ACS 3.3 to 4.0 upgrade problems


I have a Cisco ACS 3.3 running on a win2k platform server and I need to upgrade to ACS4.0 on win2k.

-3.3 backup and restoring files on web interface 4.0 does not work;

-the same operation using csutils.exe works not (csutil b [...], then csutil - r [...])

-J' installed the new machine with ACS3.3, I imported the data/group/user with csutil, then I installed ACS 4.0 using setup.exe. The result is that the ACS services will not start

Anyone know what I need to do?

Thank you



Hi Antonio,.

-3.3 backup and restoring files on web interface 4.0 do not work.

* It won't work, because in ACS we can back up and restore the database among same versions only of the ACS, also applies to replication.

-the same operation using csutils.exe works not (csutil b [...], then csutil - r [...])

* Answer will be the same as above.

-J' installed the new machine with ACS3.3, I imported the data/group/user with csutil, then I installed ACS 4.0 using setup.exe. The result is that the ACS services do not start.

* Normal this is if you hit a bug, that when we try to upgrade a database of ACS 3.3 (x) xx of ACS 4.0 build we have leak customer spaces AAA and/or servers writing AAA in databaae, and that can cause a problem. But we cannot not be hitting this bug.

How to upgrade:

[1] make sure we follow the path correct upgradation and supported:

[2] then follow following steps upgrade:

Summarizing link above, just run installation of ACS 4.0 on an existing installation of ACS 3.3, and the installation program will ask itself, to save the previous configuration, select Yes at this time.

Let me know if it helps. Please rate if this helps.

Kind regards

Rafael Lanna

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  • Cisco Secure ACS 3.3 (1)-> 4.0 upgrade problems (1)

    Hi all!

    I have problems updating my primary ACS since version 3.3-> 4.0

    I always get the following error message, then it does the upgrade:

    "The record of the CiscoSecure ACS seems to be blocked by another application: C:\Program Files\CiscoSecure ACS v3.3.

    Please close all applications... blabla... »

    The thing is, I have improved my ACS backup first, and this upgrade worked like a charm.

    In both cases, both for the primary and backup I do a takeover with Dameware remote, copied the ACS 4 folder on the hard disk of the server and make the upgrade of this folder.

    As I said, the upgrade of backup server worked without a hitch.

    That's what I tried:

    1. I checked that NO application use the 3.3 ACS file and no Explorer window is open on this folder or subfolders.

    I checked using a small program called Filemon.exe from Sysinternals. According to this program, anything accessed said folder.

    I also checked it again by renaming actually ACS 3.3 file once I stop all services of the ACS. I could not rename the folder if the services have been started.

    2. I tried to stop the ACS services first and then make the configuration, got the same error.

    3. I have disabled the antivirus software, got the same error.

    Basically I am at my wits end now...

    However, I have two options:

    1. uninstall ACS 3.3, do a clean install of ACS 4.0 and import the data of all the GBA backup.

    Who would not raise by the primary association with the ACS configuration backup? So I think I will need to go on it later and make changes, if necessary?

    2 make a backup of the ACS 3.3 with csutil b

    Uninstall ACS 3.3, do a clean install of ACS 4.0 and import all the data with csutil - r

    Would this work? I've seen conflicting information here in this forum, some say that it works, the other say it's not.

    I'm a little confused why it worked so well the GBA backup but fails on the primary ACS.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Ivar Thorolfsson


    Folder lock message often appears if newspapers located in the directory of the ACS are too big.

    Move the logs of the following directories: -.









    Then try to upgrade.

    Kind regards


  • Problems with patching: ACS 5.0 to 5.1 upgrade

    I'm following the instructions to upgrade ACS 5.0 to 5.1

    But I can't get past the first step:

    Step 1 Install the ACS 5.0 patch:

    Issue the following command from the patch CSA in EXEC mode to install the fix for the ACS:

    Install patch ACS patch-name. tar.GPG repository repository-name

    Here is my result:

    / Admin # acs patch install repository 5-0-0-21 - 9.tar.gpg mytftp
    chmod: cannot access at the "* .sh ': no such file or directory".
    Error: Could not open the patch 5-0-0-21 - 9.tar.gpg

    It download the patch via TFTP ok, but cannot install it.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    There are problems in 5.0 with using tftp for file transfers that exceed 32 MB. There may be problems with the ftp servers that exceed this limit.

    I recommend to start using the alternative repository type. For example, ftp or a local repository on the server.

  • Firefox is no longer makes type in my fonts - upgrade problem?

    I have my fonts preferences set to display Serif fonts, specifically Times New Roman, and 'Allow pages to use their own fonts' is not checked. However, all pages that I charge rendered in a font without serifs.

    I have a vision that makes lineales problem difficult to read, so I need to be able to specify my fonts. Any suggestions? This problem started with my upgrade to v. 41.0.1 on Mac only.

    I'm not very familiar with the Mac fonts. When you say that you have selected 'Times' do you mean that the full name is "Times"? You have better luck with "Times New Roman"?

  • Satellite A660 - 11 M - Memory Upgrade - problem

    Hello world!

    I'm having a problem with upgrading my RAm 4 GB to 8 GB memory ([link crucial 8 GB Kit |]) which should be compatible.

    When I turn on the laptop after mounting of the modules to all first all seem to be right and the Bios start, but then it will not load windows and stucks on a black screen.

    Could someone help?

    Thank you!


    What to say: it looks like it s a problem with new RAM modules.
    The RAM modules aren t fully compatible or they malfunction.
    You must use other modules I made good experiences with modules from Kingston.

  • HP Envy 850-065SE: memory upgrade problem

    HP computer: Envy 850-065SE (memory 4 locations)

    Memory: G.SKILL RIPJAWS V F4-2133C15D-32GVR DDR4-2133 CL 15-15-15-36 v 1.2 2 * 16GB

    I just bought 32 GB (2 * 16) G.SKILL RIPJAWS V F4-2133C15D-32GVR DDR4-2133 CL 15-15-15-36 v 1.2 memory to upgrade my HP desktop computer (model 850-065SE of envy). My office has a HP mother 2B3A and i7 - 5820 k and HaswellE chipset. The memory of the plant is of Samsung brand with configuration DDR4-2133.

    When I replaced the memory of samsung (trademark) with G.SKILL ones, the computer cannot start with black screen. When I've switched back to factory memory, the computer is back to normal.

    That means G.SKILL RIPJAWS V 16 GB memoryis is not compatible with this HP computer motherboard? or upgrade the BIOS can solve this problem? or do I return these memory and get 8 GB * 2 instead? Your comments are much appreciated.

    This model is limited to only 4 GB and 8 GB modules in the slot.

    B21 HP

    CL15 - DIMMs, 4 GB, PC4-17000, 798033-001, DDR4 COMPLY_2.07

    CL15 memory - DIMM, 8 GB, PC4-17000, 798034-001, DDR4 COMPLY_2.07

    You can buy online modules of 8GB.  Look at the technical on this point.

  • Portege 7020 bios upgrade problem.

    I have a Portege 7020 CT with docking station. For a year and a half I can't update my bios. The problem is that when starting the floppy (as in instructions) drive my docking station is almost all (floppy drive) is turned off. Or I couldn't upgrade through Windows Millennium Edition.
    Someone at - it had similar problems? And you have any ideas to solve the problem?


    as far as I know, you need to remove your Portege. Plug the AC and connect the floppy drive. Laptop must be in boot mode and not recovery mode, and remove any PC cards.

    Then insert the prepared BIOS disc (create it as described in the manual) and boot from the floppy.

    Then it should work!

    Try and keep me posted.


    PS: your BIOS is available at support & downloads - download BIOS

    Your BIOS is available in version 8.10

  • Qosmio X 770-107-10 Windows upgrade problems

    I have a problem to upgrade my qosmio x 770-107 to windows 10.
    I have the default software factory with windows 7 home 64 bit.
    When I try to upgrade to windows 10 I have several problems.
    first BSOD for atheros drivers. When I update the drivers I can't find any WiFi signal fy. Bluetooth is not working, the FN keys does not and the touchscreen smart (eco, wify, that keyboard light switch is also not working..)
    its too bad for this kind of phone cant work with 10 windows and its free update for now...

    Sorry for my bad English and hope someone can help...

    Win 10 drivers for this model Qosmio do not exist, but trying to install the TOSHIBA function key as the TOSHIBA system driver for Win 10 out for Qosmio x 70-A PSPLT or Qosmio PX30t

    I'm not sure if it will work but it was worth a try...

  • Vista upgrade problem

    I bought a laptop at the end of week of curries and can't seem to find out how to update like curries is not on modus link site. can anyone help?

    Hi guys

    I hope you checked this topic.
    There are some users who have had problems with the upgrade, but it was already resolved.

    As you may know it is only a user forum, and I don t think you can find someone from Toshiba.
    But in my opinion if you credit card authorization failed it s is not a problem of Toshiba.

  • RAM upgrade problem: Flash the BIOS? or upgrade the processor?

    Hi, I jumped in with both feet and now need help to get out me!

    I have a desktop PC HP Pavilion Elite HPE-470uk who becomes a bit slow (processor card here After you have added a bluray player that I noticed that it's getting a bit slow so thought I would add little RAM.

    I bought a few Hyper X8GB of HyperXbeast 1600hhz, slipped in and the PC did nothing but to turn on and off several times. I checked the two sticks and they both do it. I then (plow in front) checked what memory, the processor can handle and discovered "The Intel® Core™ i3 - 5xx / Intel® Core™ i3-21xx processors handle memory DDR3 1066/1333 MHz" by

    After a discussion on another forum, that it has been suggested that I have updated the BIOS because it can allow the processor to manage memory 1600 mhz, but I don't know where to start on this or what version to selected download. I'd appreciate any help you can offer on this.

    The other way, that I can see is to update the processor itself. I thought of nothing too fancy just an i5 because it will allow me to run 3d blurays and should allow me to run some apps at the same time. After reading this it seems too complicated. Is it really just a matter of taking off the fan, declipsant the old processor, nine droping in and then put on some cooling stick stuff?

    Or should I just return the memory and get good memory?

    See you soon


    Here are the specifications of original factory for your desktop HP Pavilion Elite HPE-470uk and its card mother MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E). Based on these specifications, this model can support up to 16 GB (4 GB x 4 DIMMs) as follows:

    Dual channel memory architecture
    Four DDR3 DIMM sockets (240 pin)
    PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333)
    PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066)
    Memory non - ECC, unbuffered
    Supports up to 16 GB on 64 bit computers

    In addition, this model can support the following Intel processors;

    Maximum frequency of the processor of the heart < = 2.93GHz
    Intel Core i7 - 8xx (Lynnfield core)
    Intel Core i5 - 7xx (Lynnfield core)
    Intel Core i5 - 6xx (Clarkdale core)
    Intel Core i3 - 5xx (Clarkdale core)

    If you do not have to worry about the update of the BIOS, there is no updates available for your computer BIOS. Honestly, I return the incorrect memory and upgrade to a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. Then, if it solves all your problems, you could also upgrade the processor.

    As the computer is nearly 4 years old, you can consider a factory HP restore to return the computer to a facoty as State. In many cases, it returns original full speed of the computer. The reason why this helps, because the BONE is swollen and clogged over time.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    Please click the 'Thumbs Up' white LAURELS to show your appreciation

  • Satellite A350 - cannot order the Win 7 Upgrade - problem of credit card

    To the right,.

    I bought a laptop, A350, in 2009 and ordered to Windows 7 using the program, but I couldn't get anything from anywhere until today.

    Recently, I asked the delivery during 2 months nothing delivered, but the team behind this program cancelled my order. (Order No.: 4440058036)

    Day before yesterday, I ordered again (order No.: 4440124899) but this time another email was sent on my credit card because they could not charge the card so that they are not able to send the Windows 7 upgrade.
    In addition, it is mentioned to get in touch with the service the customer in Turkey, but the phone number provided on the page does not work.
    I don't know that my credit card works because I order a lot of stuff from other Web sites in the world.

    Almost 3 months ago, I still don't know where to contact them and how to order the Windows 7 upgrade.

    I hope that during the purchase of computer A350 laptop brand TOSHIBA, but today I am considering my decision isn't true at all.

    Please tell us how to deal with which to order Windows 7 upgrade as announced at the sale of portable for the A350.

    Kind regards


    For me, it looks like there are some problems with the credit card.
    Who knows what makes you wrong maybe that you have entered the right number or missed something maybe, there is another problem with your credit card
    In my opinion, you should get in touch with your Bank and should ask what could be the problem

    Here are the other Toshiba page where you could ask a support team for assistance if a problem with Win 7 upgrade kit would appear.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite C660 PSC1JE - 8 GB RAM upgrade problems

    Fellow owners of Toshiba,

    I have a Satellite C660-PSC1JE-00Y00XHU with 3 GB RAM (1 + 2) I want to go to 8 GB.

    I went out and bought 2 x 4 GB, but so far no of the below those worked (the computer restarts or stop):
    I was not to mix memories above, purchased two of each. Certainly, these operate at higher MHz and they aren't memories KIT, so that may be the issue.

    According to the specifications of the laptop (SEE attachment), I should be able to move to 8 GB.
    I found the following thread here, but it is not help me solve this problem:

    I found my memories at Intel:
    Two of my memories have a value of 'B' in the R/C column, but what that means? I ask, it is because in the list, there are two 4 GB memory listed thus:
    But these memories have a 'F' in R/C column. Is that mean that they didn't work with the tested chipset?

    I found a KIT on amazon, where PSC1JE is registered:
    But on the important information of the product section, only C655 notebooks are listed.

    Another thing I noticed, is that support for DDR3 frequency on my motherboard is only 533 MHz, but the memories that came with the laptop are 666,7 MHz. Does that mean I shouldn't buy same PC3-10600 memory, since it would not even capable of running at full speed?

    What I absolutely have to buy KIT or can I go out with two sticks of Samsung 4 GB?

    I am at a loss. Can someone point me in the direction of someone who can check what memory modules I need in order to have 8 GB in my notebook?

    Thank you


    I'm looking to upgrade my 8 GB RAM. I bought 2 x 4 GB of RAM, but I get a blue screen on startup, so I went back to them. Currently looking for something that works. Did you find something that works well with your laptop?

  • Satellite A500 - 17 X - RAM upgrade problems

    Hello. I hope someone can help me with this one because it's driving crazy me!

    I recently bought a Satellite A500 17 X from a friend at work. As it has the standard 4 GB, I pulled out and 2x4gb bought to upgrade. The problem here is that the laptop is simply not start with any other RAM sticks in place. I spent over £50 and took the first set back as I thought he had a problem with them.

    The specifications of the sticks:

    PNY 4 GB
    DDR3 8500
    1066 MHz

    If someone can help me here, I would be very grateful!

    Thank you.

    When you want to upgrade RM, it is important to use 100% compatible and also produces high quality.
    I ve checked specification and your laptop can be upgraded up to 8 GB of RAM. Compatible RAM of 4 GB modules have the PA3677U-1M4G part number.

    Order these Rams announced everything will be OK.

    By the way: best Rams offer Kingston so you can also check which modules you can buy for your laptop. Check it here.

  • Satellite C75-A-144 - Kingston memory upgrade problem


    I recently bought a laptop C75-A-144 and wanted to do an upgrade with the bar of memory KINGSTON 4 GB (4GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 Non - ECC CL11 SODIMM SRx 8).
    Unfortunately, the laptop does not start with this module installed. I checked the module in the other laptop (differrent manufacturer) and it works well.
    Then... there at - it some compatibility problem with Kingston memory modules and model C75-A-144?

    In addition, because I really want to do this upgrade, can someone give me a list of the modules that will work with this laptop?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    According to specification for laptop, that your computer can be upgraded up to 32 GB of RAM.
    Compatible RAM modules (verified by Toshiba) followed part numbers:
    2 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M2G
    4 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M4G
    8 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M8G

    Check it please these part numbers and use them to order of RAM.

    In the past I ve used memory modules RAM Kingston for upgrade and there is no problem at all. Maybe you're trying to use Rams with different specifications.

  • Satellite Pro 4340 - RAM upgrade problem

    I have exactly the same problem as Juan29. Link to his post below.

    I want to improve my Toshiba Satellite pro 4340 to 320 MB of ram.
    The computer came with 64 internal RAM and I bought 2 x 128 MB of ram.

    My problem is that the second (B) ram slot does not detect the new ram.
    2 x 128 MB of ram were tested both in the ram slot (A) and work.
    I thought that a bios upgrade would solve the problem, but it didn't.

    I have the same defective (B) housing like Juan or does it have
    a solution?

    Help, please.
    Best regards

    What memory did you use?
    I've found that these modules are compatible:
    PA3003U - 1 M 03 32MB MEMORY KIT
    PA3004U - 1 M 06 64 MB MEMORY KIT
    PA3005U - 1 M 12 128 MB KIT MEMORY

    I think there could be a problem of compatibility of the module.
    I put t see any other reason the problem

Maybe you are looking for