Active - validate no surname

Hello, I am trying to create a process for the provision of the service accounts, and I want to make sure there is no last name specified; field I want to apply a null value or disable (gray out) the last field name completely.

Is this possible?

Thank you



Olivier solution will work in some cases, but I think you will find that it fails if you try to apply this policy during the creation of the object (for example, user).

In the example of Alex, a policy that says "Last name (sn) must not be" {*} will work great to restrict the ability to change the last name for the user (service) accounts. The last time I looked at this scenario, however, I found that this solution did not prevent the population of name when you create a new user object.

It happens that I don't have an example of code that I put up a little backwards to restrict which attributes may be changed. Hope you find it useful:

function onInit($Context) {
  $Param = $Context.AddParameter("Restricted Attributes")
  $Param.Description = "Parameters defined in this list will not be editable."
  $Param.MultiValued = $True
  $Param.Required = $True

function onGetEffectivePolicy($Request) {
  if ($Request.Class -ne 'user') { return }

  $RestrictedAttributes = @($Context.Parameter("Restricted Attributes"))
  $RestrictedAttributes = @($RestrictedAttributes | ?{$_ -ne $null})
  if ($RestrictedAttributes.Count -lt 1) { return }
  $RestrictedAttributes = @(($RestrictedAttributes[0] -split ';') | ?{$_ -ne ''})

  $RestrictedAttributes | %{
    $Request.SetEffectivePolicyInfo($_, $Constants.EDS_EPI_UI_AUTO_GENERATED, $True)

See you soon,.

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    I have no experience with Schematron. But I don't have an example of a xlt:"/ >"/ >


    "xmlns:XP20 =""

    "xmlns:bpws =""

    "xmlns:BPEL =""

    "xmlns:loc =""

    "" xmlns: xsi = ""

    "xmlns:BPM =""

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    "xmlns:dwnzvpm =""

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    Select = "' / dwnzvpm:aDarwinProjectExampleRequestCBM / dwnzvpm:businessData / dwnzvpm:informatieverzoekNatuurlijkPersoon" / > "

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    Select = "' / dwnzvpm:aDarwinProjectExampleRequestCBM / dwnzvpm:businessData / dwnzvpm:informatieverzoekNatuurlijkPersoon / dwnzvpm:adres" / > "

    Select = "' / dwnzvpm:aDarwinProjectExampleRequestCBM / dwnzvpm:businessData / dwnzvpm:informatieverzoekNietNatuurlijkPersoon / dwnzvpm:adres" / > "


    An application must be made for a natural or non-natural person.

    Validation error


    A Dutch address cannot be questioned based on a cityname, but only based on a citycode.

    Validation error

    I think that it is fairly easy to add additional semantic checks.

    Kind regards

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    Close all open windows.

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    Copy and paste the result (if any) in the command prompt window to an answer here.


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    run another MGADiag report and post it.

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    Kind regards


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    Please transfer your inquiry in the Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Validation issues Forum.  Thank you.

  • received invalidVariables error check validate in the assign activity

    Hello Oracle BPEL guru,

    I have only a few months experience SOA. I have a problem of validation badly need help. It may be a simple question for you.

    I am stable and seeking a better solution for our validation registration 834. I am using SOA and JDeveloper version For the test, I create a simple Roster.xsd:

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >
    <! - edited with XMLSpy v2013 sp1 ( by Li (CGI) NAFTA - >
    < xs: schema xmlns: XS = "".
    elementFormDefault = "qualified" attributeFormDefault = "unqualified" >
    < xs: element name = "Alignment" >
    < xs: annotation >
    < intention > root comment describing your item < / intention >
    < / xs: annotation >
    < xs: complexType >
    < xs: SEQUENCE >
    < xs: element name = "ID" type = "xs: String" / >
    < xs: element name = "Gender" >
    < xs:simpleType >
    < xs:restriction base = "XS: String" >
    < xs:enumeration value = 'F' / >
    < xs:enumeration value = "M" / >
    < / xs:restriction >
    < / xs:simpleType >
    < / xs: element >
    < xs: element name = "Name" >
    < xs:simpleType >
    < xs:restriction base = "XS: String" >
    < xs:minLength value = "5" / >
    < xs:maxLength value = "8" / >
    < / xs:restriction >
    < / xs:simpleType >
    < / xs: element >
    < xs: element name = "Âge" >
    < xs:simpleType >
    < xs:restriction base = "XS: Integer" >
    < xs:minInclusive value = "0" / >
    < xs:maxInclusive value = "120" / >
    < / xs:restriction >
    < / xs:simpleType >
    < / xs: element >
    < xs: element name = "DOB" type = "xs: Date" / >
    < xs: element name = "Dept_No" >
    < xs:simpleType >
    < xs:restriction base = "XS: String" >
    < xs:enumeration value = "Development" / >
    < xs:enumeration value = 'Quality' / >
    < xs:enumeration value = "Management" / >
    < / xs:restriction >
    < / xs:simpleType >
    < / xs: element >
    < / xs: SEQUENCE >
    < / xs: complexType >
    < / xs: element >
    < / xs: Schema >

    I've created a good data and bad news. reliable data are here, TestData_good.xml

    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >
    < list xmlns: xsi = "".
    xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation = "xsd/Roster.xsd" > "
    < ID > 12345 / < ID >
    < sex > F < / Type >
    < name > Jimmy Li < / name >
    <>26 < / Age >
    < DOB > 1988 - 01 - 01 < / DOB >
    Quality of < Dept_No > < / Dept_No >
    < / list >

    I have create a BPEL to read a TestData_good.xml folder and write to another file. I have assign activity to assign the xml content. It works very well without validation. I see the file are written with a different name.

    Problem is when I check the post in the activity assign, general tab. It fails validation. But the data is good, as you can see in this mail and I validated at design time. I think it good pass, but fails in the incorrect data. But it fails in the right data now. The error messages here:

    Error message: {} invalidVariables

    Error default/TestValidation2!1.0*soa_7e318e4a-8cf7-4dc1-b265-31e0e3d9ce7e/BPELProcess1/20016-BpAss0-BpSeq0.3-2 ID
    Lack of time March 4, 2013 21:58:51

    Anomaly of the non-recoverable system:

    < bpelFault > < faultType > 0 < / faultType > < invalidVariables xmlns = "" > < / invalidVariables > < / bpelFault >

    You have no idea what may be wrong?

    Thanks in advance for your help,



    This isn't a namespace schema... You can set a namespace or use an approach as described in the following doc...

    See you soon,.

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    After I put my laptop to original settings, I got a message to validate windows. When I clicked on the legend now validate windows I get a message saying that the key is incorrect. The number on the computer is different from the one on the Microsoft label on the underside of the computer.
    Vista was ok before putting the laptop back to original settings. Vista was preinstalled when I got the laptop.

    Any ideas how to validate Windows?

    > Vista was ok before putting the laptop back to original settings
    The preinstalled Vista is already activated and so activation is not necessary and is not necessary.

    I put t understand what you mean by: + I put my laptop to original settings + and Feliks you asked how you did that.

    In your case, I would just try to install the operating system preinstalled by Toshiba yet once on your laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk or the Toshiba HDD recovery option.

  • Windows 7 activation code

    My laptop crashed... just a few months out of warranty.  I have the reocery disks and reinstalled the operating system.  30 days later, he asked for the activation of Windows 7 - product key.  The tile is warn out on my computer.

    I called Microsoft and they told me to call HP.  I called HP support and they said I could get my key restored in line with my product and the serial number I have these two but I can't find not anywhere where this is possible on the support site.

    Help, please.

    Thanks, Dave

    Have you tried Microsoft validation check:

    A simple alternative to this question can be found here

  • XP pro will not validate: upgrade Windows 7 tells me that I need a valid operating system to install

    Can anyone shed a light on my dilemma please?

    I have a legitimate Windows XP pro (OEM version), purchased copy in good faith of in March 2005. Everything I've done is update the motherboard on several occasions. The drive never left my possession, but which would have been, I activated XP pro 20 times! This time around (Christmas) I've updated the motherboard once more and now I was rejected validation by Microsoft.

    Yesterday (December 28), I received a phone call from Microsoft (possibly in India) informing me that they refuse to validate due to the fact that I broke the rules of my license.

    I was told that I GOT to upgrade to Windows 7!

    Reluctantly, it seems, I have no choice I'm not familiar with any other operating system.

    The only problem is now, it seems that I am not authorized to upgrade to Windows 7, I have not an operating system valid in order to allow the upgrade to run?

    Is this really the case? I buy the complete package as opposed to the upgrade?

    Can anyone help please?

    Dave :-(

    Probably motherboard changes have invalidated your xp license. An OEM license is not transferable to a new motherboard.  (a new motherboard is considered a new computer)

    You need a full commercial license in your situation. An upgrade license requires an activated license of qualification.

    I bought my laptop in the philippines and it's a windows 7. After 30 days, my laptop is looking for the product key, but's already done it before, what is activation of windows said: "you have entered the product key can be used in certain countries or regions.» Activate windows where you bought it or buy a new product. My question is, are there opportunities where I can take into account and instead activate key product here in the United States, because I wil be here for 5 months...? Help, please! solution and suggestion will be appreciated :) Thank you!

    Please go to and click on the button to validate Windows, and then restart your computer.

    If you were not able to validate, follow these steps:

    1. Download this diagnostic tool, save it to your desktop:

    -Online Windows XP: double-click the executable file to run the tool.

    -Online Vista & Win7: right-click on the executable and select run as administrator to run the tool.

    2. after running the tool, click the Windows tab, and then click copy (to the Clipboard).

    NB: You can open a new file in Notepad, paste the contents of the Clipboard in it & keep for future reference.

    3 start a new thread in the following Microsoft Genuine Advantage forum and paste the results of the WGA or OGA data diagnostic in a detailed post tool:

    4 Troubleshooting specialist will analyze the data and recommend an appropriate solution.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • How XP activation and validation will work after 08/04/14?

    Well, it's been six months now.  EOL of XP.  Clearly a large NUMBER of companies plan to continue using XP in the foreseeable future since one-third of the browser visits on the web are still running on XP.  So, I wanted to know what Microsoft officially plans to a situation that is coming:

    XP was the first OS to feature activation) 1 line and 2) (Genuine Advantage) validation.  Microsoft is planning to continue the servers for these two functions for XP owners can continue to clean install their copies of XP or add expansion cards/readers who re - raise the bogey of validation?  Or Microsoft will manage it as managed Adobe CS2?  Or Microsoft simply refuses to activate and validate XP after April 8, 2014?

    User name final XP and business owners in the world, curious class action attorneys want to know how Microsoft plans the treatment the fine mess they are?

    Windows XP support in April end: answer three questions more


    Q: Will Microsoft constantly demanding that XP users activate Windows XP from 8 April 2014, since the assumption of the product ends?

    A: No. A spokesman confirmed that activations will still be needed for facilities of sale to the detail of the post Windows XP April 8. "BeWindows XP can still be installed and activated after the end of support April 8," noted the spokesman.

    Another update (January 15): for those who ask in the comments below, Microsoft will continue to make all fixes and patches made Windows XP until April 8, 2014, available to users through Windows Update. "There is no current plans to remove Windows XP existing security updates from Windows Update after the end of support on April 8, 2014", confirmed a spokesman.

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