Acrobat Pro XI installation keeps asking for me to close Outlook.exe

I tried several times to install Acrobat Pro XI on CC.  I keep getting this error message when it is at 43% installation:

Acrobat Pro XI Install

Please close the following applications to continue:


I don't have outlook open.  I restarted my computer, checked for erros and bugs, and even tried to install in safe mode.  In safe mode, CC explained that I didn't have any internet connection.  Any suggestions on why it keeps asking for me to close outlook?  I have a lot of space on my hard drive.

Dell Latitude D630

Windows 7 Home Premium

32-bit operating system

Thank you.

Hi Ms. Lola B,

Try once more to install Acrobat, once this message appears. Try launching Task Manager go to the process tab, and then search for Outlook and there is a button on the lower left corner on the tab process called Show this process also click that while searching the outlook process.

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