ACS 3.2 on Win2k - upgrade from the replicated SACRED path

Hi all

I have 2 servers ACS 3.2 I want to upgrade to 4.2.1 the latest version before 5, as I understand.

My question is about replication. Should I stop the replication of database and upgrade servers separately or not? Can I put the servers as replication of database is configured? If so, is there a specific order of upgrade?

Thank you



Here the user guide.

"All of the SACRED that is involved in replication must run the same version of the ACS software. For example, if the primary ACS is running ACS version 3.2, all secondary ACSS should run ACS version 3.2. Because patches can introduce significant changes to the internal database of GBA, we strongly recommend that ACSS involved in replication use the same patch level. »

So, I suggest to turn off replication before upgrade. After all of the ACS are upgraded to the same version, you can enable replication again.

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    As a reader of DVD-R/RW compatible, you can use the Toshiba SD-R6112 or drive Pioneer G8CC0001L810 drive.
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    Some downloads/upgrades software Cisco requires additional access / valid Service contract. Using this contract would you give access to most of the tools and to encrypted software.

    To learn more about the Cisco service contract to choose from the following options:

    (a) contact your Cisco team account if you have a Direct purchase agreement.

    (b) contact a Cisco partner or reseller to purchase a service contract:

    (c) use the Profile Manager to update your profile and request the association of the service agreement:

    (d) you can also contact your Cisco representative or Manager of Cisco accounts for more details

    Cisco provides a warranty period, where you can get the software. However to gain access to the software, you need to contact TAC by using the following link for further assistance. They would be able to help you the best.

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