Add a Skype Skype contact whose name is a phone number

Skype ID my friend's phone number. When I try to add him as a contact, I get only an option to add a phone number. But I want to add her phone number as his Skype ID and be able to make Skype calls to this identification number.

Help, please!


Your friend has actually and generated Skype name, which will be lok something like this: on-line:.

Ask them to enter any chat window and send this cat order /dumpmsnp in the output of this command, they see what this Skypename.

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    jimmy437 wrote:

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    Yes, the FB version corrects this problem.

  • How to find the name of Microsoft Account of Skype contact?


    I would like to move some of my business contacts to Lync 2013 which basically supports adding Skype contacts, but he needs the Microsoft Account of this contact. How can I know the Microsoft Account a person in my Skype contacts list? I'm sure that one or other of the people on the list has decided to use his Account MS to connect to Skype, but when I open the page of profile suspects with the help of this option , I see not their Skype name.

    Thanks for your help

    As far as I know, the only option to add Skype contacts to Lync is using their email address. This must be the same address that contacts were used to create the Microsoft account.

    This e-mail address is not in their profile, so you'll need to ask them to provide you with this address.

    Also, Skype users will only see their Lync contacts when connected with its account of Microsoft. Lync contacts will not appear when you are signed in with the Skype name.

  • How add you a phone number to your Skype contacts?

    How add you a phone number to your Skype contacts?

    In the program of Skype on Windows right click your contact icon, select 'View profile' then in pop up select 'Add a number' then click the checkmark to save.

    On Android click the icon of your contact, and then click the menu Burger at the top right (three points) and select "Edit contact" then 'add a number '.

  • I lost my Skype contacts when I detached and linked to my account of Ms. How can I restore my contacts?

    Recently, I posted and linked to my MS account for the unknown problem of 'conversation', but that leads to a problem even more serious where I lost all of my Skype contacts.

    I have experienced support and there is no solution, they can give me. They did a restore of my supposed deleted contacts, but that did not help. They can't check if a Skype name that I provide figure in the restored list. The proposed support is to search and add contacts. I tried with only 3 and I dropped, every name has like 30 entries and 5 of them seemed to be possible contacts.

    All the world faced this problem before and managed to resolve it?

    I thought that I would lose my MSN contacts, has ended until I lose my Skype contacts. Blows my mind when linking and disassociate an external set of contacts delete contacts from the original application. This whole experience is the worst ever using software.

    But thanks for the clarification, at least it puts a closure to my trip, search for solutions.

  • Create account Skype with Skype name other than that of email or phone number

    I was asked to create a new Skype name for the work, but I can't understand how to create an account with a Skype name that isn't my email or phone number. I don't see an option where you can type your name (not the visible display to my contacts name) Skype.

    You can create a new Skype account with a Skype name of your choice using this form:

  • Delete the Facebook of Skype contacts

    I want to delete my Facebook of Skype contacts. I have probably a dozen of Skype contacts, but since I'm logged into Facebook, it says I have about 900 and it is really annoying me because nothing I've found helps me to solve this problem. I'm getting really annoyed and frustrated someone help me please!

    To delete a Contact, simply right click on the contact you want to delete. Then, at the bottom of the context menu, click "remove from contacts". Like this Post? Add Bravo!

  • Skype Contact lists - removing users from Messenger

    I have several lists of contacts and have used them for years with success. Starting last week, Messenger users is no longer "stick" in my Skype contacts list. I'll add them, and it seems fine. Then after awhile, I'll optimize Skype and e-mail users went from my lists of contacts.

    What is going on??? Is it a 'new '? I'm using version on Windows 8.1. Is there something that can be done? It's really annoying!

    PS upgraded to Windows 10 and then restored Windows 8.1 because my machine kept restarting with a video driver error cryptic that I had no time to research/fix and Windows 8.1 works fine.

    OK, I understand that if you connect to and sign in to Skype it. Then use the search to find the email address of the person using the "search the Skype directory. Then add to contacts. Now, they appear under the "Skype" in the Skype app and can be added successfully to custom groups. Then delete them as a 'Messenger' in contact.

  • My Skype contacts are MISSING please help!

    All of a sudden all of my Skype contacts have disappeared. After you have installed the old version to new windows and I understand my flash memory and return to more recent, contacts are missing. Help, please! my account ID is [removed for privacy]

    I had the same problem. All of my Skype contacts had disappeared when I installed it again after the update from Windows 8.1 for Windows 10.

    It is now resolved. I followed the instructions I found in a query to archives on the same issue. Here is the link to it:

    How do I completely uninstall and reinstall Skype for Windows desktop?

    There are two options. I followed the second option in particular. "Completely uninstall and reinstall Skype for Windows desktop". In the case where the first option solve find you your contacts after you reinstall Skype, you may have to try the second option.

  • When it pops up in my comp. Skype contact is online, does that mean he's talking on Skype?

    When it pops up in my computer as a Skype contact is online, does mean that the person talking on Skype or the person is just in the internet?

    N ° it simply means that it is online and may be engaged in conversation.


    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

  • Merge with Hub Microsoft contacts Skype contacts!

    For the love of God, why Microsoft bought Skype if you are not able to work together to provide a common working contacts list?

    I use Skype on Windows (main PC), modern Windows (Tablet) and Windows Phone (Lumia) with a joint account of Microsoft. I take advantage of the integration of the people Hub.

    The hub is able to rightly see contacts Skype (filter list option).

    But Skype on all my devices only show a part of my contacts in the hub of the people. In fact, I see it seems an old version of my hub of people on Windows Phone list and none of them under Windows / Windows modern, even if I choose 'all' in all cases.

    So please, team of Skype, could you difficulty once the contacts list and why not merge all together with hub Microsoft People?

    What Skype is not supposed to be more integrated with Microsoft services? Then even better, offer your customers an option to get rid of your contact management and instead, use one Microsoft!

    Thanks for the answer, but in the meantime (and windows mobile 10 is not for tomorrow!), Skype is almost useless. I change a phone number in the hub of the people and expect to see change in Skype so that I can use Skype to call.

    But no, the Skype app still shows the old number.

    It used to be better, so I guess that a bug serious behind!

    Or how I've done wrong?

    EDIT: got it: need to refresh my hotmail Inbox in WP to force a synchronization of the hub of the people.

    To close Skype completely, wait a few seconds and then connect again.

    Now see the number published in Skype. Should be much smoother.

    I now have to change the settings of my account from microsoft on Windows Phone "based on my use' to 'as items happens', it might be useful...

  • Deleting a telephone number in a Skype contact

    Hi guys

    It's been in my head:

    I would like to know how to remove a phone number to an existing contact.

    Mouse on one of the contact numbers allows clicking on the pencil icon to edit, but not for the other two numbers.

    This left open-mouthed few in other forums, and I don't want to go and change a database of Skype...

    Thank you very much!

    Sorry, but you cannot edit or delete the phone numbers someone has included in their own profile, than those that you have added to this contact on your system

    Kind regards

  • Combine the device and Skype Contact views

    I use Windows Mobile 10 on a 735 Lumia and fact overview Skype SMS app on my phone. After turning "Synchronize my Skype contacts with the people app" I can now see my contacts from the device to Skype, but I can't combine with their corresponding device, the Skype contact. For example, someone has a Skype profile and we talk normally, but I want to switch the conversation between SMS and Skype in the same message thread. now I have to pass the wires. How can I combine them?

    I noticed that the Skype profile or the Microsoft account has not assigned; phone number the app is Skype app people profiles Skype based on the phone number?

    You can only toggle between Skype and SMS for Skype contacts who have a phone number in their Skype profile. Skype does not combine the contacts of the device and Skype. Then all the contacts where you can make the switch are Skype contacts with a few shone in their profile

  • deleting Skype contacts in the outlook calendar birthdays

    I have birthdays in my outlook calendar (windows 8) people who are Skype contacts, but I don't do the reminders pop up on their birthdays. I tried to manually delete these things or at least change the recurrence or the bloody Bell that goes off, but I'm not allowed to do so for a reason any. A window appears that says I contributes to the canoe to this folder read-only. It's embarrassing. How can I get rid of these things?


    I suggest you send the request in Windows Live Forums for assistance.

    It will be useful.

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