Acrobat Pro 11 will not be installed

I am running Windows 7 (64-bit) and own Adobe Acrobat 11 Pro and Acrobat 11 regular. I want to put Pro on my desktop

so I uninstalled regular and Pro will not load. I turned off Norton 360. He goes as far as the whole loading program but then rolls

return of the installation. Any help would be appreciated.

Run as Administrator to assign FULL permissions can help... said yet, but sometimes it is necessary for all Adobe programs (this is same as using an administrator account)

-also, click RIGHT on the EXE and select a compatibility mode in the pop-up option

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    Robert, please try: Quick SafariNotificati nearby Installation


  • Acrobat Pro DC will not install error 1316 account already exists

    We cannot uninstall Acrobat Pro 11, it will not update to 11.0.07 - so we tried to install Acrobat Pro DC - let it uninstall the previous version and get error 1316 - we get the same error when we try to add/remove Pro 11.

    I would like to create an account to premium support, but everyone can not contact support!  We were going in circles.


    Have you tried to use the Acrobat cleanup tool?

  • Acrobat Pro DC will not install

    I bought Acrobat Pro DC and it will not install on my computer. Just, I get an error message that says: "the Acrobat installer encountered an unexpected failure. Please try again. If it continues to fail, contact Adobe technical support. »

    1. uninstall other programs of acrobat and adobe reader.

    2. restart your computer.

    3. clean using the following tool:

    Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning tool - Adobe Labs

    4 restart your computer.

    5. install Acrobat Pro Dc using the following link:

    Should help

    Please also check the system requirements for Acrobat Pro DC:

    System requirements | Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

  • Update since Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Acrobat Pro DC will not install

    I was updating from Adobe Acrobat Pro XI to Adobe Acrobat Pro Dc and it will not install nor use it or allow me to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and even with creative cloud.

    HELP HELP! I was talking from 10:30 to 14:30 today and still no luck.  Microsoft contacted and they couldn't figure it out says to contact Adobe.

    Hey Deac73,

    Could if it you please let me know what happens when you try to install Acrobat DC on your machine.

    You get the error message during the installation of an upgrade to the DC version >?

    What version of operating system do you work? Re you logged as administrator?

    If you are a Subscriber CC, then you can try to install Acrobat DC here:

    Free Acrobat Pro DC | Download Adobe Acrobat Pro DC free trial

    Please let me know if it helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Acrobat Pro XI will not install on Windows 10

    Installation problems of Acrobat Pro XI on Windows 10.

    Installation works until end - said to patch files 0 seconds remaining.  Then, says roll back.  Is not an error message. Nothing is installed.

    Adobe 7 has been installed, but uninstall it before installing XI

    Tried: disabling of antivirus, Adobe clean running, using the different admin account.  reset,

    Still get the same result

    clean by Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs

    Click with the right button on the acrobat Installer > click Properties > compatibility mode > win 7 or win 8.  try to install again.

  • Acrobat Pro 11 will not install in English

    Moved to Acrobat Pro XI to a new Surface. I tried all suggestions online to change the language to English of what appears to be Swedish. None of the suggested solutions work. Any other suggestions? I disabled the previous installation. Download the installation package. Tried changing the installation in programs and features. Restarted. Nothing seems to work.

    Hi thomass76569581 ,

    Please try to run the cleanup tool "Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs" on your machine to remove all traces of Acrobat.

    Then, restart your machine and install the latest version of the player from here:

    Download the Pro or Standard of X, XI or Acrobat DC versions

    During installation, select the language as "English".

    Also, you can change the language of the Application when it is installed by using this step:-Acrobat > Edit > preferences > language > 'Application Language' to set the language of your choice.

    Kind regards


  • Download Adobe Acrobat Pro XI will not end

    I bought Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and when I dowload it gets to a point where it says "Setup has detected that you already have a more functional product installed. Implementation will take end."but nothing is installed. Am I missing something?


    While the Standard version is not a more functional version, the message you get is one that you would get if you were trying to install Standard when installing Pro.  I can only think that you must uninstall Standard if you want to have Pro.

  • Update of Acrobat Pro XI will not accept CS Premium 6 series Num

    I bought an upgrade to Acrobat Pro XI, selection update Acrobat X standard, which I own as part CS Premium 6, but when you run ACrobat for the first time I get an error in the Application Manager telling me that I have not a product calling it installed. What can I do?

    Contact Adobe. A product which is held as part of a suite is not a qualifying product for the purpose of an upgrade. You might see if you can get a refund.

  • Renewal of Acrobat Pro DC, will not take or product key code

    I have been using Acrobat Pro DC for months - no problem with the original configuration and the issuance of the licences.  Then it hit me.  I am typing my product Code or key in the boxes 'Serial number' to do, but we should not letters.  In addition, there are six boxes for the entry and my Code produced and key both have five blocks.  What should I do?  More details below.

    Friday, I started to have a screen that says that the license was necessary and gave me an option to start my day 32 767 trial or license product. I started the trial (he is 87 years old, after all - should be good), but today he says my trial was expired.  No problem, I dug the disk and e-mail, who have all five blocks of two codes, called the product code, called the key.  The product code is released the cover of the installation DVD.  The key came out of the email with the download instructions.  They are different.

    After signing in, I am required to enter my serial number.  I have searched all over the CD of cash and other materials for a serial number and do not see one.  I checked the Web site for instructions on the search for a serial number, and the only thing that is there is the Product Code.  When I try to enter the Product Code, it doesn't let me because the first field only takes numbers, while the Product Code starts with a letter.

    It is very disappointing for a product that is already overpriced and far worse than the previous version.

    How can I fix it?

    your serial number consists of 6 blocks of 4 numbers = 24 digits.

    Find the serial number of your Adobe product quickly

  • Acrobat Pro XI will not be upgraded to Acrobat DC

    I have Acrobat Pro XI on a Windows 7 computer.  I received a notification in the lower right part of my home screen indicating that I have to upgrade to Acrobat DC.  I've selected the option and immediately received an error "cannot pass."  Acrobat Pro, the option help / check for updates indicates there is no upgrade available.

    How upgrading to Acrobat DC?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Hi James,

    I wasn't able to find that 11 Acrobat registered under this email account.

    If you have a subscription of A11 then you are eligible for an upgrade to Acrobat DC.

    However if you have a serial number for Acrobat 11 then you need to buy Acrobat DC which is available as a

    -(Continued) subscription - Installer available at: download Acrobat DC (DC) | Company or VIP

    Installer - perpetual (Classic) - available at the: Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    Kind regards


  • Acrobat Pro 7 will not download 22020134.exe Adobe install

    I run Windows XP.  I uninstalled my copy of Adobe Pro 7 to transfer it to another computer.  I have successfully installed the download provided by Adobe (which replaces the original diskettes) on the other computer.  I found that I had general problems with this computer (nothing to do with Adobe) and decided to uninstall Adobe 7 Pro and reinstall it on my original computer.  So far there no install and I get the message: Setup has detected that you already have a more functional product installed. The installation program will now end.

    I deleted all my computer other than Photoshop elements Adobe products.

    Someone at - it ideas on what I can try next.  All help would be much appreciated.

    Run and remove any left over parts of the Acrobat folder that you had before. Then, restart and install. You can still have a few problems with the installation because the activation no longer works with AA7. If this is the case, see

  • Acrobat pro 10 will not configure presets... recent problem

    I have been using Acrobat x pro for 2-3 years on windows 7 pro 64-bit.

    No problem until 3 months ago.

    1. when I try and reconfigure my scanning presets... it allows them to be saved, but does not actually change their.

    2. at times when I try, I certify my documents with my certificate preallocated than loading other certificates for another program that imposes a check Internet for other applications. I then find the Acrobat created certification records.

    Thank you


    I found the solution to this problem... I already did what recommended you without result.

    There was corruption in these files... so I copied them elsewhere where my assumption was incorrect and then deleted from the folder

    C:\Documents and Settings\ "user\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\Preferences\Scan."

    I then restarted Acrobat 10 pro and I was then to change default scan settings, save them and use them according to the last record.

    The file above has had the new preferences.

  • Acrobat Pro XI does not install

    I bought Acrobat Pro XI at Amazon.  Downloads without error, it will not be installed.  I enter the serial number provided, and accept the default install.  He finished copying the files, gets most of the way through the installation (8 seconds remaining) and then restores the installation with a message "interrupted installation".  I tried to download again and restart the machine, all with the same result.  I run on a new Dell XPS 15 8.1 Windows running.  What should I do to complete the installation?

    uninstall older versions of acrobat and adobe reader software.

    clean - Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs

    then try to install.

    If this fails, troubleshooting install using newspapers | Elements

  • Acrobat Reader DC will not install. It goes about 85% and stops with a message that the file I am trying to achieve is on a network and not available.  Totally frustrated that many files need this program to open.

    Acrobat Reader DC will not install. It goes about 85% and stops with a message that the file I am trying to achieve is on a network and not available.  Totally frustrated that many files need this program to open.

    I got this program for years.  Update Windows 10 and after nothing more than headaches with he returned to Windows 7 and it is then Acrobat has stopped working.

    Hi lindat7439924,

    There is no uninstall for Mac Reader program. You can directly delete the application from the Applications folder, which is just trash/Applications/Adobe

    Then you can download Adobe reader from here:

    Kind regards


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