Add a toolbar at the bottom of the page

When I updated to V29.0, I lost the toolbar at the bottom of the browser. How can I add that back in. It contains a lot of information and it was easy to access.

Thank yoou


You can put most of the icons of the add-on on the other toolbars (a handful of Add-ons obsolete is missing their icons). If you want a bar the module at the bottom of the window, install the add-on Bar. Do not install if you already have an add-on that provides this functionality, as Restorer of classic, status-4-Evar theme or the Puzzle piece.

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  • How can I force "toolbars" on the pages scroll up and away when I scroll the page?

    Many pages have one or more toolbars or widgets that are still locked into place at the top of the web page when you scroll from top to bottom. How can I disable their ability to do so? It is so annoying when shit like that takes 1/3 of your screen and leaves so much less space available for what you're trying to read. The attached picture is for a particularly annoying page that is typical of how mentally disabled web developers at ESPN wasting your screen space: has * THREE * of those annoying widgets: one disappears when you scroll down to the low enough, but you're stuck with the other two down any distance you highlight.

    Many web pages make the problem worse by putting also contained locked into place at the bottom of the page, reducing more usable display area - shit like that should not be visible until you scroll at the bottom of the web page.

    You can optionally use the extension Stylish add some site specific rules to hide these items, but who's going to hide them completely.

    @-moz-document domain({
     #global-scoreboard { display:none!important; }
     #global-header { display:none!important; }
  • Is there an add-on that has the page with a user interface, just the content. Same view F11, but in a minimized state

    I use the always on the top of the page Add on and minimizes a window for watching videos while doing other things.
    But the Web bar and the tab bar allows plenty of space, so I was wondering if someone knows a plugin that will hide all the UI and simply let the content, something like view full-screen, presing F11, but in a reduced state.

    Thank you

    Try to use this extension.

    When you set up this extension, you will need to play with the Options through the add-on Manager tab and adjust the width, height, left and Top according to your needs. If you do not have a huge super resolution monitor default settings in CG will place the Firefox window on the right side of the screen.

    Once you get all of these parameters, move the toolbar toolbar button. When you press F11 this window will go into mode full screen expanded, then move the slider to the top of the screen to reveal the toolbars and click on the custom button geometry to restore your custom window size and position. Then this window snap into place and the toolbars will hide again. YMMV

    Note: Custom geometry has never been [IMO] adequate updated for Firefox 4 and the drop-down toolbar button does not work and adds it to the width of the toolbar button.

  • Very top of the bookmarks toolbar moving the page in Firefox 4

    I want to spend the bookmarks toolbar at the top of the browser window.

    For example, when the Menu bar is activated, I would that this result:

    When the Menu bar is saying-abled, I wish that this result:

    I was not able to find something that carries out this mission. The current mode is a waste of real estate.

    Try to use this extension. Everything you put on the menu bar is displayed in the title bar bar when you hide the menu bar and display the orange Firefox button.

  • How to add a link to the page complete multi-page PDF.

    Is it possible to add a link to the full page in multi-page PDF. So anywhere, I click on the page, it will take me to a specific hyperlink.

    I know there is a link to feature, but I can not create an action on its behalf and therefore cannot automate to easily update all the pages and many docs with it. I also looked in invisible buttons, then right clicking on it and the replication of all pages. This will be my last resort if there is no other options but its still not easy to do what I have to re-create the link for each document layer and must reproduce all individually on a page-by-page. Even if not for several files, it would always be very happy to be able to clone an element to link to all pages in a document.

    Else I've tried creating a layer in InDesign with a link and then using the Action to import layers, but that also doesn't seem to work.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    You can use the Javascript method addLink the doc object.

  • How to add header Note in the page of the OFA


    I have a resultstable, and I wanted to add a header text on the top of the results table. How can I achieve this?

    Thank you


    You can add a region of type header and set the text for this and add your table in the header area.

    Or you can enter the text for this table attribute value get the header.

    Thank you

    With respect,

  • Why can't I add 'save' as an icon of the toolbar on the pages?

    I use Pages 5.6.1 on my MBP and it is usually quite good, but why is there not an option to put a button 'save' in the toolbar? I tried to customize my toolbar and a 'save' icon is not available. In addition, for purposes of version control, why isn't is a "save under...". "control, rather than forcing you to rename or make a duplicate? These two seem typical obvious and it's really annoying that they don't exist.

    Except may be forced to appear if you press the Option key by going to the file menu (she then replaces the double function offered).

    As for the customization of the toolbar, I do not use this version of Pages (I prefer the old version), so I don't know what is available. However, if it shows not available, the feature is not available.

  • can I change the link attached for 'Get the Add-ons button' on the page About: Addons?


    on the subject: Addons page, on the left hand side, top of page there is this option? button 'Link Get Add-ons'

    Is there a way to change where I sailed on when I click on it?
    currently leads me to this comprehensive page of topic: addons
    I want to go directly to:

    to access it, I have to scroll down the subject: addons page and click... clumsy for me...

    Thank you

    You can change this pref on the topic: config page to open a page of your taste:

  • How to add a space between the pages of Indesign CC spread


    I'm looking for an answer to add a space between pages to spread, but I have found none, not DC at least. Can someone help me please?

    In the attached picture is the exported PDF, you can see that the two pages are similar to one.


    Thanks for your help!


    If all you want is to see a gap of page when you view a PDF file in Acrobat, export to PDF from InDesign mayonnaise. When the single page PDF is ready, open it in Acrobat and go to view > Page Display and implement two continuous. For the first page on its own, select view > Page Display > Show Cover Page during two places.

  • The top toolbars of the page is missing? Help!

    My tool bar that is at the top of the screen is missing.  The bar which has the carmera and music and all the nice stuff. I woke up to use my laptop and it had disappeared. I tried out for the settings for her to put it back on but I can't figuire it.

    My tool bar that is at the top of the screen is missing.  The bar which has the carmera and music and all the nice stuff. I woke up to use my laptop and it had disappeared. I tried out for the settings for her to put it back on but I can't figuire it.

    Are you referring to this?

    Try typing Delldock in the search box of start, see if the program appears at the top, if so, click it.
    If not where is it maight had been accidentally deleted.
    Use the above link and download it.


  • How to add a Groove to the page front and back?

    I already created my front and back pages with a spline, but now the printer says they need with a Groove of 10mm for the back and the front pages.  I have no idea how doing this and can't seem to find any mention of adding to my design.

    Please, I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.

    Thank you very much


    Just to note - the picture of the book, the Groove refers to the line on the front cover (not the fold on the side).

  • used Thunderbird for centuries. on the new computer, the send icon is missing from the new message window. no option to add toolbars in the composition window.

    Have not found any way to add the option 'Send' to the compose window. No toolbars are visible in this I can find no way to add a.
    Using the 31.3.0 version, which I just installed on a Vista laptop.

    How can I add a toolbar to the compose window - all toolbars in the main window are checked.

    In the composition window, hold down the 'alt' key, press v and select "toolbar." Turn on the lack of menu bar and the toolbar.

  • How to add pdf converter in the window application toolbar


    I asked window with its integrated Toolbar / Menu. I would like to add the option of PDF conversion on the toolbar. But I couldn't show it because it is not in the options to display on the toolbar.


    You want to display the PDF Converter on the toolbar or the taskbar of the screen?

    Add a toolbar to the taskbar

    Let us know if this helped.

  • I have an element (Web page) on the new tab at the bottom of the page that will not respond to everything I do and I can't get rid of...

    It seems to take place, because I can't get 8 items on the page.

    You can zoom in on the page (hold down the CTRL key and press the key once or twice) to fit more.

    Firefox can not remember unless you also disable a setting. You can do so here:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter/return. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste newtab and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference browser.newtab.preload to change its value from true to false

    After the change, if you have any 'new tab' pages open, close them and open a new one change, the zoom setting and now we must remember.

    If you do not want to reduce the zoom level, there are some add-ons to change the page. What follows is often referred to:

  • On certain pages of Firefox gold lock is on, but the Norton toolbar does not indicate that the page is secure. On some, the opposite is true. Why is this?

    There are pages where I think that the page should be secure is starts with https:// and the lock however seems to show it's safe. However the Norton toolbar only indicates that the page is secure; It doesn't mean it's safe. Sometimes the lock is not displayed but the Norton toolbar says the page is secure. Most of the time the two indicators are okay, but I was wondering why there are moments where they are not.

    Hello! The question you have posted is really an interesting question. The following could be the reasons for this:

    • NORTON provides a security seal to the owners of Web sites. Sometimes these joints can be revoked or expire. That's when NORTON Security Toolbar will display it "Insecure". But the same site may use SSL, then Mozilla poster protection the golden padlock and identify as "Secure".
    • Sometimes, a site cannot use SSL, but to use Norton seals. While Mozilla identifies it as "Insecure" and Norton identifies as "Secure".

    Security measures could change the behavior of the different measures of protection. But as Mozilla checks the SSL certificate on the Web site (and not for any joints!), a better option would be to trust of the sites identified by the golden padlock, because it guarantees a total safety.

    We hope that these reasons would cause.

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