shows only a white screen with old BONES, 21/03/16 OS. Clues? if only white poster with old and new tvOS updated 21/03/16 OS 9.2 on Apple TV. Deleted Adafruit and re-installed. No change. All other applications work fine: Netflix, Apple, movies, etc, etc...


Same problem for me too. Can be useful to reach out to the developer of the application.

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  • YouTube does not play videos in google chrome, I see only black white screen with nothing happening.

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    YouTube is not playing videos in google chrome, I see only black white screen with nothing happens

    YouTube works fine under IE

    WATS the problem please say n give solution

    This problem has something to do with Dell Data Vault?

    because after I turn on my machine, I get this message... Service Dell Data Vault has stopped working

    details on dell Vault problem... reference data below

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: DellDataVault.exe
    Application version:
    Application timestamp: 54cc0788
    Fault Module name: DellDataVault.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Timestamp of Module error: 54cc0788
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception offset: 00017126
    OS version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 16393
    Additional information 1: a539
    More information 2: 18736dd72b4a3074605a116ef5884f1f
    3 more information: c832
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  • 'app shows a blank white screen' rejection go to app world

    My application was rejected world app with this reason:

    "app displays white screen of white (does not load correctly).

    It consists of a few javascript using the javascript box2dweb library. It works fine in the emulator to ripple. I have a Playbook tablet, so I can't test it on a real device.

    How can I do for this problem?

    Have you tried it on a Simulator?

  • Creative cloud shows only a white screen

    When I open the creative cloud everything that happens is a blank screen. It does not show my apps so I can't uninstall or update anything. How can I fix it?

    Please refer to the procedure described in

    Hope this works for you.



  • Firefox OS, market shows only a white screen

    There was an update to the market available before yesterday, after that I downloaded the just market shows a white screen. I tried to erase the user data, which did not work. I have an alcatel one touch fire e, under firefox os
    I'm running out of ideas, suggestions on how to fix this?

    There is now another update of the application of the market who got just came out and that solves the problem.

  • OS boots to a white screen with the pointer of the mouse only

    doesn't show any desktop computer

    BONES appears at startup but without bars, icons or background when you are finished. Displays only the white screen with the mouse pointer. Even in safe mode unless there is safe mode in each of the 4 corners of the display discription and windows at top-center

    Try the items listed on this thread.

    Let us know the results. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
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  • Why some youtube videos appears a white screen with sound only, while other just work very well, these videos streaming without any problem

    Why some youtube videos show a white screen with sound only, while other works very well, these streaming videos without any problem on youtube no black screen, nothing, but sometimes once downloaded, they appear black screen with sound only? Yes sometimes when you re-download it works very well, but why?


    (1) did you make any changes before the show?

    (2) you use internet explore? If so, which version?

    (3) is the specific question of youtube videos?

    (4) the same thing happens with the different browsers?

    The video problems when you use Internet Explorer

    For reference:

    Why a few blank pages or incorrectly displayed in Internet Explorer?

    I hope this helps.

  • I tried to connect wifi with my laptop, including wireless I use for a month now, but shows only 2 blue screens without the world down on the right, and he said "unidentified network".

    "Unidentified network".

    Hello, today I tried to connect to my friends wifi with my laptop, including wireless I use it for a month now and its impossible! Down right it shows only 2 blue screens without the World Cup, and he said "unidentified network"! I tried several solutions, I found online as 'install the protocols Internet 4 and 6', make sure that I have the ip auto get same restore point system and safe mode with network! Nothing works... my friend connects with his laptop and I can connect with my smartphone, except my laptop! I have windows vista... Please help me thanks

    Go to: Control Panel, Manager of Devic, adapters to extend your network, click with the right button on your wireless network and click on uninstall.

    Do not put a check in the box: remove the software driver for this device.

    Restart your computer and Windows will install your wireless network.

    If the problem persists, see if your computer manufacturer has an updated driver.

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  • BlackBerry Smartphones Starting Error: my BB shows a white screen with 3 lines of text. Help me please.

    Hello guys,.

    I bought a Blackberry "BOLD" from a few months ago and I've been to update facilities when my laptop turns off accidentally. Since then, when I turn on my blackberry, it does not show the normal screen. It shows a white screen with the following text:

    BlackBerry, platform Options, Registered Messages. and when I click on Options, I get this error message

    Error starting net net_rim_bb_options_app:Module 'net_rim_bb_spellcheck' not found.

    What should I do? I really need my phone back. :-( Help, please! Thank you for your suggestion.

    I tried: pull battery, uninstall the Desktop Manager and the soft reset and it still does not work. :'-(


    Ahhh... particular case then. What you need to do is to get the operating system that you want to:

    And then use the JL_Cmdr utility to destroy what is on your device:

    And then you should be able to reinstall your operating system.

    Good luck... and this can be very difficult... Be very patient with you as well as your devices...

  • white screen with lines

    I came here because I believe that it is a combination of several mistakes, I don't know.

    When I start the computer in Standard Win2k3, it gives me a white screen with Vibrio black vertical lines across on the screen, with a few horizontal. After some tests, I want to pretend it works, you press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and connected and surprisingly, the computer works - I can see the icon and the load of desk top of the page to the top, BUT the white screen is still there, the bars into brackets upward the desktop icons and the resolution is so low that I only see a small part. Moreover that apparently all workstations had been 'forced' layer on layer on the screen, as I see multiple cursors on the screen all at the same time movement and rhythm (when I move the mouse).

    The next thing that I checked, is since I have installed WinXP, but as if by magic will not work some of my programs (this is why I use it), and the screen has worked very well and very well (with almost nothing, runnable).

    Well, can not compare the two BONES, I also started Win2k3 in safe mode, safe mode with blah, all three cases of Safe Mode gives me good screen and access my programs no internet as safte mode blocks.

    I want my internet back AND my good old Win2k3. If anyone can help. It should not be a video card problem because (1) I have integrated a video card AND (2) it works well under XP

    It could be a corrupted RAM, even if dxdiag shows all the available RAM, I have hope that there is a way to check WITHOUT removing them from the socket.

    It might even be a mistake of an operating system, that I don't know how to make sure that, if I can reinstall after the top in Mode safe

    It could be another thing and combinations of these. (Probably the 2 above, in my view, have no idea how can ensure me that)


    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the Windows server on TechNet. Please ask your question in the TechNet Windows Server Forums. You can follow the link below to ask your question:

  • My iPod Nano has a white screen with messages I've ever seen


    I'm having a problem connecting my iPod Nano (5th generation 8 GB) to my Macbook Pro (mid-2009 with El Capitan OS). I tried to restore my iPod nano with iTunes. Restore failed, and my iPod Nano screen has changed to a white screen with a message "do not disconnect". I couldn't eject the device, so I had to unplug the iPod with this message that appears. When I disconnected the iPod a black check mark appears on the white screen with a message "Ok to disconnect". The only way to get this message go away is to lock the screen of the iPod nano, and then unlock it. Then I press and hold the Center button and menu button simultaneously for 8 seconds and the Apple logo appears. Then shortly after, a "Use iTunes to restore" message on the iPod nano. I reconnect the iPod on my Mac and the white screen with a message 'do not disconnect' returns to the top. iTunes does not recognize the iPod. I don't know what else I can do to get my Mac to recognize the device and add songs using iTunes. IPod Nano was working fine a few hours ago, and my Macbook recognized until I tried to restore it in iTunes. It's very frustrating. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Here are pictures of the messages from my iPod nano's display.

    IPod Nano was working fine a few hours ago, and my Macbook recognized until I tried to restore it in iTunes.

    What was the (initial) reason, you had to do this restoration (before this problem occurred)?

    Try to put the iPod in Disk Mode.

    Put the iPod in disk - Apple Support Mode

    Launch iTunes and connect the iPod to the Mac.  If iTunes picks it up, he may ask you to do a restore with a message on the "recovery."  Tell iTunes to do a restore.  After the full restoration , see if the iPod works normally.

  • Satellite A200 - white screen with 3 beeps


    My Toshiba Satellite A200 was recently gives me a white screen with 3 beeps at every start. I took it to my friend for repair and they told me that I had to take the battery out and put it so that it starts. It worked for him, but not me. I called technical support and told me it was a hardware problem with the memory or the motherboard.

    Anyone have the same problem and know what to do? I wouldn't mind not check memory myself I don't know where to start...

    Thank you

    Hi hpthinker,

    I think the support that you called is right and it s a hardware problem. Perhaps with memory or the motherboard

    The best way to fix this would be new modules of RAM because they can be easily replaced in a few minutes and are not expensive nowadays.
    Just so buy new modules of RAM in your local computer store, or ask your authorized service provider for this problem. They can offer you new RAM modules and you can test it again.

    By the way: If you have two RAM modules, test it with a module only.

  • I have just a white screen with complete audio on Windows Media Player.

    Original title: sound, no video

    I ordered a series of dog training DVD.  When I went to download the premiera and play via Windows Media Player, I have audio, but the captain was missing, just a screen dance of psychedelic images.  I've screwed around a bit and go get rid of it, but now I just have a white screen with complete audio.

    Thinking I need a plug in I released on bail and downloaded the same clip on my laptop. Same thing, only it started with a white screen.  I doubt that this is a problem with the link, but he has seen it happen on 2 different puters a wonder.  I am running Vista on my desk, I think it is XP on the laptop.


    Hi Dave,.

    I suggest you to follow the steps from the link and check if it helps.

    The screen may appear black or green during playback when the Windows Media Player control is embedded in a Web page

    I hope this helps.

  • my windows Vista Home Basic Edition does not show the Office when I log in. it shows only a green screen

    Original title: green screen

    my windows Vista Home Basic Edition does not show the Office when I log in. it shows only a green screen. I tried all the options in F8 mode with no result. How can I fix it without losing any information on the hard drive?


    1 - do you mean that you get the green screen even in safe mode?

    2 did you recent hardware or software changes to your computer before this problem?

    If you are unable to start desktop even in safe mode, then you try to perform the verification and startup repair.


  • Creative cloud opens only a white screen

    Creative cloud opens only a white screen

    Hi Melissa,

    I think you are referring to the white empty window of CC desktop application.

    Please refer to the threads below where this issue has been addressed:

    Creative cloud is empty window why?

    Cloud Desktop App is empty?

    New application Cloud Creative unusable: it is empty!

    Re: Empty opening creative cloud app

    Kind regards


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