Adapter disk HARD Ultrabay for two (compatible) T410s and T430s


Anyone know if lenovo has a HARD ultrabay drive adapter that can serve both T410s and T430s.

I have gone through in this regard but the NP are not the same and either PN does not point to the two system.

Thanks for the clarification.

Kind regards



they are the same and can be used interchangeably.

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    Try using disk utility to fix the problem. Also, read an effective communities of Apple Support question.

  • Cannot eject the disc hard ultrabay in ' Safely Remove Hardware and and eject the media.

    Just installed my T430s with Win7 x 64.
    But I have a problem to the ejection of my hard drive in ultrabay using the icon "Safely Remove Hardware and and eject the media.

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    UltraBay drive hard not in the list using the driver Lenovo RST!

    If I use the native Win7 driver (Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller), it works:

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    I guess that the Intel RST pilot could have some improvements to the native driver... so I would frefer using them.

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    2: Intel RST driver ver. a little slower than 1. Support ultrabay eject!
    3: Intel RST driver ver. a little bit faster than 2, but not as fast as 1. Support ultrabay eject!

    4: Win7 x 64 native driver AHCI: a little slower than the others. Support ultrabay eject!

    Test drive: Micron C400 256 GB

    Also tried Intel 320 128 GB and using this disc the native driver was also fast drivers Intel RST (did not try the 'Lenovo' RST).

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    I need help by phone please.

    Where can I call?


    You can have the creative cloud installed and signed in on two computers as long as you don't use it on one at a time. Download and install as you did on the first computer, sign in to your Adobe account on the Adobe using your Adobe ID website, download the desktop app from clouds, then download the software. Sign on a computer that should not be used: log in and log out of the desktop Adobe Creative Cloud application

    Since its asking you to buy, please follow the steps below: -.

    First of all, disconnect, then back into creative cloud, using adobe id to pay for your subscription.

    Then, if you launch any product of CC 2015 and the pop up still shows a trial message window, please check this link for the resolution:

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  • Drive hard specifications for Satellite P300D - 21K


    I would buy a new hard drive to fit into the slot to spare on my laptop, my laptop is P300D 21 K.
    There is no information or spec on what must be this hard disk drive specification.

    Can anyone help? type? Max capacity? RPM? Be cached? etc...

    Thank you


    As Akuma, you can use any HARD SATA 2.5 drive.
    All sizes of disk HARD possible should be compatible!

    Now the 500 GB 2.5 HDD is available... I didn t find any SATA 2.5 hard drive bigger, but I think that it s only a matter of time.

  • Partition of HARD drive into two parts

    I just bought a new HP laptop and in his HARD drive just a disk Local (C). I want to partition HARD drive into two parts C and D. can I do this without formatting my PC. I have windows 7 ultimate on it. have a problem on this way?

    Help, please

    a big thanks to all the world...

    You can use the built in disk management in Windows to do.  Click Start-> Control Panel-> administrative tools-> management-> disk management computer.  Right click on the C: partition and click on reduce the volume.  Then right click on the space unallocated and create the new partition.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you

    What is a Cartesian product
    A Cartesian join is when you do not specify a join condition between tables.

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    See Cartesian products in the SQL language doc
    Cartesian products
    If two tables in a join query have no join condition, Oracle database returns their Cartesian product. Oracle combines each row in a table with each line on the other. A Cartesian product always generates several lines and is rarely useful. For example, the Cartesian product of two tables, each with 100 lines, has 10,000 rows. Always include a join condition unless you specifically have a Cartesian product. If a query joins three or more tables and you do not specify a join condition for a specific pair, the optimizer may choose a join order that avoids the production of an intermediate Cartesian product.
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