I inadvertently "REMOVED" the recognition of 'network' of 5 ghz on a menu that allowed me to "remove unnecessary networks."  I thought I was doing the right thing, but deleted by mistake the 5 ghz. Now I just can't side 5 ghz of the card to show as an available network when I click available networks at the bottom right of my screen.

My dual band router LInksys is certainly put 2 and 5 ghz because I can see them on other PCs in the House and my Iphone6. It's only the HP All In One which now lacks the recognition of 5 ghz.

It was working fine before my despicable act. I could easily switch between 2 ghz or 5 ghz...

I rebooted router and reset I can see the 'admin' menu for the router on this computer.  I restarted my HP. I tried to restore my pc soon, and no effect. It seems that somehow I just simply deleted a vital statement or turned a vital switch that prevent this receiver WiFi HP-receive adapter or by switching to the 5 ghz range and the value by default only the 2 ghz.

My system details also show that it is a working adapter RALink 3290 80211 bgn

Is there a way to turn this back on? How do I re - establish the 5 ghz network on this HP?

Any help out there?

George P

You are the very welcome.

That is right.  No 'a' doesn't = No 5 GHz.

I can't explain why you thought you saw other 5 GHz networks on your PC.

The only wireless networks that should be visible on your PC are only in the 2.4 GHz band, because it's all Ralink card in your model can see.

You might be able to replace the card with a wireless card dual band but I can't say for sure.  Some PC have a BIOS lock that prevents users from installing a different wireless card.

You would have to make sure your PC has two antennas connected to the current Ralink wireless card because all dual-band cards have at least two terminals of the antenna to connect to.

I would say the best thing you can do would be to go to your local office supply store and pick up a wireless network adapter dual band USB external.

They now power USB wireless adapters, so you can get one of these.

You wouldn't have any compatibility or hardware issues with an external USB card and not worry about BIOS locks or the number of antennas inside your PC.

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