait for a support officer to speak.
    5. Explain the situation and they should be able to help activate.

    Do not respond if you have more related questions.

  • will be windows 8 pro key runs a non-active windows 8 pro

    It is essentially a question of m I a non activated Windows 8 pro version and is about to buy the key will be active it

    Windows 8 pro is already installed just needs activation

    The Windows 8 Pro Pack is only intended to update the systems running Windows 8/8.1 Core for Windows 8/8.1 Pro

  • Can I put a non-genuine copy of windows to a genuine copy of Windows 8 Pro?

    Now before anyone starts to judge I want to give some context as to what happened.

    I bought the upgrade Windows 8 Pro pack which was a student offered to host my new hybrid hard drive. I installed on my previous Vista hard drive and I noticed that I was required to install the pack to upgrade the disk with a previous version of Windows. Therefore, I decided install Windows 8 Pro Vista hard disk and clone new hard disk.
    The cloning went perfectly. However, when I entered the hard drive containing the Windows 8 Pro clone, it did not allow my turn and in Device Manager it does appear that the system. There is also a Build number located at the bottom right of my desktop screen. Think I should reinstall windows from scratch, I proceed to the real system command (the one containing Vista previously which is now upgraded to Windows 8 Pro) and decided to reinstall windows in the control panel and wipe all readers.
    I quickly realized that this is a mistake, because when I boot into the previously-Vista drive, reinstalling Windows 8 became a trial version instead (with XXXX to build lower-right again). In regards to the cloned drive, the error starting screen (that require you to reinstall windows because of lack of boot configurations).
    I lost the disc Vista it long time ago and I don't have the box of windows with me more. I copy down the so-called activation key but it's one with xxxxx-OEM-xxxx. Before this script together, under my computer properties, the product key seems to be forever in a State of "2 days before automatic activation" and when I click on it, he said: I'm unable to activate this product key.
    So that being said, I was wondering if I could just download and run a picture of a non-genuine copy of Windows in order to start a new installation (ie. choose with windows installation disk and reformat the drive containing the windows build demo).
    Thank you.

    I just decided to hell with it and contacted Microsoft technical support for assistance.

    Managed to activate my windows and things work fine now.
    Thanks for the comments without worrying about all of you who responded and sorry for taking your time.
  • Windows 8 people's Republic of CHINA (unilingual OEM version in simplified Chinese) can be upgraded to Windows 8 Pro * full * English?

    I bought a Dell XPS One 2710 in China that came pre-installed with Windows 8 RPC. It seems that it is a unique language locked in simplified Chinese version.

    The standard procedure to add another language changes only partially certain interfaces of applications in English, but the operating system is always in Chinese.

    I think so

    1 - is the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro with Windows 8 Pro Pack as described here

    2 - or buy a Windows 8 Pro System Builder and just reinstall

    Solution 1 is my favorite option, I want to keep the existing configuration and the Dell applications.

    Does anyone have experience making 1 or 2?

    Thank you.

    You should upgrade to Windows 8 Pro in Chinese, then you can download the English Language Pack for free:

    To the top of Windows 8 for Windows 8 Pro:

    Language packs are available for Windows 8 and for Windows RT

    Thank you Andre, everything is now in English!

    For all the foreigners living in China who want to have Windows 8 English I highly recommend to do as described below. It will add the cost of a license of Windows 8 Pro Pack, but will save you hours of waiting, of discussions, resettlement and uncertainty.

    Windows 8 CPP that comes pre-installed on all computers OEM in China is locked with simplified Chinese only to the language of the OS.

    You can buy Windows 8 Pro Pack, which upgrades the CPP of 8 Windows preinstalled on your new computer to a full-blown Windows 8 Pro with Media Center

    Pack Windows 8 Pro can be purchased online from China, and you can pay with Paypal

    Windows 8 Pro has all the features to download and add language packs.

    Start the upgrade using the following screenshots

    You will need an address in China and turn off your VPN before you start the upgrade.

    There is only one choice of product to buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack.

    The update took a few hours of downloading so start at night and sleep at home.

    After the upgrade you have Windows 8 Pro with Media Center always configured with Chinese as their main language.

    You need then download and install the English language according to these screenshots pack

    The US English language pack is 154 MB and may take a few hours to download as well.

    Restart, then return to the screen of language making English as your primary language, as described in these screenshots

    Reboot again, and voila!

    PS: after upgrading your Windows 8 Pro is activated automatically with the new product ID, but you haven't lost all common applications of OEM and warranty (Dell in my case).

    You always connect to the app store Windows of China and are able to install apps * except * those made specifically by the OEM. In my case, there are only a few and I can't install Renren for Dell for example, but there is also another version not OEM in the app store.

    This limitation is explicitly mentioned in the notes here, and I confirm.

    OEM applications that I have installed upgrading are still there and working, then you might want to install everything before the upgrade.

  • When I go to Windows 8 for Windows 8 Pro, I keep my data?

    Hello Microsoft community!

    I have a laptop Lenovo G470 with Windows 7 Starter pre-installed and I upgraded to Windows 8, but I did a clean install. Now I have a new data. When I go to Windows 8 for Windows 8 Pro, I keep my data?
    PS: Also, if I have the Windows Media Center on my laptop, should I buy a tuner for TV even my laptop's HDMI?
    Thank you to answer!

    If you use the Windows 8 Pro Pack for the upgrade of Windows 8, your personal files, applications, and settings will be preserved.

    To the top of Windows 8 for Windows 8 Pro:

    If you already have a key Windows Pro 8, you can use the following method for upgrading and your files, apps and setting will be retained.

    Press the Windows key + X

    Click System

    On Windows, click the link:


    Get more features with a new edition of Windows

    Click on the "I already have a product key link.

    Enter your product key and you will be promoted to the Pro.

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, Windows XP Service Pack 2

    Hello world
    "I have a ' Toshiba Satellite Pro A10: P4 - M 2.2 GHz/XP Pro/15" TFT/40 GB / 768 MB.
    I have installed Windows XP Service pack 2 in my book.
    After the update to Windows XP SP2, the only way to start my computer after putting in "sleep mode" or "hibernation mode" is witch power off and then start up.
    I reinstalled "Toshiba Power Saver", but nothing came of it.

    What can I do about it?

    Kind regards

    Obviously the Service Pack 2 does not match current preinstalled saver.

    First installation, you have is to wait for an updated version of Toshiba Power Saver, which is XP Service Pack 2 tested. But so far, you have no "Standby" or "hibernate".

    Installation of the second. If you need to "Standby" or "Hibernate" feature, uninstall Service Pack 2 and wait until there is a solution to the problem of energy saving.

    The two sounds is not perfect, but I think the second installation is the best way. Toshiba will surely bring a new Service Pack 2 tested Power Saver version.

    Good bye

  • I bought an acer laptop travelmate 4500its running on packard bell windows vista but the key to produce on ifor machine windows xp pro, what do I do as the activation key is to say its not authentic

    Windows vista laptop, but the activation code on the bottom is for windows xp pro, what I can do

    You have an Acer laptop, Packard Bell Windows Vista computer running?

    Packard Bell OEM Windows can only be used on machines from Packard Bell.

    If the label says XP, then the machine was initially delivered with XP,

    and the one who sold you the machine will rip you off with an illegal copy of Vista.

    If you can, get your money back.

    If not, you will have either to reinstall XP, or get a legitimate copy of something more recent.

  • I am trying to reinstall windows xp from disk but it only gets up to this request then for service pack 1 disc when I press on enter I get the file 'asms' on windows xp pro Service Pack1 necessary

    I am trying to reinstall windows xp from disk but it only gets up to this request then for service pack 1 disc when I press on enter I get the file 'asms' on windows xp pro service pack 1 cd needed someone had this problem and managed to solve it thanks a lot


    Thanks for joining us on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description of the problem you are facing problems with reinstalling Windows XP Professional, and you are to be invited to insert the Service Pack 1 drive to complete the installation.

    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. did you uninstall Windows XP Service Pack 1 prior to reinstalling Windows XP?

    2. what was the installed Service Pack earlier?

    You may need to uninstall Windows XP Service Pack 1 first and then perform the reinstallation of Windows XP and to check if the installation goes smoothly.

    Please see the following articles for more information about uninstalling Windows XP Service Pack 1:

    How to manually remove Windows XP Service Pack 1


    How to remove folders from Windows XP Service Pack 1

    Hope this information helps. Please come back for any clarification on this or any issue of Windows. We will be happy to help you.

  • Help! -Acer Aspire all-in-one touch screen after upgrade Windows 8 Pro

    Hi all!

    This is a rather confusing questions and about * me off no end!  I know that some of you may have encountered this already and could have a potential solution?

    I have an Acer Aspire all-in-one, AZ5101 (Aspire Z5101), with 4 GB of RAM, etc..

    Since the Developer Preview of Windows 8 came out, I've been running Windows 8 perfectly.  I completely uninstalled (each time itself) and run the following:

    Windows 8 Developer Preview, 64-bit

    Windows 8 Preview of consumer, 64-bit

    Windows 8 Preview, 64-bit version

    In any case, on this PC worked perfectly - y INCLUSIVE of the TOUCH SCREEN.  I never had a problem.

    So far so good.  Then, they finally released updates Windows 8 Pro official licensed by download.  I bought the upgrade and downloaded.  Just like in * ALL * other cases, upgrade, I chose "keep nothing" of the old system (I never really got all the important data on here), and do the upgrade itself.

    After the upgrade was complete, and ALL Windows 8 Pro updates have been applied by Windows update, I have a system where the screen is clear and precise, everything works, and all devices in Device Manager, show the Greens well, it works fine - NO ERRORS.  HOWEVER - NO CONTACT!  No touch no screen function at all.  The screen now has this time as a standard monitor.

    I tried the driver Idéacom - no luck.  Anyone know (please? LOL) how to get the touch screen to work again?  Thank you very much!  I really appreciate any help you can give.  Microsoft technical support had NO idea and no reply emails from Acer! Laughing out loud

    Thanks again,


    [edited to conform to the guidelines]

    Hello Mike

    I sent the pilot. Please test and advise.

    Kind regards


  • Acer Aspire S7-391 Windows 8.1 Issus with touchscreen and Trackpad

    Hello. I've just upgraded to 8.1 Windows, everything went well, but I realize now the touch screen is much less reactive than before, and many times I have to touch twice to make the action, something that never happened to me before with Windows 8.

    ¿Any suggestions?

    Another thing is the trackpad, which for example now does not scroll with 2 fingers and other things that did before.

    Thank you


    Go to the Device Manager and look at the Human Interface Devices. There will be some USB devices that end up being the touch screen. If you change the options of feed on those so they don't turn off to save power, the problem should be solved.

    Please let me know how it works for you.

    I have an Acer S7 391.

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